Guess we are starting a new page every 100 comments or so :)

To help us with our CYHMH withdrawal – just added an Mnet Wide interview with KJW- think my idea backfired cuz I miss him more now…

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    • Fanderay says:

      This is definitely on my to-watch list! I’ve only seen LDW in My Girl before, but I watched TBDaW with Lee Jun Ki right beforehand so I had second-lead syndrome and didn’t enjoy him as much as I should’ve. What’s with his hair in this though? Why is it so puffy on top? It makes me feel like it’s set in the 80′s.

      Kim Sun Ah looks great though. I even like her in nerd-mode!

    • Softy says:

      Wow-She mentioned how she was going to die right in the trailer over and over – “until I do everything I want – since it’s unfair- I won’t die. For the first time, I am going to live the right way – I am going to live till i die.” What I am wondering is how she ended up on that trip with the chaebol guy or is it all a dream sequence? Can’t believe they used the same tango music as the American movie – scent of a woman. He wasn’t dying in that one – he chose to kill himself I thought and the kid made him change his mind.

      • iviih says:

        I know Softy, why they put that song in the teaser ? lol

        Btw, love scent of a woman, one of my fav movies. I love the tango scene! The song’s name is ” Por Una Cabeza ”, this music is so beautiful and charming!!

        Al Pacino really deserved the award he won for this role. And yes Softy he wanted to die because he felt he wasn’t useful to anyone anymore, and he hated to depend on someone (his character is blind), but after some days with Charlie he decided to go on living… such a good movie! I love the Ferrari Test Drive Scene, I love the tango scene, the Ending Speech… weee better stop here xD

        Here the tango scene:

        Sorry for saying so much about this movie here. lol

        • Softy says:

          Why are you saying sorry – I love remembering this movie – it’s one of my favs too :) man I had such a crush on Chris O’Donnell. I still say it’s one of his best work even tho he was knew to acting in that one. He went up against the best actor and stood his ground pretty well. Sometimes in the middle of translating, I wish I could talk about American movies or dramas too. It feels weird sometimes to always stick to Kdramas cuz I bet others here watch BBC or American dramas too like me. Thank goodness for torrents or else I would not be able to survive in Seoul without them. :)

    • Softy says:

      Softy can’t be lured for this one – I read the recaps and then tried to watch it-still can’t stand the lead actress even more than before and there is something about this actor that just isn’t convincing – his speaking voice, looks, and comedic delivery just isnt working for me * sorry to Eric’s fans* but omg I am in love with the other guy – the one choi Ji woo dated – wow what a face – if only I could understand more of what he says cuz the supposedly north Korean way of conversing is confusing. Hey at least you guys got me to give it a shot- but I knew it would be a “pass” before I even pressed “play” :)

      • ck1Oz says:

        Sigh softy’s got a ‘hard’ side.Oh yes Lee Chi Wook and Lee Dong Wook.My 2 Wookies on at the same time.I am happy.

        Oh man why did they have have to break up?He is 6years younger right?They cited pressures from the media/fans.They were dating all through army for crying out loud.

        Eric…I am sure he will change his hair colour,Then will you watch him?

        • Softy says:

          Sweetie -Eric’s hair color is the least of it – i didn’t even realize he HAD a weird color till you just mentioned it cuz I wasn’t looking too carefully – I would be doing other things till the other cute guy came on then look away till he came back on again. Then when that old actor I can’t stand from Midas came on I would quickly fast forward – his face terrifies me- at this rate it is safe to say – this drama is a skip for me. Just look for scent of a woman here. I am cutting back to only 2 dramas after CH ends – SOAW and YFFM. softy has 2 months of sleep to catch up on. :)

  1. ck1Oz says:

    SOFTY.Have you seen Fanderay’s SKKS docks watercolours?She caused me to have a heart attack.I LOVED it and now it’s on my desktop.It’s gorgeous.

    I can’t tell you how much I love it Fanderay.I was waiting for your blog to be done before I sent my thank you notes to my subbers.All of them got a WR/DJ walking backward painting.It is one of my favourites.Thank you for the thank note note for my manager as well.It is so sweet.

    • Softy says:

      I memorized every thing she painted – they are my backgrounds for iPhone, iPad, and desktops :) the one she did for iljimae where he is sitting on the edge of a cliff is my fav along with cyhmh d and w under the tree :)

    • Fanderay says:

      Hahah, you guys are so funny. Your comments always make my days.

      Today is a depressing morning because when I grabbed my phone in bed to check my RSS feeds, there was no CYHMH post on Rebel Souls. 6am here = 10pm in Seoul, so I’m reprogrammed to not even sleep in on weekends anymore.

      My sketchbook has been heavy to CYHMH, but in honor of the void I’m sure we’re all feeling this weekend, I’m painting Cha Dong Joo today. Episode 29 :)

      • Softy says:

        Woohoo!!! We get more dong joo :) I came rushing home and made it by 9 and realized I didn’t need to – and on wed night I was looking for CYHMH trailer to translate, but there wasnt one – man it’s depressing. to think in the beginning I looked forward to the end – I must have been crazy. I checked out the new stills for scent of a woman tonight – fingers crossed that it’s good. If it is you might have to hold off sleeping in for another 8wks. :)

        • Fanderay says:

          It’s ok, I’m already getting up early for YFFM/CH Wednesdays and Thursdays, so why not go all week? :D

          I’ve noticed that I enjoy watching dramas along with your transcaps more than I do with subs. I think it might be because I pay more attention to the intonation of the words and end up getting more out of the dialogue. When I have subtitles I get so tuned out that I don’t even notice if they’re using banmal or jondaetmal.

          • Softy says:

            Great compliment but omg don’t say stuff like that -it makes me want to be more thorough – esp with CH cuz I just zip thru that sucker – there just isn’t time to make it complete cuz YFFM viewers are waiting for their turn and not sleeping till they read it :)
            As much as I love Kdramas or American dramas, I can’t think of a single one I would wake up that early for – seriously – I have no problems now going to bed at 6am but if I had to wake up by that time, I would rather give up watching dramas. Seriously, I don’t even book any morning flights out of Korea cuz I know I will oversleep. Last time my driver had to call me like 20 times to get me up and I almost missed my flight. He had to run like a million red lights and break almost every driving law to get me there barely on time and I had to endure the humiliation of having my name called throughout the airport terminal. And then when I got on the plane, every single passenger glared at me cuz a plane won’t take off when a first class passenger hasn’t boarded yet- they wait a few more mins. Boy that was one mistake I will never repeat – having a plane full of ppl hating your guts all at the same time is not pleasant. :)

            • Fanderay says:

              Hahha, no! Please don’t be more thorough! I usually catch up to your YFFM recapping and end up spamming refresh all morning, and you recap just the right amount.

