MSOAN E5: Live “Transcap”

Can I just say recapping back to back episodes is making me feel like I am back in college when I stayed up during finals week cramming for exams – you know how your mind and body gets? your head is all groggy and your body feels like a truck ran over you…but what is saving me from total exhaustion are the comments.

I really loved how you guys cared and left messages. It lets me know people are out there reading and enjoying the shows. You have no idea how much I look forward to reading them.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and excitement for these two dramas. I feel like we all learn and get more out of the show by sharing our views.

I get that this isn’t Soompi so people don’t feel like spazzing as much. I rarely posted there myself except for these translations and recaps. But I just wanted to encourage you guys to feel free to ask questions, clarify, elaborate, point out omissions, anything you want.

Maybe it depends on the popularity of the show, but I noticed more comments for SG than MSOAN. Now that I’ve seen four episodes each, I am reluctant to say which one I like more. Story wise, I love the quiet sweetness in Mary and MG’s scenes. Those pics floating around with MG wearing the half knitted mitten Mary made him is what I am talking about. On the other hand, those intensely passionate moments in SG makes me reel from its affereffects for days. Speaking from a translator’s point of view, I love how much easier MSOAN is to recap. Then again, the anglophile in me loves the “Darcy-esque” quality of SG.  I really am torn.

totally forgot to bold stuff so just look for longer parts if you guys want to read the parts I translated – will update once before tm’s broadcast but this is pretty much it for now till tm night – sorry it is not as pretty as E4 (please overlook typos)- I gave you some heads up that this might happen after both SG recaps, but even I didnt know it was going to be such a tight schedule. all in all, this drama is way easier to translate so it was less tiring than SG’s.

will be able to do more with it on thurs or fri for those who want to wait till then to read over it

*I marked the scene(s) where I have to go over it again. At the time, I had to get some sleep cuz it was past 5:30am. Today, thanks to moom, I filled in the blank in the office scene after MG accuses her of being like all other girls – cuz when Mary called herself “bean paste soup” in Korean -I was like huh? What does that even mean?


preview :
mary is crouched down, crying and telling MG: it was my first time
Mary starts to ask S: how do you two…
and S replies: girlfriend
we hear Mary hitting someone (probably MG)
saying: you jerk…playboy
scene where a happy joking MG pinches Mary’s cheeks while S looks on
Mary touching her lips saying: Am i crazy?
MG to J: I don’t trust you
J to MG: so what do I have to do for you to trust me?
one of Mary’s friends: you fell in love huh?
another friend: between the two guys-who is it?


MSOAN Live Recap will begin at 10pm KST

Mary wakes up and feels her scar where J kissed her and is still in bed
J stands outside her door and slips a piece of paper under her door then goes back and gets it and decides another spot trying to figure out how she can see it easily
she comes out while he was doing that
he has to leave for a meeting and has to leave early
and was leaving her a note
he tells her to go back up slowly with her dad but she said let’s go together
I have to go to work too- i will get my stuff and come out
(is the look on his face annoyance or pleasure cuz I cant tell cuz he rubbed his forehead like he had a heachache now but he was still smiling)
in the car he asks what music she likes and she said everything but loud music like rock
i think he said he does to and plays classical
which makes her snap out of it and yell that she likes MG’s music and turns the music off
she tries to sing my bus and says she is a bit tone deaf
“since I sang MG”s song, I really miss MG
our sweetie probably worked all night producing and is sleeping now- should I call and wake him?”
J: you dont have to call him, I’ll take you there
see him first and then go to work
Mary: what ? now?
J: yesterday you didnt get to meet him and tell me when you need the 3night4day

MG sits at a desk doodling a cat and writing merry x-mas and remembering how mary said i love you and he is wearing her half done blue mitten she made
we hear coughing and it’s S – she slept on the couch
he covers her with a blanket
he didnt know where she moved to so he brought her hm
he asked her if she is ok since she drank too much
she remarks he is living the same way as before
S walks around and sees mary’s knitting and asks if he is learning
she asked if he made what he is wearing
and then she asks if he has a girl and he says it’s not like that

mary shares an idea about the drama to improve it by adding a family storyline something she could watch with her dad since the polling or something said exactly what she said about how it’s for the younger crowd i think
on the way she spots a used broken tv and makes J stop the car to get it
when they arrive  Mary tries to get the TVout of the backseat and J asks why she wants this trash and she says it’s not

