Secret Garden E8: Live “Transcap”

 12/10 Updated sauna scene, JW’s mom and R scene, oska and JW kiss scene, shopping scene, TS/Oska, oska going to seul’s office
also you might want to read JW’s office scene cuz the importance of it comes out in E9 or E10. the written preview mentions it. speaking of which, I freaking love what is about to happen on those next two.
sorry for forgetting to bold the first words, but since it might get confusing which ones are new and which ones are old, i decided to just tell you what i added instead so you can scroll down to those parts.
the daebak scene’s blanks are filled in-thanks blue you are the best!
those lines are funnier than I thought 🙂
she was also gracious enough to clarify some other scenes so look for her name and you’ll see get a clearer pic of things
This is the first time in my life where I’m watching the drama and actually hanging on every word. I am in love with this writer’s articulation. The minute I start the drama, poised to type, I hear how beautiful it is and realize this is what the writer did. She typed these words and they came to life when the actors spoke them. It feels like I am completing that cycle and retyping it in another language for others to appreciate her elocution. And let me tell you people, I have not heard lines like these since Coffee Prince and SKKS. Other shows have moments, a scene or two on each episode if we are lucky, but SG has too many in just half an hour. Yes, it is true the first two had the most, but so did E3 and E4. The momentum for this drama has not eased up yet, at least not verbally.
Every time a character talks, I wait with bated breath. I hear the line in Korean and instinctively know whether I will be able to translate fully or in part. My favorites are when there are direct English translations. Those are my quiet moments of jubilee and euphoria. People are saying the lastest episode dragged, but you couldn’t tell from the dialogue. It is still rife with intimation, humor, emotion, and insight. As long as they keep giving me great lines like these, I’m going to have to disagree with the masses.
 Secret Garden E8 Live Transcription

Seul walks off and JW and R switch again
R to Oska: why did you have to go this far?
Oska apologizes  to R twice and asks if she was startled
Do you think she was hurt a little bit? I hope she was.
can’t open her eyes from crying, can’t wash, can’t get any sleep and get ugly
R: So you used me just now?
he tells R he is going to do that a few more times
{so he is telling R basically that he is planning to use her to torment Seul}
he asks her to help him
R: why should I?
she left so rudely -she came back out of the blue and started a fight- I want to make this fight last a lot longer-so she cant go anywhere
JW voice narrates that oska is being sincere

Oska tells JW to stop standing there and get him out
oska says to R that if she helps him he will help her since he knows all of  jw’s thoughts  -“knows his inner mind”
R: what is that guy’s inner thought?
oska: didn’t JW ever talk about the little mermaid? that shocking guy thinks that sad fairytale is the first mistress story in human history.
oska says that if JW dumps her oska will help her get revenge
JW says “fine- please make sure you help me”
JW lets oska out

the golf scene with oska and seul from their past comes out
blue clarified this scene too:
The golfer guy (who plays an actor) asks Seul if she really believes that Oska loves her. She says, of course, because he’s different from other guys who’s just trying to show off (note: probably putting on a show and talking big to get a girl), and Oska is sincere. The golfer guy says all men are the same, and for men, showing off and being sincere are the same thing.

as soon as they come out Oska grabs JW in a headlock and says “come here – you’re dead today”
JW says “why are you doing this?”
choking, he turns to R and pleads: help me
R: why should I? didnt you two agree to help each other?
she walks off
JW choking and calling after her: ya!
he tries to get away from oska
oska: where do you think you are going? it seems your trick to get me into trouble is getting better but my defense is getting better too. Today, i will make you your coffin.
JW: I really wasnt going to do it.. 
oska: you werent going to do it but you made me face you in the police station. you wicked one! How can you make me(Hallyu star) handcuffed for using your car for a couple of days? Do you want your personal informaion to be revealed by my fans?
JW says “if you keep this up, i have no other choice but to…
oska: what? what are you going to do?
JW puts his arm around Oska’s waist and tickles Oska to make him let go of JW and Oska squirms and says “stop it-stop it” and leans back laughing then straightens up which causes that accidental kiss. Oska and R both gag but JW looks pleased.
oska notices he put his right foot behind him again (like in jejudo)
JW: Where are you going? We have to go in the car together…
Oska: Don’t come any closer…go away..Ra Imshi – hold onto him!
jw calls after oska” how can you go like that?  this was an accident!
*thanks naey for the fillers

R runs up to JW: accident? was this really an accident? 
takes water and wipes JW lips and gets angry that he dirtied her lips kissing oska
R: what are you going to do about my lips? wash it thoroughly – right now!
be honest – you did it on purpose didnt you!
JW: if you dont want to wear shroud clothes made stich by stich by an experienced artisan who has been making shrouds for over 40 yrs – just drive
JW walks off but R follows saying:
stop right there. what are you going to do about my lips? you devalued my lips and ruined my lips history! what are you going to so about my dirtied lips?!
*white fox mentiond the shroud and stitch by stitch thing so I inserted it -and naey filled in the lines
[my take on that line: basically JW is saying “if you dont want to die-just drive” but he said it HIS style which translates to “drive softy batty replaying that line like 20 times and giving her a pounding headache for the rest of the day” – omg this character does not make my job easy]

oska tries to get a ride from a cab but the driver wont let him in
R and JW watch from their car
the driver doesnt recognize oska and drives off
oska is trying to get a free ride cuz he doesnt have any money but no one recognizes him
JW wants to give oska a ride but R drives off and wont stop

