Mary Stayed Out All Night E1: Live Recap

For your special day!!!

Thoughts: For some odd reason, I liked it the second time around. maybe it’s cuz the language is sooooo much easier – maybe cuz before i didnt see their expressions cuz i was too busy typing but now that i have translated this, it’s growing on me. The more I hear the bus song, the easier it is on the ears now. And how can anyone resist JGS singing? I really need to know what is up with CP dude – is he gonna be the bad guy in this story?  ooooh – so coming back and doing this Tues night.

Opening scene is a wedding – Mary and MG’s, but the wedding is abruptly interrupted by Mary’s father  and he drags another groom up to the alter and it’s J and as she looks at both her grooms, suddenly the J’s head swivels all the way around so that she is looking at the back of his head but his body is still facing her. She screams and the scene changes to a graveyard – everyone is still in their same positions but everyone looks like zombies with dark circles under their eyes even the flower girl and ring boy, all the other guests, her father and J’s father too. Only Mary is normal and she clings to MG’s arm and is trying to free herself from J’s grip and a wedding photographer takes a picture of her like that and she is crying. (We dont see MG’s face towards the end tho)

moving scene: Movers have taken all of Mary’s furniture and she is left with an empty apartment and she sits in the middle of the room counting from one to ten. ( My guess is debt collectors took it away)

(this is Mary’s way of dealing with bad situations – she allows herself to count to ten and then say positive things about her situation)

She runs around the room saying how spacious it is now and says she can play soccer here.

She runs outside and lugs a really heavy bag of her belongings into her room and then gets a TV from her landlord.

She sits in the middle of the room and says all she has left are clothes and goes on muttering to herself about how she really wanted to continue school and some comments about an actress on tv. As she wonders when she will be able to clean all this up, deep inside the bag she pulls out a burner and  a stew pot and says she should “start with eating”.

when she goes into the kitchen, she notices a pile of side dishes she had taken out when the movers took her fridge so she says without a fridge, the food will go bad so instead of wasting it- she decides to eat everything


Scene in Japan and J is speaking Japanese in an audition ( he looked like he was one of the judges)

J asks his father if his father had looked over the business contract and the father says the script is questionable : if it does well, it will profit overseas but if people find it boring, they will lose a lot of money all at once. J promised not to disappoint his father.

the father says he has a condition for giving his son the investment money he needs ( and the dad loses me using SKKS language- if I had to venture a guess the dad said something about how he wants to see his son all set up in a business with a family by his side to support him – part of that has to be right – just not sure which part)


(OMG so hilarious but the drama she was watching when her dad came hm was Kim Tak Gu and the guy playing her father was in that drama as one of the bakers!!!! – sorry maybe it’s only funny to me)

Mary’s dad comes to her house and as she feeds him, we hear about their troubles. she yells at him for being duped again and being too trusting and that’s why he has so much debt. He says “what should I do now” and she says “it’s ok, we can start over. we can earn a lot of money and pay off all the debt “and he yells back “how can we pay off all that debt when it is so much”?

she yells back that’s his problem – he tries to settle it all at once and makes things more complicated

debt collectors come to her house for the money and they turn the lights off and both hide under the blanket.


mary pretends to have been sleeping as she opens the door and starts to lie to the loan sharks saying that she is not related by blood with her father, calling him her stepfather and that she grew up getting beat by him and acts upset that she got beat by a man who is not even her real father which is so convincing, the loan sharks start to believe her and the one in front says “but he looked so docile”. she continues her lie and asks “where is he?” saying her dad stole her checkbook and ran off so she is a victim too and that she needs to catch him too – scene ends with her asking the loan sharks to contact her when they locate her dad (LOL)


but loan sharks discover her lie and her dad escapes thru the window and they chase after him


her friends call her to come out and at first she wont, saying she is busy watching a drama but when she hears they have been drinking she goes out to drive them cuz they are drunk and she needs the money. She tells them to call her next time too since she will drive them for half the money other drivers get paid. (in korea you hire drivers to take you home in your car when you are drunk) her friends say how much Mary has changed and Mary says it cant be helped cuz she needs money and the other friend says “is that why you dont play with us anymore cuz you dont want to spend money” and mary says its cuz i didnt want to hear stuff like that. they all agree since she is out that tonight they would play like crazy and decide to go to hongdae, a popular hang out for college students (where YAB scene was filmed) Mary promises not to drink since she is driving.


