Spoilers (SG long preview) and Gratitude

To celebrate the first post that got so many comments, I wanted to reply to most of them. So be sure to click and read them. Tried to reply to SG E6, but mostly it was to tell me how confused everyone was about the names so still filtering out which ones need actual replies instead of just apologies. Also, you guys can now reply to each other’s comments as someone requested way back when.
MSOAN Heartbreak scene link included 
SG long preview translation:
R [lifting her shirt] look – is this a woman’s body? there are scars all over the body
JW running over : what are you doing ? are you crazy? [tries to lower shirt]
arent you going to pull it down? how much did you see? pull it down!
And  seul walks in on them like that
R to Seul: Look here I know what you are thinking right now, but…
JW clamps his hand over her mouth
JW to S: Director Yoon – it’s a misunderstanding –It really is a misunderstanding
R spitting after removing his hand says to JW: ah- so salty- what the heck are you doing?
Seul: “I didn’t know you were such a type of person who ignores all of family (background), education and abilities and replaces them with kissing in spite of being unable to communicate and being on different levels.” (*thank you white fox’s for your translation)
R: ah geez I told you it was a misunderstanding.
S:At a situation like this, if you say “it’s a misunderstanding” you’re an idiot. Or you don’t have any manners (sense of decency)
R: what did you say?
S: that’s okay. it’s my fault to have expected refinement from someone like you.
Where is chae yongshi now?
R: he went to Seoul
S in bad English: excuse me?
Here is Blue’s version and take on this line and she filled in my blanks too (big hugs):
*Seul: I misunderstood (was mistaken about) you, Kim Joowon. I didn’t know that you were someone who disregarded family background, educational background, and competence, and despite not being able to communicate with each other and is of a different standing, replace these things with mere kissing.  
(Yikes, that was an awkward sentence to translate. Basically, she’s saying that she didn’t know that Juwon would overlook all these other qualities in a woman (who’s below him) and that the only thing that seemed to matter to him is kissing (probably representing sexual compatibility or lust for a woman.)  And thus, he’s not as rational of a person as she thought him to be.)
** I added both translations to prove my point that this line was a nightmare to translate and both of them are fluent in Korean.
At the airport, JL tells everyone to pay attention and check their schedules and stuff and go to the action school. As soon as he finishes his instructions, JW is the only one who stands at attention and yells out in reply “yes”
R tells JL that “she” can’t go to the action school for a while so she’s letting him know that now.
R looks sweaty and doesn’t look too good like she is ill
JW warns her if she talks like that it sounds weird to everyone and R says “then are we normal right now? Let’s go” and grabs his hand and drags him away as he bows to JL and the look on JL’s face is total confusion
The stunt guy says R is impressive cuz she is converging her life with a chaebol’s (really rich guy)
R is driving and JW is in the passenger seat. They arrive at JW’s home. JW’s mom is standing there. R gets out and says “when did you get here mother?” The mom is insulted and says “who is your mother?” She goes on to accuse R saying that the first time the mom met her wasn’t the first time R came to JW’s house and the mom demands to know how long it’s been since R started coming there. R rolls her eyes in frustration
JW says it’s not like that at all –that R doesn’t come and go, but the mom yells how “if she doesn’t come and go then why does she have clothes in the closet?”
The mom brings down the clothes JW bought at the store after their fight.
JW’s voice narrates: oh-mom-that…
The mom throws the clothes down at R’s feet and says “now are you gonna say that you don’t come and go? Did I misunderstand? Did I make it up out of nowhere?”
JW’s voice narrates: I’m really going to go crazy
R tries to quickly pick up the clothes and do something with it but JW takes some from her and recognizes them and says” this is…
(flashback to the store scene where he throws clothes at her feet)
JW asks R “why is this here?”
R replies “you don’t need to know”
Mom perking up at the thought that JW didn’t know about it and asks: “ she hung those up without your knowledge? You really didn’t buy them for her?”
JW: No – she must have bought them
R looks like she can’t believe what he is saying
The mom says “this is why you cant show pity to people who are poor esp. these people who are after [?]
First R is driving then a second later they have switched places.
