Secret Garden E3: Live “Transcap”

All week long I was going off about how bad subs throw off a powerful scene and finally tonight I proved my point – this is how you capture the moment – read the rooftop scene cuz this was what everyone missed out on – this is how this character talks – with so much passion and subtle eloquence – a lot of his lines are like this. took like half an hour, but I did it justice. But you have to picture his face as he says all this with that resigned look on his face – like this is what has become of him. hope his sincerity is just as palpable as in the scene.
I just watched E2 and  for the store’s anniversary, they are holding an event and the prize is a 3night 4 day trip to Jejudo on a romantic getaway with Oska.
during the broadcast I had no idea her dad’s pic changed faces, but at
5:30 am I noticed it and let me tell you, I was starting to worry for my health cuz I thought I was seeing things.  🙂 That scene with the pic scared me silly. What was the point of that – other than to give me a heart attack?
Was it to show – even from a picture – her dad does not approve of JW?????
Updated 11/24 last line of rooftop scene and bag scene
wow – the quality and intensity of the writing for this drama is harder than SKKS and MSOAN combined.
Check out the pics in the header – there are new YAI, Hyun Bin, and JGS – some of those I personally requested 🙂

SG E3 Live Recap will begin at 10pm KST (absolutely certain)

It opens at the end of E2 and JW asks the director’s permission to invite everyone on the crew to eat if it won’t interrupt the shooting and the director said of course since JW is buying. R and the rest of the crew are eating at his dept store’s restaurant – except R wasnt eating but just sitting there hunched over in shock at what is going on. JW tells the group that he hopes they are enjoying their food cuz he told the kitchen to make it extra tasty and then he walks over to R and says he wants to “borrow” her for a while. he tells her to join him on the 9th floor where his office is cuz he wants her to eat with him and she tries to resist, but he leads her away by holding her hand. the star actress is jealous and says JW has weird taste in women.

There is an elaborate spread complete with enough food to feed over ten ppl and a fireplace and candles and so on.
JW says since he didnt know what she liked, he asked her lounge friend (roommate). she said quantity would be better so his staff prepared this much

JW tries to pull her chair out so she can sit comfortably but she says kinda rudely “that’s ok – pull it our for other women” and sits by herself.
JW: at your age, no one ever pulled out your chair?
R doesnt answer but exhales in frustration

she says “if you’re not going to pray – can I put these out?” and takes a spoon and puts out all the candles
JW looks surprised and says : it’s usual to have candles lit during meals
she retorts to her 3 bottles of beer and fruit as side dish is usual
She finally asks :why didnt you tell me?

JW answers as he relights the candles: What?  oh that I was CEO? I told you before that you shouldnt have yelled at me so freely.
be honest – you were surprised cuz you thought I was a bum (jobless) but I ended up being more than you expected.
All of a sudden I look different now huh?
I look better looking
I look taller
(sarcastically says what she should feel now) “ah – that tracksuit then was an expensive one. I feel so bad now.”
She nods in agreement and it throws him off
JW: what is that? if you agree so readily, from a guy’s perspective in this situation it’s embarrassing.
R: I thought you said I was pretty when I was mad. I’m trying not to from now on. So dont do things like this again. dont come to the action school too. it’s not a place for a guy like you who is bored and wants to drop by.
she gets up and leaves

R walks over to where the crew ate and everyone has left. She randomly sits down in front of an empty spot with some leftover stew and asks the server to just bring her a bowl of rice since she is a member of the same crew and declines moving over to a new table.
JW walks in and orders the server not to give it to R and R says to the server “it’s ok just give it to me” and he tells the server not to mind what is going on here and go about her work
R grabs a bowl of rice that was leftover and picks up some chopsticks in front of her like she is going to start eating and he grabs her chopsticks and tosses it aside.
JW: what are you doing? I dont understand your reaction (or is it behavior?) right now. help me understand
R: to me – this is a comfortable setting
JW: what was so uncomfortable back there? candles? wine? pulling out your chair?
R: all three