as she drives around, she doesnt know where to go and her friends say to just stop at a place with lots of cute guys and mary hits MG by accident

mary says “did I hit something” and then she says “I hit a person” and she tries to revive MG but he gets up on his own and there is a moment where they look at each other. he calmly licks the blood off his knuckles.

she keeps asking if he is okay and he speaks informally and says he is fine and MG complains that he is late

as he walks off, he stares back at the girls or Mary – at first the one girl is saying how good looking he is but the other one suspects he is staring at the license plate and that friend wants Mary to take care of it – the car owner is afraid that MG will later report her and try to get money from her for causing his injuries. that girl points out since Mary was driving, she should be held responsible for the accident so that is why Mary pursues him.

So Mary follows MG thru the streets. She loses him and finds a door to a club and she goes in – concert scene


the bus song is not as bad when he is singing it live – if you dont listen to the lyrics – its tolerable and getting better the more i listen and he looks so good on stage (the guy could sing about frogs and I would still listen )

Mary recognizes a celebrity and asks the girl if she is that celebrity but the girl ducks away (this is S, the girl with the hat who is the second lead actress in this drama)

Mary finds him on the stage performing and remarks that he looks ok when her friend calls and she tells her friend not to worry cus MG looks fine but she still worries so she takes his pic with her cell phone to prove he is healthy

Mary starts to scream that its too loud in there (does anyone know why she did that?) and then after the concert she hangs around to check on him

S seems to be stalking MG

Thru the throng of screaming girls, Mary jumps up and down to get his attention and asks if he is okay and if it hurts where his finger bled

but as soon as he comes up to her she asks him if he remembers her and he calls her by a certain name and hugs her too like he has been hugging some of the other fans

she goes after him again but he is getting chewed out by some girl and then slapped and he walks away from crazy chick and mary guesses MG is a bad guy who could take advantage of this car accident and get money out of it

she sees him meeting another girl and thinks MG is a player but the meeting is for business

MG says to the woman “if my band and I cant make the music we want, I am not going to” and the woman insists he listen to her and follow her orders

the woman shows him a contract and reminds him that if he doesnt honor it he has to pay her three times the amount to cover it but he tears it up cuz he doesnt want to work for her anymore

she yells “you think if you do this i will let you go” and he hands her a lot of cash and checks and MG says he doesnt want to fight anymore so she should just let him go but she complains about how much she invested in him for the past three months and he reminds her there is no more money so she says “since things turned out this way, to be honest you are not the type to listen to me and I have a hard time working with you” (he goes to grab only $50 out of the stack but she thought he was taking the money back so she tried to grab it back) and he tells her to go and she says she was going to buy his drinks but she tells him to buy it with the $50bucks


mary lies and says she is a fan and gets his signature and she complains the signature is too big and tries again and says can you just sign your name really small on the back and he does and tries to hug her again but she says no thank you to the fan service (crazy girl turning down JGS)

she got the signature so she could write on the paper that he is signing away his right to sue her later and he watches her write all the info and then grabs it and tears it up and she chases him down again

(does anyone else get hwang tae kyung vibes again from JGS’s way of speaking)

as he walks off, she asks to speak with him and they sit and talk  and she asks again if he is ok and he said “i said I was” and she begs him to sign the release form to relieve her of any financial compensation later and he wonders if she had been duped in the past and she says “aside from her family she doesnt trust anyone” and he says “dont even trust your family” and gets her to drink soju and she says she cant drink and if she does she cant remember anything (blacks out) but she offers to drink it in one gulp to get him to sign

he replies from now on I am not going to sign just anything and I think she asks him if he had been tricked by people all the time and he nods yes and seems tipsy so she asks “are you drunk?” he says he feels kinda low and gets her to drink again and she gets the idea to get him drunk and then get him to sign the paper and in the process she gets drunk

