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  1. nonski says:

    my fave scenes on WR episode 12:

    • Softy says:

      The top one was cute and the bottom one, I would be afraid of hurting that good looking face – how can any woman punch that face – it’s like destroying a Chanel. :) Now that he shaved, I should watch this. But I still don’t like Jessica in this at all. :)

      • ck1Oz says:

        Softy you don’t like Jessica? Ehm… join the queue that starts with hatred and work your way down to dislike :-)

        nonski, for a SNSD fan ( I even have the album), I am currently obsessed with her chin. There is something wrong with it. No one has this wrinkled orange skin look on their chin whenever she attempts an expression. You know ‘ the orange peel ‘ description is what you say when one has adipose tissue so for the life of me… why is it there on her chin!!

        • Hillary says:

          For me, I cannot stand Jessica’s mouth. It just looks like if she is pouting all the time … a sort of “stingy” mouth. Of course, if I post this on soompi, I will probably get a long line of hate mail.

      • nonski says:

        Softy and Ck, you can’t imagine how many times i re-watched the first vid… reason why i made this cut so i won’t have to go looking for the exact location when i replay… hehe. About the Chanel and watching after he shaved, would you believed I loved looking at LDW with a ‘stache? It adds up to his character and just perfect for the show. and btw, it’s not only LDW who got me hooked in this drama but LSY, gah!… i don’t see her actually, she is just EJ through and through. I mean, she is very convincing that it made me wonder how she will actually look after the make over, i’m sure there will be later, or at least be a little girly. :) :) )

        Ck, you are so funny with that “orange peel” thingy or rather chingy? :) LOLS. now that you’ve said that, darn, i can’t help but keep noticing that too. and oh, am not an SNSD fan, i was only able to appreciate the boy idol groups :)

        • feima says:

          only two more episodes to go and still no “kisses” for the lead couple ~ only 3 “nearly kisses”. I kinda like the other couple “Director Kim and Dong Ah”.:)

          • nonski says:

            yeah i was a little frustrated but not with the near kisses but with so much emphasis on the stalker thing,,, i thought writer-nim forgot who the main leads are. hehe. but i love how things are going with MY and EJ.

  2. nonski says:

    Funny scene on MoonSun with H and HS:

  3. nonski says:

    i posted this on TMETS 12, but wanted to share this here because of the wonderful music: (pls just delete if it;s not okay)

  4. Ruth says:

    I’m so addicted to “History of the salaryman” that I can’t focus in anything else.
    Here’s the official MV, it might see weird at the beginning, but if you’ll join to the most wonderful drama of the year, you’ll understand how great it is.

    and if it won’t work, just press here:

    • Missjb says:

      You watching Salaryman right now?? Ohh finally find someone that I can talk about kekeke… Love this show to bits.. It sad, this week is the final episode

  5. nuri says:

    I read from Soompi that JooWon is confirmed for 1n2d along with Cha Tae Hyun. now, thats a lovely suprise!

  6. Trina says:

    hi softy dongseng, I went to moon embrace sun… the video preview is up.. there is no credit.. it is credit to moonsun facebook.. as i see the video there… sheng post the text preview… but it does not who she got it from.. i leave a comment for both of them… i think you should post a reminder… looking forward tomorrow… i so need to catch both episodes in eng sub… tooo many real life too lil time of kdrama land….

  7. nonski says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SOFTY! FOUR MILLION HITS!!!! *woot* *woot* *party, party!*

  8. Jomo says:

    Awww! Thanks for mentioning me in your dedication.
    I have to marathon OB to catch up!

    By the way, Softy, this was almost a year ago.
    I remember reading your transcap watching this and crying in a conference room at work. I think that is when we all decided that KSH is amazing amazing amazing.

    • Softy says:

      Oh good lord Jomo – now I’m bawling. At first I was like why did she cry over dream high in a conference room then I played the clip. he not only sang well, he acted convincingly vulnerable at the same time. See this is why I can’t watch DH 2 – compared to DH1, DH2 doesn’t even measure up one iota. This one was meaningful and made you fall for the characters. I’ll say it again, sequels are highly overrated sometimes. P.S. I knew KSH was amazing way before he came out in this. The guy can act circles around anyone else his age – except maybe JooWon. Cuz JooWon can act and sing well too. Hmmmm…in looks they tie but JooWon is slightly ahead …in singing JooWon wins cuz KSH messed up a lot on music shows. In acting… Tough one…maybe they tie. Depends on how well JooWon acts in his new drama. :) OB ended today so it’s on my mind so somehow this reply ended up being some contest between these two.

