You guys know what this page is for – although with SOAW ending, it might get more quiet here since there will only be O brothers and PTB to post previews and stuff about :)

Let’s see if this page loads better now – Thundie can get over 800 comments on one page without a problem so I have no idea why these comments keep going to the middle and stuff. It’s like the bermuda triangle for comments getting lost.

Trying desperately to catch up with O brothers, but time is not on my side. Might have to do some super short summaries and forsake detailed translations till I can work on them every mon and tues till I eventually catch up – wish me luck. :)

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  1. bqmonkna says:


  2. Iviih says:

    Hi Hi everyone!! :D tomorrow is OB’s day! Can’t wait!!!

    Do you believe I’ll have class tomorrow, at night? 9pm until 10:30 pm! Unfair. Sob sob.

    So oh yeah, I have been watching MOH and I’m actually really liking it – I don’t know if I’m the only one – but before MOH I never really liked PMY charcaters/acting. I don’t know. Her Nana didn’t connect with me and she couldn’t even make me feel bad for her or cry in City Hunter, I only felt bad for City Hunter (LMH) (gah don’t recall his character’s name). Funny thing is that I also never really liked Lee Min Ho’s characters/acting before City Hunter – to be honest even in City Hunter I thought sometimes he couldn’t act certain scene well, but after the first episodes he really got good and was really inmersed in his character (still I don’t think he deserves the best actor award this year – I think have some others actors who deserve it more).

    About PMY again, so like I said, I never really liked her acting before MOH, but in MOH she already made me cry some times… lol lol How, can I put this? I think PMY wasn’t too inmersed in her roles before? Don’t know. For example in city hunter, when had the scene where she saw her parents dying, I didn’t cry or felt moved, neither felt bad for her. I couldn’t. I think her acting wasn’t honest in that scene – felt forced for me. Even when she got shot instead of city hunter, I still didn’t felt bad for her – I didn’t felt/understand the love she had for him – really. I don’t know it’s my problem I think… that scene was awesome and surprising, but I didn’t feel her character loved him that much to do it.

    So, when I thought PMY’s acting was just not for me and all, she won me on MOH.
    I really like her character – don’t feel forced – don’t seem fake – and I connect with her.

    Spoilers from episodes 1-4!
    I cried when she had her first dinner with a family, I cried too when she was crying in the rain. I cried every time she was moved by something or too happy because of something concerning the family. Hahahahaha
    I cried when ahjumma cried because it was too unfair to her – and it was if you think she doesn’t know the truth.

    Spoilers from episodes 5 – 6

    I cried when she was crying because she was grateful that YK was that worried about her.
    And omo, omo, totally shocked at YK’s older sister, that really made me shocked… I wonder if she knows IC killed her dad?? I hope she doesn’t….

    And the way YK looks to Jae In… omo, melt. Kekekekek they are too adorable.


    So, Softy, about not sharing spoilers where…but isn’t where where we share thoughts, spoilers and news? I would like to know your thoughts and ck’s thoughts about the dramas you are watching (Ck, you are watching A thousand kisses too, right? Me too ^^)… I mean… we just need to put a warning before talking about it no? I would like to talk about this drama and all, read your thoughts… well, if not, tell me where on soompi you are so I can talk with you too – if you want to lol lol – my name is the same there too.

    Actually I prefer not to go to soompi – because once I go there I don’t came back lol lol too many comments and I get stuck there reading they all… is better not. xD

    • Iviih says:

      Omo so many typos! I really thought the word was inmersed… lol but it’s actually IMMERSED. So sorry… have others typos but too many to correct… gah – I have to study grammar again.

    • Softy says:

      hey Iviih,
      Glad you brought up MOH cuz I was wondering the same thing and wanting to talk about it but didnt want to go to soompi thread to do it. If anyone is reading this – it’s full of spoilers so don’t look unless you have seen the episodes. :) I know that sooner or later the mom is going to learn that J is not her husband’s child and will feel like crap but I am just wondering how long it’s going to be a secret until Y finds out cuz he is already attracted to J. In “Kim tak gu” they took like 20 episodes for the guy to find and meet his mom – I hope they dont drag it out that long till Y knows J is not his half sister. also I just realized today that the guy who kidnapped kim tak gu’s mom is the same guy who is playing IC so that means he is doing two dramas by the same writer. :)

      I really dont get why Y’s sister doesnt speak up about J to her mom cuz the older sister knows who J is doesnt she? didnt IC inform her about J already? then the sister should know J is not her dad’s daughter. I wonder if she is keeping it a secret out of loyalty to IC or if she hates the evil dad that much too and wants to help bring him down. To answer your question, I dont think she knows that IC killed her dad cuz if she did, why would she stay with him? I dont think IC knows he went after her dad – cuz that makes no sense – why kill the father of your “ace card”?