they switch again and R slams JW’s door
JW: why are you telling the car? tell me.
{he meant since she slammed the car door so she is telling him she is angry and he wants her not to take it out on his car and just talk to him-he sure has a weird way of talking}
she tells him to go on ahead of them cuz she is going take oska and go with him
Jw asks if she likes oska
r accuses JW of being jealous
JW says she wants him to be jealous cuz it would feel like she got the world if someone like him was jealous for her sake
he agrees to be jealous if she just stops giving attention to oska
he points out that oska is not her family or someone she loved so JW wants to know why she is so attached to oska
she says she is oska’s fan
when she had to suffer thru all those things she endured as a stuntwoman
when she learned that a stunt guy who used to smile brightly all the time wouldnt be able to walk again
when her father passed away
she explains that during those times oska songs were like elixir or pain reliever
she says this is the first time she is grateful their bodies have switched since she can help oska
he says he is going to make her regret thinking that it was a good thing they switched bodies
she says how are you going to do that
they switch again -twice in one scene

oska gets a ride from the police
oska yells at JW and JW aplogizes and R says it was her idea to leave oska behind
oska asks why and she says cuz she cant stand him
R says terrible things to oska insulting his image how he needs to grow up that his hairstyle is lame and even her mom wouldnt style her hair  that way
that she heard he took weird pics with park chae rim
oska blames JW for mentioning that
oska tries to make a joke out of it and says those pics came out well
R threatens to show them to seul
oska begs her not to
seul comes up and mentions how this golf resort belongs to her family
and invites them to stay here
JW says he is going to stay with seul at her resort and oska gets mad cuz JW is saying he will stay with seul -just the two of them
seul tells JW that this place is like a deserted island
seul says lets go for  a walk before they eat to JW
she takes his arm but JW asks seul “dont girls prefer guys who like to hold hands instead of linking arms” and he takes seuls hand and holds it up for R to get a good look
oska pushes JW aside and takes seul away saying to her “Let’s talk”
JW looks after them and says : What a waste- I should have been more unctuous.
R: Are you crazy?
JW: You started it first. [???] 
 I’m going to make you regret saying it was a good thing we switched bodies
oska takes seul away to talk to her
seul says since oska is here it makes it look like he cant forget about seul
is it cuz we have lots of memories here?
oska says he has no memories like that
oska says JW is his younger brother
seul throws back what he said about r
seul also guesses that JW likes R
oska points out JW has no interest in her
seul says she is not interested in JW but his wealth
when oska and seul are together
actor guy comes over
seul hides while the actor is there
oska hears from him that seul has a lot of guys -basically that she sleeps around
the guy says you are not dating someone like her right?
oska says something insulting while she listens
Blue summed up this scene better:
Later, the golfer guy and Oska are talking, and the golfer guy asks Oska if he’s slept with Seul. He sorta implies that he slept with Seul as well, and Seul is infamous for getting around with male actors. The golfer guy says everyone thinks Oska is naive for dating a girl like her, and Oska denies dating her. He says Seul is just one of his groupies. Yikes!
oska asks if she thinks he ended it since she is the one who went to study abroad and turned down oska’s proposal
she asks who she was to him back then
you dont remember who you were to me? did you forget everything i said in my proposal?
it didnt sound sincere
[she makes a stab about what oska said to that actor guy]
and says she believes to be true what ppl say behind her back more than what ppl say in front of her
oska says there wont be an album this time
seul says the only reason why she wanted to do the mv was to be around JW but now that oska is not going to do his 7thalbum they can cancel the mv so she is happy and says she is going to focus on JW
seul asks R which one R wants and R chooses JW
so seul asks R to get lost then from oska’s sight

balcony scene
JW walks over to them while drying his hands on his shirt
R spots him and says annoyed:isnt there a towel inside? that dress shirt -new zealander tailors stitched strand by strand…..and JW clamps his hand over her mouth to shut her up and directs his attention to Seul
JW asks very sweetly to Seul: when did you come? Your face got red. Is the wind really cold? (places his hands on her cheeks) if I do this- isn’t it warm?
Seul nods in shock
R: what are you doing? Are you not going to remove your hands?
Seul places her hands on JW’s cheeks and says: I don’t want to be the only one who’s warm
R: will you two not remove your hands!
barbecue scene
oska is grilling and all four are giving their respective love interests angry glares
Seul: I think guys who can cook well is so cool-(oska looks at her and she says to him) not you chaewoong shi  – kim joowonshi (oska sneers at her)
JW to Seul: really – I find a girl attractive when she enjoys what I cooked
Seul: Really? Then I guess you’ll see the most attractive girl in the world today.
JW; It’s not enough to see (you) just today, come to my house sometime, I’ll cook for you
R spits out her wine
JW looks at R while saying to Seul: make sure you come when it’s dark at night so you can sleep over and go.
Seul: then I guess it can’t be helped and I’ll have to impose on you. Since I have poor night vision and have a hard time finding my way home.
Oska gives Seul a disgusted look first then directs that look at JW who looks down in shame
Simultaneously Oska and R gag at the same time
Oska throws down the tongs and says to JW: “I cant stand it anymore – follow me” and drags JW away
JW asks “where-why are you being like this”
Oska “let’s wash/scrub really hard and be born again- especially this” and touches JW’s lips
R calls out to the two guys: where are you going?
Seul: they must be going to the sauna
R: sauna?
Seul: our golf club sauna is famous. there are people who come specifically for the sauna. If you feel like going, want to go together?
R: Am I crazy…..(realizing what “he” is passing up says)…..if you insist.
{during JWand Seul’s banter- I think I almost threw up like twice- I gagged right along with Oska and R}

oska sees JW walk in with his towel up to his chest
oska: this (guy) wants to die
JW: why?
oska: you are doing this on purpose to taunt me!
[cuz he thinks JW is acting girly to mock oska for that kiss earlier]
JW: what did I do? (realizes and lowers his towel to his waist)
oska: where do you think you are coming in? go to the other side
JW: sorry
oska: this guy…doing it till the end….I’ll get out
oska gets up and JW screams
oska: you startled me – what’s wrong? what?
[oska looks down at his body]’
ah- I worked out a bit
the sight of a naked oska makes JW pass out