(she puts $40 on the table)
This is all I have (on me)
$20 dollars for the medical bill
$20 for the food – I know it’s way more expensive than this but since I didnt eat one bite let’s (call it even)
So there is no more reason for us to (*meet)?
She gets up to leave
* I guessed this word cuz i still have no idea what word she used.
Joo Won:
This is too much! (meaning “you’re taking this too far”)
What I wanted was for you to stop saying those [swear words] “I’m sorrys”

[flash back to earlier shooting scene when she kept apologizing to the director on the set and the director goes all psycho on her throwing down the script and stuff and JW and his secretary witnessed all of this standing on the floor above them]

Ra Im: What’s wrong with saying “I’m sorry”? I can say “I’m sorry” more than a hundred times. Being grateful for the opportunity to be able to say “I’m sorry”, I can say it all day.
That’s how I earn my living
But now thanks to you
I have to hear people say someone powerful is backing me
Instead of just having to say “I’m sorry” a hundred times,
How many more times do I have to say it (now cuz of you is what she means)
Is the world like a fairy tale?
Do you think in the real world there are wine, candles, and flowers?
What I need is for *someone like you to [not assist/support me]
This is the last warning – don’t show up in front of me again.
She leaves and he looks down at the money she left behind

omg i forgot what “saesang” means – is it world or life? cuz it seems to work both ways here
* I shortened it to someone like you cuz she used all these descriptions of him i dont know

the director is super sweet to R now and the actress is furious that R didnt tell her the truth about knowing JW and R talks back and says to stop talking down to her since they are not friends and then the actress acts all sweet all of a sudden and asks what expensive food they ate

a step (assistant) tells JL (action school director) all about R and JW and what happened
the step asks R if she is going to quit being a stuntwoman now since she has someone like JW and she gets upset at that and says she and JW are not like that
as she walks away, her bag strap breaks and her bag falls to the floor
the step says to get a new one already or to get JW to give her one from his dept store
JL notices all this

as JL is rock climbing, he keeps thinking about what he saw between R and JW and ends up letting go and hanging by his safety line just swinging till the sun comes up – jealousy moment there
he was there and saw that scene with JW pulling down her pink hoodie to check her arm at the action school

oska has a photoshoot with some models and his hair is permed
in a crazy way-like with a crimping iron- after the shoot he hears some news about seul and it upsets him
then he gets a call about his ad pic (that JW set up) and it upsets him
[JW put posters up about the event and oska didnt know about it and doest want to do it]
* oska has to go on a romantic trip with the winner of the grand prize for an event the dept store is holding

alone in his house, JW stares intently at the $40 R gave him
Oska comes barging in and yells about the ad pic – how the ad features him and oska is the main attraction but he didnt know about it and JW says oska needs to change managers cuz that ad ran from 3 days ago
oska yells he wont do it but JW replies very calmly and confidently he will end up doing it
( i love how JW shoos him away with his foot LOL)
oska comes in and the manager yells at him for messing up their schedule and they discuss what he is going to do about the ad
oska is surprised to learn that there are still directors out there willing to work with him since oska is so difficult
-man they are talking fast
he tells his younger manager assistant to find that singer he liked on the first episode cuz during that interview with that reporter he was flirting with, he made up a lie that he was training an up and coming young star (like all the other celebrities do) and it became a big deal on the internet and news so now he has to find a new talent and thinks of TS.
he gets a call from his dinner date and he describes what he is going to do with her that night

oska is on his date with that girl he spoke to having wine in their robes – this time JW comes barging in and interrupts
JW tells oska that R lives in one of those national geographic homes
and Oska says JW says that name so much it is stuck on his lips
JW also asks: let’s say something happened and you got slapped by a woman, was there a time when that happened and you felt good about it?
oska: what?
JW: where you thought “even if I got slapped some more, I can put up it”- and a little part of you looks forward to it- something like that
oska: this is why guys who are experienced do too much – dont you like being tied up too? do you use handcuffs too?
JW getting upset and defensive: no – not stuff  like that. never mind. sorry for interrupting your mood/ambience
as JW walks away he gets in the last word by saying:
that gown looks like the one ParK Chae rin wore too.
the girl gets upset and oska tries to cover by saying “that guy is confused – chae rin wore my gown” and sticks his fingers in his mouth (LOL)
JW thinks about her as he walks on his deck

