Secret Garden E4: Live “Transcap”

Does anyone think the body swapping is going to happen today? I am so scared that we are going to lose these great scenes between them. I even miss E2 already where Joo Won talks to an imaginary Ra Im.
If you watched the long translations, you know what I am talking about. There is a reason to be a little afraid don’t you think. Hyun Bin acting like a girl is not an image I can accept so readily. Crossing my fingers that this drama doesnt take a drastic dip in all the great dialogue. More humor I am game, but some of those scenes when they were reversed sort of makes me hold my breath till it is safe to exhale.
I wanted so desperately to get these first two scenes right, cuz even tho i didnt understand word for word – omg – the things they said to each other – it was the first time I had trouble breathing as I was translating – it was so emotionally charged
sorry couldnt do a better job with both scenes – but i really tried
-i need to do some lighter scenes – those two wore me out mentally
-if JW’s mom didnt show up at the house it wouldve been the best ep- that woman ruined it all by hurting R’s feelings and all
it amazes me how translating a scene line by line makes me have a totally different impression of this ep than the original broadcast – this show has some  kind of magic charm or something and the words are what makes it shine and sparkle
with every episode I love this drama more
MSOAN’s editor needs to teach this show’s editor how to end a episode – this one really needs lessons. so far out of ep 1,2,3,and 4. they only got one right ep.2 – that was a great place to cut and end.
Secret Garden E4
secretary Kim: what are you doing here at this time?
JW: It’s the day I am suppose to come to work
sec: this is the time when others leave work.
JW: contact the stores on the list -tell them to bring up brochures for the winter seasons all new items…
JW spots R and they stand across from each other

Office scene: this was harsh (JW’s words) so brace yourselves
In his office, she sits there as he starts to unravel
JW: so you never bought anything in our department store, never signed up or entered anything, but you’re saying you got a notice that you won a vacuum cleaner giveaway.
R: I know it doesnt make sense, but by any chance did you enter my name in?
JW (says this very coldly) : do I look like a person who has nothing to do? to give you not a vacuum company, but just a vacuum? you really came here to claim the vacuum?
it wasnt enough to have a bag that isnt as good as a plastic bag?
I must have been crazy…you’re the kind of woman who would come to a department store to claim a cleaner she won.
R (hurt): what did you say just now?
JW: it’s not possible that you didnt hear
R(shocked) : i heard – I heard but there is no way I heard it right….
JW repeats himself slowly: “I must have been crazy…you’re the kind of woman who would come to a dept store to claim a cleaner she won”  -is that what you heard correctly?
R: were you always a bad guy like this?
JW: depending on the standard
R: right now – what standard is this?
JW: for a moment I was excited about a woman who lacked education, family background, and was poor -as if all that wasn’t bad enough she also didn’t have pride  -should I put it that way?
do you know many eyes are on me in this dept store?
to shoot the movie, I allowed the use of the dept store.
for the first time in my life, I set up an elaborate table for you.
But that woman – holding a box of giveaway -leaving my office like that- must I show that to my employees? *Like I was considerate towards you, you can’t be considerate of me?
R: I ….I…
JW: it’s funny?
R: you thought i was only pretty only when I was mad, but since I am smiling I’m even prettier huh?
everything you said is all correct
whatever the reason
I shouldnt have come
i didnt think about your image – I’m sorry
if you were embarrassed because of me – that too- I’m sorry
I’ll go now but I have to take the cleaner
give it to me
for a second, i debated
should I act the way I’ve always acted and kick you
or should I leave looking hurt and leave that image in your mind for a long long time
but if I do that there is nothing left
so at least I want to get a cleaner out of it
even if a woman with no education and lowly family background uses the vacuum cleaner, it won’t break or anything right?
JW : stop it
R: if you’re that embarrassed in front of your employees, just say I was a woman you played around with a few times and got rid of….
JW: I told you to stop!  “play around with a few times and get rid of “?
i can’t do that – should I show you why I cant?
follow me
JW drags her out …

*actual word wasn’t “considerate” but “treat” but it didnt sound as good to say “you couldnt treat me the way I treated you”?
*could not decide which sounded harsher
“you’re just a woman who would come to a dept store to claim a cleaner she won” or “you’re the kind of woman who would come to a dept store to claim a cleaner she won”

Fitting Room scene:  D A E B A K ! !
JW drags her down the hall to an expensive boutique
R: let go – where are we going? – let go! you’re not gonna let go! let go !
JW instructs the salesclerks to leave the area
he starts pulling clothes off racks and tossing them at her feet and knocking shoes on the ground towards her
JW: put it on
R: what are you doing?
JW: you have no idea (clue) what I am doing right? and what did you say?
“play around with you”? you thought someone in your position could play around with me? if you’re going to play with me – even at the bare minimum – you have to be at this level. Even though I am open about sexual orientation, religion, race,  I can’t forgive shabbiness.
why do you have that look on your face ?
appearing poor is your hobby and begging is a knack
who do you think I am
you’re a pretense in front of brand goods
even from a guy with low standards view, you only appear as a poor unprofessional girl
R tries to leave but he pulls her arm back
JW: where are you going? you said to play
grabs the pink dress and drags her into the changing stall
try it on – to see if it looks good.
R: let go – let go
closes the door
JW: put it on
should I put it on you?
starts to unbutton her shirt and she stops him
R: if I wear it – what’s next?
if I wear this – if I’m not  someone who is worthy to play with you- what are you going to do with me?
JW: I’m not going to do anything. nothing at all. I just wanted you to wake up and see how far apart you and I are
JW [can hear his heart thumping – his body is starting to react to being in a tight space]
Gil Ra Im -I can guess what socioeconomic class you came from
R: what?
JW: but i didnt perfectly understand so I wanted to study so you should have given me time
R: time? what time? to study how poor I am?
you’re making light of my effort? at least I put a lot of effort.what did you do?
even if  you had come to buy a cleaner I would have been surprised, but what? you came to receive one? 
do you know what really makes me furious?
you neglected my warnings- who I was -what i did – you didnt even think of me for five mins