stretching out her legs, seul points out “(my) legs are too long huh? that’s why when people see me, they say i look like a doll. that’s how they view it. this body is too hard to believe it is real so it’s upsets me inside.
[R turns what seul said about herself and says way more over the top compliments about her own body which leaves seul with her mouth gaping open in dumbfounded disbelief. if i had known what R said word for word, I would have loved to insert it] 
R: I know how that feels all too well. Aristocratic-looking, unstoppable grace(elegance), sexual attractiveness- I’m sick of people saying that upon seeing me.
Leaning in to look at seul close up
But you …this is all flesh huh?
R points to her own arms:  this is all muscle, muscle.
checking out her own body, R says “looking good, looking good. (about her legs) but a bit short” 
*naey filled in those blanks 

The Most Daebak Scene ever
R pulls up a chair and sits next to fire by JW who is holding a wine bottle
Switch – now R is holding the bottle
R takes a huge swig from the bottle
JW: What kind of woman…is there no cup or shot glass? Why are you drinking like that?
R: Whether it’s from a shot glass or out of the bottle – getting drunk is the same
She holds out the bottle to him and he sticks a straw in it to drink from it
JW: Did you have a nice sauna?
R: How did it feel washing with your dream body 36-24-34?
JW: I changed my ideal type a long time ago to a girl who can’t go out for Miss Korea
It’s not because I couldn’t go out (for it), it’s just that I didn’t
JW: yeah, cuz your dark skinned and ugly
She shoots him a dirty look
RI: Aish, you with the lopsided buttocks!
JW: Wow, you really did an exploration of the human body! (meaning she checked out his body thoroughly) This woman is seriously devious!
R: didn’t you know?
JW: you…(R takes a few more swigs of the wine)
R: just go in and sleep –why did follow me out and nag
JW: I did lie down to sleep. I’m usually a person who doesn’t care what someone has or doesn’t have – but everyone else all has one but why didn’t you? all of a sudden I was curious so what could I do.
R: There is so much I don’t have. So out of them what? Money? House?
JW: family
She puts the drink down and starts
My mother passed away not too long after I was born
My eyes and (the way I) laugh were exactly like my mother’s my father told me
My dad was a fireman. When I was 17, while saving people at an accident site- my father passed away. He was a very impressive and honorable person who saved a lot of people
JW: Then who raised you?
R: I grew up alone as a poor and marginalized neighbor
JW: what about your living expenses?
R: government funding/welfare
JW: That large amount of tax I paid went to you
R: is that a waste?
JW: I should have paid more – if I knew I was raising you
R: When I see you like this, you don’t seem like a total bad guy
JW: told you I wasn’t
Switch back
{you have to hear JW’s tone as he replies- sort of playful in the beginning then later so incredibly honest and sincere then the last line playful again.
it is because of scenes like this that I do these transcaps – ever word is worth all the sleep I don’t get- every word}

seul wakes up next to JW and screams and she gets up and he asks if she had a bad dream
oska wakes up next to R cuz the phone rings and when he sees R, jumps out of bed calling himself “crazy guy” 
when she asks “what time is it? what’s wrong” he keeps apologizing to R
seul and oska meet as they both run out of their rooms
oska gets angry and grabs JW and asks why he came out of Seul’s room
seul looks at oska when R, still in his bed, says “why are you being so loud this morning” from his room

seul, jw, r,and oska are eating in silence
jw drops his spoon picks it up and wipes it on his shirt and USES it and it horrifies everyone there (plus me)
oska’s manager is upset cuz oska wont answer his calls
not sure what is happening but its trouble
the manager calls seul asking if oska is with her
oska says to call the lawyer and orders a bunch of stuff for the manager to do and takes off with jw’s car and seul goes with him
seul tells jw and r to take seul’s car back
it has to do with oska’s title song it was leaked or something –
and oska goes into business mode and tells them to contact ppl who can shut down sites that are uploading the song
seul gets in with osak to go back with him

jw gets a text from JL and R hears him singing the phone message and says JW would not do that so he shouldnt
JW finds out about the scenario blood something forgot what it was called
jw waited a year and a half so he doesnt want to lose his chance so he insists she has to do it but she wont so JW threatens he will do whatever he wants with the dept store then
seul gets in the car with oska
he tells her to get out and she argues that he doesnt have time to fight and to drive
that this incident involves her career too
oska tells her not to look at him like that, not worry, and not to comfort him
she says he is counting on her too much (implied-since she has no plans to do so)
she says how this is the first time she has sat in the passenger side with him
back then I didnt dare to ride in the same car
when i think about it now it makes me angry
what’s so great about this seat that you didnt ever give me a ride even once
dont lie that you were trying to protect me
what you were really trying to protect was yourself
he makes her get out in the middle of the highway and tells her to hitch a ride with JW
oska says with her in the car he cant focus on driving

Oska tracks down TS
landlady to TS: Where are you going? The deposit isn’t even that much. You should just live wont find a monthly rent as cheap as ours.
TS: I want to leave Korea.
Oska comes around the corner and says: Leave where?
TS to landlady: Thank you for everything.
she says goodbye and goes inside (guess she didnt recognize who oska was)
Oska comes up the steps and grabs TS by the neck: After causing all the trouble, it’s hard for you to handle what you did huh? (meaning TS’s conscience bothers him) To run away from me, you even packed all your stuff. It’s you huh? The one who leaked it.
TS: Is that why you wanted to see me and come all the way yourself?
Oska: wow-yeah-you have to be this impudent to make all this trouble.

