E5 long preview translation and updates…

Hey everyone,
Saw this right before I was going to bed, but decided to post a quick translation of E5 long preview cuz some parts were so good it couldn’t wait till tm.
(then i woke up and decided to do the rest of the scenes I left out before I left for the day-the vid quality of this trailer was poor cuz of sound -their voices reverberate so it’s hard to catch some words plus the owner of the cell phone got a text in the middle of it and that text message kept repeating and distracted me from hearing what was said)
This is where E4 left off where JW is sitting there and Oska and R come up:
JW: You’re ten mins late
(staring intently at R)  I’ve see her a lot somewhere (meaning she looks familiar)
Oska: R is my guest today
(R has been staring right at JW the whole entire time with a peeved look on her face)
JW: But hyung (brother) your guest can’t stop staring at me
Oska: I don’t think it’s cuz she cant stop staring – it looks more like she is glaring
JW: That’s what I mean- I said she was prettier when she was angry
R to JW: Jerk
As oska, JW, and R have lunch together, Oska makes this really cheezy toast with R that makes her giddy, oska satisfied, and JW choke on his food (have no clue what oska said word for word cuz it was kinda hard but I could def. tell it was over the top)
Oska’s toast was:
“cheers for the blue night in Jeju-do that will spreads soon in front of us,
and for your eyes that is darker(more black) and more beautiful than the night.”
[Thanks White Fox – it really was as unctuous as I originally thought 🙂 ]
R replies in a flirty tone to oska: to be honest, I’ve been your fan for 3 yrs. may I call you “oppa”?
Oska says “of course” and JW repeats “oppa” ? like he can’t believe what he is hearing
oska says to her “our Ra Im doesnt know this but oppa is an easy man”
and R says something back which kinda infuriates and annoys JW and he says”she’s (gone)crazy-crazy”
(my guess is she said something about how she isnt that hard to get either or something along those lines)
Seul comes over to where JW and R are sitting. Seul makes some remark about how she was thinking of JW while she was at the beach and here he is now and how they were destined and they didnt need to start off on such rocky footing (I’m guessing here cuz it’s like 3am and I can’t think straight) which makes R smirk and JW makes another snarky comment about how it didn’t need to start at all (I think)
when Seul asks JW who R is
JW replies: In all my life, she’s a woman who is the most difficult to have a meal with
(i love love love that line)
Seul says to R that it was nice to meet her and after seul leaves, R suddenly recognizes who seul is and chases after her which makes JW yell out “what’s wrong? where are you going?” and JW goes after R
R catches up to Seul and asks
R: wait- you know me right?
Seul: of course I know you- I just met you
R: not that – you know me
Seul: you know me?
R: you know and you’re doing this
Seul: who are you?
R: if you say “who are you?” then you’re dumb as a rock
I even found your friend’s bag and returned it – that’s right- it’s me
(JW watches all this from a short distance and seul is still in pretend mode)
Seul smiling fakely: I think you have the wrong person
R: no i don’t
Seul: I’m telling you -you have the wrong person
R: then why is your voice shaking?
Seul : look here
R: this is (lying) till the end
until you say “apologizing was easier” -should I make you? (as in R is threatening Seul)
JW suddenly yells: Stop it
Seul goes into acting mode and pretends she has been wronged
[I read that JW makes R apologize to seul here so I can’t wait to find out why – he better have a darn good reason]
something happened between TS and oska and TS thinks oska doesnt take TS seriously or something cuz they keep throwing that word around in korean but oska defends himself saying he would never do that since TS is better than oska. (at music)
JL demands to know why R is here instead of Seoul and gives R the key to his room and tells her to wait there cuz he wants to talk to her and that he would be back in 2 hrs. JW was there during that conversation and when he sees how happy she is, he trails after her asking “is that something to be happy about? When a guy tells you to wait at his hotel room?” and R skips along and remarks how windy it is and says aloud “should I take a shower” and JW says “do what?”
[* i might be hearing things but I could have sworn JL said he was going “hunting” for those two hours but since he is an action director- couldnt he mean hunting for shooting location? cuz the image of him shooting Bambi is not sitting well with me]
Oska asks Seul “is there a reason we have to meet again?” and she said “no-that is why I made one” and he repeats “make one?”
She also asks who was with JW earlier –the one beneath his level or something and oska tells her not to just say anything about R and that R wasn’t JW’s guest, but his. Seul accuses him of lying cuz R isn’t Oska’s style
Oska and JW make a bet that oska would move to Kangnam if oska loses the bike race – this bet is over R though cuz oska needs her
[this was already translated on the other long trailer last time]
R runs up to JW and Oska and asks to go along cuz she knows how to ride and oska says he would love it if she could join them
JW, Oska, and R are about to start their back road dirt bike race. Oska says the first one to arrive is the winner.  As they talk about the roads and how dangerous it is cuz it might be hard to get out of the woods if they take a wrong turn,
R asks JW “are you telling me that so I won’t come out?”
and JW says very sweetly ”I’m saying that cuz I’m worried. Are you sure you can do it?”
R: If I say I can’t – are you going to piggyback me?
JW: I have to carry you so I can see your face.
[that last line was the reason I stayed up to do this last minute translation -in Korean what he said was hug and carry like how you would carry a baby in your arms so you can see who you are holding- you should have seen the way he said it, not hesitating for a second, not looking at her, not thinking how that sounds, just saying it cuz he means it.]
Now aren’t you glad I stayed up late-and woke up early – to do this?
what I left out last night was the bike race scene – JW and oska like two boys were battling it out side by side on their bikes and accidentally bumped a road sign and made it point the wrong way so R following a few mins behind them goes the wrong way and gets lost and JW goes after her to look for her and finds something strange in the woods instead
Thanks for relaying the good news that SG will air this weekend. I am going to try my best to be home on time so if you see the post with the word “Live” on it, you can bet it will be.
I can’t make promises for all the future episodes, but at least for this weekend I am hoping to be on time for both.
Money has come up a lot on both shows so I wanted to explain why I keep the same number and just throw a dollar sign in front of it. For example, when MG had to pay his landlord 2,000,000 won, I didn’t want readers to go “huh? how much is that in dollars?” so I wrote it as $2,000 on the recap.  If anyone is familiar with Korean exchange rate, four or five years ago I would have been right cuz the exchange rate back then was almost a dollar to one thousand won. But obviously these days, it isn’t. Currently 2,000,000 won would be around $1,670.  When a character says 2,000 won in Korean, it throws off the scene translation if I keep all the zeros in. I want to maintain the same flow so if JW said “ee-chun-won” , that is three syllables. If I keep it “2 dollars” translated, it has the same number of syllables. Plus, it is just easier on me cuz it’s not like I have a calculator on me as I recap. So just to let you know, whatever number they yell out, I am just sticking to the same number.
SG E3 and E4 have been updated – there are far less blanks for each now. The updated scenes have been marked on each post.