he shoves her aside and gets out of there fast cuz his heart was racing from being in there and perspiring a lot.
he has a strong reaction to being in that tight space and runs off to get air
guess he forgot he cant be in closed space when he was with her
he is taking a long time to recover deep breaths and sweating a lot
*turns out I got “skin color” right the first time, but in Korean as in English, skin color is another way of saying “race”
R arrives late to the action school
JL was teaching the team about wire action something about how the one being pulled needs to trust and 3 pulling need to learn about using their strength
R apologizes for being late
JL says she looks dead tired and she said she isnt
he says she is lying these days
she said it was cuz she didnt eat yet and she is hungry is why
he said she is getting better at acting
she thanks him for the compliment
she practices jumping on a car- over and over again –
ouch – that looks painful
while R is lying there – the step comes around and says she improved alot – she says she can do it with her eyes closed now
he points out she doesnt have to suffer like this since ppl dont use women for car stunts
the step asks why JW is not coming around here anymore
the one who said he earns a lot – but he really  earns a lot – that person 
she says how would she know and he says she should know since she is like kim tae hee and jeon do hyun to him

JW drives thru a tunnel
he seems to be testing himself
he tries to hold his breath till he gets out of the tunnel
he calls his doc
she says lately he was doing well so is he getting stress from somewhere
that she isnt asking as a friend but as his doc so instead of cheering him up she wants to help treat him
he blames oska cuz he keeps causing trouble
she tells him not to work
JW: *dont take it the wrong way-it’s just i was reading and got curious
how do you treat lovesickness?
[i learned that word lovesickness in korean from SKKS so I know 100% that is what he asked]
*in korean what he said word for word is “don’t hear it strange” so i rephrased it to “dont take it the wrong way” -just in case ppl were wondering why.

omg how cute is this
he sits on a small hill by his deck
he said “she is speaking ill of me” “not speaking ill of me”
and he took petals from a flower -pulling it out one petal at a time
talking bad about me – and shortens it to “she is” – “she isnt” – “she is” – “she isnt”- and the last one is “she is” and he says “why? she’s the one who did something wrong -she is a really strange woman” and gets up frustrated
As he walks away we see he did the petal pulling thing more than once -there was a huge pile
then the magical CG fireflies appear and petals floats around
and one of the petals grows back out
oska’s young manager tracks down TS on the internet
there is a photo of TS standing by some docks and oska orders the manager to find his exact location
and the smart manager says what is there to find – just look where TS is standing and figures out from the landmarks exactly where TS must have been and oska is impressed and says to him”why do you work under me” and he replies “does it look like I am working under you” and almost gets hit by oska.
i was right the secretary likes ah yeong-R’s roommate
they have a flirty moment where he tells her not to open her eyes so round cuz it makes her look cute and she says she cant help it and she wasnt trying to on purpose
the secretary drops off the cleaner and tells ah young to take it to R with a message
JW gets presents – baby deers like 7 from seuls family
he wants to know what to do with it – eat it?
he says to return the deers

