OBsessions 2

To find a cure for OB withdrawal, one page is not enough it seems. Just in case the other page starts to slow down from all the media, wanted to have a backup page to keep sharing our love of OB. Actually it’s mostly Joowon these days. :)

Let’s face it, moving on from OB takes some kind of herculean will power none of us has. As soon as we start a new drama, we measure it up to OB and it pales in comparison. For a while I thought maybe if JW’s drama begins, we might be able to transfer some of our attention to it, but then I realized the two dramas are too different to completely take our attention away from OB. Just because you get the same actor doesn’t mean you elicit the same kind of fanfare for his new drama. Between now and May when his drama starts, whatever progress we made away from OB will go out the window. From what I can see, the only possible future inevitable cure would be JW heading off to the army. I know – that thought made me stop dead in my tracks the other day. Can you imagine two years without seeing him in any dramas or movies? It’s going to feel like someone slamming the door to our ray of sunlight that had been streaming into our lives. What made that thought even worse was the realization that JW, KSH, LSG, LMH, JIW, and KHJ are all the same age so they may be going into the army around the same time. There will be a drought of “talented and cute dimply faced guys” for two years and we are going to be left with guys like “hand towel” and LBH. *shudder* Thank goodness Hyun Bin will be out by then, but one great actor alone won’t be able to sustain this ever growing list of fans that loves everything about JW and OB.

She tells him he worked hard cuz he came right after finishing his fan meeting. He thanks her and says it was fun. She says he must be tired but could he sing just a little bit of that song. He tells her to be careful of her ears cuz the sound will be loud. He sings for a second. She says he sang a different song last time when he came on her show, but when he sang “this is the moment” she says how it seems to fit him more. JW: it’cuz I sang this song the longest since high school when I was 16 – no – 17. I sang it since I was 17 so to me – it’s the song I like the most and the song I can sing the best. She says she heard he is filming a drama now and asks him to introduce it so he explains about OB and his character –how that character expresses  aegyo to his grandma but is professional at brusque at work. She talks about how he plays a detective so there are a lot of action scenes. did he do the stunt scene himself when he was hanging off the car. JW: yes. When I was filming that scene it was really hot. It was hot and on top of that I had a body ache” so she asks you had a fever then. He says “it (fever) was around 39C (102F). that day it took 15hrs to film that – just for that scene when I catch the criminal. So that is why I think it came out more real. I really thought I was going to collapse. Also I think in the end it came out well cuz of that. she says she liked that scene a lot and that it came out well so he thanks her. she asks if he did it without a stuntman and he says “yes.” Then she asks him to introduce his movie SIU so he talks about that and his character.  Since he played a detective and crime analyst/criminal psychologist she asks if there were any difficulties playing those roles. JW: since I was playing a different occupation than the one I have, of course it was hard but the best method was for me to think “I am the best in that role.” She says with confidence. So he says: I think over 90% confidence is what I go into (the project with), if I don’t have confidence I cant become that character (play that role) and I cant do well. I have to think “I really am a detective. Of course I am not a detective but I think (in my mind) there is a detective like me and (play that role) with confidence, I think it comes out better and I think people receive it well. She asks if he learned (that mentality of) having confidence from someone or did he realize that on his own through acting. JW: since I did it – I think that’s the most important. If I think “I cant do this” then even those things I can do well doesn’t work out. I think this is the same for everything –for singing or dancing. You always have to have confidence to do well. Also you have to enjoy it. she asks how old he is so he says 25. She says that is so young but she feels like he is mature and older (acting like a grownup/elder). JW laughs and says “I hear that a lot. So that is why normally I have a lot of aegyo (showing affection in a cute way) but with my personality I hear that a lot that I am mature and seem older but I hear often that I talk like a kid. I think of this as my attractive quality (charm) and to be honest I want to joke/kid around, but it doesn’t work out well.

