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Now that May dramas are winding down and new ones are starting, left with the dilemma of what to watch next. Currently, aside from CYHMH and LTM, I’ve been watching Romance Town and City Hunter -that last one I blame Kcomments great music videos for making me tune in after I dropped it ages ago. (I still have issues with some of the “yeah right – like he can do that within that time span” but then the camera zooms in on LMH’s face and I forget what I was complaining about. It’s a sick cycle. Then this week on RT, I was like yelling at the screen “where did the money go? who took the money?” Don’t get too excited, I am not going to start memorizing new names and staying up to translate all of it or anything. Just wanted a place to post highlights of certain lines or scenes cuz to be honest, I have the ability to ignore names and still watch a drama without any problems. How I am going to be able to do mini recaps without knowing names - now that will be the trick.  Might need fans of the show to help me out with that.

As for the upcoming new dramas, even though I can’t translate a sageuk on my own to save my life, I really want to see Yoo Seung Ho in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Never saw that kid in any drama, but so many ppl rave about his acting chops-want to see what the hype is all about.  Don’t ask me why, but something about this makes it my first choice. More than likely, if it ends up being boring, I will have to drop it really quick. The other one is Scent of a woman cuz Kim Sun Ah’s new thin look scared me silly at first and I did a double take, but now I want to see if she can still do comedy as well as she used to in MNIKSS. Heard it could be sad, but I’m hoping that happens way later down the line. Then of course we have You’ve fallen for me or Festival (not sure what the final name is now)- PSH and JYH. No expectations whatsoever, will be surprised if it’s good at all.  

So this page will be where I post highlights or impressions of current dramas or new ones. You guys are welcome to post questions about what happened on a current episode, videos, insights, rants, whatever you want. Let’s see if this page functions better than the KD forum one. Fingers crossed.

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  1. kcomments says:

    [spoiler RT ep13-14]
    Oh, Softy, you are watching RT too, and I thought I ‘m the only one sticking around. Yeah, I wanted to poke all the maids stupidly carrying around money bags like that. So all the men of first street suck and the maids are crazy lot, but I love them all (root for GW and YH pairing, so cute).
    Q: I was confused, so there were two lottos in GW’s house, right? One fake one real?

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      well GW had the real one and his dad had kept the fake one in a safe thinking it was real-unless the step mom got it out – didnt see all of the latest one yet – only fast forwarded to that last part when they lost the money. They will get it back right? they just have to check the dumpsters right? someone said they would fight to split SG’s share cuz she is the only one who still has her money. but that’s crazy.how is it her fault they were dumb to hide it in trash bags.

      • kcomments says:

        Thanks, but SG had used her money to buy that lux condo, so not sure how much she has now, she’s gone so pale when she had to share the money with each maid. Seriously, if GW gets to be rich cuz the lotto at the end, I would be pissed, he didn’t do anything to deserve that. About the money, the hotel cleaning lady said something I didn’t get when she saw the bags, that ‘s the cliffhanger, but the greed (for money) they portrayed in this show was quite realistic both for the maids and the rich. ^^

        • Softy says:

          The cleaning lady said why would anyone hide trash in places like this ( under the bed, in the cabinet,etc) my friend said SG spent only ten on the apartment so she still has over 14 more I believe which is still a lot to live off in Korea. her problem is her dad’s banker friend knows SG and the other maids won the lottery and will go tell her dad.
          Why would the writer make GW rich at the end? He never wanted his father’s money to begin with and he knows the ticket belongs to his dad.pretty sure they will do something more unexpected with it. :) I just hope those two wives who kicked out their maid become maids at the end. No self respecting woman should live like that- also their old husband is gross. Part of the reason why I liked GW was how he went ever day to play go stop with SG’s dad ( and brought money) so her dad wouldn’t go play elsewhere and get into debt. man that is something no lead guy has EVER done in a drama for his love. Just love how unpredictable this drama is.

          • kcomments says:

            Two wives become maids…buahaha, this cracked me up. Yes, unpredictable it is, not everyone cup of tea, but love it, had a good time smiling every week.

            Just to be sure that I’m not going to ruin your new page, been studying WordPress comment embed a bit, quite sure I did it right. Gonna try it now *fingers crossed*
            Thanks again.

  2. kcomments says:

    City Hunter [MV] – I told you not to fall in love with anyone (credits : YT uploader)
    [spoilers episode 1-10]

  3. kcomments says:

    Fan-made MV Korean drama 2011 “The Greatest Love” – “Fixing Your Heart”

    Credits : YT uploader.

  4. kcomments says:

    Fan-made MV Korean drama 2011 “Baby-faced Beauty” — “One Person”

    Credits : YT uploader.

  5. kcomments says:

    Can You Hear My Heart? MV – drive (내마음이 들리니 뮤비)

    Credits : YT uploader.

  6. Softy says:

    Hey kcomments :)
    Thanks for all the videos – i always check right before i sleep to see if any new ones are there. so will you be posting CYHMH trailers here or on KD forums? Saw your comment at blue’s – just curious which new dramas are you interested in?

    • kcomments says:

      Thanks Softy, I didn’t post on KD forums anymore cuz I’m afraid the page may already reach its own capacity at some point, also want to keep all the contents in tact. So I should post CYHMH episode preview here (Thu already? My excitement been replaced by dreadfulness *gulp* for the next episode, same goes on Soompi, most of us stay away during the week to breath properly, then come back again on Friday to battle our hearts out with JH-shi haha). Also, I read on Hancinema.net, the actor portraying JH said he was afraid the viewers would hate his character (me! me!), turned out they understood JH’s reason, and also his acting. So even the actor himself was terrified by his character, haha.

