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  1. MJShinshi says:

    wished I had some new music video to share but sorry I don’t…so here I’ll just say hello to all kd fans here on RS! Ahnyeong! I’m looking forward to SOAW ep12.
    I have a question (so not that important but I’m curious about) for anyone who knows… why is Y’s last name Lee spelled in Hangul as [ ㅇㅣ] Ee without the [ㄹ] L/R sound as it is pronounced? hope that makes sense….from how it’s spelled and how I hear the others on the show say her name is as “Ee YJ” instead of “Lee YJ” ok that’s my, guess you can say, Korean language trivia for the day!
    hopefully you got plenty of sleep softy and rest those fingers..take care til ep 12 :)

    • Fanderay says:

      The last name “Lee” is actually always “Ee” but has been romanized to have a consonant in front, just like “Woo”. I don’t know know the original cause, but it could be that having a vowel-sound as your name just sounds too weird in English-speaking (and other) cultures. Park is also “Pak” and I’m sure there are lots of other names that are commonly changed as well.

      • MJShinshi says:

        thanks Fanderay, that makes sense. I noticed that about how JW’s name is spelled too. Appreciate the enlightenment much. I learned something about Korean names and romanization thru the depression that is SOAW episodes 11 & 12! thanks again..

  2. Trina says:

    hi softy,
    are you still watching WBDS… I am looking forward to episode 17 and 18… so far the ending of episode 16 is really sad… Have a great Saturday night/Sunday……..

    • Fanderay says:

      WBDS was lagging for a bit I thought, but then in ep 16 it majorly picked up again. Cheon has always been one of my favorite characters so I’m interested to see what he does next, and I’m pretty happy that DS has finally been trained. I’m also pretty stoked about the fact that he tied his hair up. No more mop!

      • Trina says:

        oh yes, i am happy that he change it too… i soo can not stand that hair for a while.. i am waiting to see how this will be played with the two girls.. it seem the noble girl seem to have lots admire… i wonder how many love octagon there is now…

        • REBEL SOULS says:

          I checked out of WBDS a while back but someone told me I should check it out again so I might but only after I read kcomments recaps just to make sure it is safe first. :)

  3. Fanderay says:

    Yay, people are starting to make more PTB MVs :)


  4. nik says:


    Been missing you. Havent seen you here for awhile so I was wondering where you were, then went to your blog and found out that you’re on vacation. How was your vacation? I’m on holiday now as well, but came here on my iphone with slow internet connection to cheer softy on (silently) lol and to read SOW transcap! Woot!

    • Fanderay says:

      The second half of our vacation was cancelled since the alternator on our car died (yay two hour tow) but it was still nice having my hubby home for the rest of the week and I tried to stay off the computer as much as possible. I won’t have as much free time this fall so I’ll probably be cutting back and only drawing two or three times a week (heaven forbid I cut back on my drama watching).

      Off I go to watch SoaW!

  5. bobsavero says:

    preview for PTB ep.9!
    지헌과 은설은 서툴고 떨리는 심정으로 키스를 하다가 떨어진다. 시선 마주치자 어색해하는데. 지헌은 조심스래 침묵을 깨고 은설의 마음을 확인하려 하지만 은설은 여전히 확실할 수 없는 자신의 마음을 말해주지 않는다. 하지만 지헌은 사랑을 얻은 듯 어린아이처럼 행복해 하는데.
    지헌이 은설과 무슨 일이 있었다는걸 예감한 숙희는 무원에게 그만 물러나라하고, 지헌과 은설의 이야기에 동요가 되는 무원이지만 담담히 그럼에도 포기하지 않겠다는 맘을 비추는데…

    credit to sbs and flying_,monkey from soompi!
    somebody please translate it!

  6. So3 says:

    I feel so sad for KSA…
    She was in the press conference for her upcoming film, Fighting Spirit, and she was late for 20 minutes because after 6 days of sleep-deprived shooting she FAINTED. Seriously, when are they going to improve on this live shooting system?? T_T

    Now I’d rather the writer-nim change the story so that JW and YJ lie on bed in the hospital so they can just get some sleep while we get to see the couple together on screen…. >.< darn!