It was your fake(trick) to let me know that my new song is copied. Then it would be more dramatic.
TS: It wasn’t me.
Oska: If you say “it wasn’t me”, do I look like the kind of guy who would say “ah” and just go? You wanted me to suffer so you released the song and that’s also why you are rinning away.
TS: I normally don’t live in one place too long. Instead of wasting time like this, go [interrogate/investigate] your assistants. [he said that cuz in most situations like this – it is caused my people around them]
Oska gets even angrier: I don’t have people like that around me-except you. Follow me. TS: What are you going to do if it’s not me? youre’ going to be embarrassed.
Oska: Don’t worry (about that) –I’m used to being embarrassed.
[Oska drags TS away]
*thanks naey for your help
 Manager on the phone: (reporter name) how can you say that? Even if we don’t do noise marketing like this, oska causes scandals all on his own
on the other phone, the younger manager is talking to another reporter: Who would drum up interest like this- oska has pride- we are the victims .
[he responded this way cuz the manager got accused by a reporter that oska’s team did this on purpose to generate interest for the song.]
Oska drags TS in and says to TS: do you see this-this is what you caused.
oska to manager: hyung-it’s this guy-the one who released the song.
manager hangs up his call
manager: Who is this guy?
oska: I lost my mp3 in jejudo. All the singles were on there and this guy picked it up.
The younger one interrupts: 
Hyung it’s the police-they tracked the source where the leak started
(into the phone with the police) yes call it out
Oska to TS: you’re caught now
manager to police on the phone: kangnamgu shinsadong 989 sanho building thank you-Oska kinda impressed cuz it’s a ritzy neighborhood says to TS: ya-you live in kangnam? TS to oska: Are you an *idiot? You saw where I lived a while ago.
Oska has nothing to say.
Manager: Sanho budiling? That’s seul’s office address .
oska: what?
manager: What’s going on? Why would seul…?
Oska looks shocked
TS to oska: Must be the person you wanted.
oska to TS: You’re not freed of [guilt] yet. Hyung tie him up.
Oska runs off.
young manager tells the older one about TS: [this is the guy oska was going to take under his wings but this guy rejected him rudely outright] should I tie him up? [starts rolling up his sleeves but the older one hits him
manager to TS: What are you? who do you think you are to [reject/] oska? You really have that much confidence in your songs?
What does it matter to you?/how is that of any concern to you ahjusshi?
manager: oh-that rudeness is similar to oska’s
* TS called Oska a “chicken” in korean but it didnt imply being a coward but that oska was stupid so I didnt write chicken and wrote “idiot” instead
brackets are guesses or explanations!!!
blue’s clear explanation:
The title song that was to be included in his upcoming album got leaked on the internet prematurely even before it was officially released. It’s something that happens frequently in the Korean music industry. In fact, some people were accusing Oska for leaking it on purpose for noise marketing.
The problem is that unknown to Oska and his company (until episode 7 for Oska), the composer who wrote that song had plagiarized another song from a few years ago. TS was the one who who first told Oska that at the airport (in episode 7) after he found Oska’s mp3 player at the restaurant in Jejudo. Since Oska knows that TS had heard the song earlier, he now suspects TS for leaking the song. 

JW and R shopping scene 
JW: What are you doing now? Director Lim is waiting now.
R: He’s not waiting. I called him and told him I was going tm.
JW: Who told you to do that on your own? I have to prepare for the audition-I don’t have time to waste here. Also, what are you going to do if rumors spread -how could you buy women’s clothes in your own dept store?
R: Do you know how much I am going to spend here why would I go to someone else’s dept store and spend this much?  I rather die than wear your style of clothes [don’t try to stop me]
JW holds up a dress (that black dream dress from his fantasy)
so you’re saying you’re going to wear this? Me?
R: I like this. Lots of holes and showing a lot of skin.
R takes wallet out of JW’s pocket.
hands card to clerk : Ring it up.
clerk :$9,700.
JW: How much? $9,700? snatches card back and says to R 
Are you crazy? with this money, poor people can use it for a (home) deposit. You’re going to use enough money for a deposit on a home on clothes…
R: I’m not asking you to wear it so don’t over react. when we switch bodies, I’m gonna take it all with me.
R gives the card back to clerk.
R to JW: Sign it.
JW: I rather die than do it.
R tells cleark : “Give it to me” and she signs it.
mr park finds out R signed for JW and he guesses that R has something over JW
he guesses that R had already been pregnant, is now, or about to be pregnant
both mr park and the driver are happy cuz this will upset the grandpa and mr park might get JW’s job
JW’s mom gets an update/report about JW’s odd behavior at the house
the woman reporting says JW’s strange behavior is not just one or two things
he cooks for himself
returns greetings from staff or greets first
washes his own underwear and leaves it out to dry on the terrace
but JW’s mom cant listen anymore and tells her to stop
the mom also learns that R and JW went out overnight somewhere
and yells at her assistant to come over and demands to know R’s cell phone number and to call her now

