OBsessions 3

To everyone who has contributed towards OBsessions 1 and 2, let me just say it’s nice to know I am in good company when it comes to missing OB. Thank you for sharing links and news related to our favorite couples, OB, and my personal favorite JW. It’s reassuring to know I have you guys to turn to when I find myself missing what has remained my all time favorite drama. Just to start out the page, here are some of my favorite scenes that still make me feel a range of emotions even with just one glance. OB seems to be a drama where time forgot cuz no matter how many weeks and months it’s been, every line of dialogue or every look TH and J gave each other takes me back to that moment when they started to fall in love. This was one of those rare dramas where you felt like you stumbled onto perfection and just want to make camp there forever.

This screencap was taken from an interview back when he was in Baker King -wonder if it means he wears glasses in real life and all this time we saw him in contacts. Since he never wore glasses on 1n2d, maybe he got lasik done. I was pretty surprised to see him wearing these glasses during an interview since most stars wouldn’t do that. I don’t know how he does it, but he even makes glasses look great.

*credit Chelsea and letters for sharing this with us. Thank you so much. :)

OMG prayers do get answered. could he possibly look any better in this CF? they both look amazing. I dont get what a courtroom and justice has to do with coffee, but this is no time to nitpick. Just the fact that this video exists is a gift to OB fans. I am going to watch every entertainment news program to see if these two were interviewed for this CF. :)

*Photo credits go to Baidu and bbblue73 for sharing them. Thank you for making all of us so happy.  :)

Bridal Mask press conference

Credit to Baidu and bbblue73, SS, and umi for sharing links and other vids. :)

870 comments on “OBsessions 3

  1. umi says:

    jw participated in the funny concert (I don’t know the show, just using google translate)

    • umi says:

      thank you bird…

    • Anonymous says:

      Omi. Thanks Bird. HAHA. This reminds me of Joo Won and that guy playing the King in Happy Together.

    • bbblue73 says:

      chingu bird, thank you for sharing.

    • Waaa… Thank you again Bird darling… ^__^
      JW did a comedy really good, what a talented actor.
      He said sorry on 0:41, what did that actor said to JW??
      Did you notice he was out of breath on 1:51??
      Poor JW, I think he was too excited & a bit nervous at the same time when he sang :)
      From here I can see a very bright future in front of him.
      Wishing & praying for him for his bright future, career & life, and for him to stay humble as always…
      Joo Won ssi, noona Saranghaeo.. pyong..pyong..

    • Softy says:

      Thanks Umi and Bird for the links :)

      Not sure if I can make this funny cuz I don’t know any of the names of those actors, but I really wish the real drama was this easy to translate. Here goes:
      The guy playing the king asks who are you so JW says I am the one who protects the citizens (people) Gaksital –then he lowers his kerchief and says I am Joowon. (girls in the audience go crazy). JW hits the king so the king says “are you a fool –he is the one.” And points to the funny looking guy with the makeup. JW says “sorry, cuz he wore a mask I thought he was on my side.” JW tells the guy –“ take the mask off right now” and pulls on his face. The guy says – ya this is my face. Why are you like this. JW: sorry. The guy who plays the king orders JW to take care of the other guy. (as in kill him) so JW bows and says yes. JW says to the guy I will show you my (fighting) abilities so the guy says go ahead and try. JW makes a pose to strike so the guy says :wow that’s cool. JW repeats the same action over and over so the guy keeps saying: just try once to go against me. So the king stops JW saying- ya what are you doing now? Dancing? Someone calls JW a ballerina. The other guy says why do you keep repeating the same action. The king asks accusingly: you only learned the fight steps up to here huh? JW: how did you know. the king tells JW to go after the guy again so JW fights him off and steps on him. The guy asks please save my life. king says no – kill him and hands JW a sword. JW says: whether I kill this guy or save him-at this moment that is the struggle. This moment…he pulls out a mic and starts singing from his musical number “at this moment….” So the king hits him saying: ya -you’re doing everything that is cool alone- sword fighting and singing. JW says since I came out here I thought I would flaunt what I am good at cuz I was a musical actor. Audience “ooohs” JW says ok then I will just say one last thing. King says by any chance are you going to advertize/promote (the drama) so JW says I would never do that. king says ok then do it. JW steps up and says if there are those who torment the weak, this gaksital will never forgive that. wed night thurs night KBS tv at 9:55pm –I hope there will be a lot of viewers. King and others say why are you promoting and the other one says that guy is blatantly promoting so the king says fire up the citizens interest.