              It’s funny, because I’ve spent many a night watching dramas until 6am, so it’s weird for me to get up so early too. It just so happens that my husband is on an early work schedule right now though, so it works out kinda perfect. I try to sleep in a couple extra hours though so that the transcaps are done and I don’t have to wait impatiently for download links.

              That’s pretty hilarious that you can’t even make a morning flight though (you sound like my husband. Even though he sets two alarms I still have to practically beat him to get him up). I’m sure everyone on that plane was thinking “typical first-class passenger, can’t even bother to show up on time!” It’s not like you get to explain yourself either, so you just have to sit there and wallow in shame. Glad it wasn’t me!

  2. kcomments says:

    Dear Softy, thank you for your kindness, I decided to move Warrior Baek Dong Soo somewhere else cuz it wouldn’t be nice to cramp all this long text on your blog, and this drama is so beautiful to look at, it deserves nice screen caps. I take all my words back, in the process of creating a blog for WBDS, will let you know. Thanks again. ^_^

    • Softy says:

      Kcomments – it was ok to put summaries here – you didn’t take up any space at all- I did with all my long comments about traveling cuz I wanted to be thorough – also didn’t u say u might drop wbds? Now u r getting a blog too? I tried watching e3 and 4 but it was so hard to understand without ur summaries

      • kcomments says:

        Yo! As I was typing the summary, I really wanted to put screen caps on it, also edit/append/caps on WordPress editor really made it faster and easier. Hum…for this drama,I just loved the dialogs of Baek Dong Soo, the way he’s shaping up to be a real hero is kind of interesting. Plus, you know I love beautiful cinematography. After CH ends, I think may be this is the only drama I will be following, it’s kind of fun. Summary will be based on subs, so shouldn’t be any pressure I can do it slowly. And I enjoy your Seoul answers, will do more next week, no historic places, hehe. The blog is popv in WordPress (was using it privately for programing test for a while). It might look a bit plain, for summary should be ok. ^_^
        So it’s “popv.wordpress.com”

    • Fanderay says:

      Oooh, yay! I’m going to wait to start this show until your blog is up I think. Please make posts of all your original WBSD summaries if you don’t mind :) KDH2 is a scary place these days.

      • kcomments says:

        Sorry, too lazy, I copied ep3 but just cramped ep1-2 into one ^^ If you want a full story, pls read on KDH2. I think KDH2 just take longer to load but should be ok to go and read. Also, will visit your blog soon, love all your CYHMH’s headers for Softy. ^_^

        • Softy says:

          Omg kcomments – first great job on the blog – secondly ask me how much I laughed expecting to see DS’s face but social network is staring back at me. The first 7 mins is my fav. You should read the actual script – it’s more amazing than the movie. I read the script 3 months before the movie came out. So you are a Aaron Sorkin fan too? He writes really well huh? When I think about how he got paid 6 million for this script, I can’t help but be proud of him. So glad he is writing for another tv show – woohoo! You know you are the one who convinced me to go watch Kung Fu panda when you raved about it on this blog somewhere. You were 100% right.
          I love your blog – all the screen caps makes it easier to follow along. I had no idea you loved WBDS so much. What does popv mean? Are they initials? You used it before I remember. Looking forward to more Seoul questions. :)

          • kcomments says:

            Aww…Thanks, glad you love it. Actually, this is my first with Aaron Sorkin, what his new tv show will be about? I saw the movie because a kid from Harvard got to be a millionaire without finishing school (Jeez!). I saw on YT, the real Mark talked about the movie, he didn’t explicitly say yes or no to the movie, clever guy. Oh..p-please, my Kang Fu Panda 2, love love, mama goose(or duck?) was not sure her panda son knew, he was adopted buahahaha….inner peace! So proud of those animators. I don’t love WBDS like CYHMH but there is something in this drama that I want to follow along, tho I want the story to loosen up a bit on Sageuk part and focus more on fusion. I like the set up, want to see the reunion of DS and GT, but not hope for a happy ending (think Hong Gil Dong). For the name I tried a lot but it kept telling me that somebody taken it, so I thought of pop then added v (just random), it got thru so that’s about it. Initially to use for video testing then felt fun. Yeah Seoul, I laughed at your traffic lights, Ck told me too not to drive in Seoul. But in a drama, a hero looks mighty fine when driving, LOL.

            • Softy says:

              As for the driving part, a lot of actors are not even driving when their faces have close up shots – the car is on some kind of flat truck bed- you see this from time to time when you are in Seoul. No one pays attention unless it looks like someone really interesting is in the car :) the sportier the car – the younger the actor but there is no way to follow them unless you are in a cab.
              Aaron’s new show is going to be on HBO and it’s about a cable news network. That’s all I know so far.
              I am still on the fence about WBDS – I am hanging in there till the adult cast comes on, but I sure hope it gets easier. That scene with the well was like – what the crap – they were underwater for like forever and they didn’t drown?? And why didn’t BDS go look for the prince- he just left him there on the edge of the water after he saved him. I would’ve looked for him if I just risked my life to save his butt. Yeah a loose end sort of irks me :)

            • kcomments says:

              Truthfully, I watched this drama like City Hunter. The writer is an internet novelist, I guess that’s why, DS feels like a hero from a manga, but I heard there is a real legendary BDS. Now I think of Bluesy. Q: What’s the right word for DS’s thing he hung on his waist? I didn’t know how to call that when typing the summary. That wooden water jar. Help ^_^!

  3. iviih says:

    Hi everyome! I’m so lost where to comment, so many places lol

    So how have you been? I’m still missing CYHMH? .. T__T

    Soo a article about Kim Jae Won talking about his role :)


    Oppa is such a nice person :)

    • Fanderay says:

      Oh my goodness, so sweet! His answer to the last question is my favorite because there are so few people like that these days. It bothers me that the trend in kdramas these days is that people always prioritize their careers before their relationships and families. I was a bit worried in CYHMH when Woo Ri said that she was going to go follow her dream (mostly because it seemed so sudden and out of character) but then it just turned out that she wanted to master sign language. I love that KJW is genuinely a family person IRL; it’s very refreshing :)

      • iviih says:

        I know right? I also loved his answer for the last question, so sweet! Family first, work secondly. I love guys that think this way.