Since this is his 2nd trip to Japan she asks what his impression is from the first time – what’s different or did he discover something new. JW: it’s really great here. I feel good when I come here (in a good mood) when I hear I am going to Japan I look forward to it. the schedule this time around was rushed. After filming yesterday, I got on the plane directly and came here. Today I perform and I leave tm on the first plane. I barely managed to get out of my drama schedule to come here. even though my body is tired, I feel good. It feels like I am able to “shed the work” (as in get away from work for a short time) even though I sang today and there was a lot of work, I am really happy. So I want to keep coming here. I also told my manager hyung, next time I come here I want to come and have some leisure time. He promised me. That I could rest for one or two days when I come.  Next time I want to come with more time. (he makes a baby face and regrets that he doesn’t have more time to spend here). Next time he comes with more free time, she asks if there are certain things he wants to do, eat, or places he wants to go. JW: when I come I don’t get to see anything. I just go to places like just in front of the hotel or around the venue (where he performs) I haven’t been able to go anywhere much. I want to eat something good and meet some Japanese people. I want to walk along the beach here. it would be so nice. She says let’s go together next time you come and we can walk along the beach and have the interview. JW: that would be nice. She makes him promise. He wrote down the top 3 new and says it could be included to the top news of his 25 yrs of life too. #1 is on the first day here he had 8 interviews so it was hard on him, but it was so fun to the extent that he didn’t know it was hard (tiring). So he remembers it the most and really liked it. #2 is today the day of his fan meeting. I haven’t had a fan meeting in korea yet. People who love me came so it was the first time standing on the stage alone. So today is a day I don’t think I can forget. #3 OB – I am filming it now but I like it a lot. I like it so much. I like the hyungs so much. I also like the sunbaes so much – the ones who come out as my mother, father, and grandmother. I am so happy filming right now. So I picked these 3. She asks him to talk about 2012. JW: after doing this what I sensed is after each project, it’s not like after one project my popularity erupts. (Doing) one project after another, I think that is my job. Also I think it’s the way to gain popularity too. Next year too, I think I will be able to “meet” (in Korean it means to say hello in a new project) on another drama and meet on a movie too. If everything goes well I think I will be able to put out an album too. So next year I think you will be able to see me in a lot of things. It’s work that I like doing. I like acting and singing so I am preparing so I can show more in the future. So next year I think I will be able to see you more so please look forward to it a lot.


Anonymous did a great job translating this cuz she knew all the hard words I didn’t know like zodiac. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us.  :)

He was able to travel on public transport before he debuted as an actor and unfortunately he cannot do that now. He also discussed this with his manager about not being able to travel on public transport. The person also mentioned that photos of him are also seen on the bus and Joo Won said how it changed a lot. He said when he was acting in musicals, his goal was to learn as much as he could and he did not think of being able to act in dramas nor movies. At that time, he was thinking if he continued to act in musicals, maybe one day he will become successful. So he carried this kind of hope through each of the musicals that he acted and also earned money from the musicals. While carrying this kind of hope, he thinks that being able to learn through the musicals was really lucky for him and also mentioned that 2010 is a year for him to put in what he had learnt. He was also asked if there are any plans for 2011. He said that he wanted to act both in movies and dramas (where he got both) and he sounded like kind of stressed out. So the person told him that it is ok and not to worry about it. He thinks that because 2011 is the year of rabbit which is the same zodiac as him, so he thinks that he will be in a good mood. Since 2011 is the year of the rabbit, he said that no matter what circumstances he’s under, he would try his best to act confidently.

This is the same interview, but translated verbatim, but it’s incomplete cuz I ran out of time cuz of Moon finale (will finish this tm night).  He kept saying “something” a lot so I had to cut some of those out cuz it didnt make the sentences flow. Our cute puppy likes to break up his sentences often with that word, but we can overlook it cuz of this smile right?  :) Keep an eye out for how he likes to talk using his whole face – his eyebrows move or his expressions change depending on what he is saying. his face doesn’t stand still – it keeps doing something constantly. Not sure if it’s cuz he is nervous doing interviews or it’s just who he is, but it sure is adorable. Also, maybe cuz he was born the year of the rabbit, but he seems to share the same qualities of a rabbit – doesn’t have to do much but just sit there or hop around and they are still cute and cuddly looking. :)

“Long time ago I had to go around all day long standing and riding on the bus. I said that to my manager hyung when we passed by “this was where I used to take the bus a long time ago.” The bus stops were near Daehakno (college street where live bands play on the weekends) and Chongno. A woman off camera says now JW’s face is on ads on the side of the buses. JW: so a lot has changed. Back then there was so much for me to learn from doing musicals. While doing musicals, I didn’t even think of (imagine) doing dramas -but something- if I keep doing this, later I can do well.I kept getting hope after each project. After each project I felt like I was gaining this much to take away. Later if I take all this (experience that I gained) that I could become a good actor. I kept getting this hope. So each day while doing musicals working hard was all of it. That’s how I spent 2010 -I thought of it as an investment towards studying for my acting.” She asks what his plans are for next year – what he has planned. He asks “for 2011? I will probably do a movie or a drama, but I want to do both – a movie and a drama. Maybe cuz I was born the year of the rabbit- when I do work, I think I can do it with more (don’t know this word) and with good spirits. It feels like hope is getting bigger. Whatever I do – even if it wasn’t the year of the rabbit, I would have done well but since it is the year of the rabbit I feel like I will do well in whatever I do. She asks if he has more confidence. “I think whatever I do it well turn out well. So I want to try doing it with confidence.”

