Secret Garden E7: Live “Transcap”

12/7 Updated -new or added scenes in bold 
I have to say, some of those scenes in the trailer almost made up for all the confusion that will ensue during tonight’s broadcast. I love that moment when R is sad and JW tries to be nice to her. I need more scenes like that to get me through this. JW’s narrations were kind of sweet too. It reminded me of E2 when he spoke to an imaginary R. Instead of getting easier with each episode like MSOAN, SG is going backwards and it’s getting more challenging. E3 and E4 were a cinch compared to last week’s E6. I am so looking forward to E8.
I finally have one bone to pick about MSOAN and SG. On both shows, Seul from SG and S from MSOAN both need to learn some freaking pronouns. Do they have something against gender distinction? Why can’t they add those in and save me so much confusion? The two of them talk like Yoda too-they say the end of their sentence first. Like “speak-you must” and I dread their lines the most. I want those two to have more staring off into space moments and then I will be a happy camper again. The funny thing is MG does it too from time to time, but somehow when he does it, it sounds cool. Maybe cuz it’s JGS saying those lines, but I can easily overlook it when he does it. Yes, I’m biased -so sue me. 🙂
After seeing how long the translations took last night, I am seriously reconsidering doing any more extended previews in the future. On the one hand, it helps to have certain scenes translated ahead of time and it’s fun to see what is coming up. On the other hand, when I saw how hard it was to differentiate between JW and R in their swapped state, it drove me batty again. Everyone saw that right? In that car scene after JW’s mom’s confrontation scene – R and JW just switched and they were like their old selves (Shirley called it a soul swap moment). If they keep doing that – the fan side of me will be in heaven, but it is a translator’s nightmare esp when it is being done “live”. You guys seriously need to pray for my sanity tonight.
In the last few days, about five or so people have asked me these questions including nhyn so I wanted to give everyone a straight answer. The questions were: “Why are you doing these transcap? Is it out of a sense of duty, obligation, or desire to please? Do you even enjoy it? Why don’t you just quit? Why bother? What do you get out of it? Do you think you will do it till it ends?
My initial response is silence. I am mulling over all their questions and weighing which one I should address first. Then I start to explain and question why I have to justify my actions. I can’t help but wonder if they already have an answer they expect to hear.
There isn’t just one reason cuz that would be too easy. It’s a culmination of a variety of factors. If I had to narrow it down to the root of it all, I would say it’s in my nature. Penning down my thoughts on paper and being expressive with words just comes to me. It really is as simple as that. Other reasons would be that I like both shows enough to make the sacrifice, I can make the time, I know enough Korean for the most part to not confuse people too much, and no one else is doing it. If someone more fluent does it better than this – I will gladly step aside and let them take over and I’ll just go read their blog and tell you guys to follow me over there.
This isnt rocket science and I am not trying to cure cancer. Even though it is time consuming and tiring at times, it isn’t that hard to do for the most part. Also, I don’t understand why I have to pinpoint what I get out of doing these. Does a definitive answer even exist that would satisfy a question like that? I have no idea why some think other people have to have concrete reasons for doing something that helps out a few others.
This is just who I am and maybe it is a reflection on how I was raised, but I was taught to be nice. I am one of those people if you ask for directions, I will try to explain it really well and even try to take you part of the way. Maybe growing up a second child made me so selfish that I feel like this is my way to give back a little so karma doesnt come around and kick me to the curb. Whatever my reasons are, let’s just hope I last till the end of these dramas. There is another side of me that you guys need to factor in and that’s laziness. As soon as Wed night rolls around, my body goes into hibernation mode till Saturday night. One of these days, I may just want to oversleep some more so let’s just keep our fingers crossed that doesn’t happen any time soon. No matter how much I stress – don’t worry- I’m having fun doing these. Sometimes it’s masked by pressure to do a good job, but it peeks out and enjoys the great moments right along with you.  🙂
Secret Garden E7 Live Transcriptions will begin at 10pm KST
the intro scene
R [lifting her shirt] look – is this a woman’s body? there are scars all over the body
JW running over : what are you doing ? are you crazy? [tries to lower shirt]
arent you going to pull it down? how much did you see? pull it down!
And  seul walks in on them like that
Seul: you two must be in this kind of relationship
isnt this too much when the owner of the room is not here?
R to Seul: Look here I know what you are thinking right now, but…
JW clamps his hand over her mouth
JW to S: Director Yoon – it’s a misunderstanding –It really is a misunderstanding
R spitting after removing his hand says to JW: ah- so salty- what the heck are you doing? Are you hugging me right now?
JW’s hands were around her waist so he sort of pushed her off so she made that yelp sound
JW to SEul: that wasnt it…
Seul: “I misunderstood (was mistaken about) you, Kim Joowon. I didn’t know that you were someone who disregarded family background, educational background, and competence, and despite not being able to communicate with each other and is of a different standing, replace these things with mere kissing.
R: ah geez I told you it was a misunderstanding. how did you get the key to this room?
S:At a situation like this, if you say “it’s a misunderstanding” you’re an idiot. Or you don’t have any manners (sense of decency)
R: what did you say?
S: that’s okay. it’s my fault to have expected refinement from someone like you.
you seem to be really embarrassed. you didnt need to do that.  it is a matter of hormone at most. kim joo won, you still have plenty of chances, dont be too disappointed
R: how did you get the key? I’m asking twice now
Seul: when a shooting gets canceled, is there anything the director cant do?
Where is chae yongshi now?
R: he went to Seoul
S says in bad English: excuse me?

Airport scene
the stunt crew make remarks about how they knew something like this would happen from the start. That is you do internet searches-all the related links are about how oska ran off and canceled the MV shoot
R looks sweaty and doesn’t look too good like she is ill
others make fun of her for suffering from air sickness but she says she is like this on flights usually, but this time its from flying economy for the first time and JW asks how could flying economy be the first time
JL tells everyone to pay attention and check their schedules, move equipment, and go to the action school. As soon as he finishes his instructions, JW is the only one who stands at attention and yells out in reply *“yes! cuz I’m 6th”. R tells JW that he needs to have a talk with her. R tells JL and the others to go ahead and that she can’t go to the action school for a while so she’s letting JL know that now. JW leans in and say “are you crazy-why cant (you) go?” JW tells JL not to worry and that JW would make sure she got there to the action school tm
JL yells at R: why do you keep acting like this? huh? is it something you have to talk about right now?
R to JL: yes, cuz my life depends on it
JW warns her if she talks like that it sounds weird to everyone and R says “then are we normal right now? Let’s go” and grabs his hand and drags him away as he bows to JL and the look on JL’s face is total confusion.The stunt guy says R is impressive cuz she is converging her life with a chaebol’s (really rich guy). He considers being her driver.
{* I just learned this yesterday, but evidently when you join the stunt school, you are referred to by the order you came in. When JW joined, he became the 6th one so that is why he refers to himself as “6th” -“yook-ee”. I knew the number six in korean, but had no clue why he called himself that. Hope that clarifies it for everyone}


