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I am starting to buy into these two as a couple – can’t wait for the marriage life to begin. :)

The other couple to love. :)

I dont think he was acting here..he seems to really be asleep.

414 comments on “KDH 5

  1. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy sorry to spam you. Have we seen this? I know we’ve heard the song he sang before. But this, this is the closest I’ve seen him on stage. I will tell you, between squealing my heart out I nearly died towards the end. You have to see the video. The other video, at the 1N2D concert, now we know where he got the post from.
    I am doing some work on Bride Mask and dragging out any videos I have on the cast. I can’t find anything on the female lead.
    Enjoy. Because I sure did and have played it 4 times in a row now :-)

    • ck1Oz says:

      This is mine cutting it for the viki channel. Have no idea how intense he’ll be for Bride Mask but oh well, until the official trailers comes out.

      • Qua Trang says:

        OMG, I feel exactly like the women with the red heart at the middle part of the video, maybe 100 more hearts shooting all over!!!

        Thank zillion, CK!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Softy and CK, I found this video of Jin Seyeon dance practice. She performed this dance during the SBS 2011 Drama Awards. No surprise she can dance because she was in a horror movie White Curse playing idol girl group members.

  3. deedee810 says:

    Hey Softy I just read your thoughts on Fashion King and I have to agree with you 100% I started watching this drama and I had to give up on it, it was just way to wishy washy for me….in the beginning I felt YG liked Anna when he made it to America and seen that picture of her in JH wallet and then ended up meeting her he made it his point to go after her….bringing her back to the apt that he shared with GY and even kissing her (I believe Twice) he always made GY feel bad…..When JH started showing interest in GY then YG want to make his move…….another thing is If GY was suppose to be the Vice P for the company why would he not share his plans with her that would make things alot different…with JH I think he really has feeling for GY they also shared a kiss so I just gave up I dont understand this drama……so I have started watching Love Rain the first 4 eps were really slow and I almost gave up on that one too so I watch the first 2 eps and fast fwd through next 2… ep 5 up until now have been very good so now I live stream that one its really really good. I recently read some of the posts on soompi and I guess YG and GY are back together again WoW

  4. Iviih says:

    Hello Softy and everyone! How are you?

    I’m fine ;) I didn’t comment before because I’m a bit addicted commenting on Soompi’s threads.

    I was wasting all my time on K2H, Queen In Hyun’s man and Feast of Gods.

    Softy and everybody, are you watching still watching k2h? I’m still very addicted to it, and I love JH HA OTP, but I confess I’m more addicted to QIHM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Softy are you watching Queen In Hyun’s man? I’m loving it and I think you’ll adore the OTP plus the main guy. Boong Do is so sweet, gentle, smart, patient, caring, understading……. gah! If you loved Dong Joo from CYHMH and the couple, I guess you’ll like QIHM too because the couple is honest, share their thoughts, have no misunderstadings between them, don’t fight and all! Dong Joo was one of my fav leading men from 2011, and Boong Do is turning my fav leading man of 2012! Love!

    I’m in love with this QIHM! I love the OTP. They are just soo cute and their chesmitry is so good off and on screen, I’m even starting to ship them on real life, something I didn’t do since Scent of woman (I’m stil sad Sunah and Wookie doesn’t share fun/flirting comments anymore, because she deleted her Me2day account T___T but they are from the same company, guess they are still good friend or who knows something more lol)

    And I’m also watching Feast of gods, lol I don’t really know why I’m still watching that drama… so frustrating!

    Cute Queen In Hyun’s man mvs from Youtube:

    Cut scene: love this scene, the song, everything <3

    • Softy says:

      hey Iviih, so that’s where you’ve been hanging out. I hardly visit soompi anymore cuz those threads for k2h and RP move too quickly. it’s hard to catch up if you miss a few days or a week. Yup I still watch and love K2H, but I love RP more cuz it’s consistent whereas I still had to fast forward a lot on E15 of K2H. I think so far there has only been one or two eps where I didnt fast forward at all and one of them was E16. The best one so far if you ask me.
      to tell you the truth, I did start watching QIHM one night a while back, but I didnt get very far. I couldnt get into it. I think I stopped like almost half way into the first episode or maybe less. These days I am too busy trying to recap A wife’s confidential and finish before the end of May so I dont have time to watch any extra dramas at this time. maybe I will watch this later on down the line after JW’s drama ends since you are praising it so highly. Good to hear from you and dont forget to drop by more often. :)