  9. Iviih says:

    Hiiii, so anyone here watching Operation Proposal?

    It’s a cute drama <3 And I'm enjoying it… even though I watched Prodai last week.. but I still didn't get bored for knowing what will happen and the Remake has its own flavor too :) and has YHS :)

    Some mvs:

  10. Iviih says:

    Parody of Moon/sun with Gumiho the revenge:

    And OMG, it scared me so much LOL~ the young actress did Gumiho the revenge aka Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child (that drama scared me a lot)

    I kinda like the idea of YW haunting everyone in Moon/sun lol lol~

  11. Iviih says:

    Oh, sob sob, the people here have been so quiet…. guess everyone is busy :( or in OB’s page… I don’t blame them. Well, I love OB too but today I’m here to talk about Shut up FBB…

    Well, Softy, are still watching Shut up flower boy band? I started it friday and already watched all episodes! And I’m hooked. Hahahah I mean, first episode was okay… I liked it, episode 2 was better, episode 3 I started to really like the drama and started to love Ji-hyuk and episode 4 I was already in love with him…. and the guys… and their bromance…

    But I love the drama after episode 6, the bromance!!!!!!!!!!!!! This part at 5:35 below, omo! My poor heart… T___T

    Preview for episode 7:

    And the end scene of episode 6, hot!!!

    I like this couple… I mean they just talk what they want to each other and are so cute.. <3
    He always helping her… so sweet XD

    And Byung hee T_T gah loved him so much…. wae not a permanent cast?
    Well I think if he was he would steal all the screen to himself like he did in the first episodes… lol~

    • Iviih says:

      Oh Softy, I’m sorry, just saw your comment about FBB in the corner… ”It’s a keeper. Omg that rooftop kiss with interlocking fingers- give the writer an award for coming up with that great idea. *will be swooning till Monday”

      I agree 100%, that kiss! But it wasn’t the kiss but the interlocking fingers that got me. Heh.

    • Softy says:

      That thousand year song is amazing – sort of wish someone would make a music video out of OB with it. :) yup I am in love with FBB and seriously considered recapping at one point. Still haven’t had time to watch operation proposal. Hope to catch up this week. Will let you know what I think. :)

      • Iviih says:

        Well Softy, I have to say Operation P. is a cute drama and so is the main couple, but my favs at the moment are Moon/Sun and Shut up FBB… but that is because OP still is in the first episodes and because I know the story (because I watched prodai – the jdrama 2 weeks ago) well but the Remake so far is doing good and add new things! I’m excited^^

  12. Iviih says:

    Mv ^^ shut up FBB <3

    Mv: The moon/sun

  13. feima says:

    Dear Softy and all of you OB fans – this vid has been haunting me for the past few weeks and i always start my day with this otherwise i cannot function at all – i am memerised by Joo Won stares and *swoons* at his looks

  14. Iviih says:

    Hello Softy, can I ask this little favor? Can you translate the preview? Dying to know what they say… but only if want to. KisseS^^

    • Softy says:

      Don’t know any names except the cute guy (the one who hurt his finger) so I will just do dialogue. Only reason why I bothered to learn HS’s character name is to answer Fanderay cuz she was wondering which one I liked. She likes the leader. I am totally odd cuz I can watch an entire drama series without knowing a single name. :)

      Last night the head of the agency wanted to sign with the band if they keep the leader and cute guys and replace the others so the leader tore up the contract cuz he wants his members to sign up together or no deal

      They say they are signing a contract with R entertainment

      You tore up the contract?

      Be direct/upfront-you want to debut so much you could die don’t you?
      HS: I want to – is that wrong

      I want to give this back to you
      By any chance is there someone else you like now

      Guy asks his sister if it’s true she tried to sign the band – what’s so great about them

      Leader says the 5 of them will get signed and debut so let’s show them.
      What will change if we practice?

      that kid is the one BM liked so can you reveal that you are dating her to the other guys

      Tall guy says cuz he likes her. he wants to be her official boyfriend now and leader hears that

      • Iviih says:

        Thank you softy!^^ When you say cute guy you say the short one? Or the Curly hair one? Because thye are the cutes ones for me… Or you mean L the one that cut his finger….