        Wish I could be his wife… well better not, I’m as white as he is, your kids would be too white… bwahahaha :)

        He is a person so caring…. love him more and more.

        (Also glad he will stick with good guy roles :) )

    • nikesma says:

      Awww… thank you so much for the links! I get the feeling he will do a family drama next? The one that runs a 100 episode or so! XD

    • kcomments says:

      Aww…thanks. I love his interview made me love him even more. I miss you KIM.JAE.WON. He sounds so nice, ok if he do a family drama even 100++ ep, front row ticket sold! ^^

  4. Fanderay says:

    btw all you CYHMH addicts, my CDJ sketches are up (clicking my name will bring you there). I have tons of dramas to catch up on, but I don’t even want to today b/c it’s not the same :(

    • hartofseeker says:

      CYHMH addicts~ Put Your Hands Up!!…. omgosh… i did NOT just say that lol ahhh i’m just reminiscing my Saturdays and Sundays where I jump to read softy’s recaps for CYHMH and everyone’s discussions T-T feeling a bit lonely… >x<;;;

      by the way Fanderay~~ I've been searching everywhere… this unabashed MR/JH-fan…. for gifs of a) JH's "Did you eat? I'm hungry" mime through the window b) JH's expressions as he tries to make a hackysack for WR and c) the adorkable bromance scene of DJ asking JH to save his hackysack via surgery for the last– oops i mean umpteenth time– on the bed…. would you know where they might be or if you can even make them?~~

      but again, words cannot express the CYHMH gifts that you've already given us~~ <3

      • Softy says:

        Hey “translator” – glad to see you here :) that’s true that we don’t have enough MR – didn’t realize till you said that. We will have to do something about that asap.
        Saw on the other page you are from NY. Even tho I thought it was scary at night, I forgot to mention how I love the city. I am a huge fan of Serendipity and its frozen hot chocolate and when it closed down for a few months I had a heart attack. Then it reopened thank goodness. I can’t always drop by when I go to the states to visit my sis who lives near Chicago so I order the frozen hot chocolate online. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I went to Vegas and saw there was a second Serendipity store there. Seriously thought I had died and gone to heaven- I think I had it every day the whole week I was there. Also NYC has the best cupcakes in the world – Seoul only has one or two decent places. I also managed to track down the best bubble tea, carrot cake, and NY cheesecake in Korea as well. It took a lot of research, but none of my friends are complaining cuz they love it too. :)

        • Anonymous says:

          Haha so I now have the nickname of “translator”? lol wow… that is my most undeserved nickname ever XP but thank you thank you… if I find any dramas I really really like recapped by you I’ll see if I can be of help again… XD i kinda need to earn the title y’know hehe

          and I have to say, despite living in NYC, I fail to know as much as you do about good food places XD hahaha but glad to know that you got around and found what you want =P I guess i kinda take the array of food available to me here for granted haha so hearing that from you is a good reminder =D

          haha now that CYHMH is over i think your KDhighlights are going to be the pages I haunt instead XD it’s fun talking to you guys =P

      • Fanderay says:

        I’ve never made a gif before, but I get the impression that it’s not super difficult. I think you usually need one program (like KM player) to pull frames from the show, and then another one (like photoshop) to assemble them into a gif.

        I would give it a go, but I’ve been stuck with just my netbook for the last month, and have been using my husband’s computer to scan things. I wanted to make a video of Shin singing acoustic “keuriwaseo” from last episode, but my little netbook just wasn’t up to the task.

      • kcomments says:

        These days, if CYHMH comes up it my mind, I would smile like a buffoon, and ppl would just look at me, LOL.
        This drama leaves you with fuzzy fuzzy feeling. I thought to myself, when DJ put the ring on WR’s finger, he should have kissed her forehead and then hugged her…gahhhhh! KJW’s kiss deprived still, I’m telling you.

  5. ck1Oz says:

    Oh man I love that cliff photo.
    Oh the subbers loved your drawings.A couple even said it was their favourite photo from the series.
    Sigh.You’ve made me all nostalgic dear.I can’t believe it’s ended.Man I miss the recap and I miss my team.
    However…see you all this Sat?Me busy with Scent of a woman this week.I had to catch up on my dramas so watched RT,Drunken to love you ep 1-13 and Myung Wol.Not feeling much excitement in KD though.Ahh…Joon Ha now that you’ve redeemed I want to pinch your cheeks :-)

  6. ck1Oz says:

    Softy have you got this?I recognise the name ajewell.She follows your blog right?They are tons of scenes for Fandaray if she is ever inspired.
    Can we interest both of you in The Princess’ Man?That is one drama I want to watch because of the cinematography but not sure if my heart can stand it.

    • Fanderay says:

      Ahhhh, I shouldn’t have watched that! *waving/fanning at face*. Such a well done video, and such a good song choice!

      I have so many CYHMH scenes to draw it’s ridiculous. I’m banning myself from WR/DJ for at least…4 days, but I can’t even decides on Y and D, M and W, etc etc.

      I know how you feel regarding PM. I really don’t want to watch it, but then I watch a trailer and it’s soooooo pretty.

      I’m also not so sure about PSH yet. It’s not so much his hair that bothers me, but his face. Even though I’m sure there WERE technically faces like his in Joseon times, it doesn’t seem like it belongs. His face almost has a bit of a clownish element to it (I don’t mean that in an insulting way) and it feels too modern to be in a sageuk (although the trailers are starting to convince me otherwise).

      My least favorite part of sageuks has always been the horse-hair hats, but I think I’m finally over that. I was so happy that YAI almost never wore one in SKKS.

    • kcomments says:

      Ck, thanks! Also dear Ajewell, miss our discussion hu hu…

  7. Softy says:

    Hey CK, I am outside with my iPad and this video doesn’t show up so I will watch it later when I get home. Of course I remember Ajewell -she follows TP too. Bet this will be great :)

    Sorry – but gonna pass on PM – you know me – sageuk isn’t my forte – actually being fluent enough to tackle even a sageuk trailer would be a challenge. If this was a modern time setting – it would be a whole different story cuz then he wouldn’t have that hairstyle that makes me cringe for him. It looks so much better up than down so I have no idea why they took the pics with it down like that.

