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121 comments on “KDF 2

  1. ck1Oz says:

    Annyeong everyone.Hi softy.This whole ep 7 and 8 Scent is going to drive me nuts.I am going shopping instead of making myself crazy.

    Like you I am giddy with delight they have feelings for each other.My heart however is dying when he finds out she is sick.Why why why are they so adorable together and Wookie has such expressive eyes :-(

  2. Iviih says:

    Ok, spazzing the tango scene!! XD Of the drama Scent of a woman!!

    Loved it….

  3. nikesma says:


  4. Fanderay says:

    YFFM preview! SOFTY!! What is wrong with Shin???????????

    • feima says:

      oh no Shin is sick with ????? hope not his dad sickness :(

    • Softy says:

      They never say how he hurt his hand cuz he says it’s no big deal. It doesn’t look that bad cuz it wasnt wrapped in a cast or anything
      It starts with a guy’s voice asking them to record an album with K singing lead vocals. She agrees till her GP barges in and asks what she is doing and drags her out. She tells someone she can’t do the album. Then S gives her his dad’s album and tells her to keep it and return it to him when she becomes an impressive guitarist and makes an album of her own.

      • Fanderay says:

        Thank you Softy! Also, sorry if it seemed like I was demanding a translation. I was having a Heartstrings heart attack!
        The best thing about the preview is that it sounds like we’ll get an OTP duet. That’s really the only thing I’m dying to get before the show ends.

        • softy says:

          Hey Fanderay, you didnt sound demanding at all so dont worry about it :)
          oh man you guys made me watch PTB and now I am liking a drama I fast fowarded on the first night it aired -still don’t know any names at all- I love how his dad beats him up all the time but turns around and beats up all the other guys who hurt his son. I loved what she said in her interview too and then how he got her to put medicine on her face was so cute. I am going to marathon the rest tonight so I will be caught up. One question tho – what condition does he have besides OCD? xenophobia? cuz it cant be agoraphobia since he goes outside.

          • Fanderay says:

            I think he could still be called agoraphobic. Agoraphobia encompasses some different types of anxiety attacks, and I think a fear of being outdoors is just one of them. In his case it seems to be crowds and public speaking. I’m sure there’s a specific term for just a fear of public speaking, but he seems to have a slightly bigger ball of issues. I love that when someone sarcastically asks Eun Seul if he’s a kid, her response is basically “yep, pretty much.”

            I still can’t believe how well Ji Sung sells his anxiety, considering how wacky his character is. I practically start crying every time it happens to him.

            My KP post from last night is about PTB 4 so don’t read it until you’re done watching (assuming you haven’t already) It’s not super spoilery, but it’ll probably ruin some of the humor for you.

            • Cherry says:

              OMG i love PTB!! what is your blog name? i want to google and read everything about PTB!!!

            • Softy says:

              Her blog is called Kolorful Palette and it’s on the right on my blogroll – you are gonna love it :) don’t forget to bookmark it cuz she adds new stuff all the time – more often than me sometimes.

            • Cherry says:

              Thank you. i visited her site. very beautifully done.

  5. Iviih says:

    Holy Cow! Han Ye Seul ran away to LA – Usa, without explaning why to anyone and won’t come back, the staff of Spy myung wol will replace her too another actress!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so socked… this never happened before… (not with the lead actress!!)

    I feel so bad for the entire cast. She just ruined her career!!!!!!

    • So3 says:

      Oh my goodness @_@ *dumbfounded*

    • softy says:

      I read all about that on DB so tonight I am actually going to watch cuz I never saw a drama before where the female lead drops out and they still air the show without her -this is like unheard of :) she really knows how to draw attention doesn’t she?

      • nikesma says:

        read recent news that she promised she’ll be coming back and finish the drama, but KBS still hasnt given any response.