JL goes to see JW
JW gets a call that he has a visitor
JL and JW stare off
JL: the suit looks way better on you than the tracksuit
JW: but it’s not like the tracksuit doesnt suit me
what brought you here today?
JL: you dont seem happy to see me
JW: are we that close that we get happy to see each other?
JL even though- i didnt think we were [???]
when you showed up at my action school without a resume, i did that too
JW: are you returning the favor (are you getting me back)?
JL: would i do that? i guess here you make visitors stand
JW: arent you leaving right away?
JL: i just need a minute. let’s sit
JW: drinks? [makes excuse about it]
JL: sounds like you want me to get to the point so I will just say what I came to say
JL :i heard you bought lunch for our kids. I thought I should say thank you 
JW: did I just buy your kids food only? I dont need any thanks…
JL: I’m grateful but in the future, I hope you wont do that agin
JW: for buying lunch once – how many times do i have to hear insults?
Do stunt people usually react this way if there are treated nicely? or did you teach them that?
JL: are you going to keep coming back to the action school?
JW: i dont have a reason not to
JL: our kids are kind of rough
JW: I’m not that soft too – i have my [?????did not understand the rest]
JL: you misunderstood.
i dont know if you know but Gil Ra Im is someone with talent. she is on her path to becoming successful so stay out of her way
JW: I will – but i’m thinking of helping- as long as you dont get in the way
as the JL walks out he looks at some handbags ( is he gonna buy her one cuz hers is falling apart)
seul shows up at oska’s and his manger gets mad at her for showing up and she says she is hear to see JW not oska and she says she decides who she sees and not him
seul calls a friend and bribes the girl with one of her handbag and wants some info on oska’s next movie and who the director is
seul is staring at JW’s house as he pulls up, she asks “arent you surprised (to see me here)” and he pretends to be surprised – like a fake one and she says he has a cute side and he agrees
she said she came here for work but heard he lives around here so she wanted to say hello
she asks if he is busy and he says he is always free and she says so is she and he just tells her to have fun then and leaves her
JW keeps staring at the money R gave him and walks all around it and keeps frowning
and he calls the female doc and wants R’s receipt from her medical visit and wants the doc to send it to him but she is busy so she tells him to come get it and as she hangs up the doc says he is dating now
r remembers what JW said about how he is her fan and R happens to be sitting next to a poster of one of the actresses he likes and she poses like the poster but does a bad job she thinks and apologizes to the poster

Locker scene
JW shows up at the action school in a gold tracksuit this time
(oh no – how many colors do these things come in?)
Ra Im is yelling out stuff she is going to stay to the guys she is training but suddenly she turns around and sees JW come up to her and she is really surprised.
JW walks up and says :Acting cute … why are you surprised? did you see a ghost?
R: did what I say not matter at all? I told you not to appear in front of me again.
JW: Why are you overreacting?
I didnt come here to see you. I came to get money.
You heard people with money overdo it to get more right.
(holds up the receipt)
Your medical bill came out to $45
Since you didnt take a bite of the food, I wont take the money for it.
I’m exact about stuff like that. My personality is sharp. So give me $5 more.
(she only has $3 in her wallet)
R: the $2 I will get it later and …
JW: later when?
R: when I go home
JW: I’m not someone who has nothing to do. Give it to me now. now. did i ask for $20,000 or $2,000? hurry up and give me $2.
She tries to slam her locker door shut but there is too much stuff in there.
Then she tells him to [take what is worth that much from her locker I think??? not sure what she said here] and storms off after shoving the $3 into his hand.
he yells after her : where did you..slamming door.. . where are you running off too?

he inches closer to the locker and says : left without closing the door properly
he sees a picture of her with her father I think and while looking at it says “she takes after her mom” and takes a pic of it with his cell phone

then he takes another one of a polaroid of just her alone and smiles sweetly to himself
he also finds a magazine photo of oska standing with a model and she is cuddled up to him and her one leg is like hugging his body and he is holding that leg and R had pasted her face over the model’s.
JW immediately crumples it up in anger.
then he notices how messy her locker is
Daebak scene
Ra Im is busy training the stunt guys and orders them to pair up to do sit ups.
She looks over at JW and asks what he is doing.
JW: what does it look like? cant you see I am preparing to do sit ups?
One of the guys goes over to hold JW’s legs but he tells the guy to go away and kicks his legs in the air at the poor guy. (LOL)
She asks everyone if they are ready and they yell yes and start counting off
JW: How can you just start without me? i don’t have a partner.
why are you leaving me out (or ignoring) me?
someone has to hold my legs
(maybe he said here “treat me fairly” or ” treat me as one of them”)
if you dont want to see me like this then hurry up and give me $2.