JW’s mom scene
R drives and pulls up to JW’s place
JW: Why did we come here?
R: this is the safest place to avoid other people’s gaze – get out
We have to discuss what we are going to do from now on
The easiest choice is if you move in here
JW: Are you saying we should live together?
R: Am I crazy? I’m saying apply to be a staff member here
JW: Do you wanna die? what about the action school
R: Of course you have to quit or did you think I would quit the dept store
JW: Why cant you quit? Is only your job important? Is mine not even a job?
R: Compare it with something worthy of comparison. If I quit it will be a fatal blow to the economy …oh…when did you come mother?
JW quickly gets out of the car.
mom: mother? who is your mother? who?
if it’s only the first time to meet -is everyone a mother to you?
JW: mother – please take a moment and calm down
mom: what do you think you did well to chip in to defend her?
why is that girl getting out from the driver’s side?
even thought you may not have a relationship that requires getting paid
you must have one where you accept cars
you said you had to go to jejudo – did you go with her?
R: excuse me mo…I mean Mrs. Moon. no matter what, (calling me) this girl that girl is a little…
mom: what – what? are you trying to teach me a lesson?
JW: i’ll send her – I’ll send her away so please calm down.
JW to R: hurry and get in
R: you have to come to this side and drive. this car is yours. there is no way this car can be mine (R is throwing the mom’s words back)
horrfied to be treated this way, mom to R: you really are not a typical kid
when you first met me – that wasnt your first time (here) was it?
how many times has it been. since when did you start to come and go from here!
JW: that never happened – never – she never came and went
mom to JW: you shut up
mom: the reason why I am furious is not because of that girl, but you.
she never came and went but her clothes fill up a closet?
R’s face registers what the mom just said (the clothes JW bought)
the mom called her a “B’ word but I didnt want to use it so much so I wrote it as “girl”
JW is too busy looking around the room

R: What are you doing? Hurry and go up. I can’t go up
JW: what should I say when I go up?
the mom starts to come down carrying the clothes
JW’s voice narrates: oh-mom-that…and R looks nervous
The mom throws the clothes down at R’s feet and says “now are you gonna say that you don’t come and go? Did I misunderstand? Did I make it up out of nowhere?”
JW’s voice narrates: I’m really going to go crazy
R tries to quickly pick up the clothes and do something with it but JW takes some from her and recognizes them and says” this is…
(flashback to the store scene where he throws clothes at her feet)
JW asks R “why is this here?”
R replies “you don’t need to know”
Mom perking up at the thought that JW didn’t know about it and asks: “ she hung those up without your knowledge? You really didn’t buy them for her?”
JW: No – she must have bought them
R looks like she can’t believe what he is saying
The mom says “this is why you cant show pity to people who are poor esp. these people whose entire possession is just their bodies
R: how can you talk like that?
JW: if you don’t want to hear more harsher words, listen well
Is there a reason for us to meet again?
Do I have to meet (you) separately, push an envelope full of money, and throw water in your face?
R looks frustrated and aggravated by the mom
JW’s face falls and he looks dejected

car scene after the mom scene
First R is driving then a second later they have switched places.
The magic screen appears – it really is pretty how they do that
JW is driving and R looks kinda sad and she has the clothes on her lap. {they have switched back so this really is JW saying this}
JW: That’s why you should have worn it when I told you to wear it. I’m sorry about what happened with my mom.

She speaks so brashly, that when I have conversations with her, I often get hurt too.
RI: How could a human being be like that? (note: the word for “human being” is used negatively)
JW: Even so, to put it like that is… 
RI: I meant you. *Compared to the pain you gave me, what your mother said to me was practically nothing  So you worry about yourself!
JW: It’s still a relief. That you didn’t get the brunt of it. For the first time, I thought it was a good thing that we switched bodies. No need to be so moved. This is what the conscience of the society leaders is about.
RI: So annoying. 
JW: What?
RI: Isn’t it refreshing? This is what the rebellion of the lower rung of the societal ladder is like.
JW: I’ve always felt it, but I didn’t realize that the linguistic gap between classes is so huge.
RI: Think of it as a cultural exchange.
  They trade back and R is driving again
*(she literally said “the blood from a bird’s leg.” It’s a Korean idiom to refer to something that’s insignificant, when compared to the whole picture.) I replaced this whole scene with blue’s translations

Tree scene
They sit on a bench on a hill and discuss what to do
R: Since we have separate lives, without getting caught, we have no other choice but the switch lives. Let’s start with the basics and introduce each other’s families/background
JW: You start first
R takes out her cell phone and says: just memorize the faces today. The one on the very top is…
JW: Is it usual to search for family on the internet and have them  come out?
R:it hasn’t been that long when I realized you can’t do that with other families
here pay attention
JW’s real voice narrates: this is my maternal grandfather…something about how he owns dept stores, duty free stores, resorts, hotels…etc. He met his fourth wife and (people) are wondering how long the marriage/they will last
They show the grandpa and his new wife give each other mufflers