    • kcomments says:

      @boonboon Thank you!
      Dear Softy, could you please translate? They are so cute and happy. KJW’s smiles are the best, and NGM just is so hawtt with Tee *fanning self* Softy, pretty pls. *hug hug*

    • Softy says:

      Thanks boonboon – here are the parts I understood- KJW was asked what he succeeded in and he said “acting”. the interviewer asked what changed for KJW now that the drama is over and he said he has more free time…he was nervous so he was tired…watching the drama and CDJ he wondered if those ppl’s hearts were comforted (I think he was referring to the hearing impaired ppl)…with one word CDJ is – and before he could answer his fans said “a nice fool”-then about the bromance between him and NM – he said that he wished he could see NM in a cool role cuz NM kept looking at him with loving stares (LOL). when NM was interviewed he said he was sad it was over – he got a lot of fans from this drama and then they showed some clips cuz i guess ppl made a parody of his shower scene. he was asked what bong maru is in one word and he replied a kid whose heart ached a lot. then they talked about how W shook (made their hearts waver/flutter) M’s heart and D’s heart and the actress said lots of ppl said it was cuz W was too nice and some didnt like W for doing that. both actors were asked what they would do in real life (if they fought over a girl when they are brothers) NM said he would choose her as a younger sister and KJW said he would not step aside for his hyung. then the video got fuzzy but NM said KJW was cute. For the stair kiss scene KJW said the director had cameras from all angles so it took a while to shoot. the actress said she liked all the kiss scenes cuz KJW has angelina jolie’s lips.she was asked between KJW and NM who is her ideal and she said there isnt one (look at her real life bf- he looks nothing like these two guys). KJW left after the korean barbebecue wrap party to go watch the last episode with the cast at a quiet cafe but he joked he was going to the second drinking place.NM said now that he left the show behind he is sad. actress said in her life it was the best time/memory and KJW asked fans to tune in I think for his next project.
      Why did NM show up wearing a cap? He was always wearing suits so it was so strange to see him looking so casual. The kids looked adorable as usual. Somewhere on soompi I read that the lead actress is going on a 2 wk family trip to Europe with her bf tagging along too. It’s her first time in Europe so if any fans spot a small group of Koreans, let us know. :)

      • kcomments says:

        Thanks Softy, so sweet of you. All I got from your translation, “KJW has angelina jolie’s lips” LOL, KJW’s next project? Please pm me asap, I hope it’s not a Sageuk drama ><! And NGM looked HOT (I noticed lots of vids on YT for JH), little DJ and WR so cute. Thanks.

      • boonboon says:

        Thanks Softy,for your translation.^__^

  8. kcomments says:

    Since we have our mutual agreement to skip historic sites, this video by visitkorea is really nice introduction to UNESCO World Heritage in Korea.

    Seoul : Shop!Shop!Shop!
    @Softy, the book suggested many places, you can choose the one(s) you feel comfortable with.
    -Namdaemun Market
    -Dongdaemun Shopping Complex
    -Pyounghwa Fashion Town Market
    -Nampyounghwa Market
    -Myeongdong Market
    Some of these places you can shop until 5am in the morning? That’s so cool.
    Myeongdong in action. Nice video uploaded by avingusa@YT. If you don’t understand Chinese, you can turn off the volume. ^^

    Q: What’s you doing there Softy? Is it a nice bargain here? Currently my chic brand name ZARA hehe.

    • Softy says:

      Itaewon is near the hyatt hotel – free shuttle bus to itaewon – most stores are open till 7 but not many ppl go here to shop for clothes as much – mostly Nike and other sportswear and fake handbags. They have every type of food you could want. YAI hangs out a lot here to drink. The places that are open till 5am are Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun, Doota (it used to be cheap, but prices went up lately so it is no longer a bargain to shop here ever since they renovated and made it pretty) not sure about Myeongdong and other two Markets cuz I don’t go there to eat or shop.the chosun hotel and lotte dept store are nearby Myeongdong – it is a huge shopping area so lots of ppl go there all the time to shop. They have almost every brand of clothes like Zara, forever 21, and H&M. Ppl who live here like to shop at other places like dept stores, near Ewha University, apkujeoung, and karulsukil which is like the soho of Seoul. It’s one long main street with side streets full of original designs for relatively reasonable prices for the most part. This is the street where you see celebs or models all the time- almost everyone famous comes here when they visit. For shopping – this place is worth a trip.

  9. kcomments says:

    Man, Softy, WBDS ep 5 was so great, the adult casts were all out! I really thought of you, will be soooo happy if you could recap this one. *flashing my eye lashes* pretty please, so I can sit and read yours, hehe. Ok, the fighting scenes were a bit mess in some sense but good nonetheless.

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      you are joking right? do you know how short my recap would be? like 5 lines. I have to understand more than one word per sentence – YOU are my recapper remember? I am counting on you! I havent seen the 5th ep cuz I thought you said the adult cast would come out on ep8 – they are already out? guess I have to watch tm then.

      • kcomments says:

        YO! It’s a really fast paced episode tonight, the OST was used during the transition to adult. Hum…but I think the long hair one looked hotter. And I just guessed about ep8, but woo hoo.. be warned don’t think too much when swords start flying LOL. And no, YOU are my recapper, hope we’ll find drama we both like soon. Please check it out, they talked less and fight more, perhaps you would reconsider. ^_^

  10. REBEL SOULS says:

    hey kcomments – I was on CYHMH soompi thread cuz I was going back thru the pages cuz I hadnt been there in a long time and found a link you posted – it was an interview with KJW on “Mnet wide” on 5-11 – did anyone translate this? could you post the link again here please? at first there was a fly that kept distracting him thru the whole interview so that is why he was swatting at them – after 5 yrs this is his comeback drama-
    ppl around him said about CYHMH – it’s really fun-enjoy watching it -I think you chose really well to do this drama-it’s daebak (the best)- around him the best rating is 30%- he auditioned on an evening and got the role within a week-he wondered what role he should take on and the moment he saw the script for this – he thought this is going to be great-plus so many talented actors were attached to it so he thought it would be good for him. narrator said since this role was not an easy one, instead of trying to understand with his mind – KJW embraced DJ with his heart and whole body. KJW: while I was playing this role – I thought – thru this role and drama- how could I convey a warm message to ppl who are hearing impaired so thru the whole time I was acting or doing something else -I acted like I couldnt hear – even in real life I cant hear well -it’s not something I am saying to be funny -even when I was talking to ppl face to face – without realizing I didnt look at their eyes and kept looking at their mouths while I conversed – I kept being startled cuz I didnt realize but I kept staring at their mouths while talking. then he was asked about his future love line with Woori (HJE) and he says honestly he doesnt know cuz he gets the script and has to act it out right away so he doesnt know about what will come later on. from ep 11 the love line around Junha, W, and DJ will come up. since this is a family drama – it’s warm….to express love… so I thought it would be better not to come on too strong. I probably said I would never film a bed scene – between characters in love it might end up being a bad or good scene but later in front of my wife and kids – wont it be a little embarrassing – I think about that so I want to avoid it a little. ABOUT HIS OWN LOOKS – I dont have strong standout features like creased eyelids or a high nose -it’s not a great looking face – looking at it overall – it doesnt lack balance and isnt imtimidating and looks comfortable-that kind of image. I tried tanning and it didn’t look good on me (didnt suit me)- about scandals:(jokingly) there might be a scandal with this project – if there is a good opportunity and I meet someone good – it would be good to have one-right now – my fans who came to visit when I was in the army said to me “dont even think about dating and just act” so i said to them “I understand.” Because of all the staff he has been with for ten yrs and camera directors I worked with over the past yrs -long time ago they would tell me what they want me to do and how to do it but now since I have been at this for a while – they tell me I should know by now and leave it up to me to do it so he struggles and finds those things hard cuz he doesnt know what to do. Dream he wants to have fulfilled: the drama CYHMH that I am filming now- I hope it will remain a warm -good drama for 2011 for many ppl – in my profile – out of all the dramas KJW was in -this is his best work -that’s what I hope ppl will say about it. if I’m being greedy – I hope I can film a good movie that will be well received by fans and audience. he ended with a cheesy line – did you hear my heart? (LOL)