      Oh dear, about the upcoming dramas, saw DB and Blue (and you) recapped Heartstrings, so I will enjoy myself as a reader for now. I’m not so excited about other ones either. WBDS listed genre is Period, so not sure but will check it out this coming Mon. Princess’s man may have tragic ending right (think Romeo & Juliet) ? And Scent of Woman, the female lead also is going to die, or with fatal disease? So may be not these two. ‘Protect the Boss’ and Spy will wait for (your ^_^) reviews first. My intention is to keep one family drama, cuz it gives nice contrast to the trendies each week but lazy to pick up the one that currently airing so will check ‘Hooray for Love’ , see how it flairs out.

      Basically, you choose what you like and I’ll be a happy reader. Of course, def will ring your ears nicely if I happen to go gu gu ga ga on any particular drama. ^_^

      Q: I didn’t get that writing on the glass window scene in CYHMH ep26, WR wrote first ‘Fool’, then DJ wrote ‘Thanks’ (Viki subs), what’s the interpretation of this, do you think?

  7. Fanderay says:

    Spy Myung Wol looks like it may be good (a 40 second teaser came out a couple days ago, and it seemed fun). I don’t think it’s going to be terribly deep or introspective, but I’m a trendy-rom-com kind of girl and it looks like it might have a bit of a CH vibe (but even lighter-hearted).

    I was loving RT until I picked up CYHMH, and now everything pales in comparison (I hope it hasn’t permanently ruined my mind-set). The moment GW lent SG his shoe to walk on (followed by adorable hopping) I knew it was a show for me. YH is particularly awesome, and the whole Spirit of the Mountain/Rabbit liver thing started me down the well-worn path to second-lead-syndrome. At this point I’m just going to wait until the end and marathon the rest, since by then I will (hopefully) have stopped obsessing over Dong Joo and Woo Ri.

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      wish I had your will power – I carry the eps I dont get to watch around on my ipad and watch it when I’m outside going to and coming back from work. if there is traffic I get to watch a whole episode. makes transportation time fly by quicker :) I was dying over the last two eps of RT – so much fun. too bad I didnt get to cover RT but 2 a night seems to be the realistic thing to do for now

      • Fanderay says:

        Haha, you call it will power, but I call it a weak heart! I used to have a rule that I would never ever watch a show that was still airing, but all you evil bloggers made it too hard to resist and now I’m going crazy! Back when I only watched aired dramas it never took me longer than two days to watch a 16 episode drama, so this whole patience concept is difficult for me (waiting to marathon a show is actually a way for me to be LESS patient, bizarre as that seems).

        BTW, I love the idea of spotting someone watching a kdrama in traffic (I take it you’re quite fond of traffic when you’ve got a good show waiting?).

        • Softy says:

          Wow I have never done that on purpose -waited for a drama to end and watch it all at once. The only time I marathon anything is a drama from a few years ago I didnt know about or some show someone recommends. I can’t marathon dramas often cuz I look like a zombie after a day or two. I end up choosing to give up on the drama and go back to looking human or keep going and pray for my health. So far in recent years, I have only marathoned those Japanese dramas flowershop that doesnt sell roses, stars falling from the sky, and pride and that was months ago.

  8. popv says:

    Can You Hear My Heart? Episode 27 preview

    Credits : coroo@soompi.
    Man, why do writer Moon have to pull this off at episode 27?

    • kcomments says:

      Omo…I still have hope that WR just teased DJ about that last line, right?

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Thank you popv for the preview :) you sure are fast

      omg -the last line just killed me ….

      after T says spy, MS tells someone (I think D) thatT seems to suspect her

      M tells MS-we dont have much time

      M says:you talked big but you cant hang in there for even a day

      kim bugs W and says he is frustrated so SC goes over and rescues her asking Kim:what are you?

      D offers to piggyback her but she replies : if I am heavy – I dont know

      SC gets upset when he hears D was fired and calls M- A bad Jang junha and W asks why SC is all upset (cuz now SC likes D that’s why :) that was me softy talking)

      M says he is in the middle of a meeting he is busy so let’s hang up

      D:what J hyung wanted the most I pretended not to know and left it out -you bong woori

      W:let’s break up (she cries)

      * omg they cant do this to us – how am I suppose to recap if I am upset – dont break up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • kcomments says:

        OMG OMG , I think I need special equipment to survive the episode, may be chewing gum? ^^ See, that’s what I thought, DJ and WR has been avoiding JH’s love all this time, it’s about time they sort it out. Oh, man, what if her last line is the cliffhanger of episode 27? Then we will have to wait another 24hrs to know what DJ will say. I have faith with my dear couple, may be she said that just like DJ said last time that they should break up. *fingers and toes crossed*
        Thanks Softy for the translation, or else CYHMH-ers might start pulling their hairs, haha.

    • Fanderay says:

      WHAT!!!!! The couple of steel can’t break up!! They’re supposed to buy matching capes and spread cuteness over Kdramaland as OTP super heroes!

      This is why I’m going to wait and marathon the rest. I can’t stand the possibility of seeing them apart for a week. I’m going to pretend I didn’t just watch that.

      Stupid Woo Ri….*grumble grumble*…*kick kick*

      • REBEL SOULS says:

        hate to break it to you guys but those were real tears and last time D said it he was grinning – not the same at all. this one is serious. there better be a really good reason for her to want to break up or else I swear I am going to go crazy as I type. I dont want Sat to come at all – dont think I can handle D crying after losing W – look how upset he was in the preview last week-he was drunk and broke things.

        • iviih says:

          Ohh nooo. *Cries* WR, why?

