MSOAN E7: Live “Transcap”

12/1: Updated so much I even threw in extra-added two more scenes
well they did it – they got me to cry – that heartbreak scene when MG says all that – omg – and her big round eyes full of tears – there was no hope for me – she did it in cinderella’s sister and she did it here – she got me to cry – argghh how am I going to watch that again to translate without getting emotional…
I just came home and read about MSOAN on another blog and I gotta say,  I was taken back by all the
negativity I read there. I get that people who blog have a right to their own opinions and stuff, but when you have so many fans of the drama hanging on your every word, shouldnt you be a little more careful dishing out what is wrong with the drama?
I totally disagree that MSOAN isn’t a great drama like SG or some of the others out there airing right now. If I didnt believe this drama had heart, I would have been the first one to bow out. If anything, with each passing episode I find myself caring more about the characters and wanting the best for everyone in the end. This is a well made drama, but it’s one of those you either love or you don’t. If you love it, you find more reasons to fall deeper in love. At least that has been the case with me. If you read my first transcap, you can tell I was a bit lost and ambivalent. But even then, I saw the potential this drama had and kept coming back for more.
Unlike SG which intrigued me, I bask in all of MSOAN’s sweet quiet nature. Little details like when MG wears his half done mitten and finds himself thinking about Mary when she isn’t around. Or how she calls out “sweetie” so much that he is used to hearing it and would probably miss it if she stopped.
I have always been a sucker for the small little moments in dramas and MSOAN has so many. My two favorites so far are when she was knitting MG’s mitten and he said she looked like a girl doing that. Her cute little flirty retort just made that scene jump out. Then last night, when she acted out the scene from the new drama, her animated description made MG take notice and so did I. When Mary is in her element, nothing can go wrong. That girl just shines so it’s not wonder J is taking more interest and MG is on the brink of losing himself to a girl he once thought of as a nuisance. His “never going to get married” world is already crumbling around him and I for one can’t wait to see how he gets up and faces the truth. If he has been this good without even trying, can you just imagine how much better he would be with conviction?
There seems to be a bizarre haze that sets in when I am doing live transcriptions. I am so focused on the words spoken and trying not to miss the details of the story like who is holding hands with someone or who just glared at someone that I miss the really important stuff like getting lost in the moment. I only catch those after the initial broadcast when I am translating. It happened with MGIAG, SKKS, SG, and of course MSOAN. It’s not that I don’t get how great these scenes are, it is more like I can’t dwell on how great they are cuz of time constraint. Is it may be affecting how much I enjoy certain moments? Possibly. Enough to quit transcribing? Not in the least. There is a teeny tiny selfish part of me that wants to go back to just relaxing and enjoying a show for what it is without constantly being on alert waiting for the next line to type. It really is scary how a habit can develop and consume you. I was talking to a friend in Korean yesterday and as she spoke, I was translating in my head! I’m like a trained monkey now and that is all I know how to do. Argghhh – that is so NOT normal.
Since a few people are probably wondering who I am, I wanted to clarify that today. I am a Korean American who is more American than Korean. I think, work, and dream in English. The only thing I do in Korean is communicate from time to time. Other than that, I don’t really use or try to improve my Korean at all. From the very beginning I never promised fluency, just accuracy. I translate what I know for sure and try not to stress myself out over things I am blind about. If there are gaps, I just assume everyone does what I do and go to other sites for fillers.
The other day I showed this blog to a friend of mine who thought she knew the level of my Korean fluency. We hardly ever spoke in Korean, but she has heard me speak it from time to time. Based on that, she thought I wouldn’t be able to translate much of what was said on Kdramas and was surprised to learn just how much I actually could. She isn’t the only one. I think I surprised myself more over these last few months. One day on Soompi’s SKKS thread, I read over a scene I had “transcapped”  and was kind of shocked I had done the scene justice. I managed to capture the nuance of the scene and lines so well that it sounded so natural. It was quite a proud moment for me. That’s what made me want to do more. I figured if I could tackle something as hard as a sageuk, MGIAG or MSOAN would be a cinch. Then I met my biggest challenge in SG. That drama is really killing me. It almost makes me want to go back to sageuk sometimes. The added confusion of the body swap is soooo NOT helping and adding to the already difficult process. You guys are looking forward to the next episode and somewhere inside me I am too, but the translator side is kind of scared and dreading it. I am seriously not joking. After a particularly difficult scene, my brain was so fried that I forgot how to spell “wish”. I tried variations and none of them looked right. I was never so scared in all my life. Who can’t spell “wish”? OMG if that ever happens again, I have to seriously rethink doing these “transcaps”.
I finally got around to changing all the posts to “Transcaps”. It has been bugging me for ages cuz what I do should not be called a recap. By definition, recap sounds like a quick interesting summary and mine are far from short. They take hours and days so I thought it deserved a more distinctive name so I made one up. For the most part it is all transcriptions, but people like to call these things “recaps” so I compromised and came up with that. Hope no one minds, but it makes me feel better knowing that my effort can be acknowledged as more than just a quick synopsis.
*I neglected to rename the first two MSOAN since they were not that thorough. Those were like my trial runs where I was testing out the waters after SKKS.
thank you everyone for helping me out with missing lines and stuff – I love how our love for this show is driving us to be more interactive and helping everyone understand the drama better and enjoy it more – it feels really great to be part of such a caring group of followers.