  7. Trina says:

    good morning,
    waiting for the raw link of today episode of WBDS…

  8. Anonymous says:

    haha I meant Ep9 PTB!! Thank you.

  9. bobsavero says:

    softy please translate it,,,,

    • Fanderay says:

      Oddly enough, I think I’m most excited about the sleepover with NY. I love that it doesn’t occur to her that it’s weird to be friends with her enemy.

      Dang it, I was just about to post this and noticed that you already mentioned the slumber party Softy. I guess I’m just a copy cat ><

  10. Softy says:

    J says to E- at some point I hope you like me more than your ID (ID card for her job)
    M says: we(j and him) are giving you too much of a hard time(rushing her to choose) And she tells him he shouldn’t behave this way-and she is giving him a warning- so he says “ive been scolded/I’m in trouble”
    E: it would be nice if my feelings are 100% but my heart now is a mess
    N says she wanted to do this -sleep over at a friend’s home
    J’s father asks Jang what happened about J’s therapy visits. He finds out about J’s condition and cries asking his mom – you knew didn’t you?
    J’s dad asks NES’s dad: what is the real reason why you came to see me?
    NES’s dad: “to say I won’t accept your son”
    J tells E he brought her that “so your dad will think of me favorably”

    * I love how N invited herself over for a slumber party – I knew they would end up friends :)
    I cant wait to watch this tm :)

  11. kcomments says:

    I thought I would meet you at Live Chat with BB, then you were busy with SOW I guess, darn I couldn’t type fast enough, have to exercise my fingers for the next time, see you then ^^

  12. bobsavero says:

    cant wait to see PTB ep.9 !!!!! i set my camp now (of course in soulsrebel)! :D
    gappy eid mubarak!!! to all muslim !!!!

  13. Jenny says:

    I found this on facebook through SOAW page. all credits go to the original owners.
    Episode 13 Text Preview from SBS :

    힘겹게 눈을 뜬 지욱은 무사한 연재의 모습을 보며 보고 싶었다는 말을 남기고 다시 눈을 감는다 가슴이 너무 아픈 연재는 결국 눈물을 흘리고… 어떻게 해야 할지 .. 막막하기만 한데…

    English translation by happy22qt and donnapie :

    Ji Wook is struggling to open his eyes, sees that Yeon Jae is safe and tells her he missed her. Leaving those words, he closes his eyes again. A brokenhearted Yeon-jae eventually starts crying. “What to do..? She simply doesn’t know what to do and feels hopeless.

  14. Fanderay says:

    I totally forgot about The Musical, but it premieres tomorrow:

    Due to my weakness for dramas that are even remotely musical, it looks like I have another drama on my plate. I think I already like Gyu Hye Seon and Daniel Choi more in this than I did in BoF and Baby Faced Beauty (the second leads look good too, and there are three of them!). I’m pretty sure this drama has already finished filming (which could be a good thing) and it looks fairly unique at the very least.

  15. Softy says:

    The trailer for song joong ki’s new drama came out tonight and even tho it was a sageuk, it took my breath away it was so perfect – ok SJK looked amazing so that’s why I was floored. This may be the next sageuk drama I watch when it airs. But after he stops coming out, the rest of it depends on the story cuz I really do not like the Midas guy.

    • Fanderay says:

      While searching for the trailer I came across this video. lol, what the heck is going on?

      For that sageuk, is there just the one 28 second trailer that only shows SJK for a split second? I’m so glad that it’s not airing until the end of month…tooo many dramas!

  16. Fanderay says:

    Ok this is super random. I just found an SBS app for my phone that streams the station live, and about a minute after turning it on I saw a preview for SOAW. It was short and it’s not on youtube yet, but J is in the hospital getting what looks like an MRI (or some sort of scan) and Y is crying.

    • So3 says:

      Here’s the link to the video preview of SoW Ep 13:
      (can’t find YT version yet)

      Dialogue in this video preview (seems there are variations in translation so I’ll post one of them first. Correct me if you know better~~):

      JW: During the moment when I had that car accident, a thought popped up – I may die earlier than you, perhaps due to heart attack today, or traffic accident tomorrow… in order not to regret, why didn’t I hold onto this woman Lee Yeon Jae?