Scene opens to JW’s mom and Oska’s mom getting mani pedi
You already met my mom… this is my aunt…woo hyung’s mom
R: Wow she is really beautiful
Eesh – aunt got everything (surgically) fixed. My mom didn’t have work done
Anyway cuz of grandpa’s grand lifestyle my aunt was born by the second wife  and my mom was born by  the third wife  so there relationship is really not good
Both of them have to remove their jewelry and when they are all laid out oska’s mom doesn’t like hers being compared with JW”s mom so she asks that the jewelry be placed in safekeeping separately saying that if hers touches cheap jewelry, hers will change color
JW”s mom points out that hers is from Italy and it’s made one bead (at a time)…. 
Oska’s mom says “oh really-wanna bet whose is more expensive?
Scene where Mr park is giving his sister the hanyak medicine
JW”s voice still: now this is the climax-the person you have to be the most careful with is this person (states mr park’s title and name) and then something about how he is related to JW by marriage cuz park’s older sister married JW’s grandpa
and how JW needs to stay clear of him and not take his calls
she goes on to point out he shouldnt take any calls except hers
R tells JW: Don’t meet anyone- especially Chae woo hyung – don’t even keep company with him 
JW in a girly tone: why? why are you like that to our oppa?
R:ya- don’t make that sort of expression with my face
JW: be honest – you have an inferiority complex to oska-don’t you?
R: *I swear on heaven that if I did that for even a second I’ll suffer heaven’s  punishment
JW: so this is why we ended up this way. I don’t know why I have to suffer your heaven’s punishment with you
R: keep that up. I’m going to your director and ask “will you go with me to *Misari”
JW: do you wanna die?
R: that’s why focus. For now, it’s (family background) up to here. You start
JW: you know Ah Young, you know Director Lim, you know the action school family-that’s all
R: how could that be all? what about your family?
JW: I don’t have any
R: you don’t have a family?
JW: I said that I don’t have any. Is this the first time you saw someone who didn’t have a family?
Changing the subject
What are we going to do about (our) cell phones
R: We have to keep our own phones. We talk only to each other and only text other people to contact them and we shouldn’t have any problems
R: Make sure you are alert at all times
JW:You seem to keep forgetting but I can act well-I’m an action star
R: You seem to keep forgetting but you’re not an action star – you are a dept store president now
 **area to the east of Seoul along the Han River and famous with cafe villiage(live stage), restaurants and motels. it is a popular dating spot and often quoted to imply the lodging. thanks to white fox
Seul and the manager are coming off their flight and they are both talking on their cell phones at the same time with reporters.
The manager is lying and saying the reporter heard strange reports. He assures him that oska did not walk off the set and that they are still in jejudo. he throws in lies like “can you hear the waves” and “look at the “yoo-chae” flowers” and the reporter catches him in the act cuz the reporter says that flower only blooms in the spring. 
seul is lying to another reporter that the filming ended well and that she just arrived at the airport. the reporter tells her that he heard that the director and actor fought. she says “I would be mad like this if the rumor says we were dating but this is really unpleasant.” she claims nothing impossible like fighting or oska walking off happened on her set. she gets another call on the other line and says” I’m going insane” and gives up taking calls and walks over to the manager.
the manager is still lying saying “you might not know this but our oska has changed
(meaning he has a better attitude)
he gets another call on the other line but seul snatches the phone out of his hand and hangs up. he yells”what are you doing? I was in the middle of a call!”
relay to chae woong that if he doesnt (come back) resume filming, the next place we will meet is at my wedding hall. if he doesnt want to meet me in such a dramatic way, we should settle this.
* a korean friend helped me with all the blanks that have been filled in
Oska gets in trouble by his manager
Oska’s manager confiscates Oska’s passport and cell phone

and even oska’s van key gets taken away
manager says oska made reservations to a southeast asian resort and oska defends himself saying he didnt make the reservations, JW did.
the manager said he doesnt have the scold, energy, loyalty, or some other things to scold him anymore. he threatens oska to reshoot/show up at the set tm or the manager will sell oska entertainment and all its stocks and wipe his hands of the matter.
oska: if you sell it now,you’ll lose out.
manager: if I sell it later, I will become a beggar since you are like this. the news articles of you walking off the set will go to print. I cant stop it-no I wont stop it.
manager to the younger one: hand over the van keys
oska to him: taking the van too is too much
to the younger one: dont think about giving it to him
older one yells:hand it over now!
younger one says it’s already in the ignition
oska to him:you wanna die-go and take it away from him – hurry! and tries to kick him

R and JW stand in front of her place and she asks him “you dont have any plans to move?” and JW says “none”
JW warns her not to act improperly like make a move on AY
R: this girl – how can she think like that about a person
you just make sure you dont do this to chae woo hyung (and she acts cute with aego) -dont even think about doing that
JW: I’ll see how you behave first. give me the keys
R: you better always keep in mind how expensive the car is that you are driving
JW: my memory has always been so bad so…
R: (this) is my favorite car
JW getting in: I like this car too – I’ll be going now
he speeds away so she yells after him
R: ya- I told you to be careful!