    • Fanderay says:

      I’m a bit worried now about the movie she did with Song Joong Ki. It’s finished filming, so hopefully it’ll still get released! I was excited to see SJK in a leading role :(

  6. nikesma says:

    Yay and YES YOU LIKE PTB!!! I like everyone relationship! I like the grandmother with the father, the father with his son, the lead actress with her friend, her with her boss and it started with trust first and all. EVERYTHING! Can’t get enough of it. Sigh. Only one thing, I still can’t figure out Cha Mo Woon’s (I think his name? Jaejoong’s character) intention.

    Watch it all, and let me know what you think, softy. It’s getting better and better. ^^

  7. MJShinshi says:

    double Yay that softy likes PTB!!! softy, does that mean that you’ll pick up PTB after YFFM…I wonder..? no pressure, you need your rest and some drama to enjoy without typing! I think this one is a great show and a good one for the laughs :)

    same here nikesma….love all the relationships and interactions between all the characters in this show! Love grandma and J’s dad…he’s the only one who can beat up his son senselessly! Ji Sung’s character, Ji Heon(hope I get his name right) reminds me of Monk, if any of you watched that show. So many things he’s afraid of and learning of others fears also become his!! J’s no total loser tho since he sees right through his cousin’s pretty smile accusing him of possible tax fraud and the like.. I think the cousin, Mo Woon was taught by his mom that they’ve been wronged, that his father should have been the president instead of Ji Heon’s father. Or something of the sort but hopefully we’ll learn more about his evil plan if he has one brewing!

    so sad that YFFM is ending this week but I’m looking forward to what the finale has for us!

  8. kcomments says:

    Buahahaha *evil laugh*
    Was it me? PTB? Of course NOT! HAHA

  9. Softy says:

    Ok I just finished watching E4 of PTB. it’s adorable- loved the sleeping in a fetal position scene. The odd things is I realized it’s the only drama I enjoyed where I didnt have a crush on either lead guys. It sort of freaks me out cuz that rarely happens. Does anyone else think that the boss guy resembles the guy from Iris (lee byun something) but a younger version? Their smiles are similar minus the perm of course. The bad news is there are a lot of office scenes,but I have no idea what business they are in so I don’t think I can recap this cuz I don’t understand enough of it – plus I will have missed 6 eps by the time YFFM wraps up. That’s starting too late in the game to memorize all these new names don’t you think? Will keep watching it tho cuz now I like it – thank you everyone for encouraging me to watch it :)

    • Fanderay says:

      Now that you mention it, I just realized that I’m not shipping either guy, and it doesn’t even matter because I still love watching them and find them endearing. I don’t even care if if they’re interacting with Eun Seol or not since since all the characters play of all the other characters in unique and funny ways. It’s like a kaleidoscope of awesomeness.

      For there record, the main names are Ji Heon, Eun Seol, Mu Won, and Na Yoon (I learned them all last night for my post, so may as well share!). I’m not telling you the names so you’ll recap; I just though it might be handy :)

      It would have never occurred to me, but Ji Sung does resemble LBH a bit. Every time Ji Sung smiles I’m practically hypnotized by his perfect teeth.

      I’m so glad that you conquered over the monster that is Ji Heon’s hair and like PTB now. It would be sad if you only had SoaW to watch!

  10. nikesma says:

    EP 5 preview of PTB

    • Fanderay says:

      Ok now MW and ES definitely look like they’re dating!! Oh poor JH. Since it looks like MW is suddenly trying really hard, I can’t help but wonder if he’s officially pursuing her now, but as part of plan to take down JH. Not that it ultimately matters, since he’s going to end up loving her anyways.

      Also, is that sidekick guy getting in a fight with JH? I don’t think he’s been in this show yet, but he’s a side character in pretty much every other drama.

      • Softy says:

        Haha I know – he is on EVERY good drama, but his best role was MGIAG as dae woong’s best friend. Thanks for all the names – guess I need to learn them now too. Are subs out the next day for PTB? I was going to check out choi Ji woo’s new drama first to see if I liked it or not – but now I am tempted to do highlights for PTB – just the gist of each episode on KDF3 or something. I think I have to make a new page tm cuz this one is loading more slowly.