    • amn says:

      I love him more now. He don’t mind playing ‘fool’ infront of the audience.

      Wonder when will Joo Won will appear in Guerilla Interview @ Entertainment Weekly, KBS. Last time when Uee was on it, I hope that nex will be Joo Won.. but I guess, after OB finished filming, he was already on the set of Bridal Mask.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG, thank you Bird for this clip. Normally, big names will either appear in Gamsu Castle skit or the skit with the gag woman, Shin Bora!

    Wooo… Impressive stunt from Joo Won. I hope Joo Won can take on more easy comedic role in drama/movie after this (not splastick). He can play funny role too :-)

      • Softy says:

        Thanks for sharing this. Is there any way to post this video on youtube so I can translate cuz I just watched it and it’s going to make a lot of people love the actor who plays JW’s brother on the drama. I have to admit i dont know his name or his work cuz I avoided all his dramas till now. suddenly with this one interview, I see him differently. he was really sweet to JW so now the guy is likeable – and sort of really funny. :)

        • His name is Shin Hyun Joon :).
          This will be my first time watch him in a drama, but when I saw him on KBS entertainment weekly news (I think that’s the show name, sorry if wrong :P), he is really a funny guy :D
          I’m having a problem with computer installation lately, since I switched the browser from Firefox to Google Chrome :(.
          I would definitely transfer any video regarding about Joo Won… sniff.. sniff :( T__T.
          Thank God depz found one on YouTube, Woo Hoo… Yayy…
          I will be patiently wait for your translation, Softy dear… Fighting!! :)

          • bbblue73 says:

            Hello Yanna dear, it’s been a while. I’m really busy this time.

            Anyway, i watched SHJ back then with Choi Ji Woon love story dramas. He also had some action drama before. I remembered Cain & Abel, i can classify his acting as DAEBAK. He is so talented & a great actor. With his experienced in this buisiness I’m grateful enough that he’s with Joowon with Gaksital coz he can surely coach our baby guy in terms of acting.
            So far i also promoting GAKSITAL with my chingu around my working vicinity & they we’re excited about it, hehe. I’ve been thinking if i’m gonna make a sales talk about the cantata coffee for them as well, haha. (not bad right?)

            See yah by wednesday!!!
            Pyong pyong….

            • Bbblue darling, hug hug to you… ^__^
              What a great idea promoting Gaksital and Cantata coffee
              Not bad?? It’s AWESOME & very thoughtful of you.
              JW & Uee are so lucky & blessed to have a very devoted fan like you.
              Yes, see you on Wednesday, dear
              Pyong pyong…. :)

  3. Our cutie Joo Won was selected on the 6th place as Korean celebs would love to be kissed according to Japanese news (pardon my messed up English & credit to Naomi) on
    I use Google Chrome, so it translated automatically.
    He beats other handsome Korean celebs same age as him.
    Joo Won ssi, this noona wants to kiss you too.. muahh.. muahh.. :D :D

    • sammi says:

      I saw the article in korean website but wasn’t sure what it was about!! I am glad Joo Won is getting popular lately with just two dramas and 1n2d in his hand and coming up drama Gaksital will surely increase his popularity as its his first lead role!! Joo Won fighting!!

  4. depz says:

    I found the UT version. Many thanks to b910s for uploading this ^^

    • Softy says:

      Thanks for the YT clip. :)

      Since HJ (Shin Hyun Jun’s) character is supposed to be a fool (someone who is slow like a kid), HJ is in character right now so he talks like a baby. In real life he works for Entertainment weekly, the show that is doing this interview, so he points to the camera and tells JW in a baby voice: this is where hyung works. Entertainment weekly (EW). So that makes JW crack up laughing. The girl narrator says it took 4 hrs to get to the film set. She says this is our emcee HJ who is using his whole body (cuz he was running and tripped and fell). HJ says during the day I am a fool, at night I am Gaksital. The girl says then you are playing dual roles. (half fool and half hero). They show a clip and it shows JW’s character trying to catch Gaksital (not knowing it’s his own brother at first). JW comes on and says it’s difficult-every time I do it. he says how he has to draw out what he knows about sageuk roles.

      the MC talks about the background about Gaksital – it’s from the 1930. she tells JW you have the lead role. JW: because it’s a project that is highly anticipated – I feel pressure, but this pressure cant be helped so I am pouring this pressure into this project. Then it shows the two guys on set playing brothers and JW takes some stuff out of HJ’s hair and says when I see you normally on EW, you are so cool saying “hello” (JW imitates HJ using a deep manly voice) so it makes HJ laugh.