I really wished I had started live recaps for Secret Garden when my friends asked me to back when the first episodes aired. At the time, I was too stressed about just doing MSOAN well and thought a second drama was just plain nuts and balked at the idea. Looking at those SG posts, it looks like something is missing. It seems silly to add them in now when everyone already saw it with subs anyway, but I hate having that gap. I love how the first two episodes set the tone perfectly for viewers to realize this was not going to be your run-of the-mill drama. As soon as JW started talking, I knew I was in trouble. If I had only listened to my friends back then, E1 and E2 would not be missing and maybe I could have helped more people fall in love with SG way earlier.
Since I had to take down my ridiculous post on a random soccer game last night, I wanted to replace it with some news.
MSOAN was canceled last night, despite some of us waiting around for a whole hour just to be sure. (It was fun though getting the chance to interact with some of you live.)
I also added the lunch scene to MSOAN E5 while I was waiting around. The rest will be done soon. My schedule is tight this week so it is taking me longer to update than last week.
As some of you already know by now, I recapped for SKKS on soompi and then did the last 4 episodes live on Thundie’s. I also worked on a few eps of SKKS  with the subbing team. Then I started here with MSOAN and SG. My recaps are not really that, but more of an actual transcript of the show itself. Except for where I leave remarks in brackets, pretty much all of what is written on the recaps are what you will see on subs. From subbing SKKS, I learned about translations and how to capture the cadence in a line while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the writer’s work. I pay close attention to how many words are spoken in Korean and try to match the length as much as possible with the English translation. Some people prefer to shorten or paraphrase, but I rather just keep it exactly the way it was spoken if I can help it. It doesnt matter how many times I have to replay a line, I do it till it is so close to the original like spoken.
Which brings me to my point – a polite request. Last time when there were some Japanese phrases on MSOAN, some helpful people like nikesma filled in the gap. That gave me an idea. Lately, everyone has been more active on comments, leaving insights and reactions to the show and it now feels like both show’s audience have come alive on this blog. I want to maintain this by asking people with access to Chinese subs to help me fill in my gaps in the most important scenes in the future if your time permits (usually I mark it “daebak”). That way we call all enjoy the whole scene without wondering that that one word or line was – including myself. [If you only knew how much I went through trying to get these gaps filled in…we are talking major bribes, threats, squabbles, and one friend who is not getting a Christmas present from me this year.]
I want to do a good job for everyone, but as everyone knows, I am not as fluent as we would all like for me to be. If you could hear me swearing at a scene wondering why I didn’t give in as a kid when I fought my mom on taking Korean language classes, you would know the extent of my frustration at my limitation. Never dreamed in a million years I would grow up and end up regretting it. Any help in the future would be much appreciated by all of us.
Thanks for everyone’s support and I hope we can all help each other get the most out of these recaps.