JW is driving and R looks kinda sad and she has the clothes on her lap. {they have switched back so this really is JW saying this}
JW: that’s why when I told you to wear it, you should have. I’m sorry about what happened with my mom. But it’s a good thing that you didn’t get the brunt of it. This was the first time I thought it was a good thing that we switched bodies
JW’s grandpa and his new wife are trying on mufflers and in the next scene Mr. Park is telling his sister that she needs to stay healthy implying that she needs to be fit to have children. He gives her a box of “han-yak”–crap don’t know what this is called in English – it’s prescribed black liquid medicine that comes in individual plastic bags you cut the corners of and drink or use a straw.  There are usually around 15 or 20 bags to a box I think and it costs a fortune – like hundreds of dollars depending on what your ailment is.  It tastes like the worst thing in the whole wide world – imagine drinking all the bitter nasty medicine you have ever taken when you were sick and multiply that by a hundred.  Mr. Park’s sister doesn’t look happy having to do this (not sure if she doesn’t want to have the grandpa’s kid or she doesn’t want to take the medicine- I imagine both could be the cause of her displeasure)
R tells JW: Don’t meet anyone- especially Chae woo hyung – don’t even {sang jung}
 JW in a girly tone: why? why are you like that to our oppa?
R:ya- don’t make that sort of expression with my face
JW: do you wanna die?
Seul and the manager are coming off their flight and they are both talking on their cell phones at the same time. The manager is lying to someone saying how they are still in jejudo and that oska did not walk off the set and that the filming is going well and that oska had changed (meaning he has a better attitude) seul is lying that the filming ended well and that she just arrived at the airport and the rest I have no clue but she seems really mad. Seul tells the manager to tell oska that if he doesn’t finish or make up the filming she is going to do something bad to him. Oska’s manager confiscates Oska’s passport and cell phone
R comes home (R and AY’s) and she doesn’t seem to like her new place cuz she makes a disgusted face. Ah Young comes out and hugs her and says she missed her and R is surprised by the hug and then just oggles AY’s cleavage. R slowly replies “I did too”. Then R notices that AY’s skirt is undone and R points and says “oh oh oh” and AY says “why why why?” R says “are you going to take your clothes off? And AY says “of course I have to take it off to wash up. Do you want to wash too? Then scrub my back for me.” R says incredulously: b…b…back? Then says very calmly “well if you insist”
JW is driving down a street and he looks frustrated and as he makes a U turn he says “it’s bugging me”
R, AY, and Secretary Kim are at R and AY’s place and JW walks in and it startles Sec Kim. JW asks to see AY alone for a minute.
JW and AY are sitting outside together
AY:  Did you have something to say …by any chance…did another complaint come in?
JW looks serious at first but suddenly smiles and grabs both her hands blurting out “I really missed you girl” and a shocked AY snatches her hands away. END

 (JW said that last line like a girl so you have to imagine that to get how ridiculous that sounded)
test run: MSOAN heartbreak scene
On MSOAN spoilers for E8
Can’t wait to find out why Mary is going along with the engagement to J. That shot of her looking kind of lost sitting there all pretty in that dress made me wonder what her reasons were for going along with it. Even though I am rooting for her and MG, I hope she is actually giving J a shot for who he is and not because she is being forced to. Same thing goes for J. If he is really in it for her, I can go along with it, but if it’s still to please his father and save his drama, then I am so going to root for him and S cuz they belong with each other then.
As for the gravesite scene when mary goes with MG in tow (cuz of the handcuff) to visit her mother to tell her about her upcoming nuptials, I am going to need a box of tissue for that one. How much you wanna bet that MG will break down in tears right along with her? Part of the reason why I started thinking this show had something was the scene in ep1 where Mary breaks down and calls out to her mom cuz Mary is so worried and stressed over everything that is going on in her life. I felt a tug then,  but imagining how emotional Mary will be this time when she is right in front of her mom’s grave kind of makes me nervous that I won’t be able to type through my tears.
Very curious about J’s back story before he lost all his memories. All this time I thought it has something to do with her scar and his hand injury, but I guess not. Speculations that J might not be blood related to JS seems to be brewing up again, but I hope it will be settled on E8.
Love how his band mates handcuffed them cuz they know this is the kinda stuff we love – forced reason to be stuck together when we all know they are probably enjoying every minute of it. I am dying to know what went on in the alley scene when she cries – like literally dying – does anyone have any long previews for MSOAN like the ones for SG?
On Secret Garden Spoilers
Ra Im wearing those hideous tracksuits was hilarious. It really doesn’t matter who is wearing them does it? The suits tend to outshine any major celebrity. I wonder if YAI wore it, I could tolerate it better. Picturing him wearing it now…hmmm…yeah I think I can live with it as long as it is the blue one and not the gold one.
On Oska and JW kissing – when I saw what Shirley posted on soompi, I freaked out. You guys might want to talk about why they were kissing or speculate about how it came to that point, but all I could think of when I saw that was “oh crap – I actually have to type the words  -Oska kisses JW – on the night it airs? Like it wasn’t enough of a nightmare trying to tell JW and R apart after they switched, they have to throw in more crazy stunts like that.  🙂  I think this is one case it would have been better if I had not known. The element of surprise would have been hilarious for all of us.