      JW says at the first script reading, the entire cast gathered so I felt very intimidated (meaning JW felt small and insignificant so he didn’t dare to be bold) cuz there were so many teachers (older actors) and HJ hyung was the first one to be nice and speak to me and coach me. There is a **gap between us but he spoke to me first so I was very grateful. (While JW was talking about HJ, HJ who is emceeing this broadcast at the station and watching it added in “I was lonely too” so it made it funny ) The girl asks what do you each think is similar about your faces. JW looks at him and says “out of the face. 1.2.3.” they both say “nose” at the same time. HJ: there is a mask I use and one that JW uses. When I use the one JW uses, it sticks out cuz my nose is big so in order to fit our noses, they made them for us. they show two different masks. From the front it looks same but from the sides, the nose is bigger on one.

      Girl says on the day they went, they could see how much HJ was being beaten and thrown (rolling around on the ground) so his body was suffering. HJ says every time I come down here, I always get hurt. Cuz I get hit so much. all the actors are younger than me so as their sunbae, I told them “feel free to hit me as much as you want” so they obey too well. They are always …he demonstrates neck hold. She says that’s a problem cuz they obeyed too well. Girl says when HJ gets beaten up like that by hoobaes who hit as much as they want, what does HJ do to feel better, he goes up to JW and JW hugs him so HJ says in his baby voice: I got hit. (he points and says) That guy hit me.

      Girl talks about how the action is the point of the drama. JW: I use guns and swords. The sound is twice as loud as you imagine. (HJ added the sound is really loud) By mistake I was running and fell and the gun went off –right next to my ear and while I was running I injured my right thigh so it still hurts. And now I can extend my wrist (cuz he hurt it before). There is no part of my entire body that doesn’t have an injury. JW says he still hasn’t heard about the guess in ratings yet (for BM) so HJ asks what was the percentage of your ratings for your past projects so JW says baker king passed 50%, OB was close to 40%. HJ: how about Gaksital this time? what do you think the ratings will be? JW: between 35-40%. So the girl says we prepared this for the sake of wishing for daebak ratings. What will the mission be? (meaning JW has to do whatever it lands on to get his wish) JW throws the dart and it lands on him dancing so JW does a sexy Elvis dance. The emcees say he dances really well. JW and HJ do “fightings” together – for Gaksital, Entertainment weekly, and 1n2d.

      **that gap he was referring to was their acting profession difference cuz HJ has been in this business longer so he is more experience and JW is not at his level at all.

      • Softy darling, thank youuuu… ^__^
        SHJ is really funny and sweet to JW indeed…
        I love their bromance, they looked so comfortable to each other.
        Joo Won fighting!! Gaksital Fighting!!

      • sayha alee says:

        Softy, thanks sooo much for your translation. Looking forward for your recap of Gaksital tomorrow 30May and ‘meeting’ fellow OBnians cinggus in our fav blog, to give support to our fav guy, JooWon !
        Btw Softy, SHJ is a very good actor and i just watched his recent drama “Dummy Mummy”. It is a very touching drama ( i had a good cry). Luckily, it has a happy ending.

        JooWon is so lucky to act with SHJ and loved their bromance ! Best wishes to JooWon/SHJ on the success of Gaksital. Gaksital fighting!!! ^_^

    • bbblue73 says:

      Dearest depz, thank you for sharing this YT vd from EW interview of our Joowon & SHJ. Hugs.

      To our lovable & wonder woman Softy, we are so grateful for all your hard work. Your innermost concerned & touching dedication to all of us…it’s just so special. I know that saying thank you isn’t enough from us to say but our loved & loyalty will always be with you. Everybody of us here snatched some of your precious time but please do take care of your health as well, don’t ever forget that & give sometime for yourself Softy dear.

      Again, a bunch of thank you for all the translations.
      Pyong pyong ♥ ♥

  5. bbblue73 says:

    Our pretty Uee in her BDlab CF photos link:

    I read somewhere in Baidu that AS will be guesting in “Running Man” by the month of June..
    Otoki, why RM, not in 1N2D? poor JW. lol

    • anonymous says:

      I like Uee. I really do. Especially when she act alongside our cutie Joo Won. But I like it more if she’s not exposing too much skin :-)

      But, I understand, she’s still young and that’s her work. I don’t know if I can see her act a lovey dovey scene with someone else after this. Uee fighting!