JW is having dinner with his family: mom, sis, grandpa, aunt, new grandma-in – law (is that an actual term?) or mother in law to JW’s mom and oska’s mom
mr park is sitting next to his older sister  who is married to JW’s grandfather (that’s why the grandpa tried to feed her),  and JW’s family
the woman who arrived late is Oska’s mom and starts talking as soon as she sits down asking what everyone was talking about and JW’s mom says “besides you -is there anyone else who would talk so much”?
oska’s mom asks her “cant you fix/control that easily angered temper of yours?
oska’s mom says without her son, it’s dull there and asks JW where her son is
she asks JW why oska went to jejudo and he says oska is in taegu and oska’s mom corrects him and says she spoke to oska and oska is in jejudo
and JW’s mom says ‘he’s like that – doesnt even know where he is”
which makes JW grin like crazy
oska’s mom says to JW’s mom “you have to control that – as soon as you open your mouth you make fun my son”. she adds that oska gets a lot of praise or something from overseas.
oska’s mom turns to the grandpa, calls him father and says he got younger looking after getting married
then she says to the new wife that the new wife must be her father’s anti-aging (cream is what she left out-my goodness she is like oska the way she talks)
oska’s mom gets yelled at by her father for not calling his new wife “mother”
JW’s mom calms down her father saying that if he keeps getting upset all the time over stuff like that, it will be harder on his new wife.
The grandpa asks Mr. Park to help out JW and Mr. Park says not to worry.
Mr. Park sucks up to the grandpa and says he will do his best for the grandpa’s sake and then starts off complimenting JW and saying he has a lot to learn from JW but then he slips in the fact that JW comes in twice a week. oska’s mom confirms that and says to JW “I heard Mr. Park signs everything for you”  
JW’s mom is surprised and JW confirms it and even compliments Mr. Park for how close the signatures look. Oska’s mom says “do you know what the staff
says about you” and JW says he does.
JW makes it worse and owns up to how the staff refers to him as spoiled,  hysterical, rude, and how everyone hates him.
he goes over the top honest and even points out that the staff refers to him as
CEO with a different meaning.
C= crap
E=this guy (in Korean it is pronounced “ee -namja”
O=is the owner
his grandpa gets upset and asks JW when he is going to take working there seriously and how much longer JW is going to play
JW replies: just cuz i play doesnt mean the department store will fail/lose business since the reliable Mr. Park is there.
grandpa says then give all your duties to Mr.Park
JW’s mom points out that after JW took control, they had a profit spike
the grandpa said no matter who took over it would have done well anyway
The grandpa says to Mr. Park: don’t trust JW and think ‘this is my business’ and you work harder.
Mr. Park tells the grandpa not to worry
[and ends up getting identical dirty looks from JW and his mom]
[the old guy’s name is Mr. Park- the one with the funny hair that wanted to take over JW’s office on the first ep]
Outside in the hallway:
jW yells at Mr Park for bringing up complaints or faults he found with JW during the meal and told park to bring it to his attention at work and not family settings
but Park says he wasnt talking as a worker but as brother to his older sister (the one married to JW’s grandpa)
he says he understands how JW doesnt like it that his grandpa married so suddenly and stuff. he gets that JW doesnt like park but park says JW doesnt have to dislike his older sister too since she is a good person unlike the woman JW is going around with referring to R
Park reports rumors about JW and what happened at the dept store with R
in the car :
the first thing Park does is gloat and tells his driver that he should have seen the look on JW’s face as park told him off. the driver then says he heard some of what park said and points this out:
During the chat with JW in the hallway, Mr.P refers to himself as JW’s maternal-granfather. but his driver(secretary?) corrects him that it should be “maternal-maternal-grandfather [word-for-word translation]“. (double suffixes, “wae-wae-jongjobu”. here “wae-” is used when referring to mother’s side. in this case, one for JW through mother to grandfather, and another for grandfather through grandma to Mr.Park.)
park: is it a big difference?
driver: yes
park: ah, it is…
He realizes that they’re not that close than he thinks.
*thank you white fox for clarifying this scene

oska goes and finds TS working on the docks at jejudo
TS is still rude toward oska using informal language
oska goes up to TS and holds up a newspaper article:
(there is written korean so cant translate but basically oska accuses TS of lying about not knowing who he is)

oska: Hey TS, you know me right?
TS: who is K yang?
oska: that’s right – the person you dont know is Kyang not me -oska
so why did you say you didnt know – why lie?
TS: you didnt really come all this way to see me?
oska: I did – to find you and half kill you -why did you hang up like that? so rudely?
TS: cant you see I’m working? I’m busy-get lost
oska: think about it realistically- who is busier? I’m a hallyu star
TS: hey you – hally star -isnt this next album important -[??] why are you here wasting your time?
oska: look at this guy- says he doesnt know me but knows recent news
tell me the truth – you’re a fan of mine huh?
TS: crazy (guy)
[manager gets a call from the older manager who thinks they are in taeguk]
osak : fine – how much – how much will it take for you to do it? [no clue what he said -something about a hundred something]
TS; not considering it but even if i did – i wouldnt with you. I told you – your music sucks
oska: what’s wrong with it? sound? melody? session? or when it is live?
TS: sound – you got from american music and made slight changes
melody is [???]
session? computerizing it-you call that session?
and live – that’s all fake – you recorded it with touch ups in a recording studio and pretended it is live -isnt it?
oska: bet is isnt
TS: yeah right – if you were going to come all the way here – you shouldve been more honest
oska: what is he? there is nothing he didnt know
(calling after TS) yah- did you by any chance join/research my anti cafe?
oska’s manger finally gets a hold of the younger one and yells at him for not taking his calls
he heard that a typhoon hit taeguk so he was worried how the filming was going and that is when he finds out about oska being in jejudo and the guy goes nuts and calls him crazy
he gets a call from director lee and lee quits
seul is meeting with director lee who was suppose to make oska’s music vid
he was the director she wanted to get rid of
she got him to call oska’s manager and quit by paying him off
she thanks him and he said he doesnt mind since he is not losing out
the paper he slid across the table was his bank account info and she said she would make the deposit today
she gets a call from oska’s manager
oska’a manager meets seul
he said it was hard to get director lee but he quit without explaining why
the manager confesses that oska ran off to jejudo and he just found out
he says something about how guys with money do whatever they want
she makes a comment that that is why he needs her cuz she understands people with money well
she gets the job and there is a lot to do but she said she can handle it
she has to start filming by next wk
she also said not to worry about her and oska
(just to get an idea of just how awful she is – read what she said)
“my family wants me to quietly prepare to be a wife and get married
but since i am pretty i dont need training
my university degree stands out
before I met my *rich husband and set up house
i wanted to take (movie) stars and play with them like dolls
but now i am not at an age where i can play with dolls
and i have to marry a rich husband
*she used “chaebol” but i changed it to rich cuz chaebol means people who are from the wealthiest families like JW