MSOAN E7 Live Transcription will begin at 10pm KST
MG leads Mary out after his declaration
band member says : what is he? he told us to be careful in front of the office staff.
J just stands there in shock and so does S
she asks if he knew
and guesses she was the only one who didnt know and storms out throwing her glass on the way out
J keeps closing his eyes
Mary yells at MG
Mary: are you in your right mind? what did you just do?
MG: I couldnt do it anymore
Mary: How could you act on your own?
MG: there was no other way!
and J suddenly comes up and calls MG’s name and sucker punches him
Mary: MG -are you okay?
Mary to J: what do you think your doing?
J to MG: irresponsible punk!
MG punches J back
Mary: materialistic punk. you think you can marry with money!
J to MG; You’re really a [?] person
Mg and J step up at the same time and grab each other’s clothes in a tight grip
Mary tries to separate them
Mary: you two please calm down
J: we can’t fight on even ground- you’re breaking the terms of the contract
MG: that contract – you honor it alone.
MG to Mary: let’s go
[MG tries to leave but J keeps holding on]
J: arent you thinking of Mary’s position?
MG: you are not going to let go?
they try to throw some more punches but Mary gets between them
somehow she is shoved aside and ends up bruising her temple
both guys look down and call out her name at the same time
[for a split second this scene reminded me of SKKS with MJS and LSJ going at it during the hockey match, but MG’s pink shirt snapped me back to reality.]
mary puts ointment on MG’s cut on his lip
MG: it stings (burns) -it stings
Mary: be still. thought you said you didnt like fights? thought you wanted peace
MG: he got me riled up so how can there be peace?
Mary: what is going to happen from now on tomorrow?
MG: what do you mean what’s going to happen. 100days or whatever- it’s all over
Mary: what are we going to do if our (my) dad finds out?
MG: I’m sorry
Mary poking his injury: your temper – just cuz you say you’re sorry – is that it? after doing whatever you felt like?
MG: ya- you kept saying you’re sorry and did whatever you wanted and dragged me around
Mary: that …I’m sorry.
MG looks at her head injury with concern and says it might bruise
Mary: what were you thinking saying you were married to me?
MG: I dont know – I didnt realize and it just popped out
Mary getting angry: you’re always like that – you dont think about your actions, dont feel responsible, and do whatever you feel like
MG: ya – calm down
Mary: You wanted to win against him and used me.
MG: no – it wasnt just to do that
Mary: what do  you mean it wasnt it? what do you really think of me?
mary storms off to the other room. MG calls out to her
While working on his music, MG remembers a lot of moments with Mary
as he stares at the made up story about how they met that she wrote out for him to memorize -that whole love is a car accident story – he recalls 
his kiss on her scar
how she punched him with his own fist
her shrek cat face
when he first piggy backed her
when she dragged him away from her stalking father
when she measured his hand
when she knitted
when he kissed her
when she beat him for kissing her
he thinks of his warning about her better not liking him
and holds the mitten and thinks about what he said
about how he doesnt meet girls past a month and
how he wont be able to make it to the end of the contract
and mary’s words about how he does what he wants
mary goes in to work next day and J looks away for a sec
[J has his bangs covering the left side of his face where his cheek is red]
she asks how he is and he asks how she is and they both say they are ok
Mary: Director, what is going to happen to MG from now on?
J: dont worry, it doesnt matter what happened here, he is going to continue producing
mary: that’s good
J: but we have to adjust the contract somewhat
Mary: yes director, we’ll have to talk about that
MG comes in and yells “sweetie” and comes over and puts his arm around her shoulder
Mary: what is this? why did you come in so early?
MG: if I want to feed my wife, I have to work hard
[he smiles at her and pinches her cheeks which startles her]
Mg says very cutely: from now on, I will do better
Mary: uh-ok – sweetie
[MG glares at J]
 J tells his staff to prepare for the meeting
JS comes in yelling about J’s speech about the pre-production of the drama and sees MG run off with mary and asks who he is 
Mary hides MG quickly
MG finds out that was J’s father
Mary says it was a good thing her father wasnt with JS and found out the three of them are working there now or else they would be dead. she wants him to hurry and go to the studio, but as the elevator door opens, MG runs smack into D
D asks what MG is doing here and then yells “what happened to your hair”
J explains to JS that he scouted MG to be the drama ost producer and that MG fit the drama and starts mentiong his music but JS yells at him to stop
 J continues saying he met MG before he found out that MG knew Mary
J starts to talk about the drama I think but gets cut off again
JS yells at J and tells him to fix it so that three of them are not working together
J tries to talk to JS about the marriage contract and says he has something to say about it but JS says there is nothing more to say. J must succeed in both marriage and business and if J fails, JS wont accept it. “you’ll have no place to come back too.
Mary tries to hold her dad back and MG tries to keep his distance from D
D: how dare you trick an older person and wear a wig. bring me scissors right now so I can cut that hair off
Mary: dont do this dad
D: you’re always on his side [and hits mary]
Mary tells MG to run away and MG says sorry before getting out of there
D: stop right there!
Mary: dad calm down
D sees Mary’s bruise
ya- what is wrong with your forehead?
Mary: this is nothing
D: are you being abused? that punk
Mary: dad it’s not like that
D: I put you in here (office) to be with J -why do you drag that guy in here (office).if J knows about that guy…
Mary: dad the director hired MG on his own
D: what? that is ridiculous
JS wants J to fire MG first
 so that it doesnt get revealed in front of the office workers the truth about MG since ppl will say stuff about mary and J’s marriage
J said he would take care of him (MG)
JS says he will trust J this once
D asks J what happened
JS tells Mary to explain it
she says she understands why JS and her dad are so furious, but that MG got hired based on his talent
D asks why the three of them arent uncomfortable working together knowing everything
mary offers to quit cuz the company is in production and need MG to work on the music and asks to let MG keep working there
Mary says the staff would have felt uncomfortable around her and she was going to quit after a hundred days so it worked out well