Mary sees S coming out and distracts J by pretending to fix his tie and dust off his suit so J doesnt see S getting into a taxi
before getting in S says since they decided to be friends she asked if she could call him anytime she feel like it and leaved saying she would call
then Mary runs over to MG yelling “sweetie”and MG says she startled him and then he sort of smiles and says “Mary”
mary surprised by this: what’s gotten into you? you always say “ya-you-Mary x-mas”
MG: all i did was call your name and ….
Mary: wasnt that S that just left? what happened?
MG: i dont know- it’s cold -let’s go in and talk
They are about to go in by J calls out MG’s name
Daebak scene (besides kiss of course)
MG asks J: how long are you going to be?
J apologizes and says he was surprised that the recording area was better than he imagined/thought
MG doesnt take it the right way cuz he repeats “better than I thought” like it’s a put down
J says to Mary that the main character’s home J envisions has this vibe to it
(meaning MG’s place suits the character)
Mary agrees
J asks MG if he thought it over – about being the music director
MG: didnt i already tell you? that there is no reason for us to meet
J asks him to think it over again and contact him anytime
mary clings to MG’s arm which makes MG ask her when she is going to work
Mary: director said I could go in slowly
MG: is going to work and leaving work like a rubber band (meaning it is flexible)
he says to J: even tho you are a director, shouldnt you stick to rules
some days you let her go early. other days you take her on overnight trips
are you trying to work or date?
Mary: sweetie – why are you like that?
J: I want to apologize for breaking the schedule
From now on, I’m going to try my *best with mary
MG: what best – didnt she say she didnt have any interest in this marriage
J: a reason came up to get her interest
MG: aigoo- this person has no limits
J: I know you two loved each other and got married, but it was a sudden decision and I heard it’s not an official marriage
MG: so?
J: from now on, you have to be nervous KMGshi
J leaves
MG: what’s up with that jerk, why is he like that?
(looking at mary) did something happen between you two?
Mary: nothing happened
how about you? did something happen? why did you get angry?
MG: when did i get angry?
Mary: right now
MG kicks the TV: why did you bring this here?
mary: what’s your relationship with S?
MG: it’s not your business
Mary: she signed on to do our drama
MG: she’s in the drama that guy is making?
Mary: no one in the office can know we have a fake marriage so you be careful
-and were you two together last night?
MG: none of your business – are you my wife?
Mary: I am your wife
spots her mittens
mary: it unraveled – ya-I told you to be careful – I told you if it unraveled I would kill you!
* wasnt sure which one to use : try my best or do my best or do my utmost
when mary comes to the office J gives her some work but says he is hungry and asks her to go eat.
Mary said  to J even if u do your best I am not going to falter
J: from now on, I want to have lunch with you every day.
Mary: even if you do it wont make any difference
no one is there at the restaurant so mary assumes he rented out the whole place cuz she saw things like that happen in dramas when a guy proposes -but he didnt – it was just early
(it makes him smirk)
the writer of the drama comes by for their lunch appt – J wanted Mary to meet with her and even gives mary a different job title since she is more actively involved in the drama now which startles mary for a second
-the scriptwriter and J talk about the mean manager and how that manager causes trouble and does bad things but still manages to find work
Mary is a fan of the scriptwriter and shares all the reasons why Mary liked her scripts
later mary shares her ideas about adding the family storyline and what she thought about the drama
Mary and MG are sitting together on some steps for one of his street performances
Mary is reading the note J left her at the beginning of the episode aloud for MG to hear too:
I was worried that you wouldnt sleep well being in an unfamiliar environment
sorry I couldnt say goodbye and had to leave first
rest comfortably and come back
Jung In
MG sings: sings something about J being a jerk
Mary: That was my first impression. I thought he only cared about money and snubbed me but now he is giving me work to do, introduced me to the writer,
I think he is starting to acknowledge me.
MG: then you can marry him. at this time you can break the 100 day contract.
Mary: are you crazy? that’s not it
MG: in the mood you’re in right now-looks like you would choose him
Mary: no I wouldnt. but – “that jerk” – are you jealous right now!
MG: what ? jealous?
ya- out of sibling loyalty i’m giving you this advice but be careful
Mary: be careful of what?
MG: guys can see other guys for who they are-that jerk – there is too many {negative point?}
mary: since he is the kind of person who thinks of marriage as business
MG: while you’re talking about another guy- should you be sitting so close to me?
[she moves even closer and leans on him]
Mary: that’s because my dad  might be watching us.
MG: it’s cold. there arent that many people. let’s call it a day.
he gets up so she falls.
mary makes him a popular bean paste soup to eat and he loves it
mary apologizes that she could only make the soup and egg cuz that was all that was in the house
MG says how delicious it is and chows down
mary asks why he is acting like someone who ate homecooked food for the first time
she tells him to eat slowly
she looks at him and mentions how skinny he is
she puts a piece of egg on his rice and says “gain some weight”
MG: what is this- it’s like you are a real mom – no- wife
Mary: I’m your noona (older sister)