R reluctantly goes over and holds his legs
JW barely goes up to his chest and just goes back down a few times
R: are you not going to do it right?
JW: if I do it right, you’ll regret it
Then he does it right really quickly and they are eye to eye.
Cue music.

all the other guys cant focus doing theirs cuz they are too busy looking over at R and JW – LOL)
[Each time he comes up he looks directly into her eyes like he is going to kiss her -he keeps doing it every time he comes up and in the last one he lingers and their foreheads almost touch
she kept trying to look away but most times she looked into his eyes too]
then he asks: Gil Ra Im – shee, from what age have you been so pretty? from last year?  (she gets up) why are you getting up? I was kidding around.
(she gives him a swift kick to the shin again)
R: why ? does it hurt? I was kidding too.
Ten minute break.
and storms off
you better stop
JW calls after her:  Stop! this time I’m not letting you off  (meaning: letting this slide)
there is a pic of this scene -it’s the pic on the second third post i think
omg this scene is freaking amazing – I tried to count how many times he looked into her but lost track after 18…poor binnie probably had to do tons of sit ups to shoot this but it was worth it

I was wrong – THIS was the daebak scene for tonight. Going to refer to this as the rooftop scene.
JW limps over to her and says:
I’m really angry right now
R: do i look happy?  *my lid has really opened properly.
JW: again again..what are you an open car? a rice cooker? why do you keep using words like that that are so crude
R: I said that in the most polite way since you are an impressive CEO – i can say worse – you dont like that right?
so why are you hanging around?
why do you keep showing up?
What is your reason for doing this?
do you by any chance like me?
do you like me?
JW: do I look that crazy to you?
no – do i look stupid?
have you seen someone like me like someone like you?
rationally -do you think that makes sense?
since you seem to be misunderstanding, I’ll tell you.
Women who want to marry me are standing in line and these girls have status, wealth, and looks and if I stacked all their pictures, it would be high as a building.
But you – wealth, status, talent, age you dont have one thing that is okay.
If I got something wrong hold up your hand.
See? you don’t have any.
R: then why are you following me around?
JW: why are you asking me that?
R: then who do I ask?
JW: ask yourself.
I keep thinking about you so what can I do.
Even if I dont see you, it’s the same as being next to you.
So what should I do?
[JW starts his chant Kim soo ran….) I say this all night.
why else would I do this?
What have you done to me?
why did it have to be me?
R: what?
JW: you hang up just cuz feel like it.
if I come her to see you, you get mad.
If I say I will give you food, you get even more mad, even worse you hit.
You are a totally strange girl.
But that is the problem right there.
You are so strange – that’s why I find you dizzying and fascinating.
(music cue)
JW continues: that is why – right now – I am a crazy guy.
That’s why I’m not going to come here again.
I’m going now.
Return my money $2  personally – I will text you the address later. Going now.
* she used a korean phrase that means “mad beyond belief”  what I put there is literally word for word what she said. Koreans use it to mean they are really pissed.
no joke, but i deserve an award for getting this scene right. I listened to his speech like fifty times cuz the man speaks like the speed of light but I will forgive him cuz he is binnie.
oska is practicing some dance moves and his manager comes in and oska asks about TS: going to shorten manager to “M”
oska: It’s so tiring I can’t dance anymore.
So what happened? Did you find him?
Manager: You mean han tae sung?
oska:His name is han tae sung?
He was at the cheongdam dong club – did you meet him?
M: I did meet him yesterday
Oska: Did he say lets make a contract right away? Was he really excited?
M: That wasn’t it. To start I gave him your card. This is where oska’s office is. Oska wants to meet you. Then most people say “oh really? But that guy – he said “who is oska?”
oska: What? He didn’t know who I was? Is he from north korea?
M: He spoke with a Seoul dialect
Back dancers break out in laughter
oska: Waaahh- this crazy guy. (oska snatches the phone and asks for his number)
M: He asked not to be bothered-that he has no interest at all in becoming a celebrity stuff
oska: celebrity stuff? That is what I am about? (he calls TS)
Are you han tae sung? What do you mean who am I- I’m oska
TS: (Speaking informally) So what if you are oska – didn’t you hear from your manager? I don’t know you or your music. If you want to meet me – send me your music first. That’s the right order (like there are steps and this is the first one).
he hangs up.
oska: Hello hello? (calls back)
oska: Ya- looks like you are trying to play hard to get
TS: Cant you understand Korean? Did I ask you to send money? Send your music – you idiot. If you have no confident then get lost. (hangs up)
Oska calling back: hello? It’s been a long time since I met a character who can go up against me.
Into the phone: ya- start listening from right now really carefully. I’m going to show you who I am for certain