        • Fanderay says:

          Yep, subs are actually up same day for me (but it airs around 6am here, so that’s not surprising). Highlights would be great, but be careful! There aren’t many boring scenes in PTB, and highlights might end up being the entire episode :P I still feel guilty about all the scenes I didn’t mention in my episode 4 post, and I’m not even doing recaps!

          • nikesma says:

            Now that I rewatch ep4 of PTB with full subs by viki, remember the drunk scene in the taxi? He said in a complex way that he likes her, right? She searches the internet what he actually means, and she sort of denying it saying I think I know what he means but she doesn’t want to know or to think further.


            • Fanderay says:

              Yeah…it sort of seemed like a vague confession to me…like not love or anything, but more that he depends on her and cares for her (I can’t really remember what he said though). I think I assumed she was looking up ways to help him with his presentation when she was on the computer, but if anything his ridiculous jealousy should be an indicator that he’s crazy about her. ES’s attempt at lunch with MW was freaking hilarious, and there are a million great nuances in that scene.

            • nikesma says:

              It’s more like ‘like’ to me. He said an alien rock has enter this part of his brain, which he recite the name of that brain part.And last line he said, something like you’re a rock.

              At first, she looks up the part of the brain that he talked about, and she reads this part of brain which process emotionally and feelings or something like that and said to herself, no way, that can’t be and let’s not think about it. You really should download the softsub released by viki, because they’re the most reliable now. I wish WITHS2 picking this up, but no, I dont see PTB anywhere in their list.

            • Fanderay says:

              I actually just stream it on viki :)

              Btw, I should clarify that even though I think that he “like” likes her and that’s what he meant, I didn’t feel like she had a concrete reaction to it, and could interpret it in a vaguer way. Thanks for clarifying about what she was googling though. When I watched that episode the subs were only at 95% or so, and I think that was one of the bits that wasn’t finished.

  11. Softy says:

    Just wanted to say – I saw that spy drama tonight and omg the dialogue was like “don’t forgive me” and they had her character lose CFs and other product endorsements and RUN OFF so no one could find her – it’s like the writers were getting ready with a “just in case” option so they set it up that way. Her absence on this episode was really noticeable. I feel really bad for that staff – it will be hard for them to remain professional cuz they are only human and will want to hold a grudge.

  12. Adgirl says:

    I have to say thanks. I had a rough July and then vacation in August. Have only last week gotten back to real life at home. Missed many of K-dramas and endings I was watching. Also missed the beginning of some of the Dramas I wanted to watch.
    Thanks to you, I was able to stay a little caught up and felt like I missed nothing. I will of coarse catch up on YFFM, and CH, which I missed dearly. I started The Spy Show decided I would wait till all episodes are finished. I watched the first ep of SoaW, for reasons mentioned about July I thought it would be to hard to watch. From reading your caps on the main page, I am going watch, with boxes of kleenex.
    It seems to me, we pretty much have the same tastes. So I will take your word for it, that SoaW is a show worth seeing.

    As always thanks for your time, hard work, with all the subs. :D

  13. Adgirl says:

    On another note. I think Protect the Boss is one of the funniest and best dramas yet. I love that they have totally made fun of the male leads especially as a “Cheabol” and the fact the female lead is totally 100% her own woman and takes crap from no one. I am however only on ep 6 and have watched parts of 7 and 8.
    The whole ice cream scene at the amusement park, was a favorite between ES and NY. Of course when ES kicks the can in NY’s face. When JH tapes up ES’s cardboard face. When JH’s dad outs the grandmother. I think ep 4 was the most hilarious. I could keep going, because I am enjoying the show so much. Like you we have the streaming limit. CRAZY !!!!

  14. REBEL SOULS says:

    so glad this blog was able to help you out, but for city hunter you should read dramabeans cuz GF and her did an amazing job as always and blue did beautiful recaps with pics and extra stuff too. Wish I had screencaps but ran out of time. I love PTB too so hope you catch up go to us soon :)

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