Wow – he sure is a vision in white. I swear he looks so great in uniform he makes you forget to breathe. You just inhale and forget to exhale for a few minutes.  :)

959 comments on “OBsessions 2

  1. umi says:

    uee and jw’s pic..thank you yanna dear..


  2. depz says:

    I missed the show!!!!!! *sighing deeply*

    On the other hand… all of our prayers are totally paid off!!!
    Congratulations for UEE and Joo Won… and for us!!! ^^
    They really deserve it.
    Now… The one person that I can only rely on is semi-fly.

    • SS says:

      Aaawww….I love the first picture. This must be taken quite some time back. Although I prefer him in shorter hair, this cut is pretty nice. He looks so pretty in a boyish way.

      I wonder how many girls’/women’s hearts he has melted over these years

  3. soooo happy for our tae-ja couple… but feel sad they did not walk the red carpet together….
    did they interact with each other?? they look abit awkward when they were presenting the award together….

    • flo says:

      wait patiently..softy will be posting fancam & pictures from baeksang awards after she was recapping the rooptop prince..if they were still awkward..i think maybe there is something special between them..ke..keeee.kee

  4. bbblue73 says:

    Omooo omooo, just get back from work. I’m really late.
    But anyway, CHEERS everyone!


    Softy dear, thank you so much.

    • flo says:

      thank you bbblue..i missed you..our couple so wonderful and they are so beautiful together!!!!!!!!!

    • Heaven’s made best couple of the year 2012. Really perfectly match to each other (the height, the expressions, the smiles, etc) Hhmm… ^__^
      Always won their awards together. First KBS Rookie Awards and now Baeksang Rookie Awards…. SO HAPPY FOR THEM!! Chukae ~ ~ ~ Nida :D
      Next Award hopefully when they will be put together in the movie & win the The best Actor & Actress Awards… Ooww, that’s so perfect!!

      • bbblue73 says:

        You’re welcome umi dear.
        Yeah Yanna dear, they are perfectly made from heaven for us & much more perfect as our dearest SOFTY will post her perfect pics, fan cam from the awards night in a moment.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m so happy. Congratulations to both of them. There’s no doubt that their acting in OB completes each other.

      Happy for Uhm Jung Hwa noona too, she won her second Baeksang for best actress award. Daebak.

      We’ve a chose a good drama to follow and thanks to Softy and fellow OBnians, let’s continue our support to Joo Won (and Uee).

    • bj says:

      Waaa..Thanks so much BBBlue dear….today is one of the happiest moment in my life……looking forward for Softy updates and pictures…..

      Love our gorgeous couple….

    • I have never seen such a matching couple. They are truly a match made in heaven. Although i am watching other shows now, none of the couple gave me the same flutters as with TaeJa couple. I think i need to rewatch OB as I miss them so much!!

  5. mischa says:

    UEE is totally the prettiest right my OBinian friends???

  6. SS says:


    Joowon is so tall, really stands out. This photo is strange, he does not seem to have space to stand properly, dont you think?

  7. SS says:


    Can’t make much sense of the translation, says that this is after “practice shooting” . Could it be Gaksital but the people dont look like cast or crew plus he is in casual t-shirt. Maybe he is practising some martial arts?
    I dont know who is that ajumma standing in front of him but this guy is always so affectionate with noonas and ajummas.