As soon as oska starts to sing, the manager puts his head down in shame (LOL)
Ts asks the worker next to him: do you know who oska is?
She says : the singer Oska?
He puts the phone up to her ear and she is really happy
TS is selling his keyboard and the store owner gives him some cash
owner says to TS: Since you bought it when it was expensive, I’ll sell it for a high price. I think the owner asked TS if he wasn’t going to make (music???not sure of the word he used) but TS answers “I don’t want to”
oska after finishing his song: Did you hear? Be honest – you were really surprised right?
And the girl says yes and wants an encore
The manager snatches the phone away from oska and says “do you have to do this – so embarrassing”
Oska” you’re right- I shouldn’t do this-go pull the car up right now-I’m going to kill him- why aren’t you going?!!!
this scene was hilarious for both reasons – the dance and phone call
 [there are moments when I miss certain scene details cuz i am too busy recapping and this happens to be one where I looked away from having to watch oska dance out of self preservation – to shield my eyes from this debacle – wow let’s hope this is the last time we have to watch him attempt to dance like a twenty year old – it was just too painful]
As AY leaves for the date, R calls after her “drink moderately -don’t think about coming back on someone’s back” (meaning she might be so drunk she needs to be piggybacked)
R gets a text from JW
R’s roommate goes on a blind date but JW’s secretary is sitting there instead acting all stiff and formal 
AY explains who set her up and he said he was the person that guy was talking about and says let’s order
He mimics how JW acts at work asking for the best and he pretends to show interest by saying he has been eyeing her for the past 5 yrs and she accuses him of stalking her and gets upset and leaves first.
the whole thing was a set up  and it is like a surprise anniversary party (for working there five years) and she is so happy and thanks the secretary cuz he was pretending so she would be surprised when she walks about to see a bunch of guys holding up happy 5 yr anniversary signs. his voice and tone changes to super sweet when he gives her the cake
-in ep 2 he also went out of his way to not get here fired over that business with seul and R at the lounge. when JW wanted to fire her without hesitating, the secretary tried to explain to JW that AY had been working for them for 5 yrs and to take that into consideration but JW wouldnt reconsider
bag scene
R gets a text to meet JW at the same bar from first episode where he meets with oska
she goes to meet him dressed in casual clothes and gets stared at with disapproval from all the other girls in the room. as she gets closer the other girls start to scream and say how good looking JW is sitting there waiting and they gush over him from afar
R sits down in his booth and says: Isnt this place too fancy to meet just to give $2
JW looks at her and asks: by any chance – did you injure your neck?
{he said that cuz he wanted her to take the bandanna off her neck and she gets the hint and takes it off and says she will be back after she goes to the bathroom and leaves her bag behind lying on the table}
he smiles watching her walk off at first but then his eyes fall on her bag and his smile disappears and is replaced with a more tragic look cuz he notices three safety pins holding her bag together cuz her strap had broken off.
then he recalls her messy locker, her cracked rundown building where she lives,  her taped up window where it is cracked, and the camera zooms in on those safety pins
she comes back to the table and says: I dont know what kind of alcohol you like but I can buy you one or two mugs of beer at least.
(he finally stops looking at her bag and looks up at her face with distaste)
she continues: since there were some things I felt sorry about.
he just stares at her so she asks: Do you not like beer?
JW:  I think for the first time since I was born I met a woman I cant control.
whether her household can help my business
or has good genes to pass on to my child
to a woman like that -why do  I need to wonder “how much is a bag like this” it is the first time I was curious about such a thing
R: what are you talking about?
(she figures it out and snatches her bag towards her and away from his eyes)
JW: if you had cared about me / had any feelings towards me even a little, before you left you should have looked over your appearance at least once.
I’m not someone who would make you come all this way just to get $2 from you
aren’t there clothes I haven’t seen yet?
you dont have a (decent) bag?
you didnt have the time?
you didnt have the chance?
or do you not even have the money to buy one bag?
answer me
there is no way -cuz of a woman who cant even afford to buy a bag – that I used $2 as an excuse and felt excited to see her
She starts to cry a little and squeezes her bag and says: you misunderstood something. the reason why I came here was just this
(and slams $2 on the table and leaves)
(omg the first part of his sad speech was the hardest thing to translate so far tonight. the whole time JW stared at that bag, it was like reality is staring him in the face but his heart is feeling the opposite and doesnt want him to go there but he does. he ends up hurting her with his words)