    • Ginko says:

      Hi Iviih ^^, I see you here :)
      Hallo Softy and everyone, wish you all a nice Sunday morning/afternoon/night ^^

      I have to admit, Softy ^^, I’m so guilty now that I’m on Queen In-hyun’s man ship, there’s no turning back to me. I’m sorry I didn’t make any gifs for RP this week, coz my mind and my heart are fully devoted to QIHM. My god, this drama is perfect, almost flawless. Though I agree episode 1 and 2 might be hard to watch the female lead, but once you past that point you will not regret that. And you will love QIHM once you get to episode 4.

      Joonnie is currently addicting to QIHM ^ ^, she is recapping the drama from episode 7, I asked her if she’s the Joonnie that helped us on OB and I feel so grateful she’s recapping QIHM now.

      Go check QIHM if you have time :)

      And thank you for A wife’s confidential‘s recap, so happy Thundie is back. I will watch AWC once it’s fully subbed. I heard Mr. X is going to sub that one.

      See you around :)

      • Ginko says:

        sorry, typo *pass that point*

      • feima says:

        yes yes i would love to watch AWC now that Thundie and Softy joint recap! It was difficult for me to watch without subs.

        Fanderay would love QIHM as i love the drawings towards the start and end of each episode – it reminds me of her drawings :)

    • So3 says:

      Iviih! My thoughts exactly!! Bong Do is giving me the Dong Joo vibes and I guess it’s safe for me to say that Kim Jae Won was my last year’s gem and this year Ji Hyun Woo is my new found gem. I’m so obsessed with QIM that I think about it all day long and simply go everywhere to spazz and swoon with ppl LOL

      This OTP is simply cuteness overloaded!!!

    • Feima says:

      Hi Iviih – what do you think of the finale of FOTG???

      • Iviih :) says:

        I’m happy DY-JY got together, but I expected much more. Really. The writer is so stingy… she wanted to keep who JY will end up with until the very end……. and not even a hug we had between JY and DY. JY never confessed….

        Injoo not paying for her wrong doings? She got what she wanted and that is it?

        The family problem also was not resolved….. Since the writer focused so much on the family plot, why not give it closure? But no she just ended like that…. I feel so bitter.
        I wanted at least one good closure to the many plot-lines the drama had.

        What about you? ^^

        • feima says:

          same here lots of loose ends and not even a finale kiss or hug ~ it was really deva ju feeling not allowing us the bits & pieces – really not satisfied viewer here :(

          Then K2H left me devasated without my fave guy ~ oh WTH this week is becoming ~ ~

  5. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy, everyone. I totally didn’t know it’s starting in 2 weeks. Need to get subbers. Plus helping to edit K2H for softsubs release. Busy as anything but do drop by everyday.

    • ck1Oz says:

      Oh the drama I recommend so far is The Marriage Plot softy. It’s good. Funny :-) I need my funny with the angsty K2H and RP.

  6. hartofseeker says:

    Rant about Fashion King:

    it’s evolved to something like school-yard macho/pride contest, the “trophy” being GY, w/ JH increasingly questioning what he really wants out of this competition, YG losing more and more of himself in it… GY’s so NAIVE she’s not even sure why the heck she’s involved… and damned JH’s father exhaling flames becuz JH’s letting YG sit on top of him (dominate him) “pathetically” w/out putting up a fight, shaming daddy’s face (scoff*)… leave JH aloneee alreadyyy his heart’s not even in the fight anymore, save out of fear of dad; what’s the excitement in watching a competition when one side doesn’t even care about beating the other person for the title anymore? so much for a drama about underdogs fighting their way to the top… =x

    so in that sense, the script-writer has a pretty good story to work with– if you’re talking about how pride and money ruins people and their characters… but it’s being expressed in a totally wrong way. I don’t think the director is doing a bad job, nor are the side actors… GY’s portraying the lost girl best she could, cuz i’d be as lost too, yuri’s first acting debut, what can you say?