MG;s mom comes in and sees them eating and asks if they are living together now and they both deny it
MG”s mom calls mary the “faith love and hope” person
she needs $5,000 and Mg takes her outside
her boyfriend wont break up unless she pays him off
She had borrowed money from her bf  for a deposit but since they broke up he wants the money back
she asks MG to borrow from his friends
she tells him to ask mary since she has loyalty and he says no
and says he will try to come up with the money
the landlord comes by for the rent again and only mary is home and the lady tells Mary to give the message to MG if he doesnt pay move out so she stops the lady and i think she gives her the money she has
D and JS talk about how they saw J piggyback mary and that trip to the house turned out well cuz they look closer
D worries the way mary is dressed cuz she doesnt look like a rich woman
and JS says not to worry cuz he took care of it
omg Mary has a new upscale housekeeper
she tells mary that she has something to show Mary
and its a new closet full of pretty clothes and shoes and she tells Mary to change. Mary said what is wrong with her own clothes and the lady said it wouldnt be nice to the person giving the present if she doesnt put it on
the lady says JS was worried about mary and her image at the office and when she goes to eat with J since she might stand out in her own clothes so JS provided all this for her – his future daughter in law and mary says she is not J’s potential wife but the lady says and explains everything  so politely mary just follows for now
[drama fact: the actress playing the housekeeper has had so many roles as the evil wealthy wife that she can’t seem to let go of that and is now playing the most snootiest housekeeper role ever ]

MG tries to sell his  guitar to raise money for his mom
J and S are in his office and the music he plays happens to be MG’s and S recognizes it
J thinks she is MG’s fan
J and S talk and S tells him she used to date Mg
she said she would try to talk to Mg about doing the music for the drama when J said he already tried twice to get him to do it
S tries to set up a lunch date but he says he has plans
S says she is curious who J is going to marry and mary comes in dressed in her new clothes and s is surprised and J is more surprised
as S leaves she tells J to have a nice lunch with the woman he is going to marry

mary’s two friends have to wait ten mins to get in cuz this place is popular.
as they snap pic of themselves they dont see mary and J
J and Mary arrive there to eat and they walk in holding hands.  she has trouble walking cuz of her heels so J takes her hand and helps her up the stairs
her friends happen to recognize her and yell out her name
Mary’s friends join them for lunch
brown outfit friend: we were really curious about who you were – you’re really handsome
fur collar friend: you’ve never even dated before but you’re overflowing in luck with guys
J: never dated before?
Mary: that’s …MG was my first love so I never got to date any other guy
both friends: yes that’s it …MG is her first love…please eat -it’s delicious…
J leaves to take a call for a second
=Mary, you’re so lucky – you’re a total princess
=ya- forget the fake marriage right now and marry that guy
Mary: are you crazy -why should I
=Mary if you don’t like him, pass him onto me. I don’t care if he is married on paper
Mary: why are you acting like this?
=you really must be torn -KMG is handsome-that guy is handsome
=ya- that guy is more handsome-he has a lot of money – he is an “A+” husband material
=i like KMG more – he is like a work of art (or artistic) and sexy
=that’s what you say when you date, for marriage, you have to realistically look at requirements 
= how can you just look for requirements and get married, you have to marry someone you love Mary
=are you not going to eat and live? you’re not
=you can’t ever marry a guy who can’t kiss -kiss kiss
=you’re going to eat right? see-that’s a requirement
Mary: enough – stop it – I don’t love anyone -both guys have nothing to do with me
=then Mary-with a comfortable heart – be a  two timer!
J comes back to the table and asks what they were talking about and they say this and that like what friends talk about with each other etc.
[omg – try replaying those two girls talk over and over and I dare you not to want to scream your head off . I dont know her friends’ names, but I said tall and short one before and it seemed mean so now I am going by clothes descriptions
change of plan – I just decided to leave out their names and descriptions
 -thank goodness she only has two friends]