seul meets with JL to hire his team for oska’s music vid
JL asks who the main star is and she says it is Oska
[she speaks the worst sounding english in the world
-so grating-she is yelling at him in english like that would make it sound better
JL says something back in eng but it is better-more fluent
wt freak was that – why did she speak eng?
she spoke eng and I didnt understand – how funny is that
i feel sorry for the guy – bet she took a million takes and he had to endure that-what a nightmare that must have been – rather see oska dance again than listen to her]

R remembers holding up the dress he told her to try on-
on her way out she held it up to herself to see what she looks like
JW doesnt listen to a meeting
and thinks about what happened in the fitting room
ah yeong brings the cleaner
she said JW secretary dropped it off with a message
that this kind of cleaner was R’s level and AY says something about a robotic cleaner
R gets mad cuz ah yeong accepted it
and AY says of course she should accept it since it was a giveaway prize

R calls JW while he is in a meeting but is so distracted deep in thought that he doesnt hear his phone 
as soon as he sees the caller ID he smiles but doesnt say anything but just listens to her
R: hello hello? hello? cant you hear me? Hello?
JW: I hear you –talk
R: why didn’t you answer? what is this cleaner? take this away immediately
JW: who are you telling to come and go
If you don’t want it throw it away or return it in person
And he takes his battery out
JW said he saw the light come on in the house in a picture
but the secretary politely points out that the house in the painting is called black house so it’s not possible(pretty much either way-why would a painting light up?)
after everyone leaves, just like he said the lights in the house come on
JW doesnt answer R’s phone
so she decides to go see him but AY says he doesnt go to work on that day
R finds out where JW lives through the stunt school
the step who picked up refers to JW as “the guy who earns a lot of money” (that’s the nickname the guy gave JW)
he also asks if she got an invitation by JW to come over
R must have told him to hurry up cuz he answers “I’m looking for it now- you’re that much of in a rush “samhonim” meaning she is like married to JW almost so he is joking and calling her Mrs.
JL overhears her calling the office for JW’s address

[it just dawned on me – JW knows she is going to return it to him – he made sure of that – that is why he took the batteries out – he knew that would force her to come to him cuz when they show him sitting around reading – there is a lot of food and stuff prepared -too much for one person- he knew and he was waiting….i love this episode now all of a sudden
* ok maybe not cuz he looks kinda surprised to see her when she gets there
she takes her bike to his place
there are guards who think she is a delivery person
she has to leave her ID and personal info at the gate just to go in
[omg this reminds me of elizabeth going to darcys place for the first time
except she wasnt on a motorcycle]
wow this place is more massive than i originally thought – so many homes and buildings
R asks where JW lives – like which building but the servant says the whole place is his place
R looks around and is surprised and says “all of it”?
Pond scene
she drops off the cleaner in front of him
R: what is this?
JW said you asked for it
R: you should have given it then when i asked for it -why are you doing this now? for what reason/purpose did you send it?
JW completely ignoring her starts to pour a drink: want some tea? coffee?
R: why did you send it?
JW: to make you come to your senses
of course you didnt do anything wrong
I know you are upset too
i made the first move
to a woman who was taken back by flowers and candles, thought
“why are you a woman who doesnt look like you belong in this setting” and got mad at you
do you remember the first day we met? when i took you to the hospital out of charity? that was when we should have stopped
where my interest was only warm attention and care for a poor and *marginalized neighbor
to me, you are someone who is poor and a marginalized neighbor
not any more not any less than that
so take it and use it
R: word after word 
*you’re making me laugh
*because of you I am looking forward to the end of the year
She picks up the cleaner and almost hits him with the box
R: ok – you’re right about me being poor
but how can I be your neighbor?
do you know how far it is to my house from here?
i dont need it so you use it
R storms off
he throws it in the pond!!!
R: what did you just do?
JW: you said you didnt want it. I dont need it
if you changed your mind – go get it
and she goes in to get it
JW yells: what are you doing? get out!
she comes out with it
he goes after her
she tried to put the box back on the bike
JW: dont!
R: let go!
he tossed her keys in the water
R: what are you doing?
JW: what are you? what kind of girl is so strong willed?
if i threw the box in – ask me to go get it – apologize-at least give me the chance to go after it – how could you do it yourself-how could you go that far!!!
R: didnt you want me to end up like this-isnt that why you tossed it in?
JW: i didnt know you would go in for real!
R: is that why you threw in the keys to the bike?
go get it right now
you said to ask you to get it!
JW: *why couldn’t you just want me to apologize instead?
she tries to go in after her keys
and he stops her by saying : this woman – where do you think you are going in again? I can buy you something like that a 100 times so first go wash up
R: let go…
JW drags her by the hand again into the house
* instead of saying “you’re making me cry” cuz he is acting all generous, she is being sarcastic by saying “you’re making me laugh” 
** “because of you I am looking forward to the end of the year” (she said this cuz people make donations at the end of the year and she meant he is acting like he is donating something to her now)
**”marginalized neighbor” or “isolated neighbor” refers to the poorest of the poor
R did know that meaning and was being sarcastic referring to herself as a regular neighbor
[misunderstood my friend when she explained it cuz evidently this is a korean term]
** *thanks Anon! I was thinking it was “can’t I just apologize instead”? cuz what he yelled out was shorter but I trust Chinese subs so I put your version
(wow – this scene was intense city- how did i think this was a slow episode – did i like sleep through the broadcast?
i am losing track of how many times he has pulled her around by the wrist throughout this episode and the entire drama)