    The acting of the main guys are the saving grace… with my bias twd LJH– being able to subtly show how JH’s already given up on the fight but is stuck in it because of his dad and because of his feelings twd GY– LJH as an actor still amazes me. i think he just likes picking characters with serious personality/background issues to bring to life… and enjoys doing that =] honestly… if i had a crappy father, twisted doting mother like that, and stuck in an industry i don’t bond with but is forced to fight with my life to reach the top of the industry out of fear… like JH does, I would seriously have thoughts of jumping off the top of a building… since i don’t think JH has it in him to just walk off from his parents… which he really needs to do if he wants to live (and not die or go insane =x)

    • Softy says:

      Every week I kept telling myself underneath all these layers of chaos lies a pretty decent drama. It started off with all the right intentions, but somewhere along the way, the writer sort of forgot what the focus was. Lately they’ve been shoving all out revenge as a motive for YG to destroy JH, but I don’t buy that at all. It’s not like JH killed his cat or something so why go after him like that – YG is where he is cuz JH gave him the startup money.
      I agree – the saving grace of this drama is LJH’s acting. Even though his character is pretty messed up, at least he is the only one I don’t consistenly hate and once in a while I actually feel bad for JH whereas I could care less what happens to YG. I liked it better when wealth hadn’t turned him into a butt. That’s why at this point, GY is in love with her memory of who he used to be. The sooner she gets that all she is holding onto now is a shell of who she thought YG was, the better off she will be. Too bad YG is just a mere shadow of that aspiring young designer who had the talent to back his dreams cuz that character I liked. Guess she has to watch him crack for her to realize the substance is gone. The same could be said for this drama. I am so not holding my breath for FK to end well next week – it lost my faith ages ago. the only thing I am holding out hope is for my tv to remain intact cuz what if I snap and throw something at it.

      • feima says:

        i gave up on FK already – just could not digest the storyline and what it was ending to be.

      • nonski says:

        i had just started watching FK because i really wanted to see this new YAI drama and LJH is a plus, but boy how i this drama is living up to all the rants. one thing, the female lead, i had never seen her on a different expression. it’s like she has this betty boop look all the time and those eyes would well up anytime but always and always i see that in her. *sighs*

  7. Iviih :) says:

    I do, I do teaser is out. Lmao, this drama is giving me What’s up fox vibes!

    Weeeeeeee :) :D
    OMG, the bed scene! :O

    Ghost teaser is out!

    Omo, I’ll watch it. People are not interested in this one…. but since it from the guys who did Sign, I’m in. And has SJS! Weee and that cute guy from Scent of woman!

    • Softy says:

      Thanks for sharing these Iviih,
      I giggled like a loon watching that first trailer. Did you see the look on his face – man this guy can do comedy well – he totally has comedic timing down like lee dong wook. Kept chanting “please dont be on the same night.” I am in trouble with a capital T if “I do I do” is on the same night as Big or bridal mask cuz that means I have to keep this up – watching 2 dramas in one night.
      What cute guy from scent of a woman? All I saw was Daniel and he wasn’t in SOW.

      • Iviih :) says:

        Oh Softy, he is not in the teaser, but he is one of the cast, Eom Ki Joon it’s the cute doctor from SOW and the teacher from DH1 ^^

        I do I do will be on Wed/Thu.
        Ghost: Wed/Thu
        Bridal Mask: Wed/Thu

        Big: Mon/Tue

        So, I guess I do I do has no chance against Joo Won’s drama lol :)

      • nonski says:

        hi softy and iviih… these upcoming dramas is already giving me a headache in advance on how i will be able to watch them all. surely bridal mask will be number 1 for me and since you are gonna transcap it, it will be my choice for livestream. i am so conflicted tho because i will love i do, i do. i sure will follow ghost too because of so ji sub but won;t need streaming. i will just have to wait for links. mondays will be tough, as much as big is hong’s and we have gong yoo and lee min jung, dr. jin, have two of my faves… ssh and jj. ah, what a dilemma.

  8. Ginko says:

    Just heard about the f***king ending of Fashion King! I can’t believe my eyes, I thought I read it wrong. Can’t believe it. Even though I dropped the drama at episode 9 or 10, I’m still sure I got the idea of the drama, but “”!$T?§!!U=4/Z9%$4 WTH with the ending? I seriously agree they were all high on something. This is insane!

