Secret Garden’s Long Preview Translations

Consider this my dry run for tonight’s live recap.


After the last scene of E2, Joo Won and Ra Im ate together at a restaurant and this is the scene before she leaves:
Ra Im:
This is all I have (on me)
$20 dollars for the medical bill
$20 for the food – I know it’s way more expensive than this but since i didnt take a bite  let’s just settle it like this
So there is no more reason for us to meet
She gets up to leave
Joo Won:
This is too much! (meaning “you’re taking this too far”)
[cuz she is overreacting to his kind gesture earlier when he stood up for her at the set]What I wanted was for you to stop saying those [swear words] “I’m sorrys”
Ra Im:
What’s wrong with saying “I’m sorry”? I can say “I’m sorry” more than a hundred times. Being grateful for the opportunity to be able to say “I’m sorry”, I can say it all day.
That’s how I earn my living
But now thanks to you
I have to hear people say someone powerful is backing me
Instead of just having to say “I’m sorry” a hundred times,
How many more times do I have to say it (now cuz of you is what she means)
What I need is for someone like you to [not assist/support me]
This is the last warning – don’t show up in front of me again.
She walks off and leaves him there staring after her.
[the parts in bracket had more adjectives and descriptions but since I don’t know the exact wording – I just paraphrased to get the gist of it. Also one or two lines were guesses but I was pretty sure about them]
Joo Won’s voiceover:
For the first time in my life since I was born, I met a woman I can’t control.
Seul is saying this to Oska when they meet:
I wanted to get along with you again Oppa since we are going to be one family soon
if we leave it like this now – won’t we be uncomfortable?
Even though we didn’t have a clean break, it wasn’t like we were emotionally attached.
We weren’t in love with each other –that’s how I know it
Oska walks off in disbelief and he looks hurt by her words.
This scene starts from Joo Won’s voiceover and leads to them talking face to face:
JW: Let’s hug once.
R: After the hug, if you like it- what are you going to do then?
JW: I can help you live a different life than now
R: That’s great – then will I become Cinderella?
JW: No – the little mermaid.
Stay like that like a person who has nothing and then disappear like bubbles.
This is the logice of a guy like me
She slaps him.
Hardest lines to translate without the full conversation.
My guess is he means like the mermaid – he wants Ra Im to just leave without hurting him maybe?
These are the scenes after the body swapping cuz it seems like gag reels and NGs than the actual scenes: The parts I understood are when:
JW has to pee and asks R if she “drank too much water last night”
R is shaving JW and JW takes the razor from her and says “it’s ok, I do this once every two days too” and R asks “every two days…where?”
R says: where do you think we can go and tell people we have switched souls? if we say that, you think they are going to say “oh  you did? it’s flu season so register your name and wait over there.

Then later R asks Oska to let her sleep there in a cute “aego” way (which is probably JW talking since they switched bodies)

The other part is JW says to R “I’ll let you wash it”
R asks JW “so you’re saying we should do it together?” and he calls her a “pervert”
The last scene is the best when JW and R sit on the bench and talk about what happened to them. He says “let’s approach this medical(ly) “and asks if they should call a fortune teller who can separate them and she asks “are you crazy?”
Then it skips to JW asking “what about the kiss? If you watch fairy tales it always happens”
R asks “lightly?” or “hard[passionately]?”
And JW says “close your eyes”
And Ra Im suddenly pulls him close and lands one on him.
Man I hope they keep that scene in at least
that may have been the earliest kissing in recent kdrama history
(Thanks for leaving comments and helping me out you guys. It didn’t occur to me that they are switched during the kiss – this is so confusing – so it was JW who kissed R? I’m going to have such a headache when they switch bodies – also don’t know for sure if kiss is from E3 or E4. In the past, I learned from SKKS extended trailers that they tend to edit out a lot from previews and some scenes or lines do not end up on the actual episode 🙂 ]

7 comments on “Secret Garden’s Long Preview Translations

  1. toohearts says:

    Thank you for posting the long preview translation!! This drama is getting interesting by each episode!!! Weekends are here! 🙂

    As for “dongwha” – could it mean “fairy tale”? I am not 100% sure. It is just my guess.


  2. jean says:

    yup. donghwa is a fairy tale. 🙂


  3. ck1Oz says:

    Softy I missed you.
    Excuse me while my head is reeling from R and JW and I don’t know if I am reading R as in JW in her body or JW as in JW talking…aish :-p


  4. otchosais says:

    omo!!! kumawo!!! 🙂

    if the switching of bodies will happen in ep 3 as well as the kiss at the bench,

    I think this is SO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE!!! 🙂

    I’ll be crazy tonight! 🙂

    thanks again 🙂


  5. Jekei says:

    Great !! 🙂
    Really thanks a lot for the translation !!
    Good job!!! 🙂
    This drama is going to be so great, funny, cool !!!


  6. Anon says:

    Thank you! I’m so excited, two more hours to go. 😀


  7. rainyrain says:

    thanks for the long preview and the translation
    seems we’re gonna have loads of fun when the body swtch happens 🙂


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