mary packs her stuff and MG says he will quit so she can continue working
MG asks J to let mary work since she likes dramas
MG says it doesnt matter if he does it or not so he offers to leave
J says that is not necessary cuz Mary may not come out to the office but she is going to work with the scriptwriter as her assistant
Mary: I can still continue doing that?
J: you two being married has been revealed, but the promise to the fathers is still intact
Mary: it cant be helped MG
MG: this must be a really impressive project. so I am suppose to get more nervous and are you going to try harder?
J says he will acknowledge the two of them
J says MG won the first round
MG: let’s start the second round now
J: the two of you might think game is over but from where I see it – it would be nice if we all finished the contract together. 61 days are left.
MG’s mom is at MG’s place with her bags when Mary walks in
MG’s mom: did Mg go somewhere?
Mary: hello – Mg went out cuz he had some work to do. would you like to call him?
mom: if I call him, I might get in trouble. I have to stay at Mg’s for a while
Mary are you okay with that?
Mary: I dont think it’s my place to say it is or it isn’t. I’ll discuss it with MG
mom: if you say this or that – I’ll get in trouble, don’t call him.
Mary: ah – ok
mom: there is no ice cream here
Mary: it’s cuz we dont like ice cream
mom: really – then let’s go buy some ice cream and get some groceries
while the mom is sampling some food mary leaves a voice message for MG
“KMG you must be doing some music recording and turned your phone off.
a problem arose now. as soon as you get this message, call me as soon as you can.
Mom puts some food in mary’s mouth: taste this -isn’t it good?
mary makes a face and tries to swallow but says : yes.
mom walks off to get the sample she just tried.
mary: but this is all instant (pre-packaged food)
mom: it’s easy (to make) and tastes good
Mary: if you eat instant, it’s not good for your health
mom: (we’re) still young so what
Mary: if you eat a lot (of it), (they) say your skin gets old quicker
[this statement makes the mom freeze in her tracks and touch her face]
mom: skin?
mary: i saw it on tv and they said instant food is {something about how bad it is}
[MG’s mom literally runs over to pinch mary’s cheek to check for tightness and then pinches her own cheek to compare. Then she pokes mary’s cheek and then herself to verify the difference -as  if just looking wasnt enough to convince her]
Mom alarmed at the difference says: it won’t do
[now in the vegetable aisle]
mom: vegetables – we have to eat a lot of fresh vegetables
mary smiling: yes, you made the right decision
mom: pre-packaged kimchi sometimes tastes weird. the pickled radish you made last time was so delicious
Mary proudly says: thank you
mom: do you know how to make lettuce kimchi too?
Mary: lettuce kimchi? yes
mg and J are in the studio listening to the music and J approves
J: thank you
MG: what does that mean?
J: for confirming that my choice was not the wrong one
instead of an impulsive overdone [score] this subtle ambience (mood) is like KMG
S comes in and she seems mad
she said she turned off the phone cuz her head hurt when Mg says he tried to call for the past few days
J asks if she can start the vocal practice again
S says no and asks J to leave the room so they (MG and her) can talk
J gives  MG a look that says “should I do what she wants” and MG gives him a slight nod like “it’s ok- go”
MG steps up to her and starts explaining
From your position, you must have been shocked
I’m sorry -it wasnt a situation where I could tell  you in advance…
S turn and slaps him really hard
S: you said you wouldnt marry – you said she was a fan
did you two have fun playing around with me?
MG: I’m sorry
S: If you’re sorry, is that all? you have to tell me why you hid it from me and lied to me
MG: I cant tell you now – I’ll explain it all later
S: dont bother  -friendship and all – it’s all over
I’m never going to see you again
MG calls out her name and she turns and calls him a “unfortunate ‘scoundrel'”
* no clue how to say what she called him without using profanity so that is a more toned down version of what she called him
J brings S a drink
J: I understand how you feel. you’ll need some time off so rest
S: I want to quit the drama
J: Suh joon shi
S: I think I am going to go crazy
J: was KMG marriage that much of a shock?
S: when I said we could be friends – it was possible because he didnt have a girl
I didnt even imagine this could happen
I’m mad at MG but I cant control myself right now
J; [?]
S: I know – I really cant understand this
he said he would never get married for the rest of his life
how could he change in one day
J: you can’t understand a person’s heart
S: no – not Mary -never- she is not MG’s style
how the two of them got married – [I cant figure out-guessed]
Mary leaves another urgent message to MG while making kimchi
his mom is eating ice cream and watching TV again
Mary: KMG -what are you? I’m exhausted. hurry and run over here – hurry
MG’s mom talking to the TV: that’s why you cant trust guys. I didnt know I would be betrayed. oh how unfortunate
Mary: I’ve been curious about something from a while back. MG really hates the word “unfortunate” -why he is like that?
mom; that’s because when I had MG when I was 17 – he was an unplanned birth- i  left him in the care of relatives here and there and he grew up hearing the word “unfortunate”
Mary: how awful
mom: I found out later. I was sorry to MG. but it wasnt MG but me that was unfortunate. I was the one who was unfortunate
Mary: dont say it like that. you shouldnt talk like that. Good words breed good energy
and bad words breed bad energy.
mom: is that so? that’s why things keep getting twisted. anyway, dont let on to MG that you know.
mary: ok
 * really not sure if the word is “unfortunate” or “unlucky”
MG comes home
MG: i’m here
Mary: KMG did you eat dinner?
mom: hello my love
[Mary tries to get up but cant -probably cuz her legs fell asleep from sitting like that too long]
MG: what is wrong with you? what is all this?
MG ends up helping her make kimchi
his mom tells mary to individually pick up the pieces to season it properly
MG: mom – why are you ordering her to do something like this and making me feel sorry to her
mary to MG; it’s ok
mom to MG: because she does it well
he gives mary some kimchi to taste
MG: it tastes good huh?
she nods
mom says they seem like newlyweds
both deny it together
mom steps out for a while for some air and tells them to finish up
MG tells her she might be late so he tells her to go home and that he would finish up
but she says she cant leave so much work and just go off alone
MG says he is sorry and she says his mom is really too much