    • Softy says:

      Hi Ginko – havent heard from you for ages. Glad to see you are still around. :)

      OMG- dont even get me started about FK. You are sooooo lucky you dropped it. I’m going to be upset for quite some time. I hate feeling betrayed by a drama. You invest all that time and hope for the best even when things werent going well and then tonight was like a punch to the face for all that loyalty. Everyone knows I refrain from using any profanity on my blog – even when the character calls someone a bad name – I come up with a tame equivalent. except recently on RP cuz T just deserved to be called that so much so I bent my rule a little. Even in real life, I tend not to swear normally except when I am driving – then it just comes out of me cuz dumb drivers make me insane. But tonight after the FK finally – I swear curse words were coming out left and right like a sailor. I never watched WHIB, but everyone said FK was as bad as that drama’s finale. All I know is FK’s finale made the ones from Highkick and 49 days seem perfect now.

      • Iviih :) says:

        Hi guys!!! I’m curious, what happened in the end? Who she ended up with?

        I saw a mv and even got interested in watching the drama because of the second guy and main girl looked very good together LOL but after reading everyone’s comments, I won’t because it seems a bad and frustrating drama!!!

        Btw Softy, I read you watched QIHM, are you in what episode by now? And I thought that maybe you wouldn’t like the sageuk bit because you don’t watch sageuk, right? But glad you seem to liked it… the couple it’s the cutest pair, no? they get cute and cuter in the next episodes!!!

        Btw, Ginko thanks for the amazing gifs!!! I saw your gifs of QIHM on soompi!! Hehehehe glad to see you here and there!

        • Softy says:

          Hey Ginko – so we lost you to QIHM these days? I didn’t know till Iviih mentioned you on that thread. Everyone was raving about QIHM so much and I was going to wait to marathon it later after I was done recapping AWC, but then I cut my finger pretty bad so it hurt to type. During that time over the weekend I just decided to marathon e1-10. I loved the cinematography during that red phone booth scene so much I made a header out of it. Fanderay needed a new drama to inspire her to paint again so I am going to recommend this drama. :)

          Hey Iviih, uuughhhh I still hate to even think about the finale last night. Basically what happened was the main character YG (played by YAI) was murdered on the rooftop of his penthouse pool in NYC. Some random American walked over and shot him in the head. He was on the phone with the main girl at the time of his death, but the girl must have been deaf since she didn’t hear the gunshot or at least the camera didn’t linger around to catch her side of the call. The even crazier part is she is in a relationship with the second lead at the time, but she still tells YG that she misses him. People were speculating a lot of things since it’s one of those open ended “it’s up to you to determine the ending” sort of crap which only works if the drama is great, but in FK, it was just another added insult. Some said that YG hired someone to kill him, that madam Cho hired someone to kill him (which is my guess), that JH hired someone (but I doubt that for many reasons), or my other guess is his dad hired someone cuz he is one messed up man. He beats up his own grown son. even if the main character wasn’t murdered, he looked like he was going to take his own life anyway so we would have had a death either way. As I watched the last two eps, it just didn’t feel right. Like something was off even more than usual. I should have just turned off my tv then but I had to go and watch it all. worst decision ever.

          • Feima says:

            hehehe that’s what my thoughts are for Fanderay – QIHM has wonderful drawings during the start and end of each episode :)

            Hi Softy – i am gonna be camping here as early as now for my RTP ~ but hoping i am not due to any disappointment :) :) :)

            • Feima says:

              hey Softy – i just read your rant on FK at the side bar – 10% of Korea but more than 50% of Asian followers are also swearing and cursing – thank god – i jump ship long long ago :D

      • Ginko says:

        Hey Softy :)

        Oh, as you might know already, I’m a goner under QIHM’s spell ^^ My life nowadays is in QIHM’s paradise :). But I visit your site at least once a day my dear, just that I don’t know where to follow ^ ^ Guess it’s a good habit to visit your site daily. Wait until QIHM is over and I’m back with the Groom Joo Won ^^, oh, and don’t forget BIG :)


        Ha ha, don’t let Softy start about FK, lol, that drama, someone should shoot the writers coz they break themselves from the madness of What happened in Bali. With WHIB the ending was at least acceptable when you have the dark tone for the whole series. But with FK? *Horror*!!! Told you, I dropped it while ago but I still can’t believe that ending, how Softy and the audience of FK would feel! I really don’t understand what they were thinking.