JS buys D a new suit and tells D to go on a diet so he can look good in a suit and D says he feels like a male cinderella
JS asks if D got rid of Mg
JS asks how many days are left -he wants mary and J to marry now
JS wants to rush it but D talks him down
S is waiting for Mg when he comes hm cuz she knows where he hides his key
she tells him to do the OST for her drama and tries to convince him
and he said no cuz he doesnt want to work with J
S says nice things about J
he asks when she is leaving and S asks if someone is coming
landlady comes to see MG
he still thinks she came for the money
later he finds out what mary did
S asks if MG needs money
when they dated she didnt lend him money but since they are friends she is offering but he said no
mary sees them again and wonders why S keeps coming over and worries they will get caught if she keeps coming by

landlady came to say that if anything is broken she will take it out of the deposit
mary says she is a roommate and she has a right to pay when MG gets mad that she paid the landlady
Mg writes out an IOU and signs it
she says to pay her back slowly
Mary is relieved cuz now she is like a roommate and can be more comfortable there – MG looks miserable and says “it’s only from 4-10?”
she says she will cook and clean during the hours she is there
and starts cleaning
the housekeeper calls mary Mrs. and keeps doing all the cleaning and stuff
her friends call and want to come over to J’s but mary says no since its not her home and she gets  a call from JS
D is wearing nice clothes and goes to see MG and like a drama gives MG a plane ticket and asks him to leave  if MG loves mary (cue drama music) and MG says he cant put up with it anymore and will have to talk to Mary and D starts to panic and says “cant you leave without telling her like in a drama”?
JS and Mary meet and he takes her shopping and he asks if she needs anything else since she is at the age where she should love stuff like that and want to look good but she says she cant accept these because it makes her feel uncomfortable
D goes drinking with MG
D keeps saying he shouldnt be drinking cuz he is on a diet
D asks MG to listen to his side but MG wants to leave
her dad asks if MG loves Mary and MG doesnt reply
D is upset that his poor innocent daughter is in love with a guy who doesnt love her back
MG keeps taking his drink away and tries to get D to stop drinking since it’s still daytime
D says he is so upset he doesnt care and wants to drink till he passes out -he is upset cuz Mg wont leave when he asked him to and MG doesnt love Mary
It makes MG feel a little bad so he tells D  to speak informally to him but D says the same thing mary said the first time MG asked her to speak nonformally.
“I cant speaking informally to a person I feel uncomfortable around”
flash back to when Mary said it -echoing her dads words.
MG laughs.
D gets upset that MG is making fun of him or something and MG lies with a straight face :”I thought of something else for a second”.
JS apologizes to mary saying he thought buying her lots of presents would make her happy cuz he doesnt know what girls like
she says the closet full of clothes is plenty
instead of presents mary asked JS to give her stories about her mom cuz when she asked her dad he just cries
JS said her mom was like the sun – soft, warm, and something else i dont know
Mary said JS is like a poet
then they talk about that game they played and if he practiced
J comes and sees how close Js and Mary are and smiles
Mg tries to help D walk but D is heavy and D keeps having to stop and pee
and drunk D keeps calling out “mom”