          WR you better have a really good reason. Or else I’ll have to slap you some times to get back to your sense. (If you are doing it to be by MR’s side then my slpas will beb harder)

          That is why DJ was so sad and down in the other preview …

          • iviih says:

            Sorry, some typos : ”Or else I’ll have to slap you some times to make you come back to your senses. (If you are doing it to because of MR, then my slaps will be harder)”

            Sorry for my bad english xD

            • Softy says:

              No worries – you were upset like the rest of us – who can type or think clearly – man it’s sat in Korea and I am dreading this like crazy. What are we going to do? 4 eps left – isn’t it too late for breakups? DJ and W were the only two sane ppl left and their unwavering love kept me thru all the pain. I just hope Y steps in and tells W she made a mistake cuz I know he won’t be ok with her hurting his friend D. Wonder if T will be the one to beg W to get back together with D once T sees just how much D is suffering. Never mind, crazy idea, bet that is why T went and tried to get M back. She wanted D to at least have his brother back.

  9. kcomments says:

    Fox Rain MV – Lee Sun Hee [Eng Sub]

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST
    Credits : airendrama@YT

    • Softy says:

      When MGIAG was airing, I loved it so much I went and found the action school to watch them film a few times. That place is really pretty but very hilly so I always had to take a cab up there. Watching this brings back all those memories. I love this song – one of the best OSTs out there – fit the drama really well.

      • popv says:

        You mean you saw LSG at the filming site in person? Wahh………..Cool!

        • Softy says:

          If you live in Korea, all you need is google map and you can pretty much track down any drama sets to go visit – actually I left out the worst part of watching actors film, your legs hurt from standing, you feel dumb for standing around gawking getting eaten alive by mosquitos In the summer or freezing in the winter – but I have yet to watch filming for a winter drama- only the summer ones. The best one was for coffee prince – gong yoo looked so good, I think I hung in there for a full 30mins or so. But with MGIAG, within 5 mins I got like 5 mosquito bites on my face so I left quickly. :)

          • Hernie says:

            Oh you are so lucky to be able to see the stars (if you see them, do you?) in action. I can only imagine. I live in Brunei anyway (google it) it’s so far away from Korea. Anyway, the next time you hang around to watch a drama being made think of the thousands of fans all over the world who are not there, who can only imagine seeing the stars….uhuk uhuk waaaa…. I went to Korea in 2008, I did not see any famous people. Have you watched Scent of a woman already? I love it.

  10. kcomments says:

    49Days — (49일)hey~ kang!!-한강앓이-

    Credits : lookie62@YT

  11. kcomments says:

    Fan-made MV Korean drama 2011 “My Princess” — Because of You (OST)

    Credits : dramatomyProduction5@YT.

  12. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy and kcomments.I didn’t realise you translated the preview for ep 27.
    I am just chilling out post GL.I am going back to LTM ep 1 again and starting from the beginning.i was a bit zonked out May/June with GL and CYHMH that I didn’t pay attention to LTM as much.It was one mad drama after the next.How did you cope softy?I remember the lines for GL/CYHMH because I was checking them but GL was one big blur as well.

    Mwung wol the spy please softy?The viki channel for that is pretty much dead in the water unless we suddenly have a resurrection.I am afraid that we won’t know what happens if no one recaps.

    I know the Warrior thing.Sigh.I am avoiding it and also The Princess’ Man.All of us are afraid of saguek and the tragedy.

    Scent of a woman I can’t work out if it’s a 20 ep drama or 16 episode.Oh go watch it kcomments.We will have softsubs for it.I have one strong Ko-En subber and 3 moderately strong ones.We should get the subs out but my editor is a perfectionist so it won’t come out as fast as CYHMH.
    I hear it’s not a melo.So I am keeping my fingers crossed.We seem to have the same taste in drama since I seem to have seen you and softy since ?SKKS and that was like years in drama time :-)

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      ohhhhhh -uummmmmm…..I don’t know how to break this to you ck1Oz but there is no chance whatsoever of me recapping that myung spy drama unless YAI is a supporting character and last time I checked that wasn’t the case. Why couldn’t you ask me for some other drama that I could say “yes” to like scent of a woman or something-since it’s you I want to say yes so much but I can’t stand the two leads in Myung spy. Never saw eric except on We got married a few times, but I just don’t like him. and I really really cant stand that actress han seul or whatever her name is. I learned my lesson from past mistakes, never start a drama I feel uneasy about cuz I will just end up hating it at a later point. Good news is didnt blue say that was one of her possibilities? pretty sure she did. who knows DB might even pick it up too so there is still hope out there. :)

      • ck1Oz says:

        Sigh.It’s okay softy.Sob sob.It has strengthen my resolution to concentrate on my Korean lessons.Darn it.I am just not learning fast enough.However I can get the gist of the story now :-)

        It’s okay softy you’re doing way too much for us as it is.I’ve been perpetually worrying about your sleep and church!!

        Even if you don’t recap Scent of a woman I am with it to the bitter end.However with Lee Dong Wook it better be the SWEET end :-)

        Here…want to know why I am so mellow.I am going to bed thinking…those 2 cannot be method acting can they?


        Slow mo of the last kiss @__@ on Lie to me.

    • kcomments says:

      Dear CK, I’m kind of looking forward to “Hooray for Love” cuz of LBY and supposes to be a comical family drama, and Viki channel is up too. Yes, we seem to have the same taste in drama, please let me know if Scent of a Woman is reaaally good. I have to say Softy has kinder and broader heart compares to me, look at my record since SKKS, there was just one – DH, and now CYHMH, for May dramas love two; CH and RT. I also told Blue that she’s easier to please compares to me, hehe. These days I’m more into a small quiet little gem, beautiful directional style. Hope I could find another one before year end, however, will stick around to see how you guys are flaring tho. *wink*

      On the side note: I’m typing from my new VAIO, Core I5 processor with Blu-ray attached, so cool, sorry gotta brag hehe. Please don’t ask me how much, oooo! forget about that!

