SG’s recap promises, excuses, and list of names

If you’ve been reading MSOAN’s recaps you know I take this seriously.
I try very hard to capture the moment of each special scene between the characters. When I saw Secret Garden, I was floored by the intensity of some of Joo Won’s lines and how he delivered them. Even his wit and sarcasm is so fluid and intoxicating. If that doesn’t get to you, then you have to hear the blunt sincerity and honesty in his tone. It reaches right into you and you have no other choice but to resign to the fact that this is a great lead character we have not seen in years. This character may seem brusque, but he has plenty of other redeeming qualities.
While I was out all day, instead of music, I listened to both episodes of Secret Garden and rehearsed translating in my head. I was surprised to discover for the most part, I can understand what was said between the two lead characters. At least enough to translate some full dialogue here and there. You’ll see what I mean on E3. Looking forward to the broadcast made me realize this is helping my SKKS withdrawal somewhat.
For those following this live, since it is a weekend drama, there is a chance you will be staring at an empty page once in a while. Did you guys know Secret Garden is set for 20 episodes? Well I didn’t until yesterday and I am kinda hoping it is not set in stone. There is just no way I can make it home EVERY Saturday and Sunday evening by ten KST. Even if I happen to miss a few broadcasts in the future, I will post the recaps as soon as I get home so it will only be a matter of one or two hours difference hopefully.
I even thought about maybe popping into a café with internet and watching it on my cell phone and typing the recap on my iPad, but realized that would incur the wrath of my friends who would be sitting there tapping their feet impatiently while reconsidering our friendship.
***I will try to give you some heads up whenever possible if I know for sure I won’t be able to make it in time to recap live. On the days I can’t, I will drop the “Live” in the title when I post.
At first, I got upset about some bad subs and made up my mind that people needed to read for themselves just how great this dialogue is and enjoy this drama the way it was intended. Then I impulsively volunteered to recap, not realizing at the time that MSOAN follows right after SG. This is a perfect example of biting off more than I can chew. You would think I would worry about how I could recap two dramas at the same time, but that is not where my focus is right now. My biggest concern is keeping the names straight. I had six names to learn for MSOAN and now I have to add more than seven for SC. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m totally incapable of getting Korean names right. They all sound the same to me. I’m still working on the abbreviations for this show.
Right now I’m leaning towards using:
JW (Joo Won)
R ( Ra Im)
AY (Ah Yeong) her roommate and friend
S (Seul) crazy CF director (the evil character)
JL (Jong Lim) The action school director who like Ra Im
TS (Tae Song) young musician Oska likes
O (Oscar or Oska)
I have no idea what I am going to call the rest of the characters – I’ll just wing it.
Now that I’ve seen both episodes, I see why so many visitors and my other two fellow bloggers wanted me to recap Secret Garden. As I said, there is no way I can promise to recap the way I do for MSOAN because some of those business scenes, the song Joo Won’s chants, and pretty much half of what Oska says went right over my head. The way they speak in Secret Garden is just too hard for me to translate word for word. What I will try to do is write a recap that looks closer to what I do during the live broadcast, but neater and clearer. So don’t expect lots of full scene translations like on MSOAN. There is no comparison; one is far easier to translate than the other.
I plan to continue doing Live Recaps for MSOAN as planned so no changes there. However, expect to see more typos than usual for both show recaps. I’m a fast learner so I might get the hang of doing both shows, but who knows.
So yeah, whether I keel over from exhaustion by Wednesday and need both Thursday and Friday to recover, right now it doesn’t matter and I don’t care. As long as Joo Won keeps talking like that, I want to give this a shot.
[sorry to those who thought this was the live recap page and left comments, but I had to rename this post to have the live recap show up first. New to “blogging” so I didn’t know how to switch out the order of posts. Blame the last minute trailer translation for messing up the order. Won’t happen again I promise. 🙂  }

7 comments on “SG’s recap promises, excuses, and list of names

  1. Anon says:

    You don’t have to rush it, just do it in your own pace, I’m just glad you’re doing recaps. Thanks in advance!


  2. clarifoam says:

    thankyou so much!
    You are so amazing!!
    Please take your time and don’t feel rushed.
    I love all your live recaps ❤


  3. roxyelias says:

    this drama is really great
    waiting for ep 3 and 4


  4. toohearts says:

    Thank you for doing all live recaps for SG and for MSOAN!! Take your time to post and whenever you are free! I appreciate so very much!! 🙂

    I am camping out here tonight! 😛 Hugs!


  5. ck1Oz says:

    You have to have a life day.How are you going to have your KD hero if you don’t go on a weekend.The subs takes hours to come out so even a recap 2hrs later is better than waiting like 18hrs for subs 🙂

    Make sure you get enough rest.We appreciate all you are doing already.


  6. apdy says:

    This is awesome. Looking forward to it.


  7. Tari says:

    “I got upset about some bad subs and made up my mind that people needed to read for themselves just how great this dialogue is and enjoy this drama the way it was intended.” BLESS YOU…and aren’t we’re all the luckiest one to find your blog..I’m dying to know what they were saying word by word…Thank you


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