(hope you don’t mind me sharing Shirley)
what Shirley wrote about the wood scene and the screams Oska and JW heard R make into the mic was terrifying. Look at what Shirley said about the flowers in the opening credit:
“they say this flower resembled the Lycoris radiata ..it sort of represent flower of death/sorrow .it is said to be found near graveyard. in japan it is mostly used as flowers for the deceased ?
there are legends associated with this flower ..two lovers who never destined to see each other ,due to certain punishment so one is the flower and one is the leaves …this particular plant ..when there is flower ,there will be no leave .when there are leaves .that means the flower wont bloom in other words flowers and leaves they never can met
this beautiful flower signifies sorrow..and sometimes death . i think in korean it symbolize ..missing/thinking of each other ? anyway ..this is one of the bad omen .
but i take it more to mean RI’s father ..coming back from the other world ..but still there are theories it meant RI ‘s death ?
the sixth sense ..they speculate that she was injured so badly at the forest and that is why the father need to do the exchange …the scream was real but the RI wasn’t the same RI?
though i must say there is more that seem to have happen in the forest ..certain things does looked suspicious . but i got a feeling the writer just want to give weird hints ..it might not end up to be anything”
Which brings me to my most dreaded moment-the last scene in the drama. I didn’t get to see any great endings for some of the other dramas I watched so I have reason to fear. Just look at how Bad Guy, Cinderella’s Sister, and some others have ended. The craziest “what the freak just happened” ending was Highkick this year. I didnt touch another drama for months after that. I also swore off Korean sitcoms forever cuz of that one.
What has terrified me the most is the cover for this drama – where JW is leading R away into the clouds in a Mary Poppins moment – I swear if any cheesy flying scenes like that come out in the end, I might seriously have to hurt someone.
Feel free to add any more spoilers, insights, responses, pics, or links for either shows if you have them.
I want to thank everyone for supporting me in my effort to bring you the quickest transcriptions out there. All your words of encouragement fuel my desire to finish out the rest of the two series. It’s not even the half way point yet for both, and even though I am feeling the burden of carrying on sometimes (esp Mon nights cuz third nights kill me – Tues not so much cuz I know the 3 day break is coming up) I know I can make it till the end. For the last episodes of both dramas, we should have a major party – probably won’t be as big as the one for SKKS, but still – two dramas should draw a huge crowd too – don’t you think?
I have never seen a blogger do this before, but here goes.  Started with the most recent ones for MSOAN E7 and will go backwards.
Ck1Oz – yes I almost did sub the entire ep huh? E7 just got to me though – and I wanted people who were on the fence or thought this drama was slowing down to read for themselves just how wrong they were…Also since you asked how I felt about MSOAN E8 spoilers – this post was inspired by you.
Toohearts- thanks for all your encouragements and well wishes
Literati (love your nick by the way) and everyone who posted about low ratings for MSOAN – I never cared about ratings myself. I love what I love and don’t even think about it. The thing is tho, YAB had low ratings, but they had the best director’s cut DVD I have ever seen. I don’t know why they can’t do the same thing for MGIAG or SKKS cuz I am dying to get my hands on those as well.
Sarah- some people like big dramas – these are the same ones who sat through all of Dong Yi and Kim Tak Gu. If you ask me, you need stamina to do that. If I had to hear Dong Yi say “mama” one more time, I thought I would go crazy. I had to let that drama go to keep my sanity – plus it was kind of boring for the most part. As for Kim Tak Gu, that drama made me stop eating bread for months. I got so sick of watching it being made. (And the crush I had on the main lead from Highkick wore off pretty quickly when I didn’t understand half of what he said cuz his character speaks with a dialect I don’t know. I needed subtitles for his lines.) I am telling you, my theory for what is causing low ratings for our two dramas is dead on. You know what it is? Every grandma or grandpa in Korea collectively shoves their children and grandchildren away from the TV to watch their boring ones.  That is the reason for low ratings for great dramas in a nutshell.
Hello Sarahdylan from Sydney– will make sure you have something good to read every time you are up on a Tues morning.
Chocho-yeah my transcaps before E4 kinda sucked so glad you came on board when they got a little better.
Memmy – let’s be loyal to MSOAN even if others choose not to.
MJShinshi-I wrote this to reply to your comment along with a few others who felt the same way as you about the forehead scene. I noticed it when I watched it during the broadcast, but at the time, I didn’t want ppl to think I was making a big deal out of nothing if I wrote “MG just touched Mary’s bruise which kinda reminds me of his first kiss on her forehead.”
everyone has been going on about the forehead scene and how great it was – even my fellow bloggers cuz that is the pic they posted for this ep, but I would have done the kiss scene if I had a choice. it’s not that I dont get how sweet that moment was between MG and Mary, but it didnt give me a stronger reaction than the rain kiss. holy smokes – that guy can kiss.