and MG acts all cute and says : you had a really hard time huh
and mary says to hurry up and work
Mary calls D
D: Mary you’re still at his house right? dad is getting off work now so let’s go home together. I bought thuck-bok-gee to give you
Mary: dad – go home ahead of me. I’m going to be a little late
D: it’s almost ten – what are you doing- what work?
D comes over and sees the kimchi containers all full
D to Mary: all this kimchi – you made it all on your own?
Mary: no – MG was helping me
D to them: are you opening a kimchi factory?
D to MG: why are you doing this?
MG: I’m sorry
D: you make our Mary work and you just go around meeting girls all the time- did you marry our Mary to be your slave?
Mary: that’s not it – MG didnt ask me to make it
D: then who did?
MG’s mom : let’s have some snack- I bought thuck-bok-gee and pig sausage
[mom looking at D and D looking startled]
mom: who are you?
Mary: he is my father
mom: oh really – hello – I’m MG’s mother So Young. Kang So Young
D: mother? not an aunt but a mother?
[MG’s mom smiles at the compliment]
MG: she really is my mother
[D recovers from the shock]
D: anyway – did you ask my daughter to make kimchi?
mom: yes-why?
D: why are you ordering my daughter to work like a daughter-in- law?
mom to D: daughter-in-law?
mom to mary: that wasnt it.
mom to MG: what is wrong with this ahjusshi?
MG pushes his mom behind him
Mary grabs her stuff and tries to drag her dad away
D: if you wanted to eat kimchi – ahjimma (you) should have made it yourself and eat it!
mom: ahjimma? how do I look like an ahjimma?
D: of course you’re an ahjimma? then are you a young girl?
(pointing at MG and her clothes) a person who has a son old enough to get married-trying not to look old – look at how you are dressed!
mom: what? who do you think you are ahjissi to make comments about how I’m dressed?
D: now that I’m seeing that side of you – I see how your son takes after his mom – lazy and brazen
[MG starts to fume at D’s verbal attack on his mom}
Mom to son: MG – how can there be a person like that?
MG to D: apologize to my mom
{mary tries to hold her father back}
D: who is the one who should be receiving apologies? taking my precious daughter and making her work so hard every day – I can’t put up with it anymore – come here
[D grabs MG and starts shaking him and both talk at the same time]
D: why are you doing this to my daughter? why? why?
MG: why are you like this? what are you doing?
[MG’s mom bites D’s hand to make him let go of her son. Then D goes and grabs MG again and his mom bites D again]
D leaves dragging Mary behind him and Mary yells out goodbye
D comes back to grab one container of kimchi and MG’s mom yells at him to “eat it and get lost”
It is raining hard outside and Mary is on the phone with MG (She is at J’s house)
Mary: I’m sorry about my father. If you look at it from my father’s point of view, that situation was bad enough for him to get angry
MG: the situation got complicated – anyway I’m sorry for my mother
Mary says something about how they are alike cuz of their parents
friend comes over: Mary what are you doing?
mary: I need to talk to MG so you guys go ahead
Mary into the phone: I felt uncomfortable being alone with just the director so I called (two friends names) to come over
The friends talk about how busy J must be and how good he looks while working
J asks where mary went and one friend lies and says Mary is on the phone with her dad.
J looks over to where mary is talking
the friends say that J’s hands look nice and that it looks like a young master’s hands
other one says it looks better cuz he isnt wearing a wedding ring
the other pokes that one in the rib for saying that
she continues in a flirty tone: you only registered so it’s not like you’re really married. in truth you’re still single -right?  (J doesnt even pay attention and looks towards Mary)
J: now that I noticed, Mary doesnt have a wedding ring
other friend suddenly covers and says: ah- at the time – since it was a sudden marriage -they didnt have time to prepare -right?
other one: right – yeah – at that time – it was so sudden so…
one says she needs to go to the bathroom and excuses herself
[I think she went to tell Mary]
J: I thought (she) wasnt wearing a ring because of the contract
friend: they have a couple ring – gold ones – 14 carat
she cant wear it around so..
Mary and the other one come in and pretend the one sitting has somewhere she needs to be and they thank him for inviting them and leave
J: I heard you werent able to prepare for wedding rings
Mary: yes since it was so sudden
J: they said you had couple rings
Mary:it’s just a silver ring – even though I cant wear it around because of the contract
J: silver ring?
Mary: yes – but today you (director) are acting a little strange
to me and to my friends-what are you trying to make sure of?
J: I didnt want to do this from the start but should we have a talk?
Mary: what talk?
J: KMG and you (Mary) – did you really love each other and get married?
Mary: I’m sorry – later …
she gathers her stuff and leaves
Mg gets a call from mary
it is raining hard and she runs home talking on the phone with MG. she tells him she is tired of lying to J. She asks when he will be home and tells MG she would go home ahead of him. Just as she arrives, S was waiting in her car for MG and spots Mary and calls out to her
S: I was waiting on MG so it turned out well 
I wanted to ask you something
Mary: ask then
S: who’s idea was it first to do this marriage?
Mary; it was mine
S: I knew MG’s personaility wouldnt want to do it first
why did you ask him to marry?
did something happen to both of you?
Mary: I had a problem/situation
S: what situation?
are you saying MG got married unwillingly?
why did you keep it a secret this whole time?
Mary: I asked him not to tell because things would have gotten uncomfortable 
so MG is not the one that lied
I dont know how to explain this to you
S: pretending to be honest and going around someone’s back-is that your [talent]?
Mary: as time goes by, you’ll find out all about it
Mary runs off in the rain, not going inside MG’s place
J sees S talk to mary while he is in the car. He brought an umbrella for Mary
S follows MG into his house
MG is soaked and she hands him a towel
S: I came to aplogize for saying unfortunate
I  wasnt in my right mind. I said something that I shouldnt have
but that doesnt mean I forgive you for lying to me
MG: if you said what you came here to say – go now
S: what are you talking about. I havent even started
S  sees the mittens and holds them up
S: you said  it wasnt a girl – mary must have knitted them
MG moves them
S: you – mary – are the same . why cant you talk straight?
Mary: you met Mary? when?