        Ji-hyuk= leader, the main guy
        Hyun-soo= Cold Guy/Hot tempered guy (the one that cut his finger last episode. )
        Ha-jin = Playboy guy/Curly hair guy
        Kyung-jong = Short/cute guy
        Do II = Foreigner look alike/Tall guy/Drummer.
        Seung-hoon = second guy
        Su-ah= main girl

        LOL the names is a bit hard to remember right? To tell the truth… until now I just know the names Do Il, Su-Ah, Ji-Hyuk… the others I call ”short guy, cold guy, playboy guy and second girl ” lol……..

        btw, the last part of the preview happened in this episode, I wonder why they didn’t cut it or edited it… so Weird.

        • Softy says:

          I think they edited wrong so the last line got included – it is cable after all – low budget and all. :)
          Last night I loved how K stood up for HS, but that HJ was a total jerk cuz of how he blew off that girl who tracked him down at school and then later on HJ totally blamed HS for messing up their win. Poor HS was feeling guilty about making the band lose cuz of him and confided in his sister how he always envied J’s friendship with the dead guy and how hard HS practiced so that one day he could be as close to J as the dead guy used to be. The only reason why J took his time to go see HS was cuz J thought HS needed some time and space. But that adorable K told J that J was a crappy leader for not going over and checking on HS. That’s when that jerk HJ blamed HS for the band losing and destroying everything they worked for since the band wanted to win for the dead guy’s sake. So now HJ is my least fav person and I am pretty sure he was one of the band members the agency wanted replaced cuz he is not cute enough. that’s karma for you. :)

          • Iviih says:

            Omo, really? I knew something was wrong because he keep doing that angry faces and I didn’t get it… can’t wait fot watch it with subs^^ thanks Softy for the highlights. Also, sorry for asking who is the cute guy you said it above and I didn’t read well.. lol

            So you like HS the best ? And fanderay Ji-hyuk?

            I also like JH a lot lol, He is my fav T__T……… I don’t know he is such a sweet guy deep inside… heh. Who would know. Feeling bad for HS now… so he was jealous of Byung-hee and JH’s friendship? Aww… my heart. When he was talking with his sister I was moved… he was so alone he had to talk with his little sister… lol so adorable.

            But I fear HS will want to accept the contract… I hope I’m wrong but in the preview he seemed like he wanted to (maybe the preview is just manipulating me… lol)

            And HJ is really a jerk… poor girl had her heart broken… and why blame HS? It wasn’t like he did it on purpose ¬¬ that guy, he deserves to fall in love with a girl who will play him… it will be a sweet revenge. Lol…

            Funny thing is, I find he so cute with his curly hair >< I was deceived by his looks!

            And lol Softy how you can watch something without knowing the names… xD

            • Softy says:

              Hey Iviih,
              How do I watch a whole drama without knowing any names? It’s easy. Just be shallow and stare at the pretty. :) It’s like window shopping – you don’t know the brand or price, but you appreciate how good the clothes look. Seriously, I don’t know how I do it either, but I guess that’s what makes me so weird. I can do that pretty much with every drama I watch that I don’t recap. That’s why I had to call the tall guy on Man of honor the secret garden guy on recaps cuz I didnt know his name.
              Also I have editing option on comments so originally I didn’t write in that HS was the guy who hurt his finger so no need to apologize for not seeing that right away. It’s all my fault. :)
              I totally love that header by the way. That one is going up asap tonight – thank you. My first HS header. Yay!! I am typing on an iPad and this page keeps closing every time i type something so I think it is a sign that I should start a new KDH 5 page cuz KDF 8 makes the fall down list too long. What do you think? I like having a page to chat like this and leave highlights for dramas, but these KDF page list is getting too long so I thought we should move over to KDH now. Make a new one for KDH 5. Or should I start a whole new page? What should I call it ? Only problem is normally Thundie does stuff like that for me so I am going to have to figure out how to myself tonight when I get home. Wish me luck.

            • nuri says:

              hi.. i managed to tell a friend the story of SUFBB to a friend without mentioning any names, i just use vocalist, guitarist, drummer, bassist and keyboardist. then to tell about the su-ah, muse is enough. she understand the story so well that she predicts Byung Hee’s death.

              well, she’s not really interested in dramas, she only watch TV when she have time but she is really kind to listen to me if i non-stop-talking about dramas.