      I’m so gonna love this Ep 13!!!

    • Rxdsxddx says:

      Do u mind giving me the name of the app??? Thanks

      • So3 says:

        I believe it’s SBS Gorealra (you will see a Gorilla cartoon logo)

        • Fanderay says:

          That’s the one! It even has a fancy feature where you can set a timer so it’ll start up the TV or radio at a specific time. Unfortunately the picture is a bit stretched, but it streams over 3G flawlessly and it’s certainly better than anything any US networks provide :P

          And thanks for the link/translation :)

      • Iviih says:

        This makes me worried. Sad moments plus sad moments… and much suffering TT
        Thanks for postig the preview ^^

      • MJShinshi says:

        he’s being scanned fully clothed! so not thinking of anything else here but normal scanning procedure. don’t you get a hospital gown to put on for this? well I guess it’s ok if they’re only scanning his head…hmm…?

        anyway noticed Y’s got her bucket list book stapled/sewed back together…..SOAW better give us some breather from the angst that was last week and not wait til Sunday to give us some sweetness. may not be able to watch live but will be checking my phone for live transcap, so fighting softy!

        • Iviih says:

          Yes, you are right, well at least when I did this exam, I didn’t use any clothes – and in this machine you usually stay put for at least one-two hours because they scan like every corner of your brain… it’s very uncomfortable.

          • nonski says:

            Hi Iviih, I actually an MRI for my hips due to that… they said it was long and add to that I am claustrophobic, also there is that banging/chopping whatever sound.

      • So3 says:

        Good news and major spoiler:

        JW will definitely be ok because according to news today – we’re getting kiss and BED scene in this episode (please if the writer dares to have JW’s dad or SK storm in again, I’m gonna fly to Seoul to do something about it). Woohoo~~~~~~~~~~~~

        • MJShinshi says:

          Omo omo omo……how I love you So3 for this spoiler!!! thank you, you’re a doll for sharing this. I second that, NO ONE better barge in and interrupt! Yippeee! or JW please change your door combination, haha ok I am so going to make sure to catch this live tho I have a feeling this will be Sunday’s episode! no matter I am going to ignore my guest for that hour to watch both eps this weekend! thanks :)

        • Softy says:

          Omg I second MJShinshi and think you are so great for giving us spoilers So3 – I was dreading more denial and angst, but thank goodness we are back on track. I have no idea how I am going to describe a scene like that cuz I thought the tango one was hard. :)
          Seriously if anything happened to J I don’t know what I would have done. I have a feeling the last scene in the drama will be J by that tree after Y dies. Maybe he will have her buried there or next to his mom.
          I really hope KSA is ok after her fainting spell. She didn’t look too well on last week’s episode. Crying so much wears ppl out so as an actress, I bet it’s harder on her than KDW.

          • MJShinshi says:

            LOL softy, how else to describe that scene but With. Every. Detail. Girl! for the sake of us who might not catch it live ;) ha ha jokes — don’t want you embarrassed to visit your own blog again, tho writing is easier to mask in public than shower scene photos! :)
            I sure hope KSA is feeling better and keeping hydrated after all those crying scenes. PD should get the makeup crew to make her look more of a cancer patient than be concerned with her wgt. I think KSA is already too thin to loose anymore wgt for her character and then add sleep deprived on top of so much crying that can get a girl down. fighting to them all giving us a great touching show.
            ok, see y’all at ep13 live transcap in a few hours..yay! :D

  17. ck1Oz says:

    I am on holidays almost done now.I have no idea what’s happening in the KD world except for PTB. SJK new drama is The Tree with deep roots right?I mean if I remember right?The one about how Hangul was created?

  18. Iviih says:

    Posting the videos that have my fav scenes of episode 13 ^^ posting here to not lose in on SOAW old posts^^

    They being true to themselves:

    So cute J… bwahahahaha

    Love they singing together! I loved his voice!