AY’s dream scene
R goes inside (R and AY’s) and she doesn’t seem to like her new place cuz she makes a disgusted face. Ah Young comes out and hugs her and says she missed her and R is surprised by the hug and then just oggles AY’s cleavage. R slowly replies “I did too”.
AY asks what all the clothes are and then recognizes one of them as a brand only her dept store sells. she hits R and says “our president bought you this huh?”
R looking mad: did you just hit me?
AY: dont try to change the subject. (you) made a big deal saying nothing happened at the boutique store but somehow these ended up here…these are so pretty.
R: there was a rumor about that?
AY: how could there not be? do you have any idea how many eyes and mouths are at the dept store
Then R notices that AY’s unzips her skirt.and R points and says “oh oh oh” and AY says “why why why?” R says “are you going to take your clothes off? And AY says “of course I have to take it off to wash up. Do you want to wash too? Then scrub my back for me.” R says incredulously: b…b…back? Then says very calmly “well if you insist”
AY: bring some of the laundry…oh yeah…did anything happen in jejudo? last night I had a dream. you know when I have a dream [it all comes true/or it’s happens exactly like that]
in my dream you and our president are in a car going somewhere fast
the sky was really dark
our president was crying and you were sleeping
but that whole scene, ahjussi was watching over it from afar holding a red rose
R still looking at AY’s undone skirt -distracted asks: ahjussi? won bin?
AY: dont kid around, I mean your dad
no matter how I think about it, I think you are going to make our president cry a’re gonna play around with him and dump him
normally a guy truly becomes yours when you do that  (play around and dump him)
R: just wash up
bell rings
* the joke was won bin made a movie called ahjussi and since JW was distracted by her underwear showing, that was the only ahjussi that came to mind at that moment 
JW turns his car around saying “it’s bugging me” and makes a U turn to go back to R’s place
sec kim brings AY some gifts from jejudo
R shoots him a look and JW’s voice says: what? you’re not dating?
sec kim starts off saying this kind of disappointed: at a jejudo aloe farm, I intended to pick aloe myself and mix it and bring it to you but (singing and revealing the bags) here is something better.
this is what our president kim drinks. he only drinks good stuff by himself. does he only have a mouth?
R shoots him another dirty look and wants to lunge at sec kim. she starts to text.
sec kim whispers to R: This is really good for your skin. eat it by yourself – by yourself.
AY: what should I do if I get better looking than I already am now
sec kim: dont talk like that cuz it makes you more lovely
he gets a text and says “wait a minute” and checks it
R (standing nearby) sent that text “you are dating the lounge girl AY”
Sec alarmed: how did this person know?
AY: what? who is it?
sec: who do you mean who -it’s our president kim
since i got off work, he could have told me tm
he is always doing stuff like this to torture me
he replies to JW’s text
sec’s message has a kiss up tone: dont talk like that -intercompany dating means death to me-i probably met her somewhere in the company
R laughs aloud and the outright lie
AY: what – what did the president say?
sec makes up a lie that JW wanted to seek his advice on ome private business matter and “the way president kim depends on me is so tiring”
R laughs aloud again more loudly than before
there is a knock at the door and sec asks AY” is someone coming?”
AY: there is no one that was suppose to come. who is it?
JW walks in and sec kim falls down in shock
JW: i was just passing by and saw sec kim’s car
AY: what a lie – you must have come to see R -it’s a mess but come in
R: where do you think you are coming in? in a place where two girls live, is it right to have a guy[ come and go]
AY: why [are you like that] – he seems to be here to see you
sec : no – I think it is me
(kneeling down) president this is a misunderstanding. of course I cant argue the difference btw what i said on the phone and what you see right now…
JW: sorry to interrupt you while you are talking but i’m in a hurry…AY- can I see you  for a moment?
AY: me?
sec: president – Ay is not to blame
R: that’s right – the blame is on someone else
(she makes the “you’re dead” expression at him and the sec looks baffled
JW comes in and asks to see AY outside
JW just stares at her with a lovesick look on his face
AY: Do you have something to say to me…by any chance did another complaint come in…
JW grabs both her hands suddenly blurting out in a girly tone: I really missed you girl
shocked AY snatches her hands away
JW: Sorry -I have so much I want to say but because I cant it’s driving me crazy
AY: To me?
JW: Though you might be confused listen carefully to what I am about to say since I cherish you more than anyone else could
AY: You cherish me? Since when?
JW: A long time ago so you have to trust everything I say
Gil r aim  for the time being will act a bit strange so don’t go close (to her), don’t touch, don’t ever hug, don’t use the same blanket when you sleep and esp don’t walk around in your underwear like you normally do- never
AY shocked and embarrassed: Ra im said ..underwear…what….she even said stuff like that?
JW: i swear she didnt. Only the two of us know about it
AY: President and me?
JW: Of course you might  think it’s strange but right now that is not important so just answer me that you will follow my warnings
[she reluctantly nods and agrees]
R keeps smirking at sec kim and it makes him uncomfortable
sec: why do you look at me with eyes like that? do you not like me?
R: do you like me? (people say) there is no one in the world you can trust
sec: that’s true, president kim is childish like that. he came all this way, and called AY outside.
R: do you really think president kim went out with AY
[she is directly hinting since she is JW and is sitting in front of the sec}
and sec kim says the way R’s looks at him – the way she stares at him looks familiar
R: of course – from now on -you’re dead
AY comes back in looking dazed. the sec asks what JW said – if he asked alot about the sec and AY. Ay says that’s what he should have done, “but the president must be crazy. (looking at R) he told me to be careful of you. he told me not to even share a blanket with you. why is he suddenly like this to you. are you sure nothing happened in jejudo?
R: he must be jealous. that you might try to hit on me.
R gets up to leave saying:
i’m going to look around the neighborhood and come back.
sec: AY what did you just say? why would you try to hit on R?!
AY: If I tried to hit on the president, I’d hit on him.
the sec steps back in shock and says “oh my”
JW calls R
R: why
JW: what is the house code number
R: ah – i forgot about that
but you made me out to be a pervert to your friend
JW: so do well/so behave. I could turn into a pervert to your friends. what’s the number? hurry up and tell me it’s cold.
R: ah- secret number – the secret number is …she hangs up…oh-the call ended-when the weather is so cold.
she takes the battery out too  and smirks
JW: hello hello – this person – really…
JW tries to press a bunch of numbers and says “going crazy”
he tries putting his thumb somewhere hoping it is a fingerprint scan, then tries eye scan, and just then two staff members come over
JW lies that he was on his way out and pretends to check to make sure it is locked properly and JW asks them where oska is
sweet scene (but it’s btw two guys)
oska is singing a pretty song called “here I am” in eng and korean
and JW comes in – oh no – it’s the kind of song girls fall for and JW looks mesmerized
while he is still playing oska asks when JW came up and JW says “lunch time”
oska: there was alot of fuss in jejudo huh?
JW nods
oska confides that his manager threatened to sell off oska entertainment and wash his hands of oska – “I’m in big trouble huh?”
JW nods again
Oska becomes aware of how strangely JW has been gazing at him so he stops playing
JW blurts out:  34 track – I really love this a lot.
oska jokingly: you do? should I give you a signature?
JW seriously: really?
oska shocked: what?
JW covers and says he is really hungry and asks if oska ate yet.
oska orders food from a staff (the lady who reports back to JW’s mom) and JW offers to cook instead and oska looks on baffled
JW is wearing an apron and made so much food and oska cant believe it
JW tells him to sit and says “i dont know if it will suit your taste buds”