      I did cry for J during the funeral scene when the grandma hugged her. it was so sad cuz she thought she just got to meet her dad right before he died. then I cried after she ate the noodles cuz she thought she would get to eat her dad’s cooking but never got to. I really hope she gets reunited with her mom so that she has one real family member after everything is done. speaking of which – why does the actress who play the evil dad’s wife and J’s mom look alike – are they the same actress? like on CYHMH?

      just like in all her other dramas, PMY sure does cry a lot – why does she pick such sad characters to play? at least she has some chemistry with Y in this drama. did you see that preview? she kisses the other baseball player – the evil dad’s son. wonder what LMH thinks of that scene. :)

    • ck1Oz says:

      Well I’ve read dramaok’s last 4 recaps for ATK but have actually stopped watching. I think I will wait for the angst to either fully developed before watching. It’s so frustrating watching the mother and his sister being bitchy. Thei backward and forward WB and JY is driving me slightly bonkers. Besides I have a Korean test Monday.

      Moh ep 5 and 6 I haven’t watched it yet. Will be spending hours editing it so although I have read the recap…not going near it. It spoils the episode if you watch it like 4 to 5 times so I want to keep it fresh.
      Although I would say though PIE is looking absolutely adorable. It’s only 24 episodes long so I expect some OTP scenes in the next month. Jang Woo-my no 1 ship on WGM. He kissed so many girls lately!! I don’t care if he’s acting with PMY but he kissed the girls in the nightclub and he kissed Eunjung in the MV. He must be one happy boy because he is always so handsy.

      Oops softy sorry to go off tangent.

      • Softy says:

        Omg I am months behind on WGM – he did what??! He kissed EJ? When? What episode? Omo – I have to download and watch WGM this weekend now. :) I love how he acts like he is an outdoorsman who likes solitude, but he sure does love skinship – did you see them on their honeymoon trip when he gave her a bikini to wear – and she put a t-shirt and shorts on over it. LOL.

        • ck1Oz says:

          I think it was about 2 or 3 episodes back. I love his manliness but he is such a player. He can’t even act like a devoted husband. However the ep after the MV when they went to the market. They look like a young yuppie couple and all over each other…sorta Korean style.

          Hwanhee gave them couple underwear for their housewarming party for crying out loud. She had a striped bra and he a striped brief. My jaw about hit the floor and I was going what is with these two COUSINS!!

  3. Iviih says:

    I don’t think I’ll watch Flowe Me too!

    I don’t dislike LJA, but also don’t like… I just don’t care about her… lol
    and the main guy seems too young for her, they seem more like siblings together!

    (Some said mother and son, LOL but she isn’t that older… )

  4. Iviih says:

    lol sorry again here..

    So, Softy, Fanderay and everyone: Are you going to watch Padam, padam ? (the title is too long for me write it full.. lol )

    So, I was going to watch, but when I read this:

    ”Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats” is about Yang Kang-chil, who is released from prison after 16 years for accused murder, Jeong Jina, who is very realistic and selfish, and angel Lee Gook-soo, who protects them. Coming soon on the 5th of December.

    It turned me off. You see. He must be innocent and was in jail all this time because he was wrongly accused or because it was a accident that killed someone and it wasn’t his fault, or something like this, but I can’t bear to watch a drama with this kind of plot because is too much suffering. Even if he is innocent – everyone will not even hear his story before accusing him – and does not help I watched the drama ”In Soon is pretty” and it is like the worse drama I ever watched… I really, really hated the main girl and the characters and the end of this drama.

    One thing alike with Padam padam: She was in jail for murdering someone.
    She was wrongly accused and spent time in jail. She was mistreated by everyone and she didn’t say anything back because she thought she deserved such treatment – as if she was a real muder. She took it all and didn’t talk back. It was such a frustrating drama. And I think she never (I mean never) never really talked back at how she wasn’t a real murder – it was not enough everyone blaming her, she blamed herself over and over again, and cried and didnt’ do anything and all…
    In the end of the drama you find out something surprising that pissed me off big big time. And let’s not forget the main guy – he acted all nice, buy once he found out about her past, right after that, he started to avoid her and ”stopped” liking her. No one was in her side… not even herself… now you get why I hate it.. lol

    Well sorry for my rant, here news of padam padam:


    • Softy says:

      I am planning to watch this one just cuz it had bummie in it and jung woo song. I love the spoiler pics with bummie and him – so cute – their age gap makes it hard to believe they could be best friends but they still look adorable together. I was not even thinking this far ahead but I guess Dec is around the corner since it’s only about a month from now. scary how time flies by.I never watched that In Soon drama -sounds awful – no wonder you dont like this one cuz they sound very similar.I still want to give this drama a watch though just to see what the hype is about.