    The kiss, bed scene! Rawwwr

    (Btw if the video is not available in your region, so sorry but just found these videos)

  19. hartofseeker says:

    This isn’t a drama trailer, but it’s a movie trailer… found this tonight and I just felt like i gotta share this~

    I’ve made an attempt to translate the dialogue, but there are lots of holes as my Korean is limited… you can check out the premise at dramabeans =x Softy or anyone else~~ would you be so kind to translate it for us? <3

    hehe i miss posting here and wow Softy~ liking the new function for the comments ^__<

    • hartofseeker says:

      My attempt-to-translate is in the comments on utube =P

    • Softy says:

      I hate movies like this cuz it makes me so angry for the poor victims who didn’t get justice, but I am going to go see this to support the movie. Plus I want to see how gong yoo has changed since the coffee prince days. I love him for taking on this role and helping draw attention to the true story behind this incident – it makes me so proud of him as an actor and humanitarian – thanks for sharing this :)

    • Reideen says:

      What’s the movie called?

  20. yossie says:

    I know, I’m such an irritating reader… but if you can please do the recaps for Ojakgyo Brothers (even if you only do that recaps once every week for 2 episodes, no live recaps, I will be glad) T_T.
    It’s kindda frustating for me, watching it live (sometimes), going to youtube for its raw, download the raw version, and only knows nothing about what they’re talking about T_T.
    I really love this show… yeah particularly because Joo Won :$

    • Softy says:

      I have to admit – part of the reason why I wanted to recap OB was for Uee and JW pairing. Trust me ever since I saw the first ep, I have been itching to recap this but time constraint doesn’t allow for me to do both SOAW and OB on the same night. OB is already up to E10 so I am worried that so many great scenes and lines will go by unnoticed. There are just too many characters and scenes to do every word translation so I was thinking of just doing a summary recap of each character so far – what they did or said up to E10 so that ppl will be caught up – what do you think? Any suggestions on how I can cover the past ten eps with just one big recap?

      • yossie says:

        I’ll help you with the sceencaps if you want… (but it will take a long time, since I’m out of country and I have very limited access :( )
        Yes, a summary recaps is okay… For me episode 10 is a mark of this drama, each character has hers/his own problem, except for 4th son, I still dont have what will his problem, but a recap for each character will be okay with his/hers own problems. A long recap will be nice if it covers the main problem of this drama. I think the biggest problem is the farm itself rite?
        Ahh,,,, I sound too demanding… sorry…but I just really love this drama despite its 50 episodes… :)
        And the love line between the main OTP will turn out very good… (I hope)

        • yossie says:

          and I forget, I can help you this 1 month (maybe) with the screencaps, because even I’m out of country, I’m not working :D

          Let me know if you need help see ya

          • Softy says:

            Hey yossie,
            Thanks for the screencap offers. Will start working on OB post tonight and keep updating till I catch up to ten but not sure I can finish by wed cuz that is when my attention shifts to PTB – maybe if readers have specific questions about the story line I can answer those first so they can stop waiting around wondering what is going on. should I skip E1&2 cuz I heard there were subs for that.

            • yossie says:

              Yes, Ep 1 & 2 have the subs already :)
              Thanks so much Softy…
              dont worry I know that PTB is on your list :)
              (even if the recaps comes out next week I’m still happy)

  21. Trina says:

    hi softy,
    wow… if you have not WBDS.. you should it is getting better.. now waiting for tomorrow episode.. i do hope they extend the drama to 30 episodes.. I can not get enough of HOTTIE Spy Lord… ^^ from the preview of tomorrow episode it looks good and interesting… oh after PTB and SOW.. What is your next recap gonna be???

    • Softy says:

      It’s already posted – O brothers – it’s 50 episodes – 20 more than what I did for CYHMH -let’s see if I can hang in there that long :) American tv resumes this month so I will probably watch less Korean dramas. Plus I am going on vacation during the month of dec so will more than likely have to miss recaps during thanksgiving break too

      • Trina says:

        yup… my fav american tv is back on too…. too… i am just gonna watch my fav and the rest of the new.. well.. there is one that is new that i am gonna watch but that is about it… soo can not wait for my american tv back on and of course i will be watching my new two chinese dramas too… ahh… soo many dramas soo lil time…. can not think about dec as it is too early for me to think about it…