[or maybe it was “I dont know if I seasoned it well”]
JW innocently: why arent you eating
thinking JW has ulterior motives for feeding him, oska accusingly orders:
you eat it first.
you put medicine in here huh?
did dongoo hyung (oska’s manager) ask you to kill me?
JW: something that important – why would he ask me..
 you’re trying to feed me first then sue me for not doing the event
JW says something innocently and oska says JW could be an actor
oska mentions he wanted to the romantic getaway it cuz of R
JW perks up as oska lists all the reasons why he likes R
she is smart, pretty, great body, and likes him
 JW is pleased
oska makes a comment about how JW’s crush on “a woman who rents for $300 a month” was lasting a long time 
and mentions the bet they made over R and to stop wondering about what oska is doing with R
oska makes JW taste the food first – when JW tries one side dish, Oska chooses a random egg side dish for JW to try instead  just in case JW planned it and Oska wants to double check there is nothing wrong with any of the food
JW brings drinks and fruit and oska puts a head set on JW and lets him listen to a song and oska says the problem with the song is that it is the title song off the 7th album but it seems similar to a song he made 3 yrs prior
Oska TS scene
oska is at the airport counter picking up his boarding pass 
TS steps up in front of Oska
oska: why are you here? how did you know I was here?
TS: you [blew off ]the shooting, hotel said you left, if you packed your bag and left, i assumed you’d come to to get on a plane
this is your right? (hands him oska’s mp3 player)
oska: why is this coming out of that pocket?
TS: while cleaning they found it under the table on the night you hit on that girl and almost died getting beaten up-you must have dropped it
TS: I was curious what songs a hallyu star listens to so i heard a few songs. some of the singles off the new album seemed to be on it
ya – who told you to listen to someone else’s music without permission?
did you not learn in elementary school-if you listen to someone else’s mp3 without permission -the owner could sentence you to less than 3 yrs in prison or getting beaten by the owner
oska is about to hit TS but his fans make him aware that he has an audience and stops himself
one says “you’re really good looking” and oska says “yes, I know that”
another one” I really like you” and oska say”yes, I like myself alot too”
TS: i wondered why you had so much popularity when you cant even sing, but you have *”empty beauty”
oska: what ? empty beauty?
TS: there is a song you should listen to so I put it in there. make sure you listen to it
oska : you’re funny. you put some kind of weird moaning and heavy breathing sounds in it huh?
TS : you have enough imagination and good looks to be an actor so do you have to be a singer? just act. is music [a joke]?
oska speaks through his gritted teeth: you think I can act well-even my fans cant cover that (meaning he isnt that great at acting either)
* meaning oska looks good on the outside only
I did not translate most of this – it was done by a friend
oska berates himself for saying that last line and is humiliated and he says he is his own anti
he gets a text that director yoon will be coming tm at 10am and to make coffee and wait so oska packs a bag
JW is still trying to get in the house and freezing and calls R “a bad jerk”
when oska comes out the main house door,  JW is startled. oska asks what he is doing there. JW  asks how it is that oska is coming out that door. Oska asks why he is like that. he explains how he crossed the bridge and came out the other door.
the door shuts behind him and JW lunges for it.
oska: what’s wrong -what is it?
JW: to be honest -maybe cuz i have a lot of stress – all of a sudden i cant remember the secret code -by any chance do you not know it?
oska showing genuine concern: since when did that happen? does it happen often?
did you tell ji won?
JW: ji won?
oska: aside from the secret code-is there another time when you cant remember or something you do remember-does that happen?
JW: no
oska: just in case – contact ji won
where is the car key?
JW: car key?
oska: hurry I dont have time
and oska proceeds to frisk JW who enjoys it way more than he should
oska tells him he is going to use the car for a few days and tells him the house code 362434 -the measurement of JW’s dream body and when he recognizes the number he worries about her roommate AY (guess she is that measurement)
JW worries cuz he thinks R will get mad about the car
and JW really loves everything about the house
JW goes everywhere and looks and sits and tries out stuff and R’s voice narrates throughout. [omg his closet is -heavenly]
As she looks at all the expensive watches, R’s voice asks if she should sell everything and run off. As JW sits on his deck,
she says:  (he) really is filthy rich and (his) life is like a fairytale
R is in bed with AY and AY hugs her in her sleep and R can see AY’s cleavage even better now and AY keeps throwing her legs across R so R starts reciting his kimsoowar chant
JW thinks about what oska said about R’s rent and it keeps her/him up and her voice narrates about the key
JW finds the bike key along with all the money in cash she had given him next to the bed on his nightstand (omg how sweet is that?)
JW gets a text about the house code being a 4 digit from R but oska already told him so he knows she is lying and calls him a “bad jerk”
Next morning hug scene -daebak for me cuz it was beyond cute
JW arrives on R’s bike
R:What did you do with my car and had to ride this over here?
JW:How did you get this key out? You didn’t by any chance fish it out yourself.
R: Do I look like that kind of guy?
JW:Then how did you get it out?
R: I asked you first – what about my car? What happened to it?
JW: It ran out of gas
R: All three?
JW: All three cars were yours? It wasn’t the staff cars?
R: Unless their crazy which staff would park their car in front of my house
What are you wearing? The necktie and shirt do not match. Why didn’t you wear a watch?  a watch for men
Hands her a paper
JW: this is what you have to memorize to train the stuntmen today
R knocks it out of his hand
R: Are you crazy – you want me to go to the action school?
JW: if you don’t go there, don’t you think i won’t go to your dept store either?
how about for the one who has more to lose voluntarily lowering the attitude?’
R: Wait-I’ll be back after I change
How did you know what the secret code was to get inside yesterday?
JW grinning: A blinding dazzling star descended upon me suddenly
*What? 4 digit? It wasn’t a 4 digit but a “sleeping place” uh?
If it’s 36… (holds his hands out up to his chest)
this pervert…
R looks down her sweater and says “it’s understandable why you’re so sensitive. should I get surgery done for you?”
And JW yells “ya!” in anger.
{* in korean 4 digit is pronounced “nae-jah-lee” so he said “cham-ja-lee” which means sleeping place to insinuate that the secret number is actually for who he wants to sleep with- a woman with those measurements but he wanted to rhyme the last syllables]
daebak part two
R appears wearing a nice coat ensemble
JW: You wanna die? Take that off now
R: No –I like this style’
JW: Ok – since you are using words, you won’t come to your senses
He raises his hand as if to strike her so she starts yelling “help me! This tall good looking guy is trying to hit a woman – me- help me – help me”
Holding her in a tight embrace so she cant breathe, he says smiling to the other couple who was coming over to help  “Not  hit-  (it’s) because she is so pretty – from the top of her head to her toes- I don’t know how she could be so pretty “
After he finishes saying that, he gives them a look that says “go away”
The girlfriend of the guy who was gonna help says “don’t get involved in other people’s business and they leave
Still holding her in a tight embrace so she cant breathe, her arms are flailing about. JW gives her two choices