Oska pulls up with his young manager. oska instructs his manager to go in and get JS to come out here so oska can have some words with him cuz oska is mad that he had to come all this way to meet JS.
as R is walking out, she runs into oska and he says he was hoping to meet her at least once and asks what she is doing here and JW comes out. JW is visibly still upset as he looks on at her and oska and witnesses what happens next. Oska sees JW and guesses she came to meet JW.  R tries to leave, but oska stops her by pulling on her bag strap and it snaps off. oska jokes that his six pack muscles must have broken it. with her eyes on JW, R replies to oska that it wasnt oska’s fault and hides the safety pins but oska notices it and says she has sense (she is practical) and he tells her to give him the bag cuz he is good at fixing stuff like that and she says it’s ok and JW doesnt want to listen anymore and gets into his car and drives off. oska asks why JW is acting like that and guesses they might have fought.
the manager comes running out saying JS left that place today and that no one knows where JS went cuz that is the kind of kid he is and JS wont even answer his cell phone. Oska orders the guy to find JS and bring JS to him so oska can kill him.
the whole time R is staring off in the direction JW drove off in and she looks sad . Oska asks her to take a walk with him
As they walk Oska says JW is like that and to forget about him and asks what their relationship is
she finds out that JW and R are cousins
he says JW always talks about her and she is surprised
JW’s younger sister comes out and whispers to R to be careful about oska cuz he is a playboy when he jokes that he and R are on a date
he introduces JW’s sister to R
Oska says the girl is sweet unlike her brother
JW’s sister says to be nice to her brother cuz JW has been going on blind dates and he got rejected by a girl and oska learns the most recent one is  seul and oska is really upset and leaves
* the verb dumped in Korean is kind of hard to distinguish so sorry about that
he flashes back to when he was dating Seul and all his fans are holding up signs they like him but seul is holding up some handwritten sign and no idea what it says and she doesnt look happy and storms off as he is mobbed by fans and cant get to her
R looks at her tattered bag and ties the bandanna around the safety pins so it’s not visible
JW is walking with a beer in his hand drinking and so was oska. after they sit by the pond,  they  speak at the same time :
“I have something to ask – I said it first”
{then they start to over lap their talk}
oska asks “heard you went on a blind date
while JW asks if oska took R home safely
JW answers oska first and says “I always go on blind dates so what”
then he continues to ask “did you send her alone? did you take her home?
oska: how was the most recent blind date?
JW: did she say anything about me?
oska: your sister said you got rejected – is that right?
JW: anything at all – even a little
oska: did you really get rejected?
JW: did she carry that tattered bag (hm)? a plastic bag is better.
oska interrupts and says: are you going to marry the stuntwoman? you’re not so if you are going to play with her for a little while then dont ask, dont be picky and just play. You’re a guy who is going to go on a blind date and get married so what does all of that matter?
So how was the woman you went on a blind date recently?
JW: you said you heard already from (his sister’s name) – she rejected me – satisfied? say something about R (as in tell me what she said about me).
the rest of the conversation is where Oska assumes R has pics of JW (like the ones the actress had on Oska) and R is manipulating JW with them but JW yells out that he is the one who took pictures.
JW walks off and tells oska to pack his lotions cuz oska has to go to on the trip
oska tells his steps to turn their phones off
JW stares at the photo he took of her at his home
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he is reading anthologies with titles that make up a poem describing how he is feeling.
On an innocent bright sunny day
Someone is walking in my heart
(When) at times I depended on fate (chance)
My melancholic, precious one (angel)
You flew into the wrong heart
*this whole scene was translated by Michael on Thundie’s Prattle
R gets a call that she won a vaccum cleaner and her roommate says she thinks JW made it happen or else why would R win a random drawing she didnt enter
R borrows her roommates new handbag
JW sits outside R’s home in his car and remembers their last meeting
he is wearing the gold tracksuit again and he goes towards her house!!!!!
and he is having a hard time to get to her front door cuz it is so narrow
and dirty
he even wraps a handkerchief around his hand to knock
but he doesnt
he sees R at his dept store cuz she is there to get her cleaner i’m guessing they dont talk just stand across from each other and stare
and it ends
what the crap is that kind of ending?
they are talking so fast it sounds like chinese to me right now
last scene in preview she walks into his pond and JW screams at her to come out