not going to do this scene word for word cuz i dread having to stare at his mom’s face over and over again so here is the gist of it:
JW asks his mom what brought her here and she replies she came to discuss the present seul’s family gave them
she asks who R is JW says he’ll explain later and his mom says is she someone who cant even say who she is on her own as if R has something to feel shameful about and therefore cant speak up and JW takes offense at that
his mom continues assuming they are really close since  he brought her hm and his mom asks R directly how many times she came here and R says this is the first
then the mom goes too far and says “is it over work that requires being paid?”
which really pushes JW’s anger button
the mom does not let up and says to JW that he is letting his mom down by bringing someone like R’s low level  into the house and tells him to not surprise her again and stick to his level
R says his mom doesnt have to worry about her cuz she says something about how a guy like JW and her cant play – how R is just a charity case to him (throwing his words back at this point)- whatever else R said ticked off the mom pretty good being told off like that
after R leaves the mom makes the comment about “how can you put a fish in front of a cat and trust him to watch it”
oskas manager says the problem is oska’s schedule overlaps and right now oska needs to worry about the upcoming album but they had to get a new group of assistants,location, new director for the shoot and the manager is asking JW to postpone for just ten days and the secretary explains how the event is set there are tv interviews lined up and the manager said he will beg
JW starts listing options and suggestions so the manager seems happy but JW says before he leaves that he is going to release this to the press and blame oska so that it will air on the 9 oclock news
JW takes action and calls oska and leaves a message : are you a child? when are you going to grow up – if you dont want to shut your doors call me back asap (meaning he’ll bankrupt oska)

JW goes in the water himself to get her keys back
oska goes back to talk to TS
TS: How did you know to find me here?
oska: Do yo know what I can put up with the most in this world
Someone who doesn’t know me? I can understand
Even when they know me and call me “oskar”- I can forgive
But someone who [???] and insult me, I cant put up with
TS: so what do you want to do about it
[oska and TS both say something and i dont know both lines]
oska: Last time when I sang into the phone – I know that was pretty bad – that day my condition wasn’t so good
TS: then do it over
oska: what?
TS: If your condition that day wasn’t good – do it over
oska: what is this guy saying?
I’m a hallyu star! I’m oska! so! I’ll do it with a low voice (LOL)
oska starts to sing and yman stops him
TS walks off again and oska says since he did this much he deserves to be heard and TS points out there isnt much else to hear
TS says he knows oska wants to help him grow as a singer but oska has no right to nurture a singer
oska tells yman to stay put while he goes after TS
yman takes the opportunity to say that he knows how to sing too
[like oska could help him out instead] but oska tells him to just sing while he is waiting 
TS performs at a place
oska listens to TS sing
a random woman comes up to oska and hits on him
TS watches all this while singing and doesnt seem like he approves

the action team prepares to go to jejudo
R walks in and sees there is going to be a car stunt and JL ignores her and continues with the meeting assigning who is going to do what
do not know any of their names but one of them is assigned to flip the car and the other something else
R asks what the story is and if there is a role for a girl
one of them tells R that it is oska’s music vid to be filmed in jejudo and she asks when it is but JL tells everyone to focus
they are leaving by 9am tm morning etc.
like a little kid, R asks what about me? what do I do? 
 but JL he tells her she has to skip this one
the step guy says “i have to wear a wig again? let’s just take R along”
and JL asks him “should I leave you out too” and they start asking where the wig is and keep talking about wigs till they leave
she asks why she cant do it and he doesnt think she can do the car scene she practiced earlier and that she doesnt have the experience
she brags she can do it and he tells her to go to hollywood then
he gets all protective and says “it’s too dangerous that’s why you can’t”!
[if i followed my heart i want you to give it all up] but  i want you to choose for yourself so I am being patient”