JW asks R if she intends to go to the action school dressed like that
of course she says and complains the store didnt have her size
JW says it’s embarrassing and that it is not something someone sane would wear 
JW  yells he is going to kill those Italian stitchers (who made the tracksuit)
JW’s (really R’s phone) rings
JW: Hello – hello.
JW’s mom (jwm): Isn’t this gil ra im’s cell phone?
JW: It is but who are you?
jwm: there is no way you can be Joo Won.
JW: Yes, I mean…
jwm: you really are crazy huh? Now you even answer that girl’s phone? Put her on right now!
JW: What do we do? It’s your mom. your mom wants to talk to me.
R: It’s my mom? how could you answer that?  Hello.
jwm: How can you take so long and make a grownup wait? There is no point in dragging this out, meet me right now.
R: Yes, I understand. where? Yes. Yes.
R hangs up
JWconcerned: What did she say?
JW: you don’t need to know.
You just need to go to the office and sit for 30 mins and say you are leaveing. Going now.
JW calling after her: What did she say? What are you going to do?
R meets JW’s mom
jwm’s looks at R who is still wearing the tracksuit
jwm: Did you by any chance go to Italy together?
R pointing to the tracksuit : Ah- this? last year they launched the store in Korea.
jwm: So – you’re saying it’s a couple look? Does someone like you even know how much that is? I told you specifically that I didn’t want to have to see you again.
R: You’re the one who called to see me first.
jwm: You think I’m [someone to be taken lightly? or you think I’m not serious ?} 
So you got a car, clothes, and now all that is left to take I will give you.
slams envelope down on the table.
here {?} you should know what this really means. Let’s end this without any loose ends. Put your stamp on this contract or else…
R finishes her sentence: you’ll throw water in my face?
jwm: You think I wont do it?
R: Ok- first let me see. you are of small scale(calibre) than i thought.
Ah! by any chance, are you paying once per month?
R quickly takes the water away from the mom so the mom doesnt throw it at R – [hilarious] 

R:besides me, have you done something like this before?
JW’s mom: you really think there wouldnt have been?
R looks like she didnt like that answer
R goes to meet Dr Lee
R asks “what will happen if I keep meeting this man?”
dr lee: it will feel like you are alone on top of the world
dont meet that man. he wont be able to protect you
there is no reason for him to protect  an ordinary woman.
*it is hard to understand without pronouns when they are implied so sorry I had that switched last night but this scene is correct now
Oska marches into Seuls’s office. This is where he suspects the leak came from cuz the IP address was tracked to her office
Oska to the girl: where is director yoon right now?
girl: she didnt come in today
oska: call her – since she wont answer my call
girl: i spoke to her a while ago and she said we wouldnt be able to contact her for a few days and for us to not to come to work ..
oska: call her again! 
‘girl tries: her phone is off
he yells and scares everyone
seul eats a lot of food alone and thinks back to oska’s proposal and what he said in the car as she eats

JW’s office scene: 
JW texts R saying you told me to leave work after 30mins but those older guys -[i forgot their titles]- are coming
When the men come in JW bows and say “hello- have you eaten?”
and they stop walking and stand in shocked confusion
then JW asks if they want any coffee and mr park says they will just accept his kind offer since they receive salary from him so taking coffee from him would be….but he never finishes his sentence cuz of the incoming text 
R texts JW back and JW’s real voice narrates the text: ask “is this the best you can do-are you sure?” and under no condition should you sign anuthing.
JW complains aloud :what kind of reply is this? (since it is not specific)
mr park thinks JW said that to mr park and JW says: no how could I when you are so much older than me
[the rest of the scene is hard to translate cuz from day one I gave fair warning that I cant translate business terms whatsoever, but the gist of this scene is this.]
JW says what R texted and says the opposite by saying to mr park ” i am sure you did the best you could” which totally throws off mr park and makes him wonder what is going on
then mr park gives him a stack of stuff that needs JW’s attention and mr park explains that these are the ones that requires JW’s attention or signature since JW only comes in twice a week and these added up to that huge stack
when JW asks :all of these?
mr park points out it wouldnt have happened if JW came out to the office more regularly and JW apologizes and i think he said he would do better or he would from now on – not sure which
Mr. park takes this opportunity to show JW what pr park has been working on so hard and mr park offers to sign it himself  but secretary kim signals JW to not let mr park do that so JW snatches the file away and says he will do it. then sec kim picks up a pen and hands it to JW saying : before you get off work, it would be good if you just sign it now. 
and JW does [which is going to have neg. repercussions later on both JW and secretary Kim cuz JW’s stocks are going to get affected or something and so he is going to consider firing the sec over this matter]
mr park walks out wondering why JW changed so much. then the driver notices that JW changed his signature so the driver and mr park are upset cuz mr park almost had it down
naey 15 from soompi who helped me with SKKS translations explained this whole scene’s significance better:
Maybe it was that episode, JW told secretary that he shouldn’t let directer(manager) Park get involved in that project(work) since JW wanted to do that project(including presentataion in front of his grandfather) by himself to get some good recognition from his grandfather after that dinner(Park told JW’s grandfather that JW doesn’t come to the office everyday(but two days a week) and grandfather was upset and disappointed. So JW felt need to get some good impression from his grandfather by doing some great job.
and in ep8, JW looked confused so secretary kim tries to send signal to let JW know that he should sign the document by himself before park gets involved(then park will try to steal the credit).
I hope my explanation will help you understand^^
A few mins later JW walks by mr park and says :I  forgot to mention it earlier but your voice is really cool. Have a nice day(LOL)
sec kim steps back in shock
mr park asks why JW is acting like that in english
sec kim asks if JW is ok
JW asks what kind of president was I -was I rude to people?
then he sees the problem in the store and goes over

a salesclerk accuses a 10 year membership V -VIP customer of touching her butt and stuff and she said she put up with it last time but now she cant look her daughter in the face cuz she is too ashamed of herself for not speaking up and that she cant put up with it anymore
the old man demands to see the president and JW walks up and says he is the president so the man should say what he wants to JW
the customer complains the salesclerks were not trained properly and tries to weasle out of what he did but JW calmly tells him sorry but “shut up and bite down on your back (or is it front) teeth cuz your jaw will get dislocated”
JW punches the perverted old man-JW goes to jail
[best line EVER before a punch – leave it to a stuntwoman to do it right 🙂
his exact words were “your chin will go out” -that sounds too weird so I took the liberty of changing it to “go flying” but NHYN gave me a better word “dislocated”]
AY goes down to R and tells R what JW did
Ay tells R not to be too surprised but that a pervert came to the dept store and the president punched the man with-left -right hits and finished with an uppercut and the guy got knocked down
AY demonstrates with her arms imitating how JW kept hitting the old man
AY says that the president was really impressive/cool
R calls JW a “crazy (b word)” and gets on her cell phone yelling at someone to call her lawyer and block press reports
but in the police car on the way to the police station
sec kim gets a text ordering him to call lawyer Kim and stop reporters from spreading the news
sec kim looks confused and tells JW the lawyer has already been called
and JW says : lawyer? you didnt have to go that far (for my sake). At last, I’ll finally get to meet that laywer” and sec kim looks even more confused than before if that is possible