      • ck1Oz says:


        There is a new Taiwanese drama which apparently has beautiful cinematography if you’re into it.I am not into TW so I won’t be watching it.Material Queen.Please don’t ask me about subs.I am a Mandarin subber so I don’t need subs.I also know the uploading sites so sometimes I download straight from there :-)

        Oh I am not even remotely interested in Hooray for Love.I don’t like the lead.Yes I know he was in Playful Kiss and I was the En moderator there.That is precisely why I am not watching it.

  13. kcomments says:

    정용화 – 그리워서 — 넌 내게 반했어 (Heartstrings) OST

    Credits : jsojsojsojsojso@YT

    • softy says:

      i must have played this like a million times and I never get sick of it. thanks kcomments :)

    • kcomments says:

      “Heartstrings” OST “I Miss You” by Jung Yonghwa
      @Softy Thanks, two episodes in, I think ‘Heartstrings’ is a nice title for this drama after all ^_^

      • Softy says:

        At first I didnt get the title ” Heartstrings” but then at the end of the first ep when K says she felt nothing in her heart when she heard his music, then I got it. Both of them play instruments with strings and how they play makes each other fall in love so they end up “tugging on each other’s heart.” The new title “you’ve fallen for me” is also good cuz K didn’t like S on the first ep when he challenged her and asked if he should show her why girls fall for him, then on that last scene on ep two, she does start to fall for him. But I still prefer Heartstrings cuz it fits the drama better.

    • martha says:

      I’m not sure if I will watch the whole drama but man I love the OST already! I have both the songs DB put a link up for and I love them both

  14. softy says:

    Romance Town E15
    after HJ put all the maids in ambulances, she finds out the hotel put all the trash bags in safe keeping cuz they knew it was full of money. she met with the gangster guy cuz she wanted to ask if they felt the same way – if he said he liked her too she was going to throw away her greed for money and return all the money to the other maids and just be friends again.she asks if it is ok for her to like him – he says “no cuz he was only being nice to her out of pity” she cries cuz he just made her into a bad person cuz now she cant go back to the way it was. the other maids find out that SG went to the hotel to get back the extra money they took when they divided the money – she went back just for $150 so they are mad cuz they lost 7,500,000,000 won which is like roughly over $7 million (so each of the 3 maids is getting like $2.5 million cuz SG got $10 million total and they are splitting it 4 ways). SG reminds them again they cant call the police to report HJ cuz SG didnt get the lottery money the legal way and that’s how she was able to get extra.Y asks SG to borrow money cuz all his rich friends turned him down so he feels like he is worth zero – as if he is worth a certain amount but ppl think he isnt worth anything and that’s why they arent lending him any money. GW knows Y did that and asks SG to borrow money and she turns him down.next day, she lends it to Y to prove he isnt worth zero. she shyly explains it’s the first time in her life she ever lent money cuz she never used to have any before to lend=HJ left her phone behind so the maids can keep track of how and where HJ is using her credit card cuz her credit card activity pops up on her phone each time she uses it. they know she went shopping and decide if she buys airline tickets thru a travel agent, they decide to call the police and turn her in to get some of their money back. HJ buys a ticket to australia so the maids call the police and tells SG what they did. they are going to the airport to watch HJ get arrested and claim their money. SG tells the gangster what the maids did- he explains why this is a disaster- it is dangerous for SG cuz she sold it to the guy for extra money, the guy for buying it and selling it to GW’s dad, the maids cuz they are in the same spot as SG, HJ for stealing it, GW’s dad for buying the ticket and if the plice find all this out the ticket will not longer be valid and will become just a slip of worthless paper. the guy uses all the man power he has to look for HJ at the airport and stop the police car and cause an accident to buy time. HJ wants to find a better guy with the money and make sure he doesnt know what she used to be since she will look like she is from money. HJ calls the older maid and asks who is worse – one who flees or one who betrays. the old maid says the one who flees. HJ says she thinks the one who betrays is worse. if the maids didnt betray her she wouldnt have tried to run away.the person who made he flee is the older maid who betrayed HJ. the old maid makes it worse and says HJ has no right to divide the winnings. as she goes thru the gates HJ says she trusted that older maid more than a real sister and the older maid used to be a good person but money changed her. HJ says she never did anything this wrong to be betrayed by the older maid. HJ says she is going to toss out the money they betrayed her with on the plane. ignoring her friendship, stepping on her love, and all the pain she got from that cuz of the money, she is going to throw all that out too on the plane. older maid finally says she was wrong and they apologize- forgive us and let’s divide the money. HJ says it’s too late – anyway it was money they never had it’s just a $5 lottery ticket -just think you got $5 stolen. dont say you are sorry over money and beg for forgiveness. SG asks if HJ leaves like this – will she feel at ease? maids says HJ wont. on the plane the gangster sits next to her and says she can like him if she wants and asks her to get off the plane with him.
    * what I dont get is – doesnt she know that she isnt allowed to open any windows on a plane?????? how was she going to throw it out the window? maybe she meant pass it around on the plane but that would cause havoc too :)

    • kcomments says:

      Thanks Softy, *dancing with joy* Oh, MathematiC!
      I still think HJ shouldn’t take all the money cuz it’s not all hers, well but that a lot of money, understandable. OK may be HJ never gets on the plane, so she might think she can open the window like a bus, LOL.