J drops off mary but she changed cuz she is more comfortable in her own clothes. she says those expensive clothes she will wear at the office
MG brings D home and D lands on top of MG and MG is crushed
mary asks MG why he came hm with her dad
he says ask your dad
J asks D if he was ok and calls D father in law and D is so happy to see J,
D kisses J on the cheek
J helps D stand nad tells D to get on his back
J tries to piggyback D
MG remarks “it will be difficult “
that comment makes J smirk and be more determined but he cant even stand
cuz D is too heavy and MG points and bursts out laughing as J falls down
Mary tells MG to hurry up and help J carry her dad
they each take an arm and support D
D looks at J and says Jung son in law and then looks over at MG and says “that guy” and mary yells at him not to call MG that
so D says kang son in law and Jung son in law
he yells he has two son in laws
and D throws up on MG
Mary apologizes and ask if her father went to MG’s and asks what her dad said but MG doesnt tell on him and goes to leave
she chases after him and apologizes and says because of her he has to always suffer
and MG yells at her “how much longer do I have to do this?
after Jung tucks D into bed, he comes out and hears MG’s outburst
MG leaves
J tries to give MG a ride
J says they have stuff to talk over
but Mg says they dont and wont get in
J tells MG to take care of his body/health
Mg says : what was that? who is he to tell me to do this or that – pissing me off.
he kicks an empty bottle and hurts his back
D asks if he made any mistakes towards J while he was drunk and mary says what about MG and D says he doesnt care about Mg cuz MG wouldnt even take his alcohol when D asked him to drink with him
Mary finds the ticket in MG’s name to go to Narita and she finds out what D did
she screams: dad are you crazy? are you in your right mind?
and they both have reflex gag reactions
Mary goes to MG’s and aplogizes-I dont know what to say to you
MG: let’s stop
Mary: what do you mean stop – we made a deal – we even wrote it out
MG: I will give your money back
Mary: the money is not the problem – it’s that you and I have already become loyal siblings
MG: I need to think about it. I’m gonna go out for a bit and will be back
Mary:  MG..
he changes and she covers her eyes

Mary: ok –  relieve some stress with your friends and come back. I’ll clean up and have delicious food ready