    • ck1Oz says:

      LOLOL Oh dear lviih

      The thing is the writer and PD are both good. I mean their previous shows supposedly had serious themes but they managed to carry out the story. I actually like their previous works which is why I was interested in this drama. It is certainly not because of the actors whom I don’t know. I signed up for it before I knew Kim Bum was in it. I actually liked Worlds Within quite a lot and thought it was a well written and directed drama. Iris you have to say was slick. So I am actually looking forward to it. I mean good writer, known PD all 3 main cast can act. It’s got better odds than some other dramas. Like Brain-I am hitting myself over this. Can’t even be bothered to look for subbers for this. Will see how it pans out.

    • nonski says:

      Yay! Iviih, I am so gonna watch this drama. I had been following news about it on DB and I sure like the premise. I think this one is gonna hit it off… I hope. Basically I am watching coz of Bummie. And does anyone noticed how good-looking he is on his mane of glory? gah! he looks so handsome and yet so cute.

  5. So3 says:

    Last night I watched that Flower Boy Ramyun Shop for like 10 minutes (albeit not really knowing what they were saying) and I couldn’t stand it… so disappointed :( (I basically said WTF with the first few minutes re that scene at B-class of the flight)

    Why did Jung Il Woo pick this after 49 Days? Why??!?!

    • Softy says:

      I know – I hear you. It would have been worse if you understood – he kicked her out of his car cuz she did two things he hates girls to do : get something on his clothes and cry. All she did was get a bit of water on his cashmere sweater and she was crying cuz the boyfriend she had been faithful to while he was in the army never got around to breaking up with her and she had just found out and was publicly humiliated. I mean what kind of guy kicks a girl out of the car for crying over that?

  6. bqmonkna says:

    i think im going to just leave the image of the scheduler in my head till he gets into a (hopefully) better drama because his supreme assholery is getting to me in fbr.

  7. nonski says:

    I just got to visit here and oh my how happy I am that I can talk about MoH with you guys here. I am so into MoH. I mentioned it earlier to. I know that it would not be long till YK’s mom knew about the real score on J’s parentage. Initially I was apprehensive of MoH coz of Baker King but turns out rather good… so far.

    and my, oh my, am I the only one going for FBRS? it’s bound to be lonely for me if i am. :( i actually really like the premise, yes, it is kinda fluffy but i see it going into something more later. i think we are just seeing the icing of the cake. hehehe i am that positive. After episode 1 and 2, I just kinda melted. LOLS.

    btw i posted below the preview of MoH 8, enjoy!

    • ck1Oz says:

      I haven’t started FBRS yet no time but I am watching it. I haven’t watched 49 Days so have no trauma from him being a scheduler cutie or not. Besides I am bored as all heck with only OB and Office Girls to follow.

      Am not watching MoH until the subs are ready for editing. Jae In is super cute here though. I am super jealous nonski that Jung Il Woo and Kim Bum are LMH’s bestie and she is his GF. Then she kisses Jang Woo and will kiss PIE. Didn’t she say she almost wanted to quit acting before SKKS? OMG talk about not knowing what’s around the corner :-)

      Am spazzing so badly about Kim Bum can’t even remember who is the lead actor there.

      • nonski says:

        it;s Jung Woo Sung on Padam, Padam…

        yup, PMY is the envy of every girl in town, hehe. having LMH alone makes us all jealous. and yeah, before SKKS, she was about to call it quits but lucky for her and us we got SKKS. I’m following MoH too, soft-subs are already available at DSS so i can watch it. I was so thankful to Darksmurf too for all the improvements he’d made on the site, even machine trans are good already. (y;know, for those who can;t wait). oh, and i noticed you signed up.

        JIW and Bummie’s pic is just soooooooo worth swooning. I haven’t really started watching FBRS but is following DB’s recap. Recaps alone makes my heart aflutter. hehehe. the show is definitely an eye candy with Il-woo flashing his smile as often as he can.