    • Beng-beng says:

      where can i watch the video interview? It was so nice of him to be careful about love scenes, in respect for his future family. Gosh, he is such a nice man to think of that, eventhough there’s none yet =) I’m falling in love with him more and more!!!

    • kcomments says:

      You asked and I deliver LOL. Aren’t we twin?

      Mnet wide special – Kim Jae Won

      Credits : tadjang129@YT

    • ck1Oz says:

      Aigoo softy I don’t think I can take anymore reminders on how sweet KJW is.I took on this drama because of him and it’s not making it easier to let go.

      This is the 2nd time I’ve heard him mention wife and kids in a week.Er…are you single and available and the correct age group softy :-)

      Man he really wants to get married huh post army.What do you mean ‘don’t date and just act?’

      Anyway I digress.Thank you for the recap.

      • Softy says:

        His fans told him ” don’t date and just do acting” which made me think he needs new fans – according to his Korean age he should be dating and settling down so I think it’s kinda sweet of him to humor them and agree, but I say ignore them and date :) Cuz I wanna see him in a scandal with another great actress.

  11. Fanderay says:


    K: Who would console you! Lee Shin, you’re such an fool!
    K: I found your necklace. I will not care whomever you like or not. I don’t like you.
    SH Tomorrow, there will be an audition for a heroine.
    Boy: K didn’t come to school today. Her grandfather knew everything.
    K: Uh?
    Shin: I just, wanted to try to take the bus.

    Looks like we’re going to get lots of K and S goodness! I just finished getting caught up on CH, so I feel like I need it. I don’t think I can take one more overly dramatic tough love scene of “you shouldn’t be near me; it’s dangerous” and “It’s ok, I’ll protect you, I know judo” followed by the even more dramatic song “gooodbye, dont cry, just smile….”.

    Also, I’ve noticed that EVERYTHING makes me think of CYHMH now. As soon as I heard “babo” in that preview I got D/W flashbacks, and when you guys acted impatient to get to the adults in WBDS I was like “Psh, what? The kids aren’t amazingly awesome and almost as captivating as the adult leads?”

    Also also, I think I’m twelve because I totally cracked up at Shin dropping all those books. So much for his cool exterior!

    • Softy says:

      Hey Fanderay,
      I think these translations were rushed- spotted some errors- what she actually said was “who said I would console you” ” I won’t (make it my business) who you like or not from now on” – she was throwing his earlier words back at him.”I’m saying I don’t like you” “she got caught by her grandpa” ” hi – just thought I should take the bus once in a while”
      Have you seen the WBDS kids? the CYHMH kids blow them away and can “act” circles around them :)

      • Fanderay says:

        Oooh, thank you! I was actually wondering about the translation because originally it called K a he instead of a she (which I changed). Of course no pronoun was actually used, so it’s an easier mistake to make, but it certainly made me wonder if it was rushed :)

        I am JUST starting the first episode of WBDS this very second, so hopefully the kids are good enough to get me to episode 5. Did you watch 5 yet? Are the adults as good as you had hoped?

        • Softy says:

          Still didn’t watch E5 yet but plan to on my commute home. Kcomments is raving about it so I am assuming it’s great. Will let you know later. I forwarded your question about numbers to blue so will post her response when it comes up.
          For the first time in months, I slept at a normal hour. I finally feel like I am back in the land of the living. I am never going to do recaps mon-sun ever again. Having only fri off was not enough. After getting a decent nights sleep, now I realize what I have been missing out on. :)

          • Fanderay says:

            Thanks Softy! I appreciate it you forwarding the question, although I feel bad that you went that far!

            Glad to hear that you’re getting some proper rest (you must have felt like a zombie. Did you crave brains?). I’m impressed that you managed to stay so incredibly coherent for all that time!

            Of course, you’ve probably just jinxed yourself by saying that you’ll never do mon-sun recaps again. You’re pretty much just asking for a Fall full of the most irresistibly awesome dramas ever.

  12. ck1Oz says:

    Softy.Heads up I am about to pick up a new drama.Can’t lose with the actor who plated Oska.

    Now what?It has CSW the crying queen but it’s supposed to be light and funny.Either way I am going to try to be on the viki staff for this one.I am worried about the writer though.Sigh,why do they torture us with great casting then it could all go to pieces if the writer’s not good.Oh dear oh dear.

    • kcomments says:

      Dear ck, I need to talk to you regarding CYHMH ep30 subs, could you please pm me on soompi? Where can I email you? Thanks.

    • nikesma says:

      HI CK,

      CSW or CJW? I was like, Cha Seung Won, the crying queen?LMAO

      Both YSH (Oska) and CJW is a REALLY interesting pair to watch. I have a feeling CJW can pull up a rom-com character, she in real life seems fun and ditz. lol.

      I wish someone can post link to 2d1n subs of actress special.

  13. Fanderay says:

    Softy, I have a question for you (or any other korean-speaker)!

    At the start of every kdrama episode, the episode number comes up on screen. The usual format is…

    Je (number) hoe

    Is hoe a counter? And do episodes use sino or native korean numbers? *shakes fist at Korea and its dual-number system*

    In YFFM, instead of “hoe” it says “bu”. Wae?