later on he calls AY and says he has a favor to ask of her – a difficult one-he wants her to lie to R
JL bought R a bag
ah yeong pretends she got a discount since she works there and since R needed one she got her one. AY says it’s not expensive and since R’s broke she should use it
AY asks about the cleaner and R tells her not to mention it to her
ah young gets a call from JW’s secretary about R
(this was the call that she won)
JW and K are having a meeting
oska calls JW for help
the first thing JW says is “chae woo (hyung )brother, do you want to die?
oska: ok – i know you want to kill me – so bail me out first. I’m at the police station. yesterday I met someone for business
-flashes back to oska meeting TS
oska says to him: you were right- you cant come and be under me (be someone he trains) .being jealous of a kid would make me lose face
keep singing but dont go to someone else -goodbye
oska narrates : that moment when I turned around, I was really cool
then oska sees the gansters
oska narrates: at first i thought they wanted my signature but you know I dont just give my signatures out to anyone
oska asks the men: “do you want my signature” and they laugh
oska continues to narrate to JW that he was going to leave but the guys would not get out of the way
oska says to the men: should I sign on your back?
the gangster says that they are known as some kind of fish that once it bites it doesnt let go and oska says “that fish was that kind of fish”? and chuckles nervously
the whole scene makes TS smirk
oska tells JW that those guys accused oska of doing something to one of their girfriends but he didnt do it. oska says -you know me if I sleep with someone I sleep with them but it’s not my style to [?]
[the rest was too hard to translate]
JW says oska has to do something for him or else JW wont help
As soon as he hangs up with oska , JW tells his secretary to get the lawyer to bail oska out

RI got chosen as the winner for the trip to jejudo island with Oska.
the secretary explains how he never met the first place lady, just spoke to her on the phone and then met her and found out about her condition.
the first place winner was the pregnant lady. she said she had no idea she would win first place and that she was oska’s fan for 8 yrs. she called oska “opp” (older brother) and the secretary looks at her and says “I dont think he could be an oppa to you” implying cuz she looks too old (LOL) She yells out that if the guy is good looking, tall, and rich, he is an “oppa” (more LOL)
So the secretary was told to get the 2nd place winner who was the old man when the secretary asked the old man if he knew who oska was the old man replied  “calcium medicine”
[- guess his hearing is off. in the old man’s defense – he heard the “k” part so it was kind of close)
so the secretary told JW that he gave the first and second place winners gift certificates and vouchers so he had to award the third place winner the trip to jejudo and JW asks “who” and the secretary says “that person – the one who said that if we send her – she would do whatever is comfortable” and JW balks “no – send the fourth place winner!” no – look thru oska’s anti cafe and send the worst one out of the bunch.”
The guy says she already left for jejudo
JW claimed she left earlier than she was suppose to but the secretary said since her stunt team is part of oska’s music vic team – she left now.
and JW asks in disbelief “so I gave Oska and R my money  and sent them on their trip?”
*thanks Emery 🙂
* so this is why she asks oska to let her sleep there with him in the long trailer- they are on the romantic trip –  i get it now
the stunt team and actors have to stay in the same hotel
R and oska meet accidentally
she tells him she won the romantic and he says he thinks it’s fate – that they were meant to end up like this and says he will buy lunch
oska is eating tofu cuz he just came out of jail he tells her 
(that is what u do in korea if you get out of jail)
he said he stole something
she asks what
he said he stole a woman’s heart
she says then he’ll go back in again later
JW and R and oska all meet
JW looks at them and says to oska “you’re ten mins late”

do not end here !!
crap it ended again
they need better endings
R: can i  call you oppa?
Oska: oppa is an easy guy.
JW to R:” I’m saying stay like that like a person who has nothing and disappear like bubbles” and gets slapped by R
JW to Oska: what do you want to get that you are getting so tight (getting so chummy with R is what i think he said-not sure of last word)
Oska to JW: I need Gil Ri Im (for real??? guessing)
Seul to oska: i wanted to get along with you again oppa since we are going to be one family soon-if we leave it like this wont we be uncomfortable? we werent in love with each other -that’s how I know it
in the woods JW in on his bike (wow he looks so good) looks for R and yells “where are you now? where are you! answer me you “wretched girl”!
*gee -jee-bae” means a mean, disrespectful, awful, horrible, etc girl.
it doesnt just mean “girl” – this word is used to describe a girl in a deragotory manner

59 comments on “Secret Garden E4: Live “Transcap”

  1. MJShinshi says:

    i was wondering too about the white linens and romantic-ish decor after the dark house lit up….he was prep’ing for her arrival. I think his surprised look when she did arrive is due to RI arriving on a bike!!! he would have never thought she’d ride up in a bike to his house. what did he expect she didn’t dress up at the bar meet 🙂
    wow dressing room scene…if it was an american show he’d have planted one on her right there! so many chances in this drama already but still nada! xD
    i totally thought of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy when RI rode up to his place and the music too reminded me of them, (depending on version you like).
    thanks again for your time, listening ear and fingers typing away so we can be tied over til subs are out 🙂


  2. WhiteFox says:

    when one last patal is left in yes-or-no play, he reached to “SHE IS”- the play’s final answer. he’s disappointed and leaves. BUT the magic energy fixes it(we know it’s wrong) into a she-is-not state, which is true cuz RI didn’t acutally.

    “mr park his wife and JW’s family”
    if you meant Mr. Park’s wife with it, she is not his wife but JW’s maternal grandpa’s new wife and Mr Park is her little brother. i.e. Mr.Park is JW’s “maternal-maternal-grandfather” (i don’t know there’s a word for it in english. i’m not native) the grandpa is blind with his wife and it makes his daughters (and JW) feel threatened.


  3. MJShinshi says:

    Was just wondering why the grandfather was feeding that eeew lady (from Gloria) if she was Mr. Park’s wife! makes sense now….so Mr. Park is JW’s step-grand-uncle who is eyeing the business….eeewww is all i can say, his character makes his face more annoying!


