It’s Okay, It’s Love E11

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I think this is what I am dreading the most about the big revelation coming up when HS learns about JY’s real condition: will all this happiness and laughter be enough to sustain them when that moment comes? As a doctor, I am wondering if she is going to blame herself for being blind to so many warning signs that JY is more troubled than he lets on. Will she focus her full attention on getting him help before she even stops to consider what this will do to her heart? I’m just hoping and praying their love is strong enough to endure anything that happens cuz there is a big heap of trouble coming their way in the form of a vengeful brother and there is no telling how much damage he will inflict in his wake.

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It’s Okay, It’s Love E10

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By giving her access to his bathroom passcode to enter whenever she wants, it’s his way of untying the camel in the morning. JY is confident she won’t run away anymore so he feels comfortable leaving her behind a few days while he writes. I wonder if she understood that. All this time he was able to say he loves her so freely because he doesn’t do what she does. She weighs her emotions and feelings for people and bases it on how long they have known each other. She calculates progress and picks on things he isn’t even aware of. He reacts from the heart while she reacts more cognitively and thinks it’s too soon for him to say he loves her and actually mean it, but there is a real reason why he never hesitated from the start. He was well aware of his growing attraction towards her from the first time they met and all the subsequent interactions. She didn’t start at the same time as him. In fact she is still trying to catch up to his emotions, but he has always been ahead of her. That’s why I think it’s going to hurt him to hear her voicing her doubts about his love for her. No matter how much of a player he was in the past, his actions with her have proven that this is the one relationship he is taking seriously. Since she doesn’t seem to trust his words yet, I think he gets that he has to prove how he feels more with actions. Good thing for HS this is the first time JY actually wants to try his best to be the kind of guy worthy of her love.

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It’s Okay, It’s Love E9

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If only we could have more of these moments to weather all the chaos that’s about to rain down on them. I am a firm believer in squirreling away all your good and happy moments to help you through the hard times. These two just didn’t make or put away enough of those happy memories to recall later on when they need happy thoughts. That is why I am so afraid for their future. People talk about playing mind games, but JY has no idea what his own trauma has been doing with his mental state. It’s one thing to manipulate people when you are in control, but if the reality says you aren’t in control at all, you have to wonder when your trauma took over everything. The preview shows that T will be the first one to learn about what’s been going on in JY’s mind and I almost bawled right along with T. If he has such a hard time wrapping his head around the truth that his dear friend has been this messed up by his tragic past, I hate to think how JY will take the news.

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It’s Okay, It’s Love E8

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OMG this one was epic…

In the preview when HS said she wanted to sleep with JY on the bed, it wasn’t the meaning we all thought. She knows as long as he sleeps in the bathroom tub, he will never get past his childhood trauma. She wants to start taking the necessary steps to heal him and knows one way would be if he sleeps on the bed all night with her. I don’t think either one of them realizes that what happens to KW is affecting JY – he looked like he was coming undone. I hate that she doesn’t know all the facts to piece together what’s really wrong with JY. Main problem is he is in the dark right along with her at this point. I’m going to be on pins and needles till next week now.

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It’s Okay, It’s Love E7

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The very first time she made JY lean his head on her stomach it was done with clinical indifference cuz she was trying to assess the cut on his head and to pour disinfectant on his wound and bandage him up. It may have looked like a similar scene tonight but it was far from it. There was too much emotion in the way she walked over to JY, held his face in her hands to look at all the damage his older brother inflicted, and quietly hugged him before he could even finish his sentence. She didn’t give him the chance to put up a brave front. She knew if he didn’t have to face her, he could be honest about his emotions. As she cradled his head, she let him drop the smile and let the pain of the event from that night wash over him. It took everything he had not to just let himself continue to cry. This is the kind of emotional connection they both needed in their lives – not just for each of them to go on the mend regarding their individual problems, but to start healing together.

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It’s Okay, It’s Love E6

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This guy does vulnerability better than anyone. Forget his novels – he could teach how to make women weak in the knees just by gazing into her eyes and holding her hand. His whole expression is a wide open book – so she can read and determine for herself if his love is trustworthy or not to pursue. HS doesn’t know it yet, but this was the moment when she let down her guard -not when she admitted to Jo that JY’s kiss got to her. There were a lot of breakthrough moments in this episode, but this one was by far my favorite one. It didn’t need any dialogue – just a look and an understanding between these two that something amazing has begun between them.

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It’s Okay, It’s Love E5

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I hate to point out the obvious, but HS is already close to achieving real intimacy with JY. They are spending more time together learning about each other’s fallacies – not holding back and revealing more with each new personal info they confide. That in itself is a form of intimacy that leads to the physical. They have already kissed before, but now she is starting to feel something in his kisses. That weakness in the knee and her heart racing is signaling her so all she has to do is be willing to listen and give into those new feelings and keep getting lost in his embraces.

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