28 comments on “E5 long preview translation and updates…

  1. missJ says:

    You are doing a very good job and doing us all a great favor for your live recaps , Softy !!! I hope you stay healthy and strong throughout all these dramas now and in the future … we hope to see your live recaps even after SG and MSOAN … I visit your blog now regularly , and other sites like dramabeans , thundie’s blog , yogurutu , miss tofu , etc. etc… it is very fun ! and don’t worry if you miss some words or conversations … you are doing fine as it is … again keep up the good work , and advance MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year !!!
    PS: I can read and understand Japanese ( I have a jap. hubby ) , so I hope to also help you with japanese conversations, (by adding the the translations in the comment section) in the future …

    take care !


  2. Ariendoll says:

    I remember the 1st time I came across your name in soompi : )
    Delurking and stalking is what I’ve become. Appreciate all that you do! Be safe and enjoy your holiday cos’ I will be back for your SG and MSOAN caps.


  3. Nora says:

    Thank you so much for your effort. Before SG aired, I have not blog stalk this much. Nor have I post comments on stranger’s blog but I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you put in. Especially having to replay the scenes over and over again to be able to accurately translate the meanings behind the words. But I guess being able to keep watching hyun bin over and over is a good enough reward. 🙂

    Carry on all the good work. I will camp myself in front of the laptop every sat and sun just to read your live recap.


  4. toohearts says:

    Thank you for going extra mile (or should I say “miles”) to get the most accurate translation for us (for both drama!) !! Now I wish I am good in Asian languages (Korean and Japanese) so that I can be of any help. As YS/YH would say: “I am thankful since the beginning (SKKS), to MSOAN, and now SG, because I am always receiving them from you, Softy!!” Thank you!

    On another note, Softy, did you hear that there might be a possibility of SG being canceled as well this weekend (due to the tension that is going on between North Korea and South Korea)? I was at Soompi forum for Secret Garden, and there was a post about a possibility of that happening. Is that true? Is it confirmed?

    If it is true, then I will be so sad…since we missed MSOAN Ep 6, and now two episodes of SG this weekend. Hopefully the situation will brighten up.

    Hugs!! 😀


  5. Koori says:

    Hi! Had fun yesterday with your random soccer match recap… 🙂 Think you’re already doing a great job.
    I dun know jap or Korean… But if there are Chinese subs somewhere I shld b able to read and translate to english.


  6. nhyn says:

    i love your translator mindset 🙂 when i took the translation course in japan, we always had fierce debates about liberty vs loyalty when it comes to translating the original text. even now as i translate stuff its still very difficult to decide – i tend to do do what you do, staying quite loyal to the source text while trying to make it accessible to target-text readers. but its so hard!! especially with humor. sometimes humor doesn’t translate well,and the only way to make it funny is to take some liberty with the text…
    all this is to say that I admire your efforts, and always love reading your translation. fluent in jap myself, i always get annoyed when a subber skipped a lot of words and only translated the gist of a sentence. yours is always so careful and comprehensive, taking into consideration the context and the characters’ style as well, and i love it!!! i wish i knew korean so i could help 😦 and unfortunately im not watching MSOAN…but if Jap ever pops up in SG i’d be more than happy to help!!