      • taejalover4eva says:

        I also love UEE…she works really hard and it was very difficult to see her close with the other idols and artists…and i find that it was nice that she got to close with the others after starred in OB…she also already known as a sexy idol…and After school also well known because of their glamorous body,,she had acted in many cfs,,, i think more than 10 already..i hope to see her in a new drama as soon as possible but i think maybe not this year..she was very busy with after school this year…and really hope that she is not the one who will graduate from after school…i like to see her as an idol and the actress…UEE FIGHTING,,,,,SARANGHAE!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          She isn’t really known for her singing…. so maybe graduating wouldn’t be a bad idea. It would give her a chance to focus on acting, which she is good at. She has the potential to be a great actress.

          • zaza says:

            i agree with that…nice to see her in a new drama soon…quickly pray that she will get new drama offer…

  6. thom says:

    thank everyone for sharing anything on this page. oohh it only one day that i couldn’t online and visit softy’blog. it so update coz everyone share the like and love toward jw.

    very excited to watched lee kang to @Gaksital. from the previews ep1 i think maybe i unlike lee kang to at frist.

    • bj says:

      haha so in love with this guy…..thanks for sharing loverz dear….looking forward to read Gaksital first recap by Softy…..

      I wonder if this is gonna be the LAST PAGE for OBsession since all the comments and talks mostly focus on gaksital after this…i hope it’s not…Thank you very much Softy…I have so much fun reading your recaps and comments here…..

      and hwaiting! to everybody….

      • bbblue73 says:

        Hello bj dear, i hope this is not the last page for OBsession.Though GAKSITAL will start tomorrow’s Softy’s recap & it’s expected that there were a lot of comments coming in but still let’s continue our loyalty to OB. So sad if things will turn out that way ” the last page” lol

      • Zuli says:

        last page??Omiiiii..no…pls Softy
        eventhoug Gaksital will start soon,,,but my love of OB can’t not replaced with anything
        i’m gonna missed my Obnians,,i know..know they will be camping in Gaksital’s recap..but…
        still..this OBsessions can’t to let go of from my minds……

      • Anon says:

        OBsessions will always be my JOO WON central :-) There’s not so much info on my favourite actor Joo Won from other websites like Allkpop or Soompi (my main source of my K-Pop drama and music).

        I always drop by here to get updates on Joo Won. Thanks to Softy and fellow OBnians and Joo Won addicts.

        I hope Softy will continue for OBsessions 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. and beyond! Thanks in advance dear Softy.

        • Softy says:

          Not sure why BJ thought this would be the last page. I already have page 4 ready to post :) I was just waiting for signs of this page loading slower or something. Normally that’s when I move on to the new OB page. No worries cuz there will always be more OB pages to come. :)

          • taejalover4eva says:

            I am glad to hear that softy!!! OB will be the best drama that I had watch and all OBnians will remained as my best friends …Uee and joo won will be the best couple in my heart for ever….and your blog is daebak….

          • bj says:

            Sorry Softy and everyone for making a fuss about the last page…I just expressed my concern for obsession because i love this place so much…and of course I hope there will be endless pages of Obsession…I’m just afraid if everyone started to forget this page because of gaksital drama….and I’m glad that I was wrong….after reading the comments all my worries are gone….seems like everyone are not willing to move from this place….including me..lol…you guys are truly devoted fans of OB and Joo won….

            Thanks again Softy dear for your confirmation….looking forward your amazing recap as well as OBsession 4…I’m so glad I can be here all the time….hwaiting..

            • Softy says:

              No need to feel sorry BJ :) Guess what? I just posted OB 4 so we can start fresh with a new page to celebrate JW’s new drama starting.
              I am soooo nervous for him – JW wanted 35-40% ratings for Gaksital. I wonder if he can come close to that with his competition over at “I do I do.”

  7. bbblue73 says:

    Here’s the link for our Joowon’s movie “Dont click” VIP screening photos.
    3 of his hyungs from 1n2d were also there to support JW. U can check out this link for more info faces supporting their movie.


  8. bbblue73 says:

    Joowon “Gaksital” behind the scene. Hes so cute & adorable
    I wish i’m the horse, hahaha. lucky horse though.

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