    It drives me crazy every single time I watch a kdrama, so I finally decided to ask. Thaaank yoooou ^___^

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      On Blue’s blog she has a place to ask stuff like this called “ask B &B” for blue and bella (her co- blogger) they are both fluent and experts when it comes to this stuff. Blue replied so I cut and pasted it here in case others didnt know about her blog – also cuz her answer is so educational -her korean is like professor level and mine is like 3rd grade (it’s more like 2nd grade but I gave myself a skip cuz of all the hard dramas I tackled this year) You can thank her over on her blog cuz I said this question was from you :)

      Blue’s explanation:
      Having “je” before a number is actually like saying “number something” or making the number ordinal.

      “Bu” is similar to “volume” or “part.” When there are multiple volumes to a book, you usually use “bu.”

      “Hoe” is used in the same manner as “inning” or “installment.” If there are multiple rounds or innings in a sport (boxing, baseball, etc), you usually use “hoe.” (ex. “je 2 hoe jeon” in a boxing match is the “2nd round.”)

      When talking about the episodes of a tv series, “bu” and “hoe” serve the same purpose and just basically indicates the part/episode. No difference between them, and you can use them interchangeably.

      When you read it, you’d use the Sino-Korean numbers. So “je 1 bu” or “je 1 hoe” would read “je il bu” or “je il hoe,” and not “je hana bu” or “je hana hoe.” Correct translation can be any of the following: “first part/inning/round” or “Part 1″ (or “Round 1″), depending on what we’re talking about. But since we’re referring to the episode number when talking about tv series, the best translation would be “the first episode,” “Episode number 1,” or quite simply, “Episode 1.”

      Yeah, Korean and its dual number system gets some using to, especially since there really aren’t any clear-cut rules. You just know what is right or wrong as you get a feel for how everyone else uses it.

  14. Fanderay says:

    Just finished the first episode of WBDS. It took me forever to watch because I kept pausing to make a cheat sheet for all the character names and descriptions. Thoughts so far:

    I like the tone that was set. I was surprised at how sad some of the scenes managed to be, but it never got too depressing for a first episode, and the bromances and humor helped lighten things up.

    I have mixed feelings about the directing so far. There are some beautiful scenes with great colors, but I feel like the lighting and camerawork sometimes leave them feeling flat. The fight scenes are also a bit cheesy for my taste, mostly as a result of excessive slow-mo.

    I do like the adult cast so far, although I’m not sure about In (from the assassin’s guild) yet. It’s a bit like the actor is playing a lesser version of his character in RoI, where he’s just straight up ridiculous/funny. In WBDS so far he’s walking an odd line between comic-relief and serious, and it’s weirding me out a bit.

    Also, Kwang Taek is a badass! I love that he sacrifices his arm like that, even though it was probably the most tragic part of the episode. Off I go to watch episode 2! I plan to be caught up by the end of tomorrow :)

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      about E5, dont read unless you watched – I know I shouldnt let the little things get to me but what is up with that prince – I mean every time he leaves his home turf and ventures out – someone always dies in his place to give him time to run away – why do so many ppl have to die for him just cuz he is the prince? and what really bugged me was DS was stabbed on his right but when he was marching with the others to go the mountains his left side was bleeding and hurting – he wasnt freaking stabbed there at all- aigoo. woong’s friend from MGIAG is in this and so is the robber who stole the lottery ticket from RT. they look weird in sageuk outfits.:) I keep thinking while I am watching this – boy these guys are not as clean cut as SK scholars – they are even making MSJ look like a neat freak. I’m beginning to think SKKS ruined future sageuks for me – nothing compares to that one.

      • Fanderay says:

        I haven’t watched 5 yet…I’m not sure if I should wait for subs or not. Is it a confusing episode?

        Did you ever watch Tamna Island? It’s the only Sageuk-y show I can think of with a similar vibe to SKKS (and I love it). The first half-episode is awful (you’ll wish you didn’t know English) but it gets really good, and everyone who watches ends up a member of Team Park Kyu (the male lead).

        I haven’t really watched any serious sageuks other than RoI, and so far I definitely like it better than WBSD, but I haven’t seen the kids grow up yet so I’ll stay open-minded.

        I still don’t know what I’m drawing yet today :S Most of my drama collection is on my (still broken) desktop computer, so I’m a bit limited to new stuff. Maybe WBSD episode 3?

        • Softy says:

          Why not go thru blogs and look over screencaps and choose from one of those? There is usually a reason why there is a screencap posted. You have so many recaps to choose from over at TP, Blue’s, Kcomments, and so many more. You just have to click on a screencap to its full size. that’s what I would do if I didn’t have access to my dramas. Or screencap music videos- some of those scenes are amazing.
          I never saw Tamna cuz it was on cable recently and I tried to watch but I am not a big fan of that lead actress from Cinderella’s sister. She was soooo tanned and crazy looking like her hair had never seen a brush. The way they spoke Korean was hard too and I just couldn’t make sense out of it. I rather try to watch ROI, but these days my energy source is all tapped out. I am not worried about Fall dramas cuz unless something amazing starts, I plan to keep it light till I go on vacation and visit my sister over the holidays. I used to complain cuz she wouldnt pay attention to me and just kept watching her dramas when i was in the room – i said stuff like “is hyun bin going to go anywhere if you press pause to chat with me? Did he just travel 14 hrs to see you? Is he more imp than your only sister in the world?” Her answer was always “just this last scene i promise – just one more ep and we can chat.” Wonder what she will say this time around when she sees me translate and post and ignore her for a change. She is going to wonder who kidnapped her baby sister who hardly ever watched dramas and replaced her with me the Kdrama blogger. Some days I wonder about that myself :)

          • Fanderay says:

            Well, if the post at Thundie’s Prattle can’t convince you to watch TI, I certainly won’t be able to! Her hair and tan make a lot of sense since she spends all day in the sun and water, but I can relate to just plain not liking a certain actor.

            At least you know that your kdrama addiction is genetic! It will be hilarious to have the tables turned on your sister, although it sounds like she’ll probably be happy to sit and watch along with you (hopefully you like the same shows). Does she know you have a blog?

            I’m still trying to figure out what your story is since you live in Seoul but can’t read hangeul. Were you raised in the US with Korean parents (hence the speaking, but no reading) and moved to Korea as an adult?

            • ck1Oz says:

              I remember softy saying she went to the US when she was 6.She thinks in English.However like you I get confused because she is translating from Seoul.That means she doesn’t sleep all night and you were translating 4 days week.
              Don’t you need to do stuff in the day softy?