  4. ck1Oz says:

    Softy I came back for the detailed recap.Thank you so so much.You have no idea.Your recaps are the one that makes it bearable to wait for the subs to come out.Oh my it was so INTENSE.How can it be so good so early in the drama?
    I love this show.It is completely different from SS so I don’t feel disloyal 🙂


  5. olive says:

    thanks, rebel soul!
    what’s gee jee bae 😀


  6. olive says:

    nvm. i asked a korean friend and he said it means a girl hehehe


  7. chewii says:

    oh my gulaaaay softy!!! thank you so much for SG recap. This is the next thing im in after skks. Happy to subscribe 🙂


  8. Khin Nwe Aye says:

    Thanks for the recap which I read two times already as I know you’re going to add more later on. Btw, I don’t know what “gee jee bae” means as I speak no Korean nor Chinese and I can recognize only basic words like “sorry”, “thank you” and “I love you” in Korean. I’m quite distressed with the harsh way JW has been treating RI. And she seems too meek and mild in Ep. 3 where she should have landed a kick in the shin or two when she is being dragged around the shopping mall. I’m just curious: do Korean males usually drag their women around by the hand all the time in public, sometimes when they aren’t even in a close relationship? As a Burmese woman, I’ve been thinking these men would have been sued for “harming a woman’s modesty” in our country! I suppose this happens only in drama to add piquancy! If I were RI, I wouldn’t think serio usly of JW however charming or rich he may be; it will never compensate for having such a horrible ma-in-law. Phew! The ma-in-law doesn’t even look pretty despite her “high class” clothes and jewellery. No wonder JW has so many neuroses as he has a mother like hers. JW is so childlike with his tendency to speak out whatever comes into his head and so thoughtless about how RI will feel about his endless litany against her poverty and shabbiness which she can’t help it. RI must have a big heart to finally fall for him, I guess. I’d rather she fall for the third lead, the action director who seems to caring about her, simply worshipping her with his eyes at Oska’s concert. JW is, to my mind, simply obsessed with a type of woman he has never come across before and doesn’t know how to handle her and even really appreciate the finer points of her personality, whereas the action director and RI must have known each other for years. I suspect there must be some sort of incident which makes RI so reluctant to let him drive her home after the accident. I wonder what makes her so formal with the director? But anyway, I’m totally hooked by this drama and I wish I know Korean as I want to understand the give-and-take between the TOP. Thanks so very much for the recaps, as I keep on switching between the raw vid and the recap several times.


  9. Khin Nwe Aye says:

    By the way, I thought when you strip a flower by its petals, the person who does that chants: “She/he loves me”, “She/he loves me not”? So is it different in Korean?


  10. WhiteFox says:

    (to answer some questions)

    holy crap – can someone verify this? mr park is seul’s dad?
    if not her who else is trying to marry JW???? i am so confused…park said “our -girl’s name” but the girl’s name doesnt sound like seul
    -He said “Noo-nim”(older sister, formal form of “Noona”)

    cuz after the meal scene mr park says his daughter is way better than a stuntwoman cuz mr park heard all the rumors about what happened at the dept store between JW and R??????
    -Same above. speaking of Seul, i’m not certain yet about her motivation to marry JW.
    in ep3, when they meet in JW’s estate, she says to herself (after JW went in):
    “did i pick up someone too hard to get? Is there any other cousin?”

    *by the way, i was right. JW did say taegu or taeguk (dont know how to spell it) during that deck scene and the BB lotion comment.
    -Taeguk (Thailand, chinese conversion of “Thai”)

    in the car he learns something about some relative of JW’s two or three times removed and not sure what the point was
    – During the chat with JW in the hallway, Mr.P refers to himself as JW’s maternal-granfather. but his driver(secretary?) corrects him that it should be “maternal-maternal-grandfather [word-for-word translation]”. (double suffixes, “wae-wae-jongjobu”. here “wae-” is used when referring to mother’s side. in this case, one for JW through mother to grandfather, and another for grandfather through grandma to Mr.Park.)
    park: is it a big difference?
    driver: yes
    park: ah, it is…
    He realizes that they’re not that close than he thinks(hopes?).
    is he disappointed? did he feel humiliated?
    i’m not 100% sure. after all he’s not a smart person.
    3) did he ashamed of being ignorant?

    as for a photo in ep3, the facial expression looked like “what are you doing, pervert!”
    he is a fire fighter and i just imagined, is this man connected to JW’s phobia?


  11. miaomiao22 says:

    Hi, I’m not an active commentor, just want to tell you i appreciate your hard effort and personal time in translating this drama. Thanks a lot for the good job!


  12. WhiteFox says:

    oh i forgot to mention another speculation of mine about frowning face.
    perhaps her father was displeased with JW’s comment: “she must take after her mom.”
    because in other words, it means her father is ugly. lol


  13. chewii says:

    oh one more thing. It just made me laugh when Seul spoke english to JL (I think she did that to intimidate) and when he answered back (of course he’ll sound waaaay better) , she was stunned and seems not to understand what he just said, his facial expression was epic !!!! 😀


  14. pencil says:

    Thanks softy for the translation ^^
    btw does anybody think that R won the draw because JL purchased her bag & registered her name in the draw.