        ATDP is quite heavy but haven’t started watching it, only recaps atm and dlownloading. After two episodes, i knew i’m in for good.

        • ck1Oz says:

          Haha you noticed I signed up? Unfortunately not to watch more KD. I needed the Ch set subs.I have a Ch En subber. helping with Can’t Lose. We still haven’t. finished that drama. Sorry about that. ATDK -even the recaps are making me so sad I don’t dare watch it.

          • Softy says:

            You should really watch ATDPromise. At first I found all the constant flashbacks annoying, but realized they probably did that on purpose – like the worse her condition gets, the less she will remember and then less flashbacks. I can’t believe they didn’t ease into it and just made her show symptoms right off the bat from the first episode. That was a big plus for me to continue – only complaint is I wish her cousin wasn’t her first cousin cuz he is dreamy and perfect. :)

            • ck1Oz says:

              I love love LOVE So Ae softy but wild horses wouldn’t drag me to watch a sad drama. SOAW was an exception because it had LDW and I had no choice as I was one of the channel managers for viki. ATDPromise- no way. Now you know I am a scaredy cat :-)

              Lee Sang Woo is dreamy and he is so so perfect in this drama. LOL I am reading the recaps. I loved him from Life is beautiful. This is the 3rd time he’s in one of the top 3 dramas on their timeslots. He’s picking up good roles. I want him as a leading man next year because I would watch it in a shot :-) I don’t include Don’t Hesitate. Hah…bet you didn’t know I’ve watched him in so many dramas? I was being taught segmenting on LIB. I remember listening to his voice for HOURS (cos’ I was timing the video) him and the guy who was in Heartstrings. Never got tired from those 2.

          • nonski says:

            no worries. CL was not a popular drama at DSS, all eps are up but don’t have much people working on it

            you should definitely watch ATDP. it’s getting better and better after each episode.

  8. ck1Oz says:

    Oh softy after all the talk about you subbing. I went and rewatch ep 20 of SSKS :-) :-)
    it’s like revisiting your first love :-) How cute are the boys? Lee Sun Joon rocked. Your YAI was pretty cute too. LOL.
    What a project huh when it first started.Good job great job you guys did.

    • Softy says:

      “your YAI” – ha I wish :) Yup skks was one of the best – is it number one on your drama list? Cuz I think it slipped down for me. I can stare at YAI forever, but for great writing alone – I have to pick SG. some of those lines still haunt me – so beautiful. :)

      • ck1Oz says:

        :-) I had to go back to aiki to check. SG is my no 1 and CYHMH no 2. I need more than the pretty for my favourites.I love a great script too. That’s. why City Hall, Worlds. Within,Surgeon. Bog Dale Hee and Family Honour are on my list. Ì still haven’t. figured out the knack of scrolling back to correct typos on the phone :-(

  9. musiclover1123 says:

    If anybody’s interested i found the ep 27 preview of OB on soompi. it’s not hd, but it’ll do. attached link here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBY35u5fD5A&feature=player_embedded

  10. priya says:

    OB ep 27 preview is out.

    • MJShinshi says:

      thanks….i said in another post that I can’t wait to see how TH will “woo” J, now we know just what will get him moving — jealousy :) So Kim Pd will finally meet up with J and TH won’t be happy to see her laughing with him. guess it’s jealous week for TB and TH this wkend….love the looks from TB and J/TH… hope we get to learn a little more of the Oh-Duck family story from KJ til next episode soon, yay!

      hey the magic of J’s little white suitcase continues, I don’t remember seeing anything red as she packed/unpacked in attic room. She’s now wearing red boots and red jacket..

  11. ck1Oz says:


    Softy can you please do me a HUGE favour? Can you listen to his and try to find ANYTHING the 2 guys are saying about their characters? I know I’ve left it late but there is no interest in this drama. It’s almost 1 and today is the 1st time I’ve had time to look at it. It’s starting 14th Nov. It’s a Monday Tue drama. This was the one where the idiotic producer fired all the cast after the 1st script reading. I am cringing because remember the last ep of CYHMH? Where the dad had the brain aneurysm? No one knew what the medical words were? There are not many subbers who can sub medical terms even if we can find anyone. SIGH. I will be watching it though-always liked medical dramas and too many of my family/friends are working in it including neurosurgery.