R arrives at the police station
JW is handcuffed and eating something else he wouldnt normally eat
JW looks sort of guilty
R: does that taste good? you did something big so you should eat something better than that
JW: normally eating beef broth soup at a police station is ….(he was going to say tasty but she cuts him off)
R: Are you really crazy? you are doing this intentionally to get back at me
do you realize what you did?
you punched a V -VIP customer?
JW: even if you were in that situation…
R: after I called the police, I would’ve figured out his personal information, verify on CCTV,  and  filed a suit.
What else are you going to show me? what?
you havent changed at all
showing up in front of me carrying a bag that is less than a plastic bag or now – you dont think about how I would feel even for five minutes
lightning and thunder start
I am not letting you out – if you want pay/settle- you do it with your money
while I was on my way, I was so furious I told the lawyer not to come
(you have to) suffer some
JW: wait – I know what I did was wrong but this is your body – KJW
the sec stares at JW strangely
R goes over to the victim
R: hey perverted old man-dont ever settle with that gangster like guy sitting over there
{she used an expression I dont know but it was something like “he has to really suffer”}
R walks out and JW calls out “ya- how can you just go?”

when she gets outside it is raining hard and some blue lights hit her body and swirls around her and same thing happens to JW inside

JW: what just happened …touches his face…..this is me
R says “it is me – it seems like me”  and runs back in and they both look at each other, smile, and say one after another “we’ve returned or we’re back”

they still need to work on their endings a little bit-it’s better but not something you dont expect
no preview

98 comments on “Secret Garden E8: Live “Transcap”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really love SG drama but after soul swap i am a bit disappointed how they displayed joo won and ra im characters. Ra im in joo won body scream a lot and very girly but her character before seem tough and strong in jeju when the director tell joo won in their kind of work is no different between men and woman so she must used to see all the men half naked around her and she is only one girl there so why she act so girly when she seen oska half naked. For joo won i am so sad to see his character after soul swap before the swap he looks so elegant the ways he does everything coz he must been to high class school so everything he does must be perfect the way he sit eat drink etc. But after the swap he even scream and the most annoying me is the way he sit b4 the swap he always sit so smart and good gesture & how they make him look like pervert who want to see woman chest if he is that playboy he would goes out with lots of women from his blind date then. kim ra im should learn how to mimic joo won when she in the department store coz he has more to lose then her. I wish they could change back in no time or the writer come to sense that we know they are souls swap so don’t need them to act too see the obvious of man & woman.


    • Anon says:

      RI didn’t only see him half-naked, she saw everything, and JW did sit like that in ep 1 and 2. Otherwise I agree with you, I’m glad they have changed back.


    • chewii says:

      i gave you a thumb up. this is soooo true. SG novel is about metamorphosis a.k.a character development so i was quite expecting that RI would at least develop modesty and class after the swapping instead of making “freaking-out” a habit, after all this is the redemption of what she had missed all her life as an orphan so “make the most outta it,” i say. HOWEVER, who wouldn’t end up in paranoia with this creepy thing happen instead of taking it as beneficiary. It only shows that RI is not comfortable with someone else’s body. Only the likes of JW who ‘d keep his cool in this predicament.

      for sure, hyun bin and ji won’s eyes were doing the best acting (this alone keeps me grounded from confusion) and the lines were made convincing with perfect execution plus the screenplays are great.


  2. toohearts says:

    Thank you, Softy! ^^

    I am dying of anxiousness after the last two minutes of Episode 8… OMG!! Ssuper excited that they’ve switched back!! I am like them (JW and RI) – jumping in the air with excitement. I want to know what is in store for us for next week since there is no preview!! Argh~~~~~~~

    You really need to rest well….’cause you fell asleep while walking that means that you were overly exhausted. Poor you!! Take good care of yourself, and you can always post the transcap later its showing. We are already grateful that you are doing this for us all, but don’t tired yourself too much! Hugs~!! 🙂


  3. ziren87 says:

    thanks again softy…you are really great…take some rest….sleep…then lets see each other again tonite…i’ll bring some hot choco to wake u up for MSOAN…:-)


  4. […] Secret Garden E8: Live “Transcap” This is the first time in my life where I’m watching the drama and actually hanging on every word. I am in love with […] […]


  5. Amber's Cube says:

    I seldom comment here but i really appreciate your effort…keep up the good work and more power…


  6. erx says:

    What did Oska say exactly about “the little mermaid” and what JW thinks of it??

    What did Dr Lee say exactly about dating JW? Those 2 scenes I have played over and over and I just don’t understand. THANK YOU!!!!


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      you are killing me asking me about these two scenes- oska referred to another story I dont know and I didnt want to leave crucial blanks but the gist of it is
      oska asks R: didn’t JW ever talk about the little mermaid? that guy thinks that sad fairytale is the second story of {?} and it [?] him greatly
      my friend explained that JW referred to having two women types before to R -one he can marry and one like R and that scene had to do with that
      dr.lee scene’s I just got info on; she told R not to meet JW cuz JW cant protect an ordinary woman and that R would feel all alone in the world.