        Back to QIHM :) Of course we should, right Iviih? ^^ I’m glad to see you here and there too!
        Softy, I was laughing so hard reading the word “sageuk klepto” Ha ha, I should know it better ^^ But I’m afraid you got distracted from too much dramas, so I was waiting until RP ends to ask you again, if you by chance watch QIHM ^^ Gald you watching it, and loving it too. With your comments on QIHM, there’re more reasons to love it ^^ Thank you so much, for sharing your love on QIHM with us :)

        I’ll see you around, Iviih ^^

        • Feima says:

          this week is like a number of finale for kdrama – FOTG, FK, RTP and K2H ~ i decided to forget all about FK ~ and waiting anxiously that RTP and K2H give me a better ending ~ and yes QIHM is a more likeable drama to watch :)

  9. Iviih :) says:

    Hello everyone! Queen In Hyun’s man lovers! Today was a dabaek episode!!!!!!!!!

    Cuts of our lovely couple.

    Spoiler episode 11. Not sure Softy if you watched this episode…. but the spoilers are happy and awesome ones lol

    Soompi is down…..

    And the spoiler I read came true…. can’t believe it. That is why I avoided the soompi thread after this, because all spoilers came true…. and this one was the same. So sad.

    (I really want to thank cable dramas! LOL)

    • Iviih :) says:

      This part here ->”And the spoiler I read came true…. can’t believe it. That is why I avoided the soompi thread after this, because all spoilers came true…. and this one was the same. So sad.”
      is about king 2 hearts episode 19….

    • Hillary says:

      I smile everytime I see the QIHM OTP… Their chemistry is really something to see.

    • So3 says:

      Iviih, I’m on QIHM ship with you!!! So in love with this drama! Ep 11 was daebak and I always think the last episode was the best only because the new episode isn’t out yet LOL

      Love this writer+PD team to pieces.

  10. So3 says:

    Awww _<

    • So3 says:

      meant to say

      “Awww Softy you’ve already watched Ep 11 of QIHM~~ I’m glad you like it! Only 5 more episodes to go and I’m dreading to say goodbye to this drama =( “

    • feima says:

      watching QIHM does not give me a big headache ~ it reflects the honest loving feeling and makes me realise fuzzy feeling of being in love ~ no tricks n lies ~

  11. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy. How are you and everyone here? I am supposed to be editing ep 20 RP but am so down in the dumps I can’t be bothered. I feel kind of incapacitated. Sigh.

  12. Iviih says:

    Oh Softy, I know right? Yesteday and today’s episode of QIHM was so dabaek, no?

    the last scene thanks for translating it. I was so sad for BD T__T even the horse made me cry lol

    Btw Softy, do you know if YW knows if BD is dead or not? I just watched the raw so no idea.

    Here some cuts thanks to lyrayoo

  13. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy how are you? I’ve been buried in Bride Mask the last 2 days. Man, I hate, hate the cast list. Since it’s been compiled nicely by melare. It took countless pms and re arranging of the groups. Hope it helps you, this is the first time I can’t remember everyone. I swear I was cursing the last 2 days trying to get the names, jobs, interests, groups right.


    I am just minutes into ep 2 of QIHM dear. Finally having time to watch it, been avoiding spoilers like crazy but couldn’t avoid ep 11 spoilers. I didn’t even read the DB recaps. Must be my new drama method. It’s silly but I just love the sageuk speech between her and her manager so far in ep 2. I don’t even know what’s her name. But so far, I am amused with ep 1. Easy pacing, easy to watch. It’s always nice to watch a leading pair with some brain cells and independant thought.

    • Softy says:

      Thanks for the list ck. that’s the only confusing part about this drama – so many characters. every time a new one shows up, I’m like “another one? just shoot me now” :)

      I think I bugged Fanderay so much she had no choice but to watch QIHM. I kept wanting her to draw something from it so now she is working on a few. I got to see one and it’s stunning. You are wayyyyyyy behind everyone my friend. Thundie just emailed she is going to watch e5 tonight and Fanderay was up to E12 or E13 I think. how do you intend to avoid the finale next week cuz everyone is going to talk about it I bet. just to give you a heads up, make sure you dont read my thoughts on the side widget next week cuz I will probably talk about qihm there. :)

      • ck1Oz says:

        It’s fine dear. I’ve perfected the art of skimming. Once I read the first few lines for ep 11 here, I stopped looking at your sidebar. That is the reason I haven’t been around.