              @kcomments-I’ve PMed you over at soompi but you didn’t write.Will check on and off for your questions.

            • kcomments says:

              I PMed you back Ck, thanks.

  15. nikesma says:

    I’m watching YFFM ep 3 now. The guy you like softy? When he sang in audition, I think that’s not his voice?

  16. REBEL SOULS says:

    Hey ck1Oz ,Fanderay, and Nik
    ok first that was scary how you remembered stuff like that ck – man I think I said that like 7 months ago – how you can retain info like that is amazing. About translating 4 days a week and still be able to go to work- it’s something I perfected during the May drama madness- I learned to function on 3 to 4 hrs sleep per day and hibernate on fri night, sat morning, and sun morning. Hence the term “felt like a zombie all day.” Lately since I only post on wed and thurs – I caught up on a lot of missed sleep so I am feeling normal again. been getting 7 to 8 hrs of sleep so it’s like heaven.

    Fanderay- I think I should write my bio up there so I can refer ppl to go read it- only reason why I didn’t was cuz I didn’t think anyone would care to know. short story – stopped speaking korean at age 6 and picked it up in college again (so basically started over) can converse in Korean at a kid’s level but can’t use any hard words. My sis is the opposite – can’t speak well at all but she can read a little. (hope she doesnt read this or else I am gonna get yelled at- she is in denial and will say that she is great at speaking- but it’s not even close to true)

    Nik- what do you mean that’s not his voice? do you suspect he was lip syncing?

    • Fanderay says:

      Wow, it’s impressive that you can translate so quickly after spending so much of your life away from the language! Does that at least mean that the recaps are getting slightly easier with time?

      Also…when you say that you picked up in college, do you mean that you just started conversing with koreans, or that you took classes? I’m guessing you probably can’t take classes without learning hangeul, but conversing is probably a much better method anyways.

      I think that in YFFM KY’s voice is his voice. Of course they all record the songs in a studio, so technically he is lip syncing, but I’m going to go ahead and happily believe that someone else didn’t sing for him. Poor Softy will have heart attack is someone did.

      • Softy says:

        I think the recaps are getting easier but only till another hard one comes along like secret garden or best love- those were tough ones. Now WBDS too cuz I swear I only get like 10% of the dialogue. I think even tho I stepped away from the Korean language for so long, the ability to comprehend stuck around somewhere and I started to hone those skills when I came to Korea. College was the first time I actually practiced speaking and I was awful – still am sometimes cuz certain cab drivers with a keen sense of hearing guesses I am not a native right away. Never took any classes and don’t plan to in the future – not learning to read Korean is only an impediment to blogging when Korean pops up on the TV screen. :)
        Did anyone watch Princess Man? was it any good?

        • ck1Oz says:

          I haven’t because it is bound to be good but I refuse to start a 24 ep melodrama and get addicted.

          Softy.Remembering you was easy.Try keeping track of about 10-15 subbers every week-their age,timezones,what their routines are for that week to get them.Or who has exams, is away/and back or working/school and try to get cover for like 4 months.It becomes automatic.

        • Fanderay says:

          Ack, why did you remind me!! I had actually forgotten that PM was airing, and then you went and ruined it for me. That means I have 2 episodes of CH, YFFM, episode 6 of WBDS, and Episode 1 of PM to watch tomorrow >_<.

          I just finished watching episode 5 of WBDS, and I'm liking the show more and more. I feel like it's getting into a rhythm and even the fight scenes seem like they're improving. I sort of love how incorrigible DS is, although I could use some more obvious bromance between him and Y. I was also sad to see Dae Po (the guy who ran warrior camp) die since I really liked the older generation trio of guys (they're like a combination of the 3 Musketeers and Three Men and a Baby). I feel like the other two will probably die over the course of the drama too, and I like them even more. Sa Mo and DS are so cute together.

          Also, is it weird that I'm a big fan of Cheon? Sure, he killed Dae Po and stabbed DS, but I feel like he has a weird honor system that he follows, and I like that he's a bit like the Korean assassin version of Jack Sparrow (is he always drunk, or does it just seem that way?).

          I just scrolled up and read your comment on Episode 5, and I lol'd because I too almost blew a gasket when I saw that DS's wound changed sides. They even gave us a close-up in both scenes! Also, what was with Y just sitting next to him doing nothing all night after he got stabbed?

          I understand why people die in the Prince's stead, because it's an unfortunate reality of being royalty that he at least has the decency to be upset about, but why the heck does he have to be so hesitant all the time?? Either go and help fight, or run. If you just stand there, you're just going to increase the chance that more people will die. He needs to take Tactical Decision-Making 101 or something.

          Hubby is off his computer, which means I can use the scanner. Best tend to my blog!

          • Softy says:

            That cheon guy has not sat upright on the ground or on his horse even once- he is always riding lopsided. Is he ever sober?
            e6 is where I fell in love with this drama- omg those scenes with the tatoo girl and Y were freaking amazing -those were the only scenes I could understand – so cute how DS is falling over himself trying to be attentive to her – soooo adorable. If they have more scenes together, count me in as a fan. The glasses guy provides all the humor – so hilarious. :)

    • nikesma says:

      I suspect in ep3 he is lip syncing. Just like that singer in Secret Garden that Oska chasing around. But when he sings with Shin’s band, it’s his own voice.

  17. ck1Oz says:

    The Princess Man has lots of fight scenes and riding.Not a lot of dialogue and a lot of honorifics.They talk very slowly and not a lot of conversation.Review just in from one of the viki segmenters.Well if there are not much conversation guess you’ll be watching ep 1 then :-)

  18. Fanderay says:

    Haha, I love DS! I like how in the midst of heated battle he’s just laughing and showing off that he caught an arrow, yet somehow doesn’t come off as too cheesy or slap-sticky. Even the title of the show is comical since his personality is so at odds with the typical heroic warrior. The people around him seem consistently bewildered by his behavior, but it never deters him in the least.

    I was sooo excited when Gwang Taek came walking through the field. I’ve loved him from episode 1, and he just keeps getting better (his slapping of DS was hilarious). It was all I could manage not to yell at glasses-boy to say DS’s name so that GT would realize who he was. I hope their proper introduction isn’t delayed forever.

    I’m also liking the dynamic between all the characters. Finally we are getting some good younger-generation bromance, and Jin Ju is just as enjoyable in her adult form. I sort of hope she still wants to marry DS. It could make for some funny situations now that he’s in love with every other girl on the planet.