  15. softy says:

    Romance Town E16
    HJ remembers back to how her husband kicked her out of his life for a rich woman and left HJ homeless and jobless.gangster calls SG to tell the maids to call off the police. she asks if HJ is going to get off the plane but he says he doesnt know. HJ asks herself if she wants to trust a man again after what the last one did to her. HJ follows her heart and leaves with him.when they get home the trophy wife has SG’s bag packed and fires her. GW insists he wants to live with SG (here at the house), but the dad lets SG have another chance cuz she is a good maid. GW locks SG’s room door so she has to sleep in his room. GW is looking at the ticket and she thinks he is holding her room key so he hides the ticket under his bed. he says let’s cause trouble and make a San (the baby). SG says the dad wont even blink even if they make a baby. GW keeps asking if she wants to sleep on the right or the left of the bed so she brings San into bed to sleep between them. GW calls San a bad kid but SG says out of the men in this house she says she likes San the most. GW promises he will pay her back later for everything she is suffering thru right now and not to let his dad get to her. just cuz it’s hard if they leave the home – his dad will forever refuse to accept her as family. she thinks about if her mom was still alive what would her mom think of this cuz her mom was a maid too. would her mom like GW since he is making SG have a hard time. he says her mom wouldnt like him – it would be better if her mom was alive to hate him and threaten him so they can both go thru hard times (with their respective parents)-both side parents have to oppose to make their love stronger.she says she wishes she had a mom to oppose GW. next morning the dad makes SG go down and make breakfast and the dad slaps GW. dad warns if GW tries to win against him, the dad will make it harder for SG. GW says SG is a stronger woman and isnt weak like GW who feels loyalty to his dad.she knows how to go after things she wants once she makes up her mind, knows how to keep secrets, just her face is pretty but inside there is a strong man. “you cant win against SG father” GW says inside his head that he doesnt want to get points by telling his dad that SG has money – he knows that if he tells his dad that SG has all that money, the dad will change his ways so GW will never do it that way- even if she is a maid and is a daughter of a poor family, the day his dad accepts her that is when GW will give back the lottery to his dad. if the dad doesnt accept SG, the dad will be poor and wont be able to get the ticket.dad asks what GW trusts to act this way. GW says he trusts SG. (right now the dad has to pay back taxes that amount to more than what SG won) HJ and the older maid start a fight cuz HJ wants her share but the older maid doesnt want to give her any of it. HJ says even if the younger maids got greedy and left her out the older maid should have thought of HJ and stood up for her.Right now it’s in the bank under HJ’s name so she has control. when she makes a check out for the total amount, the banker tells her that if any time she wants to regain control of the money – she only has to call out the number on the check as stolen and the check will be worthless like paper and the money will go back to her account. all the maids and the gangster meet to figure out how to divide the money fairly.HJ finds out that SG wanted to divide the winning equally from the start but the other 3 were against it. HJ is really touched that SG was so kind. the gangster learns that HJ missed the lottery the night they won so he agrees with other maids and says then HJ has no right to any of the money. HJ refuses to give the money back. Then SG gets the idea for all the maids (including SG) to think about what price tag they want to put on their friendship and loyalty with HJ and share a part of their earnings with HJ. gangster agrees it’s a good idea and that he didnt mean earlier that HJ should be left out completely. At first the older maid yells out 500,000,000 won but SG says 2,000,000,000 won but the other maids dont like it so they settle on 1,000,000,000 won and even HJ is ok with that. so the final decision is for all 4 maids combined to give that amount to HJ once she hands over the money she stole. later at night before she goes to give the maids the check, she writes down the number on the check just in case. once they are gathered, HJ wont give the check till she gets her share first in case the maids change their mind. no one has that kind of money except for SG so she gives her cash to HJ first and ther other maids have to pay back SG once they go to the bank the next day to deposit it. SG helps HJ carry the money bag back to HJ’s room. HJ thanks SG for sticking by her and pledges to be good to SG for the rest of her life. all night long the 3 maids take turns and touch the check and sleep in the same room to watch over it. before the bank opens all 3 sign the check on the back cuz they never signed over so much money before. at the bank, the 3 maids and SG are there. in order to get cash right away instead of waiting overnight to get their money, all the maids have to open an account with the same bank the check is from so all 3 agree to open accounts. the other maid isnt a korean citizen and forgot to bring her alien card and she needs it to open a bank account so she calls Y to come over and bring her ID to the bank. HJ goes to another bank and deposits her share. HJ overhears the gangster talking to his daughter and he admits he lied to HJ to get her off the plane cuz there was something more important than money to HJ. then the trouble starts. the older maid said that SG decided to share their money with HJ so SG should pay more than the other 3 maids and the rest of them should only pay what each wants to pay.SG argues they all agreed to equally pay HJ but each of the 3 maids only offers a little bit -older maid wants to pay $50,000, youngest one $30,000 and the foreigner one $20,000- that is how much they think about HJ’s friendship and loyalty. so SG complains that only adds up to $100,000 so that means SG has to pay $900,000. SG talks with HJ on the phone and once HJ learns what the maids are up to she gets Y to bring her notebook to the bank too and cancels the check just as the maids were getting their new accounts. all 3 maids are arrested and could spend up to one and a half years in prison. They cry in jail saying they rather be maids again than be locked up. HJ takes the check amount and deposits it into SG’s account so that she gets all her original winnings back (minus her apt money) so 7,500,000,000 is back in her hands again. at the end of the episode, HJ talks Y into helping her and SG get revenge against the trophy wife and the gangster.HJ says she wants Y’s intelligence cuz he knows about money.
    *I dont get why SG would want to avenge the gangster or the trophy wife, but we havent heard SG’s side of things yet so we will have to see. I really hated the 3 maids for being greedy again and being mean to SG so I love that HJ gave all the money back to SG. Problem is her dad’s friend the banker said that he tends to spill secrets when he is drunk so it’s a matter of time until her dad finds out about the money

    • ck1Oz says:

      I don’t get it as well.However I am kind of sick of the money so I am happy that HJ is not materialistic and values friendship more.Remember she had the big rock of a pearl and she was going to sell it so it would pay for her sons’ tuition.