(it was cute how she says “have a drink” and tries to pour it all cute but he reminds her its her turn and her face drops and she says ok)

she turns her head to pretend to drink but pours it off to the side and he says “dont pour it out” and she says “you can see” and he nods yes and says “for punishment she has to drink two shots” and he finally smiles at how cute she is cuz she has to admit defeat and drink and even complains he poured too much

they are both drunk and walking on the street and she tries to get him to sign and he calls her something and then says she is cute and pinches her cheek and she yells at him- that she is feeling depressed today and he says ‘why “and she says “cuz of you and my house (losing her furniture) – you have no idea how hard my day has been” and he tries to comfort her in a hug but she accuses him of trying to make a pass while he is drunk and she pushes him away.

she says “where did he go?” omg he just gave her a lettuce bouquet and he notices a huge scar on her forehead and she says she was hurt badly as a kid and he says she must have a complex since she is a girl and she denies it and says that’s not why she has bangs either and covers her scar with her bangs (so his guess was right) he says very gently “let me see it” and she says no but he does anyway and says the scar is pretty and looks like (my guess lightning bolt but no clue what the word was but I guessed from the next line) the one on harry potter and he kisses it and the background is moving away from the camera and making me dizzy – i think that was suppose to mean his kiss on her forehead meant something to her

he passes out on the street and she sits down next to him and they both sleep on the ground like that.

(nice song)


next morning she wakes up and she is still wearing the same clothes from previous night and she sees the flower lettuce and she is sees MG’s guitar and guesses she was so drunk she brought it hm but what she doesnt know is MG is sleeping under the pile of blanket and she never sees him when she leaves her hm in a hurry to get to work.

mary is asked to leave for the sake of the other workers cuz her boss cant afford to keep her and goes hm all defeated, drops her box and starts counting to ten again- she looks on the bright side and says she didnt get paid much there and had to run a lot of errands so she can find a better one and turns on the tv to catch up on her dramas

(so i guess her two outlets are tv dramas and counting to ten to cheer herself up)

as she starts to undress and head towards the bathroom, MG opens the door and she screams but they play YAB like music when minam saw the nun and MG is framed in the doorlight like an angel

and what she hears as she comes out of her daze is ” do you have any conditioner” (LOL)and she demands to know why he is here and how he got here and he says we came together last night. he said that she told him they couldnt sleep on the street and brought him here and she said so you should have brought me here and left right away

he says “I was tired too” and she said “then you should have left right away after you slept here so why are you still here?” he says “I just woke up” and he mutters “how could a girl’s hm not have conditioner?”

she asks him “do you know what time it is -you’re young -dont your work” and he says he doesnt have a concert/performance today

she makes him leave but he says his hair is still too wet and she says a guy who has a gf should not be here and as he leaves she pushes him where he is bruised from the car accident and she takes care of the injured spot by rubbing medicine on it. the bruise is located on his backside above his butt and near his hip (wow- he has some bony hips) she worries that he needs to go to the hospital but he says its not that bad and outwardly she says “that’s a relief” but inwardly she says “of course not you punk-if you go to the hospital over something like this then you are a ???dont know this word but she pushes on his injured spot with the head of the med bottle which makes MG yell out in pain and tells her to apply it lightly and as she wonders what his ultimate objective is..

he asked what her age is and she said 24 (she gets angry over this revelation and says inwardly – “this punk has been speaking informally this whole time while I have been trying my hardest to speak formally”)  and he says they are same age so speak nonformally but she wont but he keeps doing it ( she explains that she cant speak nonformally with ppl she is uncomfortable around)

and he asks “you’re uncomfortable? and she explains of course not in this situation how could she be and then he asks her name and she says Wee Mae Ri and he thinks it over and says “Mary x-mas? “she points out that is what she hates to hear the most cuz juvenile kids used to tease her like that

she asks how long he plans to stay and he said he should get going and she thanks him but as he gets up he acts like he is in pain again and she asks where this time and he mutters car accidents are really dangerous ( i still say he is faking some of the pain)


Mary calls her friend for advice and the car owner friend advises mary to lie/trick MG and send him away. the friend refuses to help mary and loan money cuz she insists mary should take care of it on her own since mary was driving

he keeps playing his music and she cant sleep so she is tempted to cut his guitar strings


her dad gets chased by thugs

he wants to kill himself but just as he is about to jump, a car passes close by and startles him then a car pulls up and the driver yells at him to die alone and not take others with him cuz mary’s dad is standing where cars drive by on the bridge and he caused traffic standing there like that

mary tries to get a job and then she remembers she was cooking her last ramen but she offers it to MG