Going to the action school (raise your) right hand
I’ll just die like this (raise your) left hand
She finally lifts her right hand up and he lets go of her
He dusts off his shirt and gets on the bike and tells her to “get on” and she says kind of out of breath with a glare  “I am going to avenge you” then she adds in a chirpy tone  “but i have a broad chest”
JL gets another text from R about her recent behavior
he is holding a script called Dark Blood
R narrates: Director, I’m really sorry for what happened at the airport, i know it must be baffling, but the way you saw me yesterday and today, it’s not who I really am. Please just have some faith in me Director.
JL: it’s the scenario you’ve been waiting for, dont think of anything else and just focus on the audition-like Gil Ra Im would.
[this scene was hard to translate cuz his outfit made me choke back laughter-what the hell kind of sweater is that for an action school director to wear-it’s got a furry white collar and it’s brown with stuff knitted on it-even a grandma wouldnt touch that sweater]
R shows up at the action school dressed nicely and hears about the audition.
the other guys rib her for dressing so well asking if she is going on a blind date and accuse her of being short with them now that she is connected to the rich guy.
when JL asks to see her in his office she yells up the line that if he keeps up that behavior, she is gonna make him meet her lawyer
As she walks in, JL notices she is carrying the bag he bought her and smiles slightly, but then she throws the bag on the couch and his smile is gone.
JL hands her the script
I thought you would be happy to see it – isnt it the scenario you’ve been waiting for?
[R is speaking informally to him instead of her usual way]
R: ok let’s say it is but
JL says stuff about the script but she starts reading her part and it’s an action scene
and she says : you are telling me that I have to do this? how can you ask a girl to do something like this? is this a chance? it’s asking me to die
from now on even if i say I want to do this – stop me. That’s not too hard to do,
if we’re done talking (she throws the script down)
JL what is it that you really mean? how long are you going to be weird like this?
ok – what you said was right. I got caught by you. so if you are acting like this on purpose, you dont need to. dont mix business with personal feelings and I wont either. he hands back the script and she takes it.
JW’s voice narrates : he doesnt like gil ra im, he loves her.
R: then I have one request. I will act like you didnt get caught by me so until the day you die, dont confess your feelings to me.
poor guy’s shocked expression was kinda sad
Seul meets Oska’s manager “oman”
oman says that he took away Oska’s passport and car keys but oska still managed to get away
she asked didn you tell him what I said
he says even if I did – nothing else would happen except another fight so leave him alone
seul says that line to the manager about how she is going to marry oska s cousin to torture oska
she mentions she knows where oska is but wont tell the manager
she yells back at the oman that he should have just relayed her message to oska so that those two could just fight it out and get over it
JW goes to work on the bike and surprises sec kim and everyone bows to JW and he keeps bowing down too and he walks to the elevator and gets on instead of walking up
AY thinks it has to do with her cuz i think she is mistaken that he likes her
when she hears all the weird thins he did like bow to everyone, open the bathroom door by himself and not dress as well as usual, AY blames herself saying it’s all because of her
mr park finds out JW took the elevator
he knows JW is hiding something but doesnt know quite what that is
and his driver guesses that maybe JW has been faking his illness
he sends the driver to bring something from jejudo
park continues practicing to imitate JWs signature
JW eats pig sausage and sec kim is surprised he is eating that
JW asks how much JW makes and a text comes in and sec kim notices it is not his ususal phone
JW got a call from oska manager
oska took off and the manager asks JW to cancel the event and stuff
R doesnt act supportive about oska
JW acts all nice about oska so the manager asks JW if he drank during the day (cuz he is acting so weird)
JW tells the truth to R that oska took JW’s car and R calls the police and reports the car stolen
oska is at a golf range and he remembers what went on there
flashback scene between seul and oska where he is teaching her how to play and they kiss
some men come and ask oska’s name and take him
seul shows up and looks for oska but he is gone
[Jail scene translated in full by White Fox so be sure to thank her]
JW.c: do you really have to do this far? you two are cousins and family.
RI.c: don’t underestimate the friendship between us.
when i’m the one to suffer, i suffer cruelly too.
I’m not doing this just to get the car back. there’s one more thing to get back.
JW.c: what is it
Oska:(dragged in by cops) ah really, don’t you know me? haven’t you really seen me on TV?
why did i have to steal a car? i was just borrowing it from my little bro.. (spotted JW.c) hey YOU!
JW.c: what should i do.. (avoids eye contact)
Oska: since you don’t have anything left to pick on, you’re picking on me with a criminal case this time?
did you cook me a rice while planing to do this?
RI.c: (murmurs) cook him a rice? did i cook that dude a rice with my hands?!
JW.c: be quiet.
Seul: (comes in hastily. stand stunned finding three of them.)
Oska: (face hardens)
RI.c: how did she know and came?
JW.c (feels sorry for Seul too. avoids eyes)
Seol: what’s up? (to oska) what’s up with this?
Oska: (standing while avoiding eyes)
a Cop: well, are you going to be like that there?
(time passed)
a Cop: i heard you are cousins. how about agreeing on settlement each other?
Oska: we’ll do so // RI.c: no. just put him in jail.
Oska, Seul: !!!!!!
JW.c: are you crazy?
(time passed)
(oska behind the bars sees RI.c with an absurd look. seul and JW.c is watching them in the distance)
Oska: i said for JW to come.
RI.c: he told me to talk with you.
Oska: (glares at`JW.c)
RI.c: I’ve heard it from kim-juwon-ssi, that you made a bet in jeju-do.
Oska: !!!!!!!!!
RI.c: he said he will agree on the settlement, if you just give up me.
Oska: did he tell you such a thing?
RI.c: of course i’ve also heard it is the rule for a long time that what is taken through a bet is never returned.
Oska: despite it, he’s doing like this?
although juwon is mean, he wasn’t a nasty bastard.
seeing he goes this far, it seems gil-raim-ssi became a important person to him.(RI.c transforms into JW on screen*)
[* it’s only seen as JW to the audience]
JW: because it does, i’m doing this, right?
Oska: but what should i do (looking at Seul)
Seul: (what is that look?)
JW: (what is this? looks at oska nervously)
Oska: (turn a look away from seul) i can’t give up gil-raim-ssi either.
Tell Joo Won that I wont let Gil Ra Im get taken from me. Even if he doesnt agree on the settlement, it doesnt matter.
wow tons of stuff come out in preview
oska’s and JW’s kiss comes out. JW looks pleased and Oska is wiping his lips and running away from JW
R almost throws up watching
we hear her say :he honest – you did it on purpose didnt you?
Oska says to R: “please’ and makes those hand gestures that says dont say anything
Seul puts her hands on both JW’s cheeks and he does the same to her while R looks on in shock
Seul says : I dont want to be the only one who is warm
Oska says to Seul: am I the one who broke  us up?
Seul: are you sure I ended it?
JW’s mom meets with R to pay her off
Seul gets out of bed and she seems to be surprised that Oska is on it and she yells :what is this?
JW’s doc asks R:how did you come here?
R replies: I took a cab
R compares her body with Seul’s and says hers is “all muscles”
oska says to R: if that guy dumps you, I’ll help you get revenge.
JW’s last line is : please make sure you help me