he left his phone
she decides to go grocery shopping first
his mom comes in looking for MG wanting to know when he’ll be back
she decides to wait for him
she finds out mary is going to the store so
his mom wants mary to buy her some choco ice cream
his mom then asks if she knows how to make pickled radish
and while mary does all the work his mom eats ice cream on the couch
and asks how they met
mary says a car accident
his mom then says “they say love is like a car accident”
his mom loves dramas and loves the tv
ewww his mom was eating ice cream and then tasted the pickled radish
mary made it delicious
MG’s band tells MG to sign the  deal alone without them
S comes to where they are drinking and tries to get MG to work for J again
she says to meet J in person and talk it over
Mary takes out the trash
her hands burn from the red pepper
she says Im not even a daugher in law
and sees MG and S talking in her car
and mary hides and watches them for a while and leaves
she remarks that she worked hard and that he was pushing it
(by being out there hanging out with S while she was slaving away for his mom)
his mom says she wanted to eat the radish and asked mary to make it
and MG is surprised she made Mary do all that work
he calls mary but she doesnt answer
his mom says I’m a zero but you met a  girlfriend who is a 100
MG tries to call Mary but she doesnt answer
his mom asks about the money
and he said he is looking into it
mary’s arms hurt and she remembers MG and S in the car and says “how could he do that”
I worked hard making pickled radish and he meets another woman
J and MG along with S talk about the contract
MG is getting $20,000 for working with  them
butMG’s request is that J lets MG’s band sing the OST that he makes
J asks didnt the band break up? (I think)
MG says: we are one family – you do business so you dont know what loyalty is do you?
S tried to help by saying it’s about an indie band so to consider it
J said he needs to hear them first and decide
if they arent as good as  the level he wants then he will replace them
MG gets mad: are we some idol group that you can make up ( meaning like do whatever you say)
J points out what was wrong with the band
MG is done with this and stands to leave
mary walks in wearing her nice clothes
and MG is shocked to see her like that
J says he will let the band use the studio to rehearse and something else
S tells MG to think about it since the band wants to work in music
S and J have to leave for a bit
Mary texts MG to see her for a second
Mary: ya- how could you come here without discussing it with me
MG: you didnt answer your phone
if you were mad cuz of my mom. i’m sorry
Mary:as long as you know it’s ok
also you were mad cuz my dad so it’s the same
you absolutely cant sign this contract.
 MG: it has nothing to do with you. It’s my business and I will decide
Mary: I’m going crazy. If you sign the contract, the office will become [?]
MG: it doesnt matter to me
Mary: what? you’re doing that to torment me now arent you?
MG: ya do you always dress like this in the office? it doesnt suit you
Mary: what are you talking about? everyone is making a fuss that I look pretty.
MG: I thought you would be different, but you’re the same as other girls – going for designer goods.
Mary: ya – I’m not that type, if I really was the type to go after brand goods would I be crazy to enter a  false marriage with you? I would just marry a rich *”dorynim” instead.
MG replies “what?”
*I asked my native Korean friends and even they didn’t know why Mary used that word “daenjang chigae”. Mary referred to herself as “bean paste stew” so I had no choice but to skip this line last night. Moom got it from mandarin subs so she deserves all the credit for helping us. 
“dorynim”= young master
“daenjang chigae”=soybean paste stew/soup
when J walks in mary pretends to have tried to convince MG to sign and
MG finished her sentence and says he wont take the job
he says it will be difficult to get another offer like this i think
MG says he doesnt want to reluctantly do something [??]
and something about the drama is lacking {?}
she follows him out and thanks him
he said he didnt do it for her
s tries to leave with him but he goes alone
[I have to fix this scene it was the only one that gave me problems tonight so skip this part till you see updated tm please]
the mean manager sees MG and finds out he maybe the next music producer
manager is here to get more money saying her actor is losing money
while waiting around and losing jobs he could have gotten and wants J to reimburse some of it
J says she is going too far
she lies about MG saying he pretends to be innocent and care about his music and not know how everything works but goes around (something about how he scams people i am guessing)
she says MG already signed with her so if he signs with J then he did it twice
The manager goes to MG and says she doesnt remember breaking their contract
he says ‘what are you talking about – i gave you the penalty fee
and she pretends “what fee? i dont remember getting it
do you have written proof?
MG: {???] wasnt enough so now you’re threatening me too?
Manager says something else then:
unless i give you up – you cant do anything for three years
she is trying to get more money
* calling this woman evil is a compliment
J is driving to MG’s with Mary
Mary: why are you in such a rush? what are you thinking of  by making a contract with MG?
the situation the three of us are in -if we are caught by the staff, how are you going to explain it?
J: since he’ll be working in the studio, the two of you wont run into each other-dont worry
this is a good opportunity for him so i hope you will help convince him
ah- a while ago, it seemed like KMG didnt know {something} about the office.
i dont know why but the two of you seem awkward around each other
Mary: are you suspecting us right now?
J: what do you mean by suspect?
Mary: our marriage…no -our love
it’s because you were in front of us, but we are (usually)disgustingly close
J: KMG is like that…(says it like he doubts it)
MG is slumped over cuz he is still upset about the manager and everything that is going on in his life
Mary comes running in saying “sweetie” and clings to his arm.
MG still not lifting his head says”I’m not in the mood to this right now, let go”
Mary: ya – you cant be like this now- this is an emergency
MG: what now
Mary: that guy keeps being suspicious of us. he said we are awkward.
MG: what?
Mary: so -when he comes – can you help?
J walks in and calls out MG’s name

MG gets up and Mary holds onto his arm and leans her head on it still clinging
MG looking at J:
would do everything you could
you told me to be nervous
MG kisses her in front of J

secret garden needs to learn from the best

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  5. Anonymous says:

    thanks so much for your wonderful recaps/reviews. please continue recapping secret garden and msoan…:D.. it helps ease the anxiety while waiting for the subs each week..:D

    btw, doesn’t “bean paste” (figuratively speaking) refer to materialistic people with parents and lovers who support their expensive habits (i.e. provide them with expensive things)? I think I read that somewhere in a blog (can’t remember where exactly…@.@). I hope I didn’t get the explanation wrong…:)

    Again, thanks for all your hard work…:D


  6. Jennifer says:

    Watching both this and Secret Garden, I prefer this one even though SG is sizzling chemistry wise and is likely much better written. I think I must be in the mood for light fluffy and cute, I am enjoying all the cliche’s this is pure escape and relax. Both males leads are easy on the eyes. I think I love the fantasy of it, who wouldn’t want to be engaged to two hot guys! SG actually forces me to think more, the dialogue is fast sharp and intelligent and there is a lot of symbolism and mystery in it. I still can hardly get a handle on the character of the male lead, I mean this in a good way. But MSOAN leaves me with a great feeling, it is such a simple plot and the characters are pretty clear from the start except for the second male lead, he is somewhat mysterious. So I will enjoy both, but I am developing a growing fondness for this show.


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