  22. bobsavero says:

    hi softy and all PTB lovers in this forum !!!
    i just got this http://bbsimg.sbs.co.kr/photoviewer/rlagustlr/V0000350236/Img0402_20110906100556_3.JPG

    • bobsavero says:

      all i can say is ptb ep. 11 is TRIPLE DAEBAK (hope…)

      • Softy says:

        Omg that is the cutest most sweetest pic I have EVER scene in a drama – just one look and instantly I was melting – omg I can’t wait till tm – thank you bobsavero for sharing :)

      • bobsavero says:

        forgot to say, another pic was posted this morning in soompi forum!

      • ck1Oz says:

        Thank you.
        Softy you have no idea how addicted I am to PTB.I literally am wriggling like an over-excited puppy.

      • MJShinshi says:

        omg…my stomach did the flipity-flip looking at this picture! probably just like J’s :) smiling like a fool and now really cannot wait for next episode. wow E is dressed nicely except for the shoes nor his either. She got her hair cut too? is it Wed yet?! yay thanks for sharing!

    • ck1Oz says:

      See me GRIN like this?
      Oh boy I am dying the preview is even better than I dreamed.I can literally spin with happiness.

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      E narrates:too many things are in my head so I am going to throw them away.I feel like i shouldn’t be this cheap and dirty/messy any more
      J tells M: “for the time being let’s call a truce – I know that when you are going thru a hard time you think about E so I will cheer you up/comfort you from here on” and hugs him. M: are you crazy?
      Gm to Jd: help sookie. JD to GM: mom you are on our side. GM says M is her grandson too.
      JD tells E that he gave permission for E and J to date.
      E says: “Whatever. From tm on i am going to live my life the way i want”

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you!! Looking forward to tonight! Camping time!!

      • WeWe says:

        dear God…
        i’m being a nice hardworking-smart-lady from monday til tuesday
        so pleasssseeeee…….tell my boss to let me go home earlier so i can camp and read the liverecap on PTB here…..in softy-home-sweet-home

        *just finish my lunch*

  23. Anonymous says:

    anyone can translate ep11 preview?? thanks a million!!

  24. bobsavero says:

    wahhhh im late to post it! ck1oz you beat me!! ahahahhaha. thx rebel soul to your translateeeeeee…
    yes im crazy!!! aishhhh

  25. yossie says:

    The teaser is out!!

    • MJShinshi says:

      is this a new show with YAI or is it a movie?

      • REBEL SOULS says:

        movie about a kick boxer – sort of looks like the korean version of american movies where the coach influenced the young slacker guy to become a better fighter and stuff. boy they give away the whole movie in just a trailer – when will korea ever learn to hold back on their trailers and not give away so much info – it’s like they dont get the concept of teasing an audience -they just show the whole movie plot and wonder why ppl don’t go see it. next time don’t give away so much – duh. that has been my gripe for years about korean movie trailers :)

        • MJShinshi says:

          lol @ softy’s gripe about K-movie trailers…..I know huh? even with my very much lack of Korean understanding I got the gist of it from the trailer….what happens to screen shots coming so fast right at ya with sound effects and all kinds of teasers to get viewers to go see the movie?! I guess the <15sec trailers is their way of holding back, they shouldn't go with the long trailers – total give away, even 1:41 is too long for K-movie marketing people :) thanks for that info been wondering what's YAI up to these days….was wondering if it was new since he really look like a kid in school! urgh you asian descends with your good aging genes! (tho he's still young anyway) you lucky :) lol-ing at myself after I just now looked at the video trailer and it does say Trailer Korean Movie 2011 I guess I saw YAI and that was the end of any reading for me…haha!

    • nonski says:

      or this link:

      hope you will like this pic from @SBS_Boss

    • Softy says:

      Omg that can’t be from the episode :) it looks more like promo shot doesn’t it? If that comes out on an episode, I can’t wait to see how they ended up like that :)

      • nonski says:

        Yeah me too Softy, and when I saw that pic update on my tweet, it was like I melted for the cuteness and the candidness of the three of them lying there, can;t help but share it on here. Btw, sorry about that blank posts earlier, lol, i dunno it wasn’t possible to post pics or I just don’t know how.