  15. REBEL SOULS says:

    you are sharp! that makes total sense

    if she really wanted to impress him she should have kept her mouth shut cuz omg that scene was so painful for me – i couldnt stop cringing for hrs

    white fox- that is true !!! JW did say that – forgot that

    you guys dont need to thank me – I am more than happy to help out since subs are taking soooooo long – when we did it for skks we finished within days and sometimes there were only 2 translators per episode so I have no idea why subs are so slow for this drama – prob cuz it’s so hard!!!
    I sort of wanted to do some scenes from E1 and E2 but realized no one needed them
    keep sharing your thoughts and impressions – i love reading them all 🙂


  16. ck1Oz says:

    Softy if you are wondering why the Director’s En is so good?The actor Phillip Lee was born in the US..with degrees from Boston U and George Washington U-MEngineering.

    I am not a real fan but some are..

    That S…eww…I don’t usually bother to dislike the 2nd lead but if she said what you translated;I am beginning to dislike her immensely.Her English accent is atrocious even a native Korean doesn’t sound like that.I wonder what the PD was trying to make her sound like :-p


  17. Anon says:

    you said to ask you to get it!
    JW: (i dont know what he screamed out -maybe how he doesnt feel like it ?)

    I donæt know if you saw it, but ofeliaslie @ soompi translated it from chinese subs:
    JW: Why couldn’t you just want me to apologize instead?!


  18. REBEL SOULS says:

    Thank you Anon
    I posted your suggestion. Have no idea how Chinese subs come out so fast -seriously -they are like amazing.
    My friend Lolipop used them to help me recap SKKS and they were awesome.


  19. Kelly says:

    I can see some of us are quite pissed at the way JW treats RI, up to now, well. I think we need to spare the guy some space, he is described as someone who doesn’t know love, and come on, look at his mom (I couldn’t look into her face for more than 3 secs), and such a family, he must feel really irritated at a total strange RI, and yet can’t get her out of his head. If I were him, well, I would do the same: trying to degrade the person to 1/ get them outta your head asap (some sort of mind control, “she’s not that cool you think, JW” 2/ get himself some space in front of a charismatic and cool RI. Haha, too much talking alrd. Thanks a ton, RS, for the recaps!!!


  20. lara says:

    thanks softy! so they havn’t swaped yet? thought it would be this episode too.


  21. toohearts says:

    It took me a little than I expect to be able to catch up with Ep 4 of SG. It draws me every single time, and what it makes me do is wanting for more of it… hahaha~~~ Thank you, Softy, for your recaps and how you highlight in bold the DAEBAK scene!! I really enjoyed reading them again and again~~ really cannot get enough of it! 😀

    The “magical” incidents are becoming for explicit and more common in the drama as we progress. There are so many questions that are in my head, and I guess I need to be more patient because eventually they all will be answered as the story continues.


  22. olive says:

    pencil is right! i thought director put her name in the lottery but then didnt know how 😀 hehehe that’s brilliant


  23. Emeldy says:

    @ pencil i never thought of that one. But for some reason i still believe that the lottery has something to do with that the whole magical fantasy element.

    @ Softy love you recap, and i burst out laughing at your comments.


  24. xyz says:

    why JW says things the way he does? May be the family gathering is a huge hint. There is no warmth nor love among them. Perhaps he’s brought up in such environment: competitive and cynical.


  25. Banhmat says:

    “JW said he saw the light come on in the house in a picture
    but the secretary politely points out that the house in the painting is called black house so it’s not possible(pretty much either way-why would a painting light up?)
    after everyone leaves, just like he said the lights in the house come on

    I think it points out that Raim is like the light that lits up JWs dark heart and life. As you can see, he saw the light after talking in the phone with her. ….


  26. sansukini says:

    Hi softy. I’m back again.

    I just finished watching ep 4 with subs from viikii today and I came here to reread your recap so I’ll understand the story better. I really miss the kind of subs soompi team provided back in SKKS. It was perfect.

    Btw, did Mr. Park said his daughter is better than R during his confrontation with JW? Viikii subs translated it as sister. And that scene in the lake, accdg to viikii subd, R said ‘how am I your neighbor’. So the missing word might be neighbor cos JW said something about a poor neighbor who needed his charity. Harsh! I think this drama’s bickering scenes of the OTP are some of the best scenes though JW acts like a haughty jerk.


  27. WhiteFox says:

    sis/daughter thing was updated before.
    check my post at soompi, pg50, if you want to fill in some missing parts from TSS@viikii sub.


  28. WhiteFox says:

    oh by the way it seems the script completed till ep7 and they’re shooting 7&8 as of now.


  29. Jennifer says:

    At first I wasn’t sure if I could get in to this drama, wasn’t to thrilled about the premise of body switching. But it has caught hold of me with the fantastic razer sharp dialogue. The main actor is very good, I think if for no other reason I would watch this for him. I am still dreading the switch, like you I really don’t want to see the girl version of this guy because he has such a masculine presence, despite his pretty looks and thinness. Every feminine bone in my body is reacting to this guy (fans hereself) Impressive. But I will continue to watch, for the actor, dialogue and sizzling chemistry.


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