  7. chasen8888 says:

    Hi Softy,

    Thanks for doing this and going the extra mile for us. In terms of Secret Garden not airing on the weekend, this is what naey15 from soompi.com said:-


    Posted Today, 10:18 AM
    Hi~ I am a huge fan of SG. I usually read comments about dramas i like here.
    I just read some comments about not being able to see this drama this weekend because of tension between North and South Koreas. And i am thankful to those who worried about us.

    I have never heard that Secret Garden will not be aired this weekend because of that. Even yesterday, other dramas were broadcast in time except for ‘Merry is out'(I am not sure of it’s official title). The reason Merry was not aired was soccer game of Korean team in Asian Game. Today also dramas were aired on time. So SG will be broadcast as scheduled i guess unless North Korea make another attack or trouble. You guys don’t have to worry about this. ”

    So let’s all be optimistic and hopefully it goes the way we all it to.


  8. toohearts says:

    Thank you, chasen8888, for confirming that SG will be on this weekend!! I really hope that it will air…and I hope it will stay that way….otherwise I will start to develop early stage withdraw symptons (sounds funny at this early in this drama….that proves that JW and RI really attract me more every single week…not to mention the others characters as well.)

    I will be waiting *happily* for the live recaps. As for the soul-switching I also heard that it is temporary (I think I like that) because they (JW & RI) get to “experience” each others’ lives as if it is their own…and get to know each other at the deeper level.

    I guess the soul-switching is coming this week?… I like the pace and let’s keep it moving the way it is…and maybe more “secrets” revealed along the way. Hahaha~ 😀


  9. Softy says:

    Hey guys
    I’m outside and can’t access my main pg but I will update it later on tonight – thanks for the info! I knew I could count on you guys to fill me in!
    Toohearts – I am so happy it won’t be an ongoing thing – thank goodness
    Chasen- isn’t naey the girl who translated a whole ep of skks that one time? She only did it once though but she helped me translate a scene with mjs and his father later.
    Nhyn – thanks for the compliment – will try to keep it up. But u should try msoan too!
    Koori – me too! But I wish it had aired cuz the next one looks AMAZING – I was right about MG and his feelings
    Nora- stalk all u want- you are welcome anytime
    Ariendoll and Miss j – happy holidays to u too!
    I finally got to reply to each comment – been wanting to that for ages!
    Not recapping MSOAN gave me an extra day to rest up so hopefully by this weekend I can do a better job transcribing. I really think I should rename all my recaps to translations or transcriptions. Or should i call it transcribing SG? None of what I write is made up like other recaps. I kinda want to differentiate mine from all the others out there so no one is confused and thinks I actually make some of this stuff up. These shows are really this good without adding anything to it. That is why I chose them. If I didn’t love what the writer had to say, I would have dropped one by now.
    I had plans this weekend so I wasn’t going to live recap, but now I think I’ll change them. I want to make it home in time since the switch and kiss will happen this wk. I just hope they cut at a good moment this time 🙂 now I get why they were both willing to kiss – R cuz she wants to switch back and JW cuz he just wants to 🙂


  10. nhyn says:

    you can call it…transcription i think? 😀


  11. rainyrain says:

    About the body switch thiny , I read on soompi that seems the body switch will happen twice : first time at the end of the 5th epi and then they will be back to themselves on epi 8 , then a second body switch will happen in the next episodes , meaning after epi 8 , but dunno if this news is confirmed or not .


  12. toohearts says:

    Hi Softy! Just wanted to drop by and wish you, your family and loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving, and also to all the readers who come to this blog, wish you a Happy Thanksgiving as well!!

    I am going back to re-read your recaps from SG Ep 3 and 4!

    Best wishes everyone! Hugs~!! 🙂


  13. lidge_fan says:

    Although mindful of the political situation happening between N. & S. Korea right now, I have to say I’m so glad that eps 5 & 6 of SG are still airing this weekend. Thanks so much for doing the live recaps, softy. I always wake up on Sat. & Sun mornings (while the drama is airing in S. Korea) to follow your recaps ^^


  14. Anon says:

    Thank you so much for the translation! This week’s eps are gonna be good.


  15. nikesma says:

    OMG! I’m definitely DEFINITELY THANKFUL you stayed up to translate the long preview! Been watching it two times to catch what they’re saying. With very little korean understand, I fail to understand most of it. But going to rewatch the “so I can see your face”!!