      I don’t want Da Nyum to end up with Young Hee now if she is so money minded.Esh.Thanks softy.

    • kcomments says:

      Ouch, even more mathematiC! I couldn’t believe the maids tried another trick at the bank, then cried like babies behind bars haha. Now the police is involved so by the end, will the lotto sitll be valid? Wah……
      Thanks Softy, approx. 7 hrs count down for CYHMH TT_TT, please stay cool. *run to buy chewing gums *

      • Softy says:

        Wait the police don’t know about the lottery ticket – if they did all of them would be in jail -SG, gangster, GW’s dad, and HJ. The maids are in jail just for stealing money – to the police it’s just regular money. If HJ drops the charges, the maids can still get out. But she is pretty mad at them for being so greedy so she is letting them sit in jail for now. They have to learn a lesson somehow.

        • kcomments says:

          I saw lots of comment elsewhere hating SJ (the greedy one), but when I saw in the church and wailed and cried, I couldn’t hate her. With that kind of money, greed is natural, it’s how you control it. Aww…getting excited for the finale, how will GW’s dad accept SG? Cuz that’s the point of the drama, social classssss.

          • REBEL SOULS says:

            do you know why she was crying? she wasnt repenting- she was complaining why God loved HJ so much- why God made her so pretty so she could get married once -”what about me? what proof is there that you love me? just proof that you hate me”.she said “I want to be loved too- you are suppose to love everyone so you cant do this to just me” and that is why another parishioner yelled at her to be quiet cuz she shouldnt be here in church complaining to God.

  16. iviih says:

    So softy, is here the new place to post MVs? If not sorry for posting some xD

    Awwww I miss their bromance so much!! T__T

    From: TransparentDarkness

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      yup this is where you can post new videos cuz so far kcomments said it was working fine -glad to see you have more great videos Iviih :) woohoo- love D and M in this

  17. iviih says:

    Hey ^^ I saw some spoiler pictures, and they will go to an amusement park, they will go ride some toys and I think it will be there where WR will break up with DJ. But still don’t get why …….

  18. iviih says:

    About the break up scene… I just had a idea of why WR maybe will break up with DJ!!

    Maybe MR/JH will finally say something threating to WR like ”Break up with DJ if you want to make me stop or If you don’t want to see him being hurt by me.” Something like this, that will force WR to break up with DJ for his own good!! So she will go to an amusement park with him to have a fun and cute date before the break up. T__T

    That is why she is crying, because she didn’t want to but will have to, to protect DJ….

    Oh if is like this, my heart will break so much for them both…. and I’ll hate MR even more… now even pity I don’t feel anymore for him.

    • kcomments says:

      Yo! We know our DJ is pretty smart, he will come up with something, tho I’m expecting a kiss! PD-nim gives me more….MOAR kiss please!

  19. nikesma says:

    I don’t know you guys hang out here, now! Eventhough KD forums keeps freezing my browser, I still keep going there. I prolly missed softy said KD Highlights instead? I’m still catching up with CYHMH. Ep 23 now. And I came here, skim fast through the comments, stop COINCIDENTALLY (ok, not exactly) at the last line of the preview. My eyes couldn’t believe it. My heart races. I’ll just try and pretend I didn’t see that, and marathon the remaining episode with ease.


    Well, I don’t know why, but I actually looking forward to Protect the bOss. Not because of Jaejoong, of course. Though except him, I don’t know anyone else in there. I don’t know why, I just maybe like girl who kick ass.


    I really want you to transcap Scent of a Woman, pretty pleaaaase~~~? *bats eyelashes

  20. kcomments says:

    Lee Minho City Hunter OST – Suddenly

    Credits : MinoMiyeon@YT

    • martha says:

      I haven’t watched a single episode of this just followed all the wonderful recaps but I already have the OST for it :D Love this song

  21. Fanderay says:

    Heartstrings/YFFM Preview:

    Translation (not by me!):
    KW: OK! We should audition!
    -Windflowers scream-
    TJ: Don’t do anything to hurt YS again.
    SH: Hyung, do you like YS?
    JH: Is HJ unnie here?
    SH: Have you ever injured your head? (implying that he’s “not all there” HAHAHA)
    Professor: Are you two in a relationship?
    LS: I have high standards.
    LS: Is this funny?

    It’s not the greatest of previews, but apparently we get to see JH dance, which should be adorable (there’s even a dancing cow in the background!).

    Regarding the title, didn’t they have a contest or something where people could suggest and vote on the English name?

    • Softy says:

      What did S throw in her hand that made her laugh? Man the previews for this comes out fast – normally aren’t they suppose to come out a day or two in advance? It looks like it will be a fun episode – I desperately want the ratings for this to go up – thanks fanderay for sharing :)

      • Fanderay says:

        I have no idea….a key maybe? I can’t think of anything that would make her laugh, although maybe she’s laughing about the conversation with the professor? Maybe S got burned after his comment about having high standards. It does look like she’s laughing at something related to that object though, so who knows.