    • Tari says:

      Yes, I was very very curious about that too.

      JW (in Raim’s body) seems very upset at Oska at that time.
      I know that his liltle mermaid speech was the cruelest thing he ever say to her,
      but maybe JW took a different meaning on that story (don’t know how it can be done) but just maybe..considering his “eccentricity”.
      Its a sad story, but lil mermaid found his “happy ending”, right?
      Perhaps, JW thinks he’s not any regular ‘prince’.

      well erx, patient is a virtue, Softy and WhiteFox will get that for us 🙂


      • Tari says:

        Ya softy. we reply erx at the same time. almost.


        • Ash&ash says:

          Hi rebelsouls thanks for your fast recap. It is really not an easy task. I am a non Korean hence depend alot on
          yr websites and some others to have a better understanding on the drama, however I do notice that different website seems to have a different interpretation on the little mermaid portion as well as some other portion in the drama. Just wondering why? Is it due to sentence structure? Or different interpretation of the same information?


          • Softy says:

            Can’t speak for others, but I like direct translations. i also double check by seeing if a certain line fits into the dialogue.
            I think the differences are mostly how each recapper understands the line. Like for example that line about “raising you”. It felt right using that word. Someone else would say “supporting you” or “subsidizing you” but I went for direct korean to english translation. Sometimes tho, for skks some ppl were using Chinese subs to translate into eng so you are looking at Korean,Chinese, to English so somewhere along the line, original meaning gets a little fuzzy. Plus, lots of other recaps paraphrase and get more creative with the dialogue to make it more fun.
            Overall it shouldn’t be that drastically different.


      • chewii says:

        nope. i learned from Mi Ho that it has a tragic ending ):


        • Tari says:

          I know the story 🙂 it Hans Christian Andersen’s

          I was just trying to deconstruct the story, fitting it into JW’s egocentric brain for his own good (and Raim) But, who am I kidding. WhiteFox explained them below.

          I miss Miho and Wong-aa btw 🙂


  7. amc510 says:

    Finally, the potion wore off. I am so relieved that they have switched back. I had a different scenario in my mind. Had not seen the preview when I made my comment if Ep7 . Felt my brain was going to explode.

    I feel sad for the portrayal of the characters as the other one. The strong points and life-style of each orig char was not taken into much consideration. Just thought Ra-im char is considerate and intelligent enough to realize the burden of responsibility. This is just me. I appreciate the sharing of thoughts and I am straying out of my comfort zone. Again THANKS to all. Truly enjoy this experience.


  8. S says:

    I read your transcap last night and revisited your blog again today cos I felt like re-reading. Wow, you’ve added pics now! So awesome! Thanks again.

    Seriously, much appreciated! 🙂


  9. Tari says:

    Btw such a precise screencap Softy, great job 🙂


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Crazynyt and Betchay – my fellow bloggers deserve credit for everything on this site that is visual eye candy. They are the reason why I forget to type sometimes cuz I am too busy staring at new pics they put up.
      Crazynyt is down with the flu this week so let’s hope she has a speedy recovery.


  10. Nora says:

    The lopsided buttock just killed me. Haha. Laughing my ass off. No puns intended.

    Though the ending for each episode could have been better, I don’t have any real complaints about it. Even with sub par endings, I’m still waiting anxiously for each new episode. Imagine if the endings are daebak!!! I will prob go crazy waiting for the weekend to come.

    Anyway thanks softy 🙂


  11. krickitat says:

    Mr. Darcy and Key Lime, Fighting!


  12. WhiteFox says:

    //a police station scene
    Oska to RI.c: that jerk is a shocking guy who thinks that sad fairy tale(the little mermaid) is the first story about “second”(concubine) in human history.

    //JW’s mom and RI
    RI: Aegaei~ you are of small scale(calibre) than i thought.
    Ah! by any chance, are you paying once per month?

    i haven’t yet re-watched this episode but just a few random notes.
    there were more puns than othere ep’s and i guess not all of them could be kept through the translation. for example in Dr.lee and RI’s scene,
    -Dr.lee : What brings you here?
    -RI: Taxi did

    “stitich by stitch” joke continued on varyingly in ep7-8.
    bead by bead(jewel in ep7), stitich by stitch(shroud), strand by strand(shirt) and so on.

    i wonder if Miss Korea reference is just a coincidence, considering actress Kim(playing Seul) is Miss Korea and almost matches JW’s ‘dream body’ for real.

    i speculates TS composed that song actually and will give it to oska later and solve the scandal.


    • Tari says:

      Thank you for the explanation about “the little mermaid dialog ” WhiteFox. Joo-won is indeed a jerk then.
      Poor Raim, no wonder she looked very sad at the time.
      He has a loooooong way to go to make her fall head over heels for him. Bad JW.


    • Yumi says:

      Please keep illuminating the pun. Makes the writing seems so much richer.


    • tiryns says:

      Your elaboration enriches the entire experience!


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      thanks white fox for clarifying all that but in a perfect world someone who can function with hardly any sleep could actually catch all those funny and interesting details. In my case, at 4 am, I can barely recognize the korean I do know and now evidently I dont know english as well as I thought cuz the other day I could have sworn Oska said “barbie” but he had said “body” in english and I didnt recognize that. Somehow my hearing tends to break down when i replay something over and over. Desperation to get it right and move on kicks in and my imagination hears words that were never spoken. Like that whole diamond thing I thought R said. I bet you were thinking when you read that “what is softy smoking?”
      I never claimed these transcaps could be used as actual subs with every line filled in -doing what I can I thought should be enough for the time being. Sorry it does not meet your high standards. Like you said, you are fluent and can appreciate every nuance. I’m not at your level of comprehension, but I was doing the best I can to get others just a part of the way to understanding the warmth and humor of SG too.