    I need to get the page up in the next couple of days then try to get some uploader/segmenting staff. No attractive page can’t even ask any subbers to see if they’re interested.Been too busy with work and the other 4 viki dramas I am on to have done something earlier. There is no soompi page for this even. Then after this need to design the page for Padam. Can’t believe it’s starting in a month already. YIKES :-p


    • ck1Oz says:

      That’s weird how come it’s not showing the video on the page as per usual?

      • Softy says:

        it’s cuz once in a while when there are more than two videos up at once, it needs approval from the author (me) – no biggie cuz all I need to do is click “approve” when I get home – like I just did :)
        from the preview all I got were the words “war will start” – I think the voice said war will start between them. (the two doctors) but I dont know those words before he said “war will start” – best of luck finding someone to sub this – good lord it’s hard. I thought WBDS’s trailer was hard but it was easy compared to this. :)
        for some reason certain comments do not have a reply button under it – anyway I was going to reply to your other comment about not watching ATDP cuz it’s too sad – I was following the recaps for that too over at DB but even the pictures were making me cry all over again. You are right – this one makes you cry A LOT – not as much as CYHMH but still – it’s going to end up breaking hearts left and right. All this time I was not feeling anything but anger at the lead guy but now that he finally “manned up” I am going to give him some leeway to make it up to her and be half the man as the cousin. I didnt even know the guy’s name who plays the cousin so thanks for letting me know. I never saw him in any drama so his face is all new to me – and I like it. :)

        • ck1Oz says:

          LOLOL. Can’t write here…some examples of neurosurgical vocab. Burr holes, VP shunts, endovascular coils :-)

          I know right? We’re so not going to get subbers for this :-(

          Lee Sang Woo played the son who was a Dr and was gay in Life is beautiful. This was the drama where some Korean mothers published a huge advert in the papers. Where they said the show has to take responsibility if their sons became gay after watching it. I don’t even want to let anyone know what I think about such ‘…better not say anything’

          • Softy says:

            What the… he played a gay guy? how? Was he even convincing? Wow – totally curious now if he pulled it off. I think actors are so brave to play roles like that – now I like him even more. I wonder why I never saw him before.
            Funny, but I heard of some of those terms from medical dramas like Grey’s and House – how much you wanna bet those Korean actors will pronounce them incorrectly so I can’t even understand. I am not going anywhere near this drama anyway cuz that trailer scared me – what’s with those two serious looking guys – no one is going to even want to watch this I bet.

            • nonski says:

              Brain’s been messed up way before it even started… This one’s gonna be hard one to work on.

            • ck1Oz says:

              Tell me about it :-( It’s Sat and I would love to go out and have a coffee but what am I doing? Scrounging for info and designing the page and I don’t even know how to work the full Publisher.

              Do you know if DSS will get the Ch subs for this? I could potentially ask if any Ch subbers can parallel translate it. Ain’t no Ko En subber going to be interested in this. It’s a pity though as the PD/writer is okay and the cast actually has great actors in it. The set certainly looks expensive.Where do they get all their equipment from?On loan…they are expensive stuff to purchase not to mention those instruments ain’t cheap. Everything is disposable these days and they suck and don’t have good grips. Don’t want to to slip when you’re holding onto something :-)

            • ck1Oz says:

              Kim Soo Hyun the writer invited him from LIB to come to ATDP.

              Oops sorry softy. It was past 2am when I wrote this. Confused he was playing Kyung Soo a photographer involved with Tae Sub (the Dr who was played by Song Chang Ui-who was the director in Heartstrings). Now you know both of them are actually very natural good actors. You should see the conversations and interactions between them. It’s sweet and mature and just so good. If you had the time (which I know you don’t) you would actually like this drama.

              The writer is also very good. She’s been doing it awhile and is successful. Talk about 6 degrees of separation. I know someone who knows someone who went to school with her daughter. How bizzare huh?

              Oh yeah Brain. They wanted older actors and got older actors. Well haven’t seen any smiling neurosurgeons in real life :-) The Drs with the nicest personalities are dermatologists and dentists. LOL. Really just observe and see.

              Catch you tonight on OB. I need to get back to Brain. And stupid Publisher :-p

            • nonski says:

              lols, use PS, Publisher sometimes get moody for me. hehe. :)

            • nonski says:

              lols again, seriously, why are my posts acting up… the one above is supposed to reply on your previous comment. weird!

              actually, almost all dramas are being subbed by DSS. we are anchored on chi subs so as long as there are chi subs, definitely we’ll take it up. even if the staff won’t go for this drama as long as some fan takes a liking to it, they can upload the chi subs themselves so others can help subbing it.