S: a while ago. she came home so we talked a little
MG: what did you talk about after you met?
S; why? are you worried that I might have slapped Mary?
MG: ya -su joon
S: I waited a year and you turned me down and you just married mary.
this hurts my pride
S gets up to leave but turns and cries so MG cant see 
mary is at the bookstore and J comes over
J:when you’re in a bookstore, doesnt your heart become at ease (calm).
Mary:yes, that’s why I come her
so to speak, it is an arboretum. I feel like I am taking a bath in the woods (therapeutic stroll in the forest)
J: is that so. were you reading poetry books?
Mary:yes, I want to live using words sparingly-so it’s not complicated and compact (concise)
At first they sit somewhat near each other on the floor by the book shelves reading their books. But someone comes over and needs to get a book near J so J ends up scooting all the way down till he is right next to mary. He looks over at what she is reading and she turns it to show him, but he goes back to his own book.
*White fox you rock 🙂 thanks for the fillers
MG got soaked earlier from the rain so now he is sick
He is lying on the sofa covered in blankets and she is next to him
S: why did you go around getting rained on? It looks like you will be sick all night, should I get some medicine for you?
MG: it’s ok
S: how do you feel about Mary? tell me everything from the start till now
MG: it’s true it started off as a joke, but now it’s not something that [regretful]. Mary feels like family 
S: family? isnt family something annoying and bothersome to you?
MG: it was. but when I see mary, I think “this is what family is”
S: so that is why you met her past a month, because she is not a girl
MG: Mary is a girl with loyalty
S: you say family, but if it gets hard and tiring, you’ll leave
[she says something about how he has issues so he runs away or avoids stuff]
S tells him not to get sick and leaves
she didnt use pronouns so at first I thought she said mary would leave, but now I realize she meant MG
brackets are guesses
Mary and J are walking down an indoor market 
Mary: when I feel gloomy, if I come to a market, I feel better
J: this kind of food market, I saw it only on tv so it’s my first time coming here
Mary: wow you really are a young master (dorynim)
oh dates! (Mary runs off to buy some)
[her interaction with the grandma is really sweet so even if it is not part of the drama, I still want to translate it]
Mary:hello – I came to buy some dates
grandma: $3
Mary: wah – did you dry these yourself grandma?
grandma: I’ll give you this much (meaning she gave Mary extra)
Mary: wow- really? thank you so much. Hope you sell a lot. goodbye
Mary runs back to J and holds one up and offers it to him
Mary: try some dates
J: I dont really like dates
Mary: I like dates – they say if you are offered dates and you dont eat it, you’ll get old
J: what are you talking about?
Mary: it means it’s that good for your body.
(holding it out to him)
ja- eat it and don’t get old
J takes a bite: it tastes good and sweet – better than I thought
(mary eats one too)
Mary: to put it into words – inside this small seed there is sunshine and rain wind -if you eat a date, it feels like you are swallowing the sun
J stares at her like he is seeing her in a whole new light
[Chinese dates :small oval shaped red “fruit” that kinda tastes like dried mini apples when it is fresh-never tried a dried one myself]
* thanks ck1Oz for helping me find out what they were called 🙂
S stares down each member of the band and they squirm and look over at each other and they all look scared out of their wits
=it’s true the two of them got married because they were in love
=they met during a car accident-mary hit MG
=that’s why that night became their first night
S: so…
=so, that’s why Mary helped MG get a job in the company
S: mary did that?
=that’s true
S: so? what about the wedding – when, where, how did they do it?
Hurry and tell me! when, where, how????
= when – it’s been a month- over a month
S: where?
=Mary said she was in a hurry so that studio out front
S: how?
=how? that..well….
S: what are you guys? give me straight answers!
=noona why are you doing this to us? if you are that curious – go ask MG yourself
one tries to drink and she keeps slapping his hand away from the drink
Mary and J sit at an outdoor food vendor and she tells him to hurry up and pour her a drink but he does it hesitantly
Mary: last time at the country house you said your father was a god.
what did that mean?
J: he saved my life
My father did business with some dangerous people in Japan
At 8yrs old, I was kidnapped
the person who saved me when I was almost dead was my father
after the kidnapping in order to raise me to be strong he became more harsh with me. that’s how my father became my god – {?} a harsh god
Mary: it’s totally like a drama. you must have had a huge shock
here – take your first drink.
is that why-because of the kidnapping -you can’t remember anything before 8?
J: once in a while [?] after I saw the picture at the country house-these days I have a lot of dreams
Mary:that’s why you were so nervous in front of your father
J: yes that’s why
MG is sweating and really sick and calls him mom but she doesnt answer
MG says to himself: mom – please pick up the phone
while mary is buying some thermal socks, J is looking at colorful ahjimma socks and probably wondering why any woman would want to wear something so hideous on their feet
Mary gets a call from MG
Mary: MG did you get home? I’m here at a market with director…
what is wrong with your voice? are you hurt somewhere?
you caught a cold cuz you walked around getting rained on in this weather-you’re already sensitive to the cold so how could you go around getting rained on?
did you take some medicine?
ah – there is no medicine at home
KMG- you wait there- I will buy some medicine and fly over there
[J stares at how worried she suddenly became over MG and he looks kind of wistful]
MG is waiting outside with an umbrella
MG: she said she would be here right away so what’s taking her so long
MG steps away from his place to go get some medicine himself
J and Mary’s kiss scene:
J pulls up with Mary
(he goes over to her side and holds up an umbrella over her head)
Mary: Thank you for giving me a ride. I’ll hurry and go in first.
J calls her name and she stops and turns.
She remembers something and starts digging through her bag. she says “wait a second” and steps out from under the umbrella a little so J pulls her close so she doesnt get wet.
J: what are you looking for?
Mary: ah – wait a second. [she hands him a bag] here.
it’s thermal socks. put it up to your cheek – it’s really soft.
he does as she asks and smiles as he says: it really is.
Mary: if you wear that, your feet will be really warm so you’ll sleep well.