      • nhyn says:

        lol, softy, relax 😀 what youre doing is almost as hard as simultaneous interpretation (i say “almost” because in sim. interpretation they have to translate every single word while you can skip a few parts), and trust me, ive talked with some professional interpreters who have worked for medical conferences etc., they all say their brains are fried after work. ALSO, they ALWAYS have partners – no one does interpreting alone. they switch every 15 mins or so. what you are doing is a challenging task. WhiteFox has the luxury of going over the source text later and examine it more carefully, so of course she caught more details than you. If WhiteFox was saying you didnt meet her standard, I didn’t see it 😛 I know when you do this and a lot of people depend on you, you get a lot of pressure and can get sensitive, but Im sure WhiteFox just wants to help out 🙂
        dont worry, as a wanna-be-translator, I understand how self-conscious we all can be about our trans. I always feel inadequate when we workshop our trans and everyone else’s just seems better than mine ;_;


  13. nhyn says:

    yay update! 😀 im sort of ashamed at what a fanatic i am, cos i usually read the whole thing over again just to see what has been updated (which means i must have read the whole thing 6, 7 times already) lol thanks so much softy ❤ & WhiteFox! and blue !


  14. Khin Nwe Aye says:

    Thanks everyone for the updates and filling up the blanks. I must have read this recap at least half a dozen times, anxious to find new additions. I wonder what happens to JW causing him to lose his memory? He’s mentally quite fragile and his face is haggard too, though surprisingly his body is still okay. Because I read Hyun Bin had to lose some weight for this drama, I thought he would be skin and bones, judging from his sunken cheeks. Thankfully, he’s not. I don’t know whether the accident where RI’s father loses his life is tied to JW in some way, contributing to his claustrophobia and selective memory loss. I hope through the body switches, he’ll learn to appreciate what a hard life RI has, and that despite all the deprivations, she still remains a strong character with no intention to be impressed by JW solely due to his wealth and status. RI seems to be softening a bit as she declares JW is not such a bad guy after all and maybe she’ll also learn eventually to look at situations from his perspective. She’s rather reckless and is ready to use her fists when she thinks injustice is being done. She doesn’t even think for a second what hot water JW will land in, due to her action, noble but still reckless. I just love the scene where JW in RI’s body puts his hands on Seul’s cheeks. Now that they’ve changed back to their own bodies, I wonder how JW is going to behave towards Seul and whether Seul believes JW has changed his mind regarding their arranged marriage. RI really succeeds in putting JW in a pickle over Seul! A very suitable revenge for JW in RI’s body telling JS not to ever confess his feelings to RI, though she has no inkling of what JW has done behind her back.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      updating some more scenes I meant to do for E7 and E8 so check back one more time later on today – will write “updated” in bold on the top of the page to let you know.
      cuz these dramas are back to back, priority goes to the current episode but I havent forgotten about SG. There are lots more scenes I wanted to do so keep an eye out for it.


      • Banhmat says:

        Hi Softy, thanks for that. I have also wondered lately if you still bold the first character, when you make updates. I just read them like thousand times over and over again hehehe.

        Anyway, Even JW did say something nice in this ep (the aftersauna thing). He is still a Jerkwoon anyway. He bought the clothes in his shop just to make R to look bad!!!! Now she appears to have thick skin on her face, since she takes clothes from “him”, takes money from his mom and being totally rude toward her workmates……Like all of you, I am so waiting for nr. 9 and 10 to see how they are going to clean up the mess…..hehehe really after the storm.


  15. xyz says:

    JW’s been to too many blind dates that he can tell a lot about a woman from her perfume or the way she walks (ep1) but nothing about RI. (He has to constantly ask RI about herself when he cannot figure out and looses his sleep over it) He was probably first smitten then became intrigued by her. I guess that was why he was angry with RI and told her he needed time to understand her (ep 4). He was even angrier when he cannot place her in any one of his two categories of women. I would say he does put a lot of effort to try to “win” favor which is something he probably has never done in his life. (and well…. so far…he is asking for only 5 minutes)

    I really like both JW-RI characters and I dread a typical “melodrama” ending. Well, whether it is going to be a good or bad ending, JW probably has heaps of “social class” hurdles (dragon mum might be the highest?) to remove before he can even have a proper relationship with RI.
    umm…4 more days to SAT!! and 5 more until I can read your transcap!! I may have to try HW’s coping mechanism and start chanting…… but I don’t speak KOREAN. sigh.


  16. tiryns says:

    Hi Softy,
    Every blogger conveys his/her own unique strength through sharing. What makes you fantastic is your enthusiasm. I love your introduction and the real-time remarks in the parenthesis during the recap. They make the experience more enjoyable and profound. It feels like we are “watching” the recap instead of “reading” it. The drama may be forgotten in due time. Your endeavor will always be recognized.


    • Softy says:

      Omg thank you so much for saying that – all this time I was trying to limit my side comments cuz ppl come to read the dialogue and I didn’t want to annoy them with other distractions in between. But sometimes this urge to say something just comes out or I feel moved by what I saw to the extent that I want to stress how important a certain line is in case it gets lost in the translation. As for my enthusiasm, I think it stems from all this great dialogue. It reminds me of really classic films where the two leads would have a fast paced verbal banter that’s so riveting. This is the first Korean drama that made me think of that. So glad you took the time to comment. I needed to read this on a day like today so thank you.


  17. nikesma says:

    grr. Youtube deleted/rejected SG videos as soon as I upload them. So I’m trying to upload using other streaming sites. Any suggestions?


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