  16. ni says:

    OMG OMG OMG!! the preview is so awesome! i was grinning and giggling like crazy just watching the raw, and OMG the lines are even better!!!! JW, ah, why, why?? He’s just so funny! the thing is, if someone else were to say his lines, it’d just come off as greasy (Oska, for example LOL), but since it’s JW and his terrifying frankness, it’s SO sweet!!
    cant wait for your live recap tmr! rest and have your beauty sleep!!


  17. toohearts says:

    OMG!! You are so fast, Softy!! I totally get what you mean (about doing translation right away) once you heard JW’s response….hahaha~~~ Don’t you just love their interaction and dialogues? I totally enjoyed it more ’cause of your translation… I didn’t understand a thing when I saw the video…I can get a more complete picture now…. THANK YOU! 🙂


  18. Khin Nwe Aye says:

    Thank you for staying up so late to translate the Ep. 5 preview, which means I’ll have an inkling of what’s going on when I watch the raw vid Saturday afternoon (US EST). without your preview I’ll have to make guesses by looking at the body language of the characters. And I’m so glad to learn that you’re a meticulous translator which means you don’t give just the gist of the sentences, but translate fully and add the nuances as you see fit. As a non-Korean, non-Chinese speaker, I feel so inadequate when JW and RI are exchanging so many verbal fusillades and yet there I’m like a deaf and mute, not knowing what’s been spoken. Maybe if I know Korean and understand more, I won’t have been so upset with JW being a jerk — dishing out his litany of complaint against RI’s “shortcomings”.


  19. rainyrain says:

    Thanks for the preview update softy , u’r helping me ( the non korean ) to understand what was said 🙂


  20. autumn93 says:

    Thanks so much for the translation!! I am so excited for the upcoming episodes especially for that cute scene that made you stay up and translate !! Thank you once again!


  21. pencil says:

    THANK YOU so much for the preview translation Softy.


  22. ck1Oz says:

    Softy I love you to PIECES for doing the translation.Thank you so much.I’ve never been so thankful to work today to take my mind off ep 5 🙂 When I get home ….it’s broadcast time for live streaming….wheee……


  23. applepie says:

    thanks for the translation, softy
    can’t wait for tonight episode

    but i still don’t get why oska needs ra im


  24. sansukini says:

    R: If I say I can’t – are you going to piggyback me?
    JW: I have to carry you so I can see your face.

    OMG! Peel me off the floor. That’s so sweet. I’m now yearning more for tonight’s episode. I wish I will have the opportunity to livestream tonight. That’s my fervent wish. 😦

    I’m posting your translation on soompi, is that alright?

    I love you Softy!! Thank you so much! You’re an angel.


  25. WhiteFox says:

    (let me clarify the unexplained parts.)
    As oska, JW, and R have lunch together, Oska makes this really cheezy toast[**] with R that makes her giddy,
    oska satisfied, and JW choke on his food (have no clue what oska said word for word
    cuz it was kinda hard but I could def. tell it was over the top)

    ** “cheers for the blue night in Jeju-do that will spreads soon in front of us,
    and for your eyes that is darker(more black) and more beautiful than the night.”

    oska says to her “our Ra Im doesnt know this but oppa is an easy man”
    and R says something[**] back which kinda infuriates and annoys JW and he says”she’s (gone)crazy-crazy”

    ** “I’m not a waman without an opening, either.”
    [a reference: a excerpt of a viikii softsub in ep4,
    569 You are such a stubborn[*] woman! [*spiteful]
    570 If I throw away the box, either ask me to pick it up or apologize to you!
    571 Show me the room that I can squeeze into you.

    [it can be interpreted as not only simply she’s teasing JW but also she appeals to JW indirectly.]


  26. Nora says:

    Softy….where do you go for your live stream feed? My live streaming is horrendous. It keeps on stopping and after awhile I can only hear sounds but there is no visual (not great cos I can’t understand Korean). I don’t know whether it’s my connection or it is the site itself.


  27. Anon says:

    Thanks to softy and WhiteFox for the added parts 🙂


  28. REBEL SOULS says:

    Thanks White Fox for your help 🙂
    Nora sorry I don’t know how to help you, my live stream feed is my actual TV.
    applie pie: I am guessing oska needs Ra Im maybe to get back at Seul, but without seeing the show tonight, we won’t know for sure…
    everyone else – omg when I heard that line about carry you so i can see your face, I was like *%*& – now i HAVE to get out of bed and translate and post – that kind of line just can’t wait till morning. 🙂
    glad everyone enjoyed it as much as me


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