        It feels almost silly to watch such a low-key preview when I think about the torture that the CYHMH previews put us through. I enjoy the contrast though, and am happy that there are so many completely different dramas to watch right now. My in-laws are coming tomorrow though (for an unknown length of time) and it’s going to seriously mess up my drama-watching schedule! I may have to resort to watching in bed after everyone is asleep and just be exhausted all the time.

        Btw, who is that running through the night around 17 seconds in?

        • Softy says:

          The way he runs, it looks like JH and the girl has long hair so it’s not K plus I think they were holding hands and running so I am guessing HJ. More importantly who is the good looking guy on the bottom video- at 2:44 mark???? He is going to give S some competition. :)

          • Fanderay says:

            Holy eagle eyes Batman! I totally missed that guy! The guy talking to him is SH’s friend, so hopefully he isn’t just part of the SH and Y storyline. We’ve seen almost all the footage from that mv so hopefully we meet him next episode :)

  22. kcomments says:

    You’ve Fallen For Me MV – Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue)

    Credits : kjdramas@YT /translations: KW(cnbluestorm.com) /romanizations: Kireiinha(myokelyrics.blogspot.com)

  23. nikesma says:

    Have you read this, softy?
    I never watch any of HIgh Kick dramas but think that YKS just don’t fit it in there. =.=;

  24. Softy says:

    I watched warrior baek dong Soo tonight and now I think I know how everyone feels when they watch a drama and have no idea what is going on. You have to go purely by actions to see who is the good guy and bad guy, but this drama makes it hard to tell. Thru half of it I thought the “grape” guy ( he was in a drama about grapes with YEH)  was someone bad, but turns out he is good cuz he spared the life of the Kim tak gu dad. Only problem is the king wouldn’t let him save both the Kim tak gu dad and the baby so that’s why Kim tak gu dad had to offer up his arm in exchange for the baby’s life. He promised the man who was killed earlier that he would take care of the guy’s unborn baby. Before the mom died, she named the baby baek dong Soo. 
    That opening scene with the Kim tak gu dad and the sandglass actor sword fighting had me a little worried. They seem too old to be doing that and I kept picturing them between takes grabbing their backs and complaining about their body aches – very distracting to the story. Then the other supporting actors came out and one of the good guys who is always next to the Kim tak gu dad looks like a shaggy puppy with his hair like that. That’s another confusing thing, the sandglass guy looks like a member of a band of robbers that are even scruffier and more menacing than the Kim tak gu guy’s group.
    What I really don’t get is why they had to kill the baby by boiling it – seemed kinda cruel- also what was the mom doing before she finally gave birth? Was she trying not to have the baby cuz they said she passed her due date. Didn’t get why she wrapped her tummy. All I can say is I will keep watching till the younger cast comes out, but I hope there will be subs for this soon cuz I need them. I think I understood like 5% of the Korean spoken- words like “go” and “stop” This sageuk talk is even harder than SKKS or maybe cuz that cast was younger and better looking, I could just focus more or maybe I “willed” myself to understand out of sheer desperation. With this older cast looking like they need a shower and a shave, I’m not feeling the desperation yet. :)

    • kcomments says:

      LOL, Me too watched this one live last night. The first two minute narration, I thought, Is this Korean? Wah..sounded like a whole new language to me (in a beautiful way), all I got for sure was ‘Your majesty’ hehe. I found this one to be a high quality Sageuk drama (I didn’t see ‘Fusion’ part, did you?) with intense fighting scenes (love love, a nice change), stunning cinematography (also love), music a bit annoying in some parts. All thru the episode I kept thinking, deliver that baby already! so the baby named BDS. Who is his dad? not the one-hand guy right? cuz I think the real dad entrusted him to take care of his wife/baby? So is BDS a royal blood or a commoner? And yes that part when she did that to her womb, I think she said you can not come out to this world or sth, but a strong woman she was. The King and palace part was boring (tho may be cuz I couldn’t comprehend) cuz it’s the same Sageuk thing all over again. I understand the drama is in the phrase of setting up its premise, but the younger casts better come out soon. I’ll stick around for the two male leads cuz I really want to hear their Sageuk (the darker one been king so many times), also want to see who will teach them the material arts, from the preview, they both were together as buddies in the beginning, learning and fighting together. It will be sad for sure when they turn against each other later (already so many tears in the trailer). If this drama doesn’t get any lighter, I’m not sure I’ll stick around. Gotta say, the villain male lead looks hotter, aww…his eyes…….the overall tone (based on ep1) is somewhat refreshing and intense imo. ^_^

      • kcomments says:

        OMG…Dong Soo-ah…what to do? ep2, my left foot is on board!…oh Softy, do you know what that guy say in the last scene with the long hair boy?..omo..the preview, the grown up casts..so hawtt *drools* ^^

        • REBEL SOULS says:

          what the kid said or his dad? the dad said he is going to die anyway and drove the knife in and then he said “this is the first and last time you have to – not sure of the word -then “do you understand?” and the kid yelled “n0-you can’t – dont die”
          I’m more confused tonight cuz I dont get what is going on at all – I dont get that long haired kid – he almost killed his dad earlier by hitting him over the head cuz the other kids told him that his dad killed his mom so they call him a murderer’s son. the dad had lied to the kid and said his mom had just died and didnt tell him the dad was the one who murdered her. but why did the dad try to kill his own baby anyway? hey the kim tak gu kid is on this too – not the one who played young kim tak gu but the other mean one -the spoiled brat. the sanglass guy told the long haired kid to watch out for dong soo cuz dong soo is the one he has to beat.