Thank you for telling me about your difficult story. It was the first time I thought of you (director) as regular person. Even though it might be hard, show your [emotions] and dont be so afraid of your father. No matter how afraid of him you are, he’s your father.
[puts the socks back in the bag] make sure you wear these and sleep.
then you won’t have nightmares.
then this time I really will go.
She starts to go but he calls out her name and when she turns, he drops the umbrella and kisses her.
she didnt pull away but her eyes opened towards the end of the kiss.
J: If I startled you, I’m sorry.
MG comes up and sees the kiss. He drops his umbrella, runs over and grabs J and punches him
Mary runs over and gets in between MG and J
Mary to MG: KMG – why are you doing this?
MG to J: what are you doing?
Mary to J: are you okay director?
MG grabbing Mary away says to her: follow me.
J stands there looking stunned.
Heartbreaking scene
MG pulls Mary in the house
Mary: why did you throw another punch?
Mary: why did that guy bring you all the way here?
[she holds out the medicine in response]
MG starts to cough so she says “let’s go to the bed”
she puts him under the covers and feels his head and
says he is feverish
MG says quietly: let’s stop
(she thinks he is talking about the fight just now and says)
ok -let’s stop-since you are sick -let’s talk about it later-wait a second.
[she comes back with some water in a bowl and a towel] 
MG says it again : let’s stop…the fake marriage.
She realizes something is wrong and stops in her tracks
Mary: what?
he starts crying
MG: i’m so confused I can’t do it anymore
Mary: what does that mean?
MG: I dont know if I just want to win or if I like you-if this marriage is fake or real-I really don’t know at all
I’m tired of it
let’s stop
J is right outside their door listening in
Mary breaking down crying replies in a shaky voice:
All this time, you suffered a lot. during that time, it was hard on me too.
I’m sorry
and thank you
She walks off to the side and cries and MG crying looks over to where she is, but doesnt get up.
She wipes her tears and quickly goes back by his bedside putting the compress on his head
“I’ll just do this and go”
MG gets up and flings the towel off  and yells “(told you) it’s ok!”
Mary screaming “I know! the contract is over!” 
Mary says more sweetly: don’t get mad. You’ll get a higher fever.
[she tucks him in under his blanket and keeps talking through her tears]
I’m going to make you bean sprout soup-so eat that and sleep-wait.
[Mary has prepared the meal for him. She goes over and tries to get him to sit up using a motherly tone]
MG – wake up – let’s eat – huh? MG- let’s eat some food and take
some medicine and go back to sleep. Hurry.
I made some bean sprout soup – I’ll put some rice in it for you.
[MG stares at her the whole time. She starts to feed him. She blows on each spoonful before feeding him each mouthful]
[not sure if it was the music or all their tears but I cried twice now. watching her being so caring and sweet just broke my heart. It’s like she doesnt know how to stop caring and willingly put aside her own hurt feelings just to focus on getting him better]
* what MG yelled out is so easy but I didnt know if I should translate it as “dont need it” or “enough” or “it’s alright” cuz it means so many things in different situations
S is still questioning the band
=noona – we’re dying – let’s please stop huh?
[she slaps his hand away from the drink]
=how many hours have you been interrogating us
[he also said “while they were sober” cuz she wouldnt let anyone drink alcohol till she got her answers]
=why are you doing this to us – please stop
S: so you’re not going to talk?
=we said it all
S: you’re all liars -you guys are the same (as MG)
=we really said everything we could
S: enough – [to the drummer] you disappointed me -never contact me ever again
[drummer chases after her]
noona-dont bother MG – I’ll tell you
JS starts yelling into his phone “why are you telling me that now?” He just found out what happened at the party. JS orders the driver to pick up D on the way and to call J
J is still outside MG’s house
he thinks about what he asked Mary :  you and KMG, did you two really marry because you were in love? is that right? 
then he thinks about what she said in the bookstore:
“I want to live using words sparingly-so it’s not complicated and compact”
S comes and tries to go inside but J stops her from going in
J to S: dont go in
S: let go, I have something to say to MG
J: talk to me
MG wakes up and mary is curled up asleep on the ground next to him so he covers her with his blanket
D and JS pull up 
D keeps shaking MG and wont stop
D: you took my perfectly normal daughter and turned her into a married woman
what are you going to do?
Mary: stop it dad. MG is sick.
D to Mary: what were you thinking marrying a guy so irresponsible?
D to MG: ya- tell me – if you werent going to be responsible for her -what were you [??] how could you announce in front of everyone at the office that you were married to my daughter? tell me – tell me -why cant you tell me you punk?
{D shoves MG really hard and MG falls against the wall and just sits there}.
D: what I went through to raise her -for twenty years without a mom – how I raised her -how could you do this to a sweet daughter you punk
Mary crying really hard: dad
MG to D: I’m sorry
D looking up and calling out : wife -what do we do with our mary – our daughter
JS to D: that’s enough. stop now
JS to MG: because of just you – do you know how many people have been hurt? how are you going to be responsible for Mary’s life?
Mary to JS and D: please stop – MG never did anything wrong
Mary to MG: I’m sorry – this is all because of me
MG: that’s alright. it’s ok
D to Mary: why is this your fault?
Mary stands up : we never got married
[MG is surprised she told]
JS: what are you saying now?
D: what are you saying? what do you mean you never married?
S and J walk in just in time to hear
Mary: we never got married. It was all a lie
MG calls out her name
MG to mary: you made a big deal saying later on you had to marry someone you love and asked me to do a fake marriage, but in the end , you’re {?}marriage
Mary makes wedding preparations to marry J
MG: do you love that person
Mary: I dont know yet. How do I know what love is?
[scene where J kisses her on her forehead]
MG and Mary run away from some girls/fans
and hide in a dark alley and they are close face to face and mary says in a shaky crying voice:
“(you) told me not to like you”
[omg – not only do they know how to end the drama at the right moment – they do the same thing for their previews too -I wanna see this scene like NOW-  how am I suppose to last till monday??????]

