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I had a feeling these two would have chemistry before they were even cast -just hearing their two names together sounded like a dream match made in romantic comedy heaven.


I was too shy to make a header out of these – pretty sure he is advertising the clothing brand Buckaroo, but he sort of lost me when he flashed his abs. people have been wondering why I suddenly liked Kim Woo Bin so here is my answer – not only does he look this good, he can also act well and is a decent model to boot.  I like that his looks change with just a grin or a scowl. diversity in the face is so hard to come by in korean actors, but he’s got it. oh boy does he ever.

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  1. nonski says:

    uh-oh, am i the first to post here? kekeke…
    just read your side bar notes and yay your bday is coming! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hoping to be the first to greet you. :) don’t worry about us and just enjoy the party. :)

    and you doing mash-ups, we would be very thankful.

    i think i can finally be regular here again. hopefully and once i got the time i will start posting headers for you soon.

  2. nonski says:

    trailer of 2tbu (credits: AKP)

  3. flo says:

    i want to share this..the beautiful MV of 2tbu..i love this drama and Tae-Hee couple..they are soo cute to handle ^_^ and choi minho has a beautiful smile EVER

  4. flo says:

    and this one.i love the intro of this OST and i’m sorry Softy..i’m a little crazy because of this drama,coz the korean version is the best so far for me, and i can’t wait to see TaeJoon & Jaehee are falling in love, their cuteness are overload^___^

    • Softy says:

      No need to apologize Flo :)
      post as many videos as you want cuz I like this drama too – love these songs. Can’t believe svetik loves this too.

      Only reason why I stopped recaps was cuz I could only handle 2 per night – gaksital and arang. :)

      • feima says:

        Jooni hurt her wrist so she wont be able to do recap for TTBY but nevertheless i am camping here for BM, Arang and your joint venture with Jooni for Faith. Btw – anyone doing recap for May Queen – my fave CYHMH star KJW :)

    • nonski says:

      *waves at flo*

      glad to know you’re into 2tbu too… super love this drama.

  5. Wewe says:

    softy,are you doing live recap on Nice Guy tonight?

    • Softy says:

      Hi – I am still not hm yet – will get there around 9:40, but I am still debating which one to recap – I’ve been doing arang cuz someone on soompi is doing recaps for ttby already, but I didnt want to start nice guy unless I love it -so I will probably recap arang tonight :)

      • WeWe says:

        i can’t live streaming tonite so i miss all wed drama
        so…looking forward to your opinion on Nice Guy..

        off reading your arang recap…..wuuzzzz

  6. nonski says:

    hello softy… just wanted to ask how do you find nice guy? i just browsed through the vid cuz i was hurrying going to the office.

    • Softy says:

      half way into the first episode and I really wanted to stop – as soon as he left his sister behind to go to that woman he liked – I hated this character. then he goes and takes the blame for the murder for the woman’s sake and I officially did not like this drama. she could have been absolved of murder if she claimed self defense so there really was no reason to take the fall for her except for the fact that she didnt want her career over as a reporter over this. that is the dumbest reason ever to take the blame for this murder.I read his character seeks revenge but this is all his fault so I dont get why he is after anyone. no one forced him to take the blame – he wanted to so why seek revenge years later. I never liked the two female leads anyway, but I really wanted this to be good cuz I love Joongki but this story blows. why would an up and coming young doctor throw away his whole future for her. plus he promised his sister who is sick that he would come back to take her to the hospital by the time she counted to 500 -if he goes to jail then who takes care of her. that little boy who played young DJ on CYHMH is playing maru as a kid so I might fast forward to his scenes, but I think for now I will pass on Nice Guy.

      • nonski says:

        thanks so much for your thoughts on Nice Guys Softy. i often watch what you watch/recap cuz i am counting on your livecaps when i am streaming. i wanted to watch NG cuz of Joongki too. this is gonna be heavy and dark. i am having this story in my mind where he will later fall in love with HCW and she will die later and he will realize that he love her so much and live an old lonely man. haha. but reading your comment, waaah, such a stupid reason to go to jail and cover up for the woman he love then seek revenge later. thanks again softy, will download this still and look for joongki scenes. :)

      • nonski says:

        hi again softy, just done watching NG episode 15 and i might say i am extremely hooked with this drama. i love it so much already. i just dread that Maru will die in the end and that they won’t have a happy ending. (well, this writer is known for it).