    • Ooohhh… so handsome. His skin complexion looks really healthy, his skin looks so flawless…

    • sammi says:

      OMG whos that girl who dared to link arm around him?? I am seriously furious and it looks like her head is leaning against his shoulder!! Be careful girl arghh

      • SS says:

        ooooh sammi dear, you got eagle eyes, I didnt even notice her hand was under JW’s arms. I just saw JW putting his hands on the ajumma in front. I think you are right, there’s no other way her hand can appear in that spot

        be careful JW, dont get sexually harassed, my cutie pie

    • anonymous says:

      Looks like a dance studio. Aha lucky girl leaning so close to JW eh :-)

  8. sayha alee says:

    Congratulations to JooWon and Uee for winning the New Actor/Actress Award. I am sooo happy for them. Both of them are gorgeous tonite ! :):)

  9. Me says:

    YAY!! Congratulation to our couple Joowon and Uee, for best new actor and new actress..
    wait, they won for same category..doesnt it’s means that uee and joowon will be pairing MCing best new actor/actress for next baeksang award?because yoo inna and park yoochun (who MCing and gave the award) was previous winner for the same category………..i really hope so, atleast i know they will be pairing together again :)

    • Zuli says:

      indeed!!!!it’s very rare to find a couple in drama won for same category in baeksang awards’s history…
      it’s our beautiful couple with their great acting and their amazing chemistry. they are make it believeable!!!!!
      i’m so proud for both of them,cukae…JW and Uee keep up your great work!!!

  10. Joo Won on Red Carpet… Woo Hoo…

  11. yoonshinli says:

    Download link of Peaksang Arts Awards:
    Congratulation to our couple Joo Won and UEE ^_^

  12. bbblue73 says:

    ” in real life, JW is even better looking and well mannered in person. Plus – Uee and JW talked a lot throughout the night. They were the only pair that had conversations.”

    Softy dear, I am totally happy for this couple for winning an important award but after reading your updates, wow, this is perfect. I think i’m gonna sleep later on with a smile on my face.

    Thank you Softy.

    • bj says:

      Hihihi.. I love when Softy said Uee and JW talked a lot throughout the night…there must be so many stories and things they want to catch up since this is their first reunion….I bet all OB casts and crews are so proud of them…

      hihi…waiting like crazy……

  13. umi says:

    joo won and uee

  14. sammi says:

    Credit: ASFVariety5

  15. They said it’s BTS Gaksital on facebook
    I think Joo Won is the one in light grey suit. So handsome!!!

    • SS says:

      thanks yanna dear. Joowon is like a drug

      Yesterday I was proclaiming that I will be happy just to see him at the Baeksang Awards as there might be little chance of getting much of him over the next 2 weeks due to the 1N2D strike. Now that I have seen him in last night’s event, I want to see him more! It’s just like …..please let me have just one last fix, then I wont ask for more….***sigh*** this addiction is hard to kick

      btw strange that this is BTS for Gaksital…the one where he is in grey suit standing in front of the screen, looks more like modeling or shooting some stills.

      Talking about suits, although I am over the moon to see him without any hat yesterday, I am not that happy with the suit he wore. This guy really doesnt need any acessories or adornments, do you hear, mr stylist? He is a piece of art, period. I still love him in that OB suit which he wore to TB’s wedding or even his own wedding for that matter.

      • Anonymous says:

        The suit looks pretty awkward. But I love his hair… Missing the hatless Joo Won but will be missing him more for 2 weeks.. No 1N2D. Sigh.

        But, I will come here daily to glimpse into his updates. Thanks to you guys. You guys the best.

        BTW, the fan meeting at Morning Calm Village is today right? Or is it on 27 May?… expect too see more photos of him.. Huhu.

        Now, when will Softy do the special entry on her Night@Baeksang :-) Waiting here patiently. Thanks in advance Softy.

        • Softy says:

          softy is currently trying to figure out how to embed her videos onto the post – wonder if it’s the same as youtube links. plus it took my friend hours to figure out how to send me video via email. sorting through all the pics now to see which ones should be posted and writing up the whole Baeksang award event or what I like to call “the night softy swooned nonstop”
          Cant decide if i should post on the new OBsessions3 page or on a whole new post…it will be up soon so no worries. As soon as I can get these videos to show up without slowing down the entire page. There are quite a lot of them. :)

          • Thank you for you hard works & efforts, Softy dear.
            Please, just take your time to make everything ready from Baeksang event last night.
            We will be patiently exciting waiting for your “swooned” stories and precious pictures with Joo Won & Uee :D
            Make sure you get enough rest from last night, we know you swooned too much last night :D
            We need you & count on you so much. Take care, dear ^__^

          • Thank you so much for sharing with us! We can and will wait patiently, to see our dear TaeJa couple in the various videos!