  15. Iviih says:

    Oh yeah, Softy I cut JHxSA scenes and uploaded it, but the quality isn’t that good sorry :( it was my first try at uploading a video..lol…

  16. Iviih says:

    Err Softy, here the first teaser of Rooftop Prince…

    I wonder if is a official teaser or a fanmade teaser because the editing and all are lame…

  17. Iviih says:

    Softy, It’s me again, I’m so sorry I talk too much. Sorry for bothering. But it’s because I saw what you wrote about Kim Tak Gu… Well, about this strong connection between Joowon and the actress that played his mother… I don’t get it because in the drama he and his mother didn’t even get along… and there isn’t too many scenes between them. It’s more about Tak Gu, Manju and the bread. But you should check it out, Joowon is too hot…

    I stopped at episode 16 and have to finish it, but I have to say Joowon can really be annoying lol and hot lol~ I really dislike his character in Kim Tak Gu… xD

    • Softy says:

      I didn’t know that they didn’t have that many scenes together and that they didnt get along on the drama cuz when she was on Win Win being interviewed, JW came out and even sang for her. The reason why they are close is she has a son in real life that looks just like JooWon – tall, good looking, and loveable. I know what you are thinking – made me sooooo curious what her son looks like too. :) Even that Kim Tak Gu actor said her son was really good looking. So since JW reminds her of her own son, she just naturally took really good care of him and fed him every chance she got and stuff. Just by watching them interact during the interview, you could tell they totally act like mother and son. :)

  18. nonski says:

    hi softy, i sent you something on yahoomail… hope it could help with your creation of a new blog… kdf7 is a little laggity already. :) i don’t know how to send a file on soompi.

  19. Missjb says:

    sorry for spamming my own MV hehe

    here is my MV :)

    love can you hear my heart until NOW!

  20. cherry says:

    Softy, I just want to share the news that there is a drama out now called marriage plot. HILARIOUS!!! its with the guy who was in CYHMH and Smile You, as LEAD. always thought he was hilarious and now he is lead of his own drma. U may already know it already but its a must watch even if u dont recap it. makes u laugh, get angry but undertsand the character’s situations.

  21. PJupiter says:

    Hi Softy! It’s been a while since I last stopped by, but I just want to let you know of a new drama that I’m watching, which I think you would enjoy as well. It’s an older family drama (50+ eps) called ‘Sons of Sol Pharmacy’ (aka ‘My Too Perfect Sons’). It reminds me a lot of ‘Ojakkyo Brothers’ as this drama revolves around four unmarried brothers. It also has the same heart and hilarity of OB.

    • Softy says:

      My sister watched this and loves it, but I never saw it before.She even tried to get me to watch it. I saw some scenes on cable, but I didnt know much about it so I didnt continue. for some reason that 50 ep part is making me hesitate in starting it. Not sure I can commit to another long family drama cuz I still have OB on my mind. Thanks for letting me know though. :)

      • PJupiter says:

        You’re welcome! And that’s the least I can do when you’ve introduced me to one of my favorites, ‘Smile You’ (it cycles between CYHMH and OB) and countless other dramas through your blog. :)

  22. Iviih :) says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii everyone! Hi Softy! Hi Fanderay! How are you?

    Omo, just now I’m commeting here. I did visit your blog like…. everyday lol but didn’t comment (sorry!).

    But it was because I didn’t have much to comment :( I had to watch the last episodes of Bridal Mask and now I finally was able to^^ since they just aired one episode for each week^^

    Well, and the truth is that I’m not that addicted to Bridal Mask. It is a good drama and the actors are really doing well, but somehow I’m not loving it… just liking it, maybe because I can’t really connect to the characters, and I don’t even cry when they cry/suffer…

    What dramas you are watching Softy, Fanderay and everyone ?