        • nonski says:

          oh here is the Korean tweet with that pic:
          보스를지켜라> 은설, 그리고 지헌 무원 본부장 http://twitpic.com/6h9dy9 행복하고 평화롭고 날씨도 좋고….^^

          • nonski says:

            lols, i can’t read korean but maybe it’s a promo still coz here is another one.

            보스를지켜라> 은설에 이어 나윤이도…?! 이건 무슨 상황일까요? +_+ http://twitpic.com/6h9ga0 아무리 생각해봐도…저 자리들이 내 누울 자리인 것만은 확실한 것 같습니다. ㅎㅎ #SBSBOSS

            • Iviih says:

              huhuhu that problem of post going up is here again TT

            • Iviih says:

              So the hint for your comment be down here is replying for the last person who commented^^

              And here, the music Our Reunion – Kim Sun Ah & Lee Dong Wook.
              The full song, without the voices of the flashback :)

            • Iviih says:

              Hehehe I love the PTB fight scenes is just so LOL~

              Done by: bulletproofcouch

            • nonski says:

              The sound supervisor for SBS tweeted the following today. It seems possible thatProtect the Boss will be extended for 2 more episodes. Boss is receiving a great response, so…

              Warrior Paek Dongsu… Extension by 6 Episodes…… Protect the Boss… Extension by 2 Episodes…. ㅡㅡ

              Source: @Sfx_Jun

            • nonski says:

              Protect the Boss Episode 11
              Posted on 08/09/2011

              AGB Nielsen

              15.3% nationwide; 17.4% Seoul


              13.2% nationwide; 15.5 % Seoul

            • nonski says:

              Preview of “Protect the Boss” Episode 12
              Posted on 08/09/2011

              Muwon who meets Nayun on his way home after departing Eunsul visits a Karaoke with her due to his feelings of frustration, but becomes intoxicated after drinking a bit from a can of beer and loses consciousness. At Nayun’s call, Eunsul and Jihun run to Muwon and Jihun who takes Muwon to his home for some reason feels an aching heart.

              On the other hand, CEO Cha calls Eunsul and visits a department store and gifts all kinds of designer clothes. To Eunsul who is uncomfortable, CEO Cha asks that she help Jihun become interested in having the right to control to the corporation…

              Source: SBS
              Translation Credit: JYJ3

            • nonski says:

              [SPOILER] Muwon Sings in Karaoke — “Thought There was a CD On, Not That an Actual Person was Singing!”
              Posted on 08/09/2011
              Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye Unfold an All-Out Singing Showdown and Lead the Ratings Rise

              Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss will unfold an all-out singing showdown and lead the ratings rise.

              Recently in a Karaoke in Kangnam, Kim Jaejoong who is playing the role of Cha Muwon and Wang Jihye who is playing the role of Seo Nayun in Protect the Bosstraded two of their favorite songs.

              Wang Jihye who took the microphone first sang in a comical shouting method Paek Jiyoung’s Don’t’ Forget Me. She then sang with choreography, tambourine, and a good amount of cheer Pearl’s I am Okay. When she did so, Ji Sung playing Jihun and the production crew who were at the scene relayed praises: “It seems that when the scene of Miss Wang Jihye singing airs, it will become a hot topic and the ratings will also rise.”

              Kim jaejoong also put his thumbs up and praised her: “Miss Jihye’s comic song is really on the level of a goddess.” He then relayed: “Recently there are many who ask about Miss Jihye. There are some who say that her looks make her seem a prickly city woman but in the drama she appears cute, and those who ask about her real personality, and even phone calls asking me to introduce her to them.” At this, Wang Jihye smiled and answered “I call!!” and thus turned the filming set into a sea of laughter.

              Continuing, Kim Jaejoong sang in turn sang the song Seoshi (translated into Prologue Poem) and Sung Shikyung’s I Made Them Feel Moved. Then the production crew gave glowing praises for Jaejoong’s singing, saying “indeed this singing is befitting of a top singer of the Republic of Korea.” An affiliate of the Karaoke also could not close his jaw, saying: “I thought that there was a CD on, not that an actual person was singing.”