          • bbblue73 says:

            Take your time dearest Softy. Don’t worry, we can patiently wait till it’s done.
            Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

          • mischa says:

            thank you for sharing it with us…can’t wait to swoon……

  16. SS says:

    When it was announced that Joowon won the award, you can see the halmeoni sitting behind with her mouth wide open(in admiration?) at 1:54 and then at 1:56 you see the 2 ajummas further back, clapping and grinning from ear to ear.

    Only spoilsport was the man who sat stonefaced, he was probably thinking “So this was the reason why my wife stop preparing dinner on weekends!”

  17. Enz says:

    Ss, you mentioned that softy created a new page for the baksaeng event…. Where is it? I am looking desperately for her account of the night and the pics. Help!!

  18. SS says:

    more of Gaksital BTS

    Joowon is in the white uniform, so i guess its not him in that grey suit. Or maybe its both. Even though we get only his side profile, boy oh boy, doesnt he look charming? Did you notice all the photographers go so much nearer to him than the others? Nothing wrong with their zoom lens,right

  19. Mountia bts CF filming in Jeju island.

    And we can watch the video from baidu links http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1557177047

    • Joo Won was minus the hats in this video… so happy!!! ^__^

    • umi says:

      I’m so happy so many jw’s news in the last couple days..love the BTS can’t wait for the CF..thank you yanna dear..

    • If you’re having problem to view the video, I just uploaded it to YT :)

      • SS says:

        Omy! Yanna my darling, I should have used the time taken for my car to crawl 1km in this horrid friday night jam to fly over to Indonesia and hug you!

        All my frustration and anger have dissipated.

        This video is so so lovely. He looks so atheletic and I love the way he runs. Plus now, I have another part of his anatomy to salivate over. Mmmmmm…….very nice.

        But dont you think something is missing at the campfire? The smokin pot looks familar. “sur sur”

        • And this is the Mountia CF :) Credit to Yoon Shinli/Joowonies Pyong ^__^

          Joo Won is so cute and Macho at the same time :D

          • SS says:

            thank god its friday, i can abuse the replay button and spazz out the entire weekend.

            If the reward is anything like 0:23-0:24, I will climb the Highest Mountain and Cross the Deepest River everyday.

          • SS says:

            I love 0:03 to 0:06….Joowon needs to do a comedy, this guy can be so funny.

            wait…..what is it that he can’t do?

        • HAHAHAA… you’re right, they missed the “wifey” there who taught him to “sur sur” the seasoning into their ramen noodles by the beach :D
          And the funniest thing, I think I know which part is your fave, coz I found the most intriguing body part of him that makes me drooling and replay that part over and over until my eyes so irritated.. I’m with you, SS dear… Indeed!! He’s very very HOT!! :D :D

          • SS says:

            see what happens when bbblue let me join her Innocent Club…i end up corrupting you. Never mind, let see if bbblue agrees with us, LOL!

            It’s an important part of a guy for me. In Joowon’s case, it’s Doubly Perfect.

          • flo says:

            at 0: 51…ke..ke..dear yana mee to i was drooling also..and replayed that part again and again
            thank you dear for the video..yes indeed..he is super HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • SS says:

              flo, what’s at 0:51? Don’t tell me you are referring to XXX?!?!

              I was actually referring to a certain view from 0:57 to 1:12

              Did I join the right club?

            • HAHAAA.. OMOMOO..
              I can’t stop laughing reading both of your comments. LOL!!
              My intriguing his body part is his rear end to be honest :D It was really shown when he ran, coz he was wearing very tight pants. Whooaa… Getting HOT!!… Smokin’ HOT!!!!

          • bbblue73 says:

            Yanna dear, ok ok ok, sizzling chilli HOT.
            SS, yanna is innocent but smart, LOL

      • bbblue73 says:

        Can i replace that man who carry that umbrella?
        Wow, i think i’ll have to close my mouth now.lol
        Few days ago i watch Uee’s BTS filming & now it’s Joowon’s turn for me to watch this, all i can say is PERFECT.
        Thanks Yanna, Baidu & of course MOUNTIA.

  20. umi says:

    interview with yoochun and his brother but you can see who is behind them at 0:48..:)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I love your blog. Thank you so much for all of the information. I live in the US. I just read the blog about the baeksang award show. Gosh, I would love to go there with you and see all of these stars in real life. Please post more informatin regarding this and how normal people can attend these award shows. do they also have after parties like here in the US? Next time, I will fly to Korea to attend. Thanks so much.

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