42 comments on “Secret Garden E3: Live “Transcap”

  1. Cloe says:

    Thank you sooo much!
    I love your recap….but there is this one part i still don’t get. Why did they both fought at the club scene. Just because she was not wearing decent clothing and didn’t have a decent bag? Is he confessing that he likes her or is he criticizing her? Can someone plz explain to me? I’d reallly like to understand what is happening.


  2. ck1Oz says:

    Softy I came back thanks for the detailed conversations recap.That rooftop scene…it’s like arrows through my heart.And I’m not even RI!
    So thank you once again.We do appreciate it a lot 🙂


  3. kstwylah says:

    thank you for the live recaps. you’re doing a great job!


  4. jeezvive says:

    hi… Oska is going to Jeju-do. I think that was the ad that Oska did not know about. It was discussed in Ep2 about the promotions for the Department Store of JW. Part of the preview for Ep4 is that they are already in Jeju. It seems Ra Im is the winner and could be part of the vacuum cleaner prize (just a guess though based on translations I read of the previews)

    Thanks so much. You did wonderful job! I am amazed that you can understand spoken Korean, but cannot read or write Korean? heehee


  5. sarangwo says:

    Did you notice the photo from the locker scene…that RaIm dad’s smile changed after JW
    he notices how messy her locker is?


  6. toohearts says:

    I love reading your recap of this episode!! There are some great moments and interaction between our main characters!! I feel that RI is starting to “fall” for JW. Cannot wait for Ep 4!! Thank you so much, Softy!! And also for sharing YAI’s news!! 😀


  7. sansukini says:

    Wow! This brings back SKKS memories. So is there a live recap tonight?
    I see some familiar names. thanx softy. I haven’t watched the first ep yet cos it’s so hard to find, but i’m downloading everything now so i’d be able to keep up next week. This drama looks great and i’m not watching anything right now. this is the first kdrama that caught my attention after SKKS. Softy AJA!


  8. darcy5 says:

    You are working very hard. Thank you!


  9. valmylove says:

    I heart heart the sit up scene!!! I’ve never seen doing a sit up scene this sexy!!! *fans self**


  10. nhyn says:

    the added convos are GREAT! thanks so much softy 😀 i doubt if men in real life talk in questions like JW & JL did lols but its still so fun to read/watch! ah, if this was a novel i’d be all over it by now 😀


  11. Tari says:

    thank you for the details on the rooftop and the bag scene. much appreciated 🙂 you’re too awesome.


  12. bea says:

    i’m watching SG again and from episode1 ha ji won’s acting is so great and i think she’s the only can do that scene very good maybe that’s why the director of this kdrama knew that she’s the only one fits this role. I love her.


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