              The scene in which Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye created a warm atmosphere by singing their favorite songs in Boss can be seen on Thursday, September 8th, 9:55pm.

              Source: NateNews
              Translation Credit: JYJ3

            • ck1Oz says:

              ck squeaking.So excited she can’t scream.
              Thanks very much.

            • WeWe says:

              hwaaaaaa…..thank you for the spoiler nonski
              can’t wait for tonite

              *already miss my hot seat at home*

            • nonski says:

              You’re welcome WeWe… I’m also anxious Softy might feel I’m spamming for posting everything that updates to me on PTB. Sorry if I’m doing that Softy, just please delete if they’re crowding the blog.

              “On the 8th, SBS Choi Munsuk CP revealed to Seoul Shinmun NTN: “It is true that we are in discussion with regards to extending Protect the Boss by 2 episodes. We will hold a meeting today (8th) and it seems that by tomorrow (9th) there should be a decision.”

            • Softy says:

              Thanks nonski :) I don’t consider this spamming cuz I love news about ptb and other dramas so post as much as you want – will try to figure out why comments go to middle again :)

            • nonski says:

              Thanks Softy :) I followed Iviih’s advice and just replied on the last post… and starting PTB i’m loving Twitter. YAY!

              So far, this is the latest tweets I got and the link to the pictures:
              (as I don’t know how to read Korean, hope this will get translated, thanks)
              대본 연습엔 때와 장소가 없습죠~ >ㅂ< http://twitpic.com/6hp4mr 차회장님과 은설의 합(?)이 척척 맞는데는 이유가….ㅎㅎ #SBSBOSS ☆V

              another tweet:
              은설은…신부수업 중…..?!

              another tweet:
              우왁! http://twitpic.com/6ho8hh 스트레스 팍팍 푸는 중인 나윤 ㅎㅎㅎ ‘잊지말아요’, ‘난괜찮아’를 불렀다고 하는데 오늘 그 실력 한번 지대로 보여주시길!! ㅎㅎ #SBSBOSS

              *sighs* yesterday and then today, I can’t camp, I left my broadband at home, huhuhu :(

            • nonski says:

              okay pipz, i can’t post anymore coz i won’t have internet connections… till tomorrow guys. :(

            • nonski says:

              :( my post above on some tweets are still awaiting moderation, it got some links to it.

  26. nikesma says:

    oh wow impressive. the comments actually has 2 page and I can go to newer and older comments. I was O.O earlier when I only saw like 5 comments and wondering where all the comments dissapeared to. Thought something went wrong with the site again. This is nice, it’s not loading slowly now. ^^

  27. Iviih says:

    So, the great Svetusikls4 did another SOAW mv! Ahhhh it’s ending this weekend, otoke?


    • MJShinshi says:

      just lovely! thanks for sharing this video iviih! I’m starting to feel the sadness that SOAW is ending…hoping for some more cuteness and Tango before it ends. so sad JH is gone :(

  28. So3 says:

    SOAW written previews (the last week already… sigh):

    Ep 15
    JW felt his jealousy raising as he saw ES and YJ tangoed in an intimate way but he hided his feelings and told them they’ve danced well and gave a smile (Aww….)

    JW showed YJ’s mom the Bucket List and Mom cried having heartache seeing that. Mom smiled back at YJ who is waving at her from afar…

    Ep 16
    Mom holds YJ’s hand as YJ lost her strength lying on bed, and mom cries. Besides Mom stands the teacher…

    ES closes his eyes waiting uneasily. Sitting beside him is JW, who asked ES what he should do. ES replies saying he wishes he knows what the best thing to do right now…

    • So3 says:

      weird… why did my reply end up in the middle? haha

    • MJShinshi says:

      yay So3 with previews! this is so saad and dreading the ending tho I’m glad Mom is in the know with teacher by her side now that the end is near. thank you for sharing these last two written previews. Looks like we’ll be crying buckets again but it’s to be expected and in the midst of it will be some happy tears. E didn’t leave for TX then I gather. J needs a friend like E. E should have given Malbokie to J to take care of Y’s dog together with her plant.

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