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  1. toohearts says:

    Dear Softy,

    Thank you for the live transcap!! We appreciate everything that you are doing (and we know you want to give us the most accurate translation and not miss out on anything on each scene). Yes, it is confusing the switch back and forth on the two leads which makes it hard to follow.

    You don’t need to explain to anyone why you are doing it…and I feel a bit guilty now because I was one of the person who encouraged you to do the live recaps. 😦 Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed more of these two dramas because of your blog and your transcap. More importantly, for me, is that you are enjoying them as much as we do!!! Fighting~!! Love, kisses, and hugs~~!! ^^


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    back to the drama: the hug scene IS hilarious!!! “I’ll die like this” LOL LOL LOL i love that the soul switch is such an excuse for skinship, even if technically they’re “skinship-ing” their own bodies (but whatever, we know better). im gonna camp out here and refresh the page every half hour or so keke when my download finishes ill be able to enjoy both your transcap & the episode itself, yay ~


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    The real JW is still a jerk! Even tho’ we know the OTP, it’s so selfish of him to tell JL not to confess his feelings to RI.


    • nhyn says:

      agree!!! but! theres this one line from a manga I read that seems to apply here – “the one who doesnt confess (or “doesnt confess first”, cant remember) doesnt even have the right to (claim her crush)” – it might be an extreme view but i think theres some truth to it. It takes a lot of courage to confess. JL had his chance o_O i understand he doesnt want his personal feelings to interfere w/ their work relationship, but still…he could have let her know or something.
      well, whatever JW, can’t wait to see you get beaten up by the stunts you have to perform in place of RI LOL


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    Softy please go to Church we don’t want any lightning striking rebelsouls blog..nö siree….i too (confessing time) skipped last week due to catching live streaming but will follow your example… 🙂

    Someone mentioned JW(inRI) checking out other women…i am a little puzzled by it too since we’ve only seen him following RI and know he hasn’t liked any of his blind dates. May be we are seeing an old side to JW relating to his cousin Oska or is it a “boys will be boys” thing? Could it be, he is doing it to get RI jealous?

    So i guess AY has some sixth sense since she dreamt about JW, RI and her dad. The jail scene with JW’s body shown (in place of RI) talking to Oska was confusing. How man swapping happened in this ep?

    [side note: thanks for the iPad tip softy, but what was that online pages app called? Found others with similar features but i want the One you’re using 🙂 i’m taking
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    It seemed like JW is trying to eliminate all competitions while he is on R’s body but we still have no idea what he wants from R. Yeah he likes her, maybe loves her, but he’s really a blur cos he says so himself, he can’t marry her and he doesn’t want to play with her. So that would leave R where?

    What was AY’s dream about? i’m guessing rumors of death will spread again because of this scene.

    Softy, thank u so much for all your efforts. You’re the best


  9. nikesma says:

    “It seemed like JW is trying to eliminate all competitions while he is on R’s body”
    I think he did it unknowingly. 😀 While he’s in RI’s body. He found out about JS’s feelings to RI. And we know he’s quite a possessive and competitive man.

    “seeing he goes this far, it seems gil-raim-ssi became a important person to him.
    JW: because it does, i’m doing this, right?(I’m confused – is this called a soul swap too? what is the purpose of swapping in that last scene?
    also did oska say he wont give up on R cuz seul was standing there?)”
    Does that mean he declared RI is important to him? Awww. <3333
    It's just like the car scene. It think they just want to show JW's actual expressions. It gives more meaning to how JW actually felt instead of showing him in RI's body. ❤

    "What was AY’s dream about? i’m guessing rumors of death will spread again because of this scene."
    Hah, No doubt about it. But, I'm trying to… avoid death rumors. Ugh. This writer is just…


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    Softy…man some of the scenes.I am a bit confused now.JW (in RI) came into Seul’s room and JW (in RI) was there.I was totally lost.

    I loved some of the scenes but will need ep 8 to maybe…I say maybe only to get what’s going on.It was hard enough with the body swap now with the reswap for poignant moments;it’s thrown me into a loop.I understand about JHW playing it more manly but when the make JW’s character change from pre body swap,it is making the confusion worse.

    Oh all those doom and gloom rumours.I am just skipping it and not bothering about it.Why are people making themselves distressed.And some of the other viewers on soompi are freaking themselves out.Everything they see is credited with a hidden meaning 🙂


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  11. Jo says:

    Just a quick great big Thank You from a Dutch fan of Secret Garden. I know you’d rather we talk about the show, but it needs to be said. I don’t imagine there is anyone even aware of this show within a 100 mile radius of where I live, so coming here and reading your insights and the comments from others really enhances the experience for me. So if anyone asks: you’re just doing your bit for cross-cultural understanding 😉

    The way I interpret their exaggerated behaviour is that they are freed from the constraints of their usual personas (because whatever they do it’s going to seem out of character anyway) and are now acting more like they really are – Ra-im usually has to act like a tough stunt woman but is now free to be more feminine, and Joo-won usually has to be restrained to keep gold diggers at a distance but can now show his appreciation of the female form (why else would your access code be based on vital statistics….)
    Then again, they could just be playing it for laughs. I don’t care, it works for me!

    It’s funny that you mentioned the woolly cardigan, because I too was thinking that no self-respecting stunt director would be caught dead in that thing the moment I saw it. It would be even funnier if he starts defending it like Joo-won and his sparkly track suits.


  12. WhiteFox says:

    to be honest, this drama is getting draggy and boring to me.
    a comedy is not fresh and creative as much as hong sister’s [MGIAG].
    puns are familiar mostly (to me at least) and insightful lines are less compared to ep1-4.
    i hope the plot progresses and real dramatic tension kicks in soon.


    • nhyn says:

      (sobs) NO! Of course I can’t tell you what to like but I’ll be praying that you won’t stop watching this drama XD it is 20 episodes – i guess the writer made the first 4 eps too fast and too amazing that now we’re at a normal kdrama pace, it feels draggy (it doesnt feel draggy to me yet, but then again everyone and their mom knows im a lunatic for this drama). i guess at this point she needs to provide more hints about the whole point of the soul swap, so that we can care (more than just, oh, it’s funny).


    • WhiteFox says:

      //intro scene//
      S to RI: Or you don’t have any manners (sense of decency)
      [*have no conception=clueless, thoughtless]

      [S to JW: you seem to be really embarassed. …….. it is a matter of hormone at the most.]

      //JW’s mom scene//
      R: Compare the difference. If I quit….oh…when did you come mother?
      [*Compare it with something worthy (of comparision) / how dare to compare (two of them)!]
      [if i quit, it will be a fatal blow to korean economy…]

      mom:[?]is everyone a mother to you?
      [if it’s only not the first time to meet, …]

      mom: what do you think you did well to [?]
      [*…to chip in (to defend her)]

      mom; what what? are you trying to [teach me manners?]
      [teach me a lesson]

      The mom says “this is why you cant show pity to people who are poor esp. these people who are after [??money or inheritance??]
      [the likes of these ones whose entire possession is their body.]

      JW: if you don’t want to hear more, listen well
      [MOM: ……..hear harsher words, …….]

      JW: …She is so [abrasive], that when I have conversations with her, I often get hurt too.
      [*She has a sting in her words by nature.]

      R: I meant you
      Compared to what your mother said, the pain you gave me was [three times worse] so you just behave
      [what your mother said, that is a drop in the ocean(*) compared to the words you hurt me with. mind your own business(**).]
      [*blood on bird’s feet / ** just do well yourself.]