            • ck1Oz says:

              I need the full $$$ photoshop to get it done. Either way it’s done. My whole afternoon wasted and the whole poster looks so clinical. Whatever I can’t be bothered now. It’s good enough :-(

            • nonski says:

              yeah, that’s what i hate about PS, it ain’t free, luckily, a friend just promised me a copy of ps on monday. oh and don’t worry about it, the best part is you did it. darn them if they don’t like it then they do it… *winks*

            • ck1Oz says:

              I am now waiting for ep 27’s torrents refusing to go look at what’s written till I watch it. Tonight’s episode deserves some suspense don’t you think?
              Can you believe PS cost like 800 Euros? It’s ridiculous. I need to see if the PR department at work has it installed in their office.

            • nonski says:

              yikes! it is that costly? actually a techie friend who cleaned up the virus from from laptop installed some free stuff and promised to install PS. i can’t afford to buy it if it cost that much. :(

              again, i posted a vid and it went was posted up, why?

            • ck1Oz says:

              There is another free program called gimp.org but I can’t be bothered to decipher the instructions. Softy…who does all your blog designs again?

              I am in hiding from the OB thread trying to not think about it because this week is going to be so long.

            • thundie says:

              Extremely convincing! Great love story and awesome drama overall; I reviewed it on TP. Lots of their MVs on YouTube. Here’s one:

            • ck1Oz says:

              I am in love with both of them :-)

            • Softy says:

              OMG thundie – why – why did you post this????? how am I supposed to watch TDP now with a straight face? oh man now this image is going to pop up and ruin his scenes with Soo Ae. this is the first video in a year that had my jaws drop open and I was still grinning at the same time. this MV is epic – how did you manage to watch the whole drama? I am sooooo glad I didnt see this before YFFM cuz then I would have died from laughter everytime he came out. I must say – this was more funny than convincing though – totally do not buy they are in love at all. :)

            • ck1Oz says:

              It’s not funny :-( It’s touching and he is behaving like the oppa :-) No they are really convincing as a couple. Really cross my hearty softy.

        • nonski says:

          yay! i even asked at DB if i can have the cousin… wishing they are not really related at all. *winks*

    • nonski says:

      OMG! sorry, i dunno what happened why my posted video ended up here. :( I reposted it coz the one from the previous page is not working. Softy, can you just delete this one, please i will have post another one below. so sorry again.

  12. nonski says:

    I am so happy watching OB 27 preview, i screwed up re posting the vid. :( anyways, lalala… love that TB and TH will each have their bout of jealousy and I hope this will push both of them to act accordingly. hehehe. i rewatched the preview like several times already. TB, serves you right! TB-SY shippers be happy.

  13. nonski says:

    very excited about tonight’s episode of OB, aja, aja! Softy!

  14. PJupiter says:

    I just started Thousand Day Promise and I have to say, it’s just as amazing as others have said. It’s such a refreshing, interesting, and addicting drama. I’m loving the chemistry of the whole cast (especially Soo Ae and Kim Rae Won) as well as the superb writing!

  15. nonski says:

    saw this one on soompi:

    • ck1Oz says:

      Hey this didn’t come out as a video. Did you say move here for the chats now softy?

      Well I only came here to ask…which episode was he shirtless in in Operation Proposal. I am not even watching the drama but will watch that scene :-) Your side posts are getting really long softy. I was scrolling up and down. However my favourite is the Ginko OB gif. Sigh it still makes my heart melt looking at TH/JE

      This video is for Fermentation Family. I was going to skip it but it’s come so highly recommended that I am starting to download this to watch. Doesn’t the cinematography and food looks scrumptious?

      Oh yes. How do you choose which drama to recap for the 14th March. Good luck with that. Even I can’t decide which drama to live stream. Rooftop Prince because I like the premise and the cast. They look adorable together. However love Ha Ji Won so I am stuck. Why do they have to give her a guy 9 years younger. I feel ‘eewww’ thinking of the kissing scenes even though it’s Puppy. I wish Jo In Sung- who is a man- got the role. So Rooftop Prince softy for me. Oh do you decide based on the writers?

      • nonski says:

        hey ck :) new chat page is kdh5, on kd highlights. i was also intrigued with fermentation family, thundie recommends it, but i still have to download. :( Even if i love Ha Ji Won and LSG, i still prefer the RP… the story promises a lot of fun and the casts are faves. King 2hearts has Myung Wol remnants over it.

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