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  1. Venus says:

    ohh btw I agree that Gilmore’s Girls lost its appeal after Rory went to college…and please don’t get me started on Gilmore’s Girl ending cause I would rant non-stop…. my 2 cents..


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    //bookstore scene//
    so to speak, it is arboretum[*su-mok-won]. I feel like taking woods bathing[*sam-rim-yok: therapeutic stroll in the forest].
    is that so. were you reading poetry books?
    yes, I want to live using words sparingly-so it’s not complicated and compact[concise].


  3. Memmy says:

    Softy, thanks so much for your hard work. I’m loving this drama a lot. Like you, I’m also disappointed with the negativity. But I’ve decided to just enjoy the drama as is without thinking too much about it.
    Loving JGS, MGY, KJW and the rest of the cast.


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    Thank you so much for the transcap.
    I’ve been visiting your blog since MSOAN eps 4. Really enjoy your post. Thanks.
    You’re doing a great job in translated it. Just reading your transcap while thinking about the scenes already made me laugh, scream, and sad. Can’t wait to watch it.
    It’s really sad that I don’t understand korean, so I have to wait for the english sub. But your blog really help me to feed my curiousity.. ^^


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    Thank you softy I came back.You love the endings don’t you?Aish…now I will pretend that Wed to Sun doesn’t exist and die for ep 8 🙂


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    I think Mary and MG had a moment or almost when he touched her injured forehead. Mary shaking her head (bangs) is like shaking off that feeling or awareness of their (almost)skinship. oh well it may have been just my desire for them to have a moment made me see or think I saw something there 🙂
    That paper MG read before thinking back to his moments with Mary is Mary’s story of how they met and love is like a car accident. He kept it! I feared SJ would find it when she let herself into his place and was reading but alas she didn’t.
    love MG feeding Mary kimchi gif 🙂 Thanks softy for another wonderful transcap.


  11. ck1Oz says:

    @softy the mini dried apples you were wondering about.It’s been translated as Chinese dates.It is not edited yet so I am not quite sure.Does that sound right to you?


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    Thank you for your live recap, softie.

    My two cents, just like I mention in you blog sometime ago, the reason for feeling more comfortable here (compare to other sites) is becoz you put yourself on par with us, another fellow viewers. Even if you share your negative thoughts, it’s more like sharing betweens friend and we’re ‘allowed’ to have different opinion from yours. While in others, you kind of feel being an outcast if you dissagre.