I dont blame Mary one bit for not pulling away. I kinda think her eyes popped open towards the end cuz she realized she shouldnt have enjoyed it that much.
Venus, rory’s mom
I just wanted to add to the Gilmore Girls talk last night. I absolutely loved that show and have like first 4 seasons on box set. The only reason why the last few seasons went downhill was cuz Amy the creator and writer quit – kinda like what happened on west wing season 5 when Aaron sorkin quit. As you can tell, I love great writing and right now, MSOAN and SG writers are blowing me away with their talent. Just read the market scene and what Mary says about dates or the bookstore scene and what Mary says there – the language on this show is so heart-warming and endearing – i don’t get how people can find this show dull
trust me reverie, there is no other way for me to blog. this is who I am – I don’t try to influence how anyone feels about these two dramas.
I figure if you guys like them and want to know what the characters are saying, you’ll tune in.
as for me being a fellow viewer, I am different in one way than you guys. i dont get to post how I felt about each episode after it airs cuz I have to quickly get these great scenes translated for you guys to read for yourselves how great the dialogue was – so I am really looking forward to the next great drama that will allow me the freedom to post on someone else’s blog and spazz about what I just saw. hoping it will be the next YAI drama – but knowing my other two bloggers –
they are gonna want me to transcap that one too. oh who am I kidding – i probably will
I’m glad you feel welcomed here cuz that is the way it will always be.
hey laboo and ziren87
yeah the band members did it to them -that’s how MG ends up going to visit her mom’s gravesite with her cuz mary wants to go there to tell her mom about her upcoming marriage i foresee more tears during that scene – I only cried during like two scenes in SKKS, a lot towards the end of MGIAG and none so far in SG – but with MSOAN, every freaking time Mary lets the waterworks flow – I follow soon after.
hey moom
never thought of it as a culture thing – more of a who is the bigger baby kinda deal
like some people act like death is knocking on their doors and others just act like
the flu is a sneeze – if you ask me, it’s more gender biased cuz men turn into
big babies whereas women – like you and myself- endure it and move on.
In MG’s case – this was so we could have that great bed scene cuz let me
tell you – that jacket he had on is like the warmest thing you can wear-
it costs like a freaking fortune and nothing is getting thru that baby so if he had
bothered to zip it up instead of wearing it loose to be stylish, he would
have been A ok
Cuteangelika – get an iPad –it is a no brainer- best purchase I made this year back in April when they came out-  reading these transcaps on your phone will hurt your eyes –I think sitting in front of my computer so much for the past month is starting to hurt my eyesight too- I may need glasses by the time these two dramas finish.
iPads are a must for any drama lover – there are two free video apps – VLC and Cinexplayer and you don’t have to convert any video files and they play all avi files!! plus there is another free app called online pages and you can save any web page to read when there is no internet – that is how I edit when I am away from my laptops. I have all the episodes of MGIAG, SKKS, SG, and MSOAN on mine. They even play subtitles which is a must for SKKS.
missJ – you almost had me in tears – thank you for saying all that – it makes a world of difference on those  late nights when I am too tired to think straight and make all those typos and I get frustrated over certain lines that trip me up. My ongoing perseverance  is for people like you who really appreciate my effort so bless you for keeping me motivated.
Tari- I love MGIAG and coffee prince – don’t move them – can’t they all tie for best drama for you? that is what I am doing. I cant choose just one-they all mean too much to me for different reasons. Coffee prince made me proud of Korean TV for the first time in my life. MGIAG made me so happy that I didn’t know it was possible to enjoy Kdrama that much.  MSOAN is making me realize how just being who you are is enough to affect the ppl around you and make them feel or do things they didn’t know they were capable of. SG is still up in the air cuz the body swap has still thrown me for a loop. Before I would have said something great about the piercing dialogue and how the lines the actor’s utter is stealing their acting thunder.
White fox, I have been driving my friends batty with questions and some won’t give me any more help so thanks for helping me fill in my blanks and for taking the time to do it for both – you are the reason why I stopped pulling all my hair out so my scalp thanks you as well.
For everyone who came here cuz they were tired of reading negativity elsewhere, I hope both dramas continue to give us reasons to hope for the best ending possible. Even if they don’t, at least we got to enjoy them for a while and I think that is what dramas should do- entertain and engage us. So in that sense, both are winning right now.


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