    Speaking of which, I could barely watch the scene of DS trying to woo tattoo-girl because he’s so adorably awkward and embarrassing. Yes, I’m sure she’s MUCH more comfortable around you now that you’ve taken your shirt off. I don’t think he’s much younger than me, but I feel the need to adopt him so I can give him dating advice.

    I’m not sure I completely understand all the flashback stuff with Cheon, Ji, and Gwang Taek. Why couldn’t she leave suddenly? Or am I not supposed to know yet?

    This show does a really good job of making me feel for Cheon, even though he technically seems to have no redeeming qualities. I hate shows with black and white characters where the protagonists are so good it’s nauseating, and the antagonists are just randomly evil for no reason. Cheon doesn’t seem evil at all. Just really really really drunk.

    I’m going to need to read kcomments recaps for all the political details I think. I’ve got the general gist of things, but I think I’m missing a lot of the nuances in the intrigues happening around the crown prince.

    Overall, very happy with where this drama seems to be headed!

  19. kcomments says:

    Kyaah~ *waves*
    City Hunter will wrap up next week (didn’t see last two yet hehe), here’s the original Ryo and Kaori (J- manga City Hunter), now I look at it, I think he looks like LMH now, seriously!
    Fanvid Ryo and Kaori Forever (videokiaki@YT)

    I will miss LMH for sure.

    Credits : YT uploader
    I’m hovering around, just been busy lately. Softy, hope you are holding out OK. ^_^

    • Softy says:

      Hey kcomments – kept checking your blog for WBDS E6 and now it’s up :) Did you fall in love with those rescue scenes too? I have to admit, I am cheating during the night it airs. I only watch the scenes with the younger cast and skip right over all the other stuff. It makes my head hurt from trying to figure out what’s going on.

      That CH video is cute. Hope it ends well next wk.

      Scent starts tm right? Are you gonna watch? I have to learn a whole new set of names again. I am hoping and praying there aren’t that many characters in this one- thank goodness it’s only 16 eps cuz I said I wouldn’t do a weekend drama again cuz they are too long, but since this is short- I am going to give it a shot. if it ends up being awful, I hope no one will hate me if I drop it. I wonder if I can be fair about it cuz I loved CYHMH so much – already I am curious if Scent can be even a third of what CYHMH was :)

      • kcomments says:

        Huhu Softy, how I’ve missed you, while typing I thought how could she do what? 4-6 eps a week? Jeez, in WBDS, I just hope the King and the Prince won’t speak too much, seriously, it’s like another language, I bet the subbers have Ko-Ko dictionary at hands cuz there’s no way you will know all, like the specific name just for the Crown Prince Sado’s activity. Today I was typing the summary at Starbucks, that camp fire scene, Dong Su and his friend Cho Rip were so hilarious, I laughed a lot while typing then ppl just looked at me strangely, but I couldn’t help it. And when Dong Su fight with GT, when he asked for an intermission cuz he hurt his arm was so funny. Somehow I think the ending may be sad tho. Which girl do you like? I love the tomboy JJ, but seems Dong Su is eying another one. About Scent, I have an issue with the female lead so not really on my list, but I think the drama should come good and entertaining. That means I’ll be free on weekend while you type? Neener neener! I may check Protect the Boss tho, want to see how the male lead will carry out his role and JJ (JYJ) too. Actually, I’m liking HFL (not asking you to recap or anything), but the subs are so slow, guess nobody wants to sub 50eps. But I can guess a bit so sub or not it’s ok for now. OMG my hands are tied with the two boys for like 18 more eps? Mon is coming soon? *run cover ears*

        • Fanderay says:

          Ooh, is Protect the Boss starting this week? That actor is the only thing that got me through Royal Family (worst drama ending EVAR). I don’t know his name, but for some reason I find his face fascinating (ok now I sound creepy).

          I don’t know HOW you watched that campfire scene in public. I was squirming and waving my hands in the air, watching between fingers, grabbing my hair, etc! It was hilarious, but I could not handle the embarrassment of it all. I predict that there will be a LOT of embarrassing moments in DS’s future, so it’s going to be a tough road for me.

          I just finished inking the scene you chose, and I think it’s going to turn out pretty good (fingers crossed). For the other page I’m doing DS waving at tattoo girl while the other boys look at him like he’s an idiot (which I suppose he sort of is, in his own adorable smarty-pants way).

          I do NOT envy you recapping this show. It’s actually kinda comical when the entire screen is filled with subtitle text as the translators try to quickly explain what the heck everyone is talking about.

          • kcomments says:

            No, not this week, Protect the Boss will be replacing City Hunter. And I watched at Starbucks but I did carefully choose where to sit and my laptop screen was facing the wall haha, and I didn’t think it would be that funny with subs, I was taken by surprise. I’m still trying to figure out how to fit your drawings on certain scales, have to have time for that. Please keep it up.

            @softy Your avatar Ah-in is not showing on your bookmark, that way it’s easier for me to locate your blog. Thanks. Any news on his new drama?

            • REBEL SOULS says:

              hey kcomments
              tried to reply to you on the subway with iphone and stupid thing didnt send it. you chose the hardest drama to recap so you need the weekend off to recuperate :) I dont envy you doing that drama at all – I love it but no way would I even attempt that. I love your main screencap of Y on E6 recap -that was the scene where I went “uh oh- I am in love” :) How did you get the main pic to disappear on your inside post – that is so cool. You just started blogging but you are already like a pro at this. I have no idea what this means – could you translate to more simple regular words? “Your avatar Ah-in is not showing on your bookmark”

              I was told about YAI’s new drama a long time ago by someone in his management – no new info after that. will report as soon as I know anything, but I bet someone at YAI haven or DB will post first.

              I actually tried to watch PM cuz I was curious – I attempted it like 5 times over the past 3 days and I cant seem to stay awake thru it – every five mins or so I fall asleep each and every time. I only made it to the halfway point of first ep with some fast forwarding. I rather stick with WBDS for my sageuk fix. Someone one thundie said the exact same thing I did – she wants that character “In” to be killed off too cuz he is ANNOYING :).

              New page everyone – KDH 4 is posted :)

        • Beng-beng says:

          Hi Kcomments, may i know what is your blog site? thanks!

  20. nikesma says:

    Guys! Phew, so tired! ~(-.-)~
    I haven’t watch CH yet and poor PSH hope she gets enough rest. And I’m so looking forward to Scent and Protect the Boss! Woo~

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      hey nik,
      scent starts in like 30 mins but since I dont know names at all I am going to hit update after it’s over cuz I dont dare do live when I dont know anything at all. almost missed this cuz I forgot today was the 23rd. :)

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