    Anyway, despite of the opinions, this drama has its own charm. enjoy the ride seeing it together (with all of you here). Can’t help if still in for JI Mary….. hmmpf… the way he cover his bruise…. try not to make Mary worried (?) and his expression after he kiss her. I’m sold out.


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    Dearest SOFTY,
    You’re the best!!! thanks for all your time doing these for all of us who doesn’t know korean language…i’m from sydney and the first thing i do on tuesday morning before anything else??? read your transcap..i soooo love it…..i agree to everything you say..truly you are a gifted person…i will be forever your follower…whatever drama you are on …more power…fighting….
    from down under…


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    thanks so much for all your hard work!
    Did anyone else notice that MG and mary are hancuffed together in the preview?!?!?!
    it’s the scene where they are standing in the street


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    just read that in the sick bed scene that MG’s tears were not scripted in the scene but JKS was so into it that he cried anyway.. no wonder I cried too.. ahh, just love JKS and MGY.. they are brilliant actors !!!


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    I read from other sources about the rating of msoan in Korea and it’s not looking good..I am just wondering why they’re not watching this beautiful drama…but I also wish that Korean broadcasting will get the rating from international viewers and they’ll know which drama are being watched most around the world..I have an example that gets the attention international is the Playful Kiss which did not rate in korea but it was very successful outside Korea. Anyways high or low ratings we will keep on watching it..just hoping that they will not shorten the episodes just because it’s not being watched in Korea just like what the PK shows!!!!!
    But because of yo softy we are forever be thankful for your wonderful decals…..
    More power and thank you once again….


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    Oooppsss….I mean recaps not decals….my iPad keyboard is doing it’s automatics words again..aishhh…goodnight …… And goodbye for now…fighting ….


  18. moom says:

    hi softy, since you’re korean..maybe you can help me answer this.. in all the dramas I have watched.. the characters always get very anxious and frantic when someone has the flu or a fever.. they will stay by their bedside, feed them soup/drink and nurse them all night.. Does this really happen IRL? Is it a cultural thing or just for dramatic effect ? cos where I come from, if you’ve got a cold or a fever, stay in bed and take some fever/flu medication.. and certainly no one is gonna sit by MY bed.. unless I’m seriously ill or if I’m a kid.. Just curious.. thanks


  19. Literati says:


    Actually lately a lot o great dramas have had bad ratings SKKS, You’re Beautiful, My GF is Gumiho even Playful Kiss all had pretty bad ratings, but thankfully the companies realized that the online following was huge and gave iFans more recognition. I think S.Korea and the US are suffering from the same tv death. With HD quality shows available for DL I think more people are watching on their own time, which leads to low tv rating and a high number of fanatics. Maybe S.Korea will have a hulu like service soon so shows can get better recognition.

    I’m off to watch Glee and Raising Hope on Hulu right after I finish this.


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    As usual… Great transcap…. Poor MG… he suffered the most in this fake marriage. Glad, she confessed the truth. Thanks a lot softy. Me.. too I can’t wait to watch the next ep. Why Monday seems so far????


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    Greetings from Singapore!
    Thanks so much for your transcap on MSOAN, have been tuning in here faithfully every Mon & Tues to catch your live transcap, just want to say great job and I’m now truly addicted to the show 🙂


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    My first in this blog and can’t leave it ’till I say my heartfelt appreciation to your transcription. I love MSOAN but haven’t watched the English subbed video of this episode yet. Though I’ve read the re-cap already, I found that your transcap version is more emotive. Thank you very much indeed for sharing your hard work. God bless you.


  23. moom says:

    thanks softy.. so it’s not a ‘korean’ thing then.. just a ‘drama device’ so that characters can show tender loving care.. heh

    ‘that jacket he had on is like the warmest thing you can wear-
    it costs like a freaking fortune and nothing is getting thru that baby so if he had
    bothered to zip it up instead of wearing it loose to be stylish, he would
    have been A ok’ –

    LOL, you’re a witty one.. would that be a North Face Nuptse?

    Pardon me for being so brazen..In addition to the transcap, is it possible to add in more of your own comments abt the scenes in the drama? I’m sure I speak for many of us here… You’re humourous and your comments are a great read.. thanks……
    ( runs for cover from overworked Softy for cheeky request )


  24. MJShinshi says:

    i think for us (your fellow bloggers incl i guess) who talk up the forehead scene are definitely on the MR&MG ship with no distraction [blinders mode on] from what’s his name…(kidding). We know very well the “materialistic punk’s” name is JI 🙂 don’t throw things at me for they’re not my words but MG’

    there’s no denying the rain kiss scene was a moment for JI and Mary. JI finally realizing and seeing Mary as more than the contract/bu$iness venture and vice versa for Mary, he’s human! And he sure can kiss, his fellow actors from antique bakery can vouch for that. But we can’t very well go preaching that while on MR&MG ship, now can we?
    why couldn’t Mary’s first kiss be like that? if not with someone she loves at least let it be a good one, sheesh MG! You better shape up and give her a real one next time ok? even if you’re handcuffed in a dark alley…..oooh more better *wink wink* ok need to leave before mind goes wild! hihi 🙂


  25. ck1Oz says:

    Softy..dear…did you just subbed the whole episode? My hats off to you including a 90 degree bow 🙂

    Just remember to rest today before the Sat transcap marathon starts again :-p


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