      //car scene (cont’d)//
      JW: You don’t have to be so moved by it.
      JW: This is what the conscience of leadership class in society is like.
      R: how disgusting
      [“unlucky” is a common (literal) translation but i’m not sure how much it sounds offending in english.]
      JW: what?
      R: it is fresh, isn’t it?
      R: this is what the rebel of lower class in society is like.
      JW: though i felt all the time, i didn’t know a linguistic gap between classes is huge this much.
      R: think of it as cultural exchanges.


    • WhiteFox says:

      //from here, i checked only the blanks briefly.

      JW: Though you might be {?} listen carefully to

      JW: [???] Only the two of us know about it
      [i swear she didn’t.]

      R: Why didn’t you wear a watch? {an expensive???}watch
      [“a watch for men”, meaning a watch is an (most) important item to men’s fashion.]

      JW: if your ? doesnt go there, I wont be able to go to your ? dept store? [????]
      [if you don’t go there, don’t you think i won’t go to your dept store either?
      [how about for the one who has more to lose voluntarily lowering the attitude?’

      JW grinning: A blinding dazzling star [assisted me]
      [a dazzling sparkling star descended[*advented] upon me suddenly.

      R looks down her sweater and says [“it’s almost close”]
      [it’s understandable that you’re so sensitive.][*min-gam-hal-man-hae]


      • REBEL SOULS says:

        omg have I told you how much I love you???? I love how you always help me. you are such a blessing to someone like me who struggles and guesses what goes in those blanks all the time. why do these characters have to use so many hard words? thank you so much – I know it’s time consuming for you too but please hang on till the show ends.
        will have lots more blanks to fill in the airport scene too I think.
        if you want, you can post future corrections on soompi – you can PM me there – I’m “softy” or leave your email there too so I can contact you


    • Anon says:

      I also liked it more during ep 1-4, I think and hope it will be better again when they are back in their own bodies.


  13. Yumi says:

    I think the soul-replacement [for want of a better term] is a convention the writer&director are using at times of emotional honesty to signal a sense of emotional truth for each character without mask of the other actor’s body undermining the moment.

    I don’t think the soul-replacement undo the body swaps, the body are still swapped or the characters would make reference to the change. The soul replacement happened at two crucial moments when the characters aren’t bickering, but revealing deep feelings for each other. 1-When Joowon confess that he was glad he could protect RaIm from his mother by taking the brunt of the insults and 2-when he acknowledge to Oska that RaIm is important to him. [If I’m understanding your transcription properly]


  14. Hannah says:

    I know you guys said thanks aren’t necessary–but THANK YOU! So much love for this drama! I watched the raw alongside this and it was SO HELPFUL. ♥

    And I for one am a fan of the clever magical veil. Not only is it pretty, but it’s totally great because it fully capitalises on the emotion of the moment. I love the comedy the actor’s bring out in the bodyswap but the dramatic moments are really more suited to their own respective bodies.


  15. missJ says:

    Thank you very much for the transcap , Softy !
    Omo , is Oska really developing true feeling s for Ra Im ? what’s gonna happen next ? so excited for the next episode !!!
    I hope they switch back to their own bodies , I want to see the real reactions of JW and RI in their own body( not just in some parts ) , eventhough the switch is giving us hilarious moments …I just miss them in their own bodies ^^…


  16. Anon says:

    So AY’s dreams always come true, I guess the writers continue to prepare us for a tragic ending aren’t they? 😦

    And I’m glad the car scene and the last scene show HB as JW and HJW as RI, like Hannah said, it’s more fitting that way.


  17. amc510 says:

    Thank you ALL who contributed to the recap because without this I will not be able to understand the drama. I am so confused with the body swap. I did like how they used the orig chars to depict for the serious conversations because it would be too complex for my already tupsy-tipsy-turvy-twirly twind (mind). Sorry, this is all that my brain can handle.
    Initially, I refused to watch other drama coz of the gaping hole skks left in me . . . still looking for the broken pieces. Days have been too long. Then, dramaland came up with the 2 actors that I like, Hyun Bin for ‘My name is Kim Sam Soon’ and Jang Geun-seok for ‘YAB’. I have started to watch both this week after reading the recaps that I can find. Slowly I am getting out of my stupor. My legs have been hurting from jumping up and down the tree, the roof-tops, tried being a yellow-messenger (my 2nd fav color, red is 1st), searched the streets for where he might be sleeping, tried jumping in the river (maybe he will offer his staff/pole to help me out) … okay, I know, I am hopeless cause. I check skks-A still.
    Anyway, back to my SG thoughts. I just finished watching Ep7 raw. Thanks to your recap I was able to follow. The last scene gave me the impression that Oska is getting the idea that Kim Joo-won is in Ram-In’s body. Because he knows his cousin more than anyone else. Oska was talking directly to Gil Ra-im (girl body) and in the tone that he uses for Kim Joo-won. That is why I am glad drama used the originals at that point. It brought me back to who the characteres were. I was wondering who will be the first one to be on the ‘seeeecccreettt’? Maybe the kiss nailed Oska’s suspicions.
    Shall I wait for the live recap. It is 9:20 pm Seoul and PST is 4:20 am. No have not slept yet.

    Love reading the recaps. Very thankful for the hardwork that has been placed.

    THANK YOU for sharing your PASSION with us.
    May SUCCESS shine in your endeavors!


  18. WhiteFox says:

    //tree scene//
    Anyway cuz of grandpa’s [?] lifestyle my aunt was born by the second wife

    R tells JW: Don’t meet anyone- especially Chae woo hyung – don’t even {sang jung}
    [sang-jong-(hada): keep company with, associate with]

    JW: be honest – you (are jealous or has a complex cuz oska is better)
    […. you have an inferiority complex to Oska, don’t you?]

    R: [I swear on the sky that if I did that for even a second I’ll suffer a thousand punishments]
    [I swear on heaven(*) that if i had……,…… a heaven’s(**) punishment.]
    * ha-neul: 1) sky 2) god, heaven / ** cheon = ha-neul in chinese character.

    R: keep that up. I’m going to your director and ask “will you go with me to[ ?]”
    […..will you go to Misari(*) with me?]
    *area to the east of Seoul along the Han River and famous with cafe villiage(live stage), restaurants and motels.
    it is a popular dating spot and often quoted to imply the lodging.

    //AY’s dream scene
    normally a guy has to do that (cry a lot for her) to make him yours
    [a guy truly becomes yours when you do that(=play around with and dump).]
    * literal order is like “a guy, ___________ , truly becomes yours.”
    and the subject of dependent(inner) clause is omitted.


  19. chewii says:

    oh after digesting every hard work i am beginning to worry that RI might die…i hope it’s a hoax.. thank you for all the recap softy and to all who contributed.


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