        Rediscovered reading books the last month that is why my drama watching dropped significantly. It is also because I have a new love, the Korean musical drama actor.Jo Jeong Seok. In fact, just to watch this guy, I’ve signed up for a sageuk. I seriously don’t think we will get subbers because the subject matter is YET another Joseon era Doctor. I know right? Don’t the broadcasters have ANY imagination. The drama ” Veterinarian” who becomes a physician. The lead- who has never been in a drama- therefore no one will help. It’s this guy.

      • So3 says:

        woah good to know Fanderay is watching QIHM too!! woohoo!! can’t wait to see her new paintings and I definitely would love to know her opinion about it! :)

  14. ck1Oz says:

    Softy someone just emailed me to especially said Joo Won was shirtless yesterday. Where is the gif Ginko :-)

    Just when you stopped the recap, he goes topless. Haha.

  15. Ginko says:

    It’s the first time I ever watched a last scene with my chin quivering from crying so much with emotion

    I was trembling and quivering the whole time, I can’t even breath now.
    So much emotion it hurts too much.

    • Ginko says:

      oops, sorry, I wanted to quote your sentence from the widget, meant to use quote tag. Forget my brain after QIHM ep 15.

    • So3 says:

      OMG I just finished Ep 15 – it was so heartbreaking but the writing itself is just superb! How can they change the mood of an episode from happiness to suspense to dismay in just a minute?? How did they make this happen? This drama is simply DA BEST!

      • Anonymous says:

        I just watched the raw ep, couldn’t understand everything but believe me I understood more than enough to be bawling my eyes out for the last half of the ep. I can’t wait for ep 16!

    • Feima says:

      OMG!!!!!! This ajumma here have not settle her emotions eversince i watch the second half of the episode ~ *emotionally drained* now working like a zombie till tonite finale

  16. Iviih says:


    Ji Hyun Woo confessed to In Na that he really likes her at the screening party of the last episode!!!

    Everyone was so shocked! He said it in front of everyone, his fans, and family and staff…

    In Na was shocked (Not sure because she really didn’t know or that she didn’t think he would confess like this in front of everyone. Gah, I really, really hope they were already dating and In Na was just shocked he told everyone this………. but she said they would have a serious talk after the party so I’m a bit nervous, what if she rejects him? *cries* And still now no reply from In Na…. :()

  17. Ginko says:

    Softy dear,

    I’m not myself anymore after the shocking confession of JHW to YIN, ha ha, I’m living in cloud 9, I was busily spazzing and screaming, and running every forum and blog :)

    Just drop by to share last episode’s gifs.





    • MJShinshi says:

      W.O.W. Ginko those are some gifs! I am speachless…..RL is killing my kdrama watching time and spazzing on here big time!! I still keep up through Cadence and thanks to softy and all the fans following and sharing for keeping me from going crazy not watching along with you all! :D :D

    • Softy says:

      Hey Ginko – thanks for these gifs – they make me sad again cuz qihm ended. but i read there will be a special on next week. I wonder how a cable drama can have a special for a 16 ep drama that barely brought in 2% ratings each night. I guess since this drama was so wonderful, they made an exception. Lucky for us. :)

  18. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy, my pick me up today post Gaksital. Hope you guys have a happy weekend. Would you believe I still have ep 13-16 of QIHM to watch :-)

    • ck1Oz says:

      Ahhh… sanctuary. * ck flops in a heap here in your blog *. And listens to the song.
      Sorry for the long silence. Real life and viki life does not mix with K drama addiction. :-)
      You know that QIHM drama thingy? I still haven’t watched ep 13-16 yet. However am going to be editing ep 2 and 3 tonight. 2 a day till it’s done.
      Did you hear, viki dumped 16 episodes of drama on us last week. Been mad crazy cajoling, begging, encouraging and nagging. 16 episodes. 1 week. The team is freakin’ awesome. However think we tired everyone out as all the strong subbers who came ( from the current 5 actively subbing dramas) subbed and subbed. There was so much love for that drama and so many smiling viewers who left.
      Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Oops, the song has finished. Happy Mon and Tues :-) See you Wednesday.

      p/s that episode of 1N2D with Uhm Tae Woong doing the wet t shirt look and dancing. I laughed so much till I cried, it was so embarassing.

    • Anonymous says:

      =D !!! that MV is SOOOO CUTE!! high five to Standing Egg fan(?)* lol

      btw.. am I a late discoverer or has everybody seen that the childhood version of Mok Dan is played by the child actress who played Yeon Do in The Crucible? (!!!) eyes pop out* I’m really happy to see her though =] she’s awesome

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