          • kcomments says:

            Thanks, I didn’t know he is his dad, I saw he killed his mom, but didn’t know it’s his own wife.
            The last scene, the long hair kid, his shell cracked for the first time (I thought) when the guy drove the knife to himself. Can’t wait to see how DS will become a good fighter cuz now he’s the underdog? The whole hour was fun guessing hehe, but the dynamic didn’t bore me, so good sign there for Sageuk (to me). Viki channel is up, so the subs should come out soon.
            News on BFB finale [spoiler] ….wedding and a baby…sweet sweet happy ending for everyone…[end of spoiler] Now if CYHMH could end like that, it will be great and DJ deserves that, gahhhhhhh! ….also North Korea spy next week on KBS ^^
            (@softy, I reply to you on soompi already, thanks)

  25. nikesma says:

    I know you won’t watch Spy Myung Wol. Just posting the trailer here. I really like Eric in Que Sera Sera. I think he’s really good in there. But since my mind keep failing me with old stuff, I have to rewatch it again. But… not… soon… *looks at the long to-watch list

    • kcomments says:

      Thanks. Is this one also not a happy ending one (cuz she’s NK)? I heard somewhere. I had issue with the female lead’s acting, but may be she’s getting better? Also, eh…Eric’s hair color.

      • nikesma says:

        I only watched Fantasy Couple of hers. Apparently, people are saying her acting is decent in there? Her best? Lucky me?

        And yeah, Eric’s hair color =.= Dokko Jin is top hallyu star with black hair, all right.

  26. popv says:

    Dear Softy, I email you in soompi, please check when you have time regarding this page. Thanks.
    If you didn’t get the txt, pls let me know.

  27. Fanderay says:

    Cutie-pie drummer sings! Considering the fact that he doesn’t sing in CN Blue, he’s actually not bad. The best part is that he’s going to sing it on the show, which besides potentially being dorky and adorable means that YFFM is going to continue featuring music as a main part of the show (huzzah!).

    Hopefully that link works since I’m on my phone (internet getting fixed today thank goodness). Official part 2 of the Ost including Yong Hwa’s ballad will be out on the 6th.

    • Softy says:

      Thanks for the video- he really isn’t bad at all for a back up singer. When CN blue had their first debut, I always thought he was way cuter than yong hwa so when he was chosen for this drama over the other two members – I wasn’t surprised at all. He is really cute at being dorky and I am so glad he gets to be in the limelight for a change- poor thing was always in the back cuz of the drums :) yay for him cuz now maybe ppl will know his name too ( still have no clue what his real name is)

      • Fanderay says:

        Min hyuk I think! I probably will forget by tomorrow and just continue to think of him as “drummerboy” (I must admit, I sometimes think of yong hwa as “mannequin-face”).

        I’m surprised by how much screen time he is getting actually (so far more than the second leads) and I’m wondering if his role is being expanded because he’s so likable in his dorky way.

  28. kcomments says:

    WBDS Episode 1-2 Ratings;
    Nationwide 8.6(17th) 10.2(8th)
    Seoul 10.3(9th) 12.1(7th)

    Ouch, Viki channel not there anymore, looks like Dramabeans might recap this one.
    I would rank MBC the first then follow by SBS for their fast track down on video, the license thing, KBS is more lenient tho. Softy, you can delete video that no longer there if you want so it would not take up your space. *grumble grumble* Let’s see it when it lasts, LOL.

  29. chivisale says:

    Guys the preview for episode 29 is already up, couldn’t sleep all night waiting for it, finally!!

    I don’t think anyone is dying but something bad might happen to Maru’s eyes T_T

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      thanks Chivisale – this was translated on KDH 2 already but will cut and paste here:

      it’s worse than I thought- we can’t tell who was hurt at all…did you hear D yell out – junha hyung? Oh it broke my heart.

      The bad guy called choi and said : he is here -what should I do?

      Y says to W- since I am the dad I will go in – you stay here

      Grandma says aloud: that’s not how you live- you let each other lean and give your back like this -supporting each other- that’s living

      NOT sure about next line – can’t tell if she said “person or love”

      W: to us – he was the most precious person and we want the best in the world for…

      * what I can’t figure out is who is she talking about -her dad or grandma? Cuz it sort of looked like they both died- and why does it sound like W is talking at a funeral. D and W are wearing outfits I’ve never seen before so going to assume he made it

  30. chivisale says:

    Sorry I didn’t introduce myself before, my name is Sophie and I been an avid CYHMH fan from the very beggining, that’s why I’m so grateful with Softy for all her work in giving us a chance to understand the drama before we can have subs.

    I’m so in love with this drama, I’ve seen a lot of dramas before for so many years but this one is so warm, is like Cha Dong Joo’s voice, I quit my job last week to be fully focus in my studies so with the free time that I’m having I been watching the drama all over and over again and I just can’t get sick of it. I love the couple so much, I wish they were together for real xD

    I don’t know there’s so much to said about this drama and I feel that I’ve been sharing it with you guys all along reading your comments and thoughts and everything. So sad is going to end this week.

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Thanks for introducing yourself Sophie-I guess it’s a good thing this drama is ending so you can focus on your studies better :) I know how distracting a great drama like this can get-believe me. Part of me thinks CYHMH will linger with me for quite some years to come – certain dramas I just never get over and move on from – it took years to get over the fact that coffee prince ended, but since this was more special and 30 eps – I have a feeling it will take even longer before I forget D’s voice or face, the bromance, Y’s cute mannerisms, grandma’s adorable way of talking, young D and young W scenes, etc. I am scared about the last two eps this weekend, but I am glad to have friends to share the final minutes together. Let’s all hope we dont end up crying too much. :)

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