MG asks her when she moved in and she says she didnt and he guesses that her belongings got taken away and then he guesses she isnt in school cuz she cant pay tuition and she is surprised he knows and he said he is on break as well from school.

he feeds her some of his ramen and she says no at first but then she says “it’s my turn” and eats- he asks for side dishes and she says of course she doesnt have any cuz she has no fridge. they fight over the noodles. she says he shouldnt take such big portions and as they fight she says she had less to eat than him

MG keeps playing his guitar and she yells at him to leave showing his pic she took at the concert claiming he looks healthy and to stop playing sick but she backs off again cuz she is afraid he is angry and she shows his pic again and he agrees he is better

MG finally agrees to leave cuz he has a performance and she thanks him and gets him to sign that release paper and he calls out “Mary x-mas” the one thing she hates to hear but she is happy cus she is rid of him so she yells back “Happy new year” (LOL) she says he is cool and that he should’ve acted like that sooner cuz she suffered


the band is here to play but the doors are closed at that establishment and the other band members say they are all ok but MG has cant earn money if he cant perform and he has no place to stay  (the band members seem kinda rude to MG – one says he wants to take him hm but his parents would say something and the other guy has a roommate and the ugly one a gf to stay with)

(the money MG gave that woman to pay her off included the money he had for his housing)


finally – J just arrived from japan i guess – airport scene – J mentions that its been 20yrs since he’s been back and the dad says he is going to set up J on a blind date with the girl J chose himself (Mary) from some pics

J’s driver says since J left when he was eight so then its been 20yrs since he has been back (guess this was to tell us his age) J looks over some pics of girls from the audition and S is one of them


JS goes to visit someones grave and Mary’s dad is there getting beat up by those loan sharks and J’s dad helps Marys dad cuz they are friends from way back (today is the anniversary of Mary’s mom’s death and her dad is here to pay his respects and the debt collectors evidently followed him there. JS happened to walk by and recognized Mary’s dad and sent his men to help out Mary’s dad)


Mary looks for jobs and has to walk hm cuz she has no money for bus but when she gets hm the house owner yells at mary to move out -guess Mary didnt pay rent- and Mary starts to count again – she always counts when she is upset to cheer herself up but this time it is harder than ever so she keeps counting past ten and now she is crying from all the stress as she is counting – she calls out for her mom saying she has had a tough year  and even though today is the anniversary of her mom’s death she cant go see her mom and she doesnt know where her dad is and she cries “mom what do i do about our home- help me mom” and just then the door bell rings and she thinks it’s her dad but its MG and he is drunk and calls out “Mary x-mas” and asks if she had been crying but she denies it. he is carrying a box of ramen and he wants to stay there for a few days and she shows him the contract they made and he gives her some money for an empty room. he said he likes her place cuz its comfortable and she is like a sibling and he gets comfy under the blanket. he promises not to stay more than a week cuz that would tire him out  and she demands to know what he meant by that and he says “girls always beg guys to marry them after living together more than a week” and that makes him tired and she says she “would never do that” and tells him to go to his gf’s place instead and he said that girl already has a new bf and Mary says that is none of her business whether his ex gf has a boyfriend or not ….and doorbell rings

and her dad comes home and he asks “you live with your dad?” and she tells MG to jump out the window and he says “why should I when it’s cold out” so she puts him in the bathroom and she lies to her dad that loan sharks called her and she had to fight them over the phone and he says dont worry cuz now you can get married to a real rich guy and i can get out of my debt. he explains his rich friend from japan wants Mary to marry his son and she says he is talking like they are in a drama. he says this is a good thing since she doesnt have a bf and the bathroom flushes and her dad opens the door to see MG zipping up and omg it ended

preview :

Mary to her dad: you want me to marry someone when I havent even seen his face yet?

her dad to Mary: he is really good looking

Mary to her dad: be honest – you are making me get married to pay off your debt

MG to Mary: you’re married?

Mary: How can i divorce someone I havent even married yet?


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