    I’m watching I need romance 2, I’m so addicted to it and also losing lots of hair thanks to the love triangle (I’m on JH/YM’s ship ^^ )

    I’m also watching A Gentleman’s dignity and going crazy to watch the last episodes that don’t air since 2 week ago! Ugh how they can be so mean ><

    I'm also watching Ghost ! OMG at first the first episode was boring but then I was addicted and watched it all in one week, thank god I watched it now because I would be so lost after one week to watch other episodes! Now waiting to watch the last episodes^^

    After 2 years, I'm watching a Japanese drama :) It's Rich man, poor woman! Liking it a lot :) and I'm also watching other 2 jdramas: Soredemo, Ikite Yuku (It is very depressing but SO gorgeous! And the acting is amazing, it really hurts my heart and make me care for the characters that are in so much pain…..) and I'm also watching the jdrama hatsukoi but I can't really tell because I just watched first episode. Not sure If I'll watch it all.

    I'm excited waiting the new drama air! Can't wait for Arang!

    And lol dear Softy, just read what you told about being scared lol I hope it is really scary because I can't wait! SMH's ghost running away from the death guy it seems sooo exciting! :D

    You won't watch May queen? I'm not sure because of the main girl… but I want to see a evil/dark KJW…… well that is what they said about his character, let's see.

    I'm excited about Faith but because of the story itself! They have magic powers? It is soo cool! And I can't wait to watch the others characters, since I'm not crazy about LMH I'm not sure If I'll enjoy it like everyone will.

    Nice guy: Well…… not sure. I like the leads but I'm not excited about the story. Want to see the smart and cold MCW's character but don't know.

    Ooooh I talked so much!

    Kisses for everyone ^^

    • Iviih :) says:

      Oh wait, I said it has been 2 years since I watched a jdrama but that is not true LOL, I watched 4 Jdramas last year! I watched Asuko March and Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta… and also Proposal Daisakusen (Since I wanted to see if the Kdrama would stick to the Jdrama).

      Oh btw I also forgot about Five Fingers! OooooH I have to check it because of the child casting and because of JJh^^

    • Softy says:

      hey Iviih, It took me forever to find you. I had to click over and over again to get here. :) how did you end up here so easily?
      sadly – I am not watching any of those dramas – romance, AGD, or Ghost. except for one scene in AGD when they filmed outside of Mango six cuz I watched them film that and I was curious if any of us on the street ended up in that scene or not. :)
      I just read about May queen from DB today, but I dont really like the plot for this at all. it kept making me yawn. but I love the kids cuz they are from CYHMH and other dramas I love so I will watch the kid eps at least.
      It looks like we are looking forward to the same dramas though so let’s see how they turn out. :)

  23. Iviih :) says:

    May Queen Teaser is out :)

    Oooooh KJW looking dark and HOT. So different from his gentle self from CYHMH?

    Can’t wait^^ though I’ll miss his killer smile!

  24. sara says:

    would you translate SBS’s upcoming drama “TO the beautiful you”??

  25. thundie says:

    hi softy,

    I tried to email you several times today but kept getting an error message. Did you change your email address?

    • Softy says:

      Hi thundie
      I just emailed you back – wonder why you couldnt get through all day. nope I didnt change it. I still use the same email. did you get the email I just sent you?

  26. Feima says:

    Hi Softy – i read your comments on the side bar – am really curious which sitcom you are talking about *ILICDD* ???? do share the full title as i really really appreciate your views

  27. iviih says:

    Hello guys!! ^^ Hello Softy^^~~~~
    So, what dramas are you guys watching, aside That winter?

    I’m behind that winter, so I’ll talk about it later.

    I just watched the 4 episodes of Nine, nine travels from Tvn (same staff people from Queen In Hyun’s man) and I’m loving it ^^ I really love time travels movies/dramas, I find them interesting, and in this drama Nine, after episode 4 end, I’m dying to know more and having so many thoughts! Lol. Also it is a cable drama, so RAWR the kisses ^^ scenes!

    I still want to watch I live in Cheonndamdong (is it correct? lol), wife cred. and childless comfort (the subs are being done, slowy but being done! YAY)

    I’ll start You’re the best Lee SS too. And I’m waiting for LSG and Suzy drama :DDD

    and that is it, other than this I’m in my last college year and things are really crazy! Hope by the end of the year I’ll be a lawyer ^^ hehehehe i

  28. iviih says:

    Guys, new vidoes of Gu Family book are out ^^ ~~ I’m so excited!

    Second teaser

    Suzy talking about her character

    LSG talking about his character:

    Video credits to the owners! ^^

    I’m so excited! Can’t wait ^^

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