        • flo says:

          so do i..i can’t believe i am hooked with Nice guy,,i love this drama soooooo much
          and i ‘m waiting in anxious for the last final episode, i dont want maru died at the end,i really demand for a happy ending for Eunma couple ^_^
          NG is a melodrama..it’s hard to understand for the first time, but i addicted for this drama already
          NG is a good drama, good story, but sometime i get confused with the story,even i watched with the sub, i still confused.. and that time i missed your recap, your insight,,,my dear softy, because you always help me with your recap, even with my limited english, i always understand your brilliant recap ^_______^
          and this the beautiful MV of nice guy..i just love the song..it was taken from “the OSt east of Eden”by Lee sung chul

  7. Softy says:

    I am watching Kim Jae Won on his new show – Get it Beauty Homme (for men). he is the new host. omg he is soooo funny. when he showers, he uses the foam from his shampoo to wash his body but if there is soap he uses soap for his body. and he doesnt really wash his feet – when the suds from the soap or foam from the shampoo runs down his body, he just rubs his feet together. My image of this guy just changed from high maintenance to lazy. in a minute he is going to tell those single guys with no girlfriends how to get good skin. his best 3 secrets for making skin get better on its own. drink water 10 times a day. 3 times a week eat stuff like kim cuz of what’s in it that’s good for skin. 3rd one is sleep a lot. ok those tips are not that great -every model does that. he passed out presents at the end of the show – lucky audience members. for some reason his skin looks even whiter on this show. :)

    • nonski says:

      omgee, i can’t believe he only does that routine when taking a bath! i mean, that’ like he’s a real man, not an actor. but that is good to hear, an ordinariness that can be seen from people like him. :)

  8. ck1Oz says:

    Wanted to leave you this. It made me think I want to visit Seoul now.

  9. kcomments says:

    Miss ya :)
    Have mercy on me my dear friend *waves*
    *run to hide before bricks thrown*

  10. nonski says:

    hello softy, just saw your side widget. looking forward to JW’s new drama. seems like it’s gonna be like OB here again. :) what do you think of his female lead? KH seems too old for JW. although i have confidence they can pull it off. both are really good actors. i like her on PTB and she is great in comedy. on a side note, i was hoping you would do Jeon Woo Chi but i understand why you won’t do that and you have been working hard non-stop recapping dramas. :) i am intrigued with Flower Boy Next Door. tho, i must say YSY isn’t my cup of tea but maybe, just maybe this one will make me like him. :)

    • Softy says:

      I wrote what I thought about his new costar on OB page, but i think I am in the minority. I get why everyone is so upset, but if the role had to go to an older actress then I rather it be her and not someone he has a crush on cuz there is zero chance of them hooking up in real life after the drama is over. :)

      After Arang ended i only had Faith to finish up this week so now I feel like I am on vacation or something cuz there is nothing to recap. It’s like all the sleep I didnt get for over a year is just piling up now and I get so sleepy during the oddest hours. Like awhile ago it was only 8pm but my eyes kept shutting. I am trying desperately to work on AWC before I get busy again so Thundie will have at least two dramas watched by the end of this year instead of one. :)

      There is a 170 episode sitcom called I live in cheongdam dong that has me falling madly in love with it. I really wish i could recap this cuz people who love smile you, CYHMH, and OB would love this too. It’s more than just a family drama – it’s got lots of humor and heart too. I just know most of my readers would enjoy it a lot, but 170 eps is gonna kill me even if it’s only 30 mins each. There is a lot of talking in that half hour. :)

      • nonski says:

        hi softy, sorry for the late reply. the notification icon on wordpress didn’t show your reply. :( i just saw this when i was about to leave a comment on cheongdam-dong after reading your side widget. :) glad you already mentioned that here. ever since i saw that on the watch list of various blogs and there had been a buzz over this drama, i was looking earnestly for torrents but couldn’t find one in d-addicts. turned out i turned into a noob for a while cuz i wrote it wrong. lols, semi-fly and someone else on DA is posting torrents so off i go and DL it. someone also mentioned it was being subbed by mr. x. i will check that out later. i will also try to ask someone from dss to have it up, maybe someone will like it and work on it too. now you already got one follower with you on cheongdamdong. tho there is still a lot that i have to catch-up. :) maybe just in time for you recaps *winks*. simple people like me are already happy with mashcaps. :)

        btw, have you watched missing you already? what’s you’re say on MY? i had already downloaded the premier episodes but had not watched it yet. would love to hear what you think about it. :)

        i am already very excited on JW’s upcoming drama. :)

        aja! aja! fighting! on AWC. :) actually i haven’t continued watching it, on hold mode due to a lot of work and other dramas occupied me too. i hope thundie’s interest will pick up again. i really love her works. and kang dong won is back. that will make her happy. :)

        and take good care of yourself girl and take advantage of the time to get a lot of sleep. you’d lose a lot of it once you start recapping again. :)

        • Softy says:

          even though Nice Guy is a big hit with everyone, I think that train has passed for me cuz I was never that into the plot anyway. you have to care about these characters to keep watching – you cant just stare at SJK for an hour – well you could, but I rather love him in a role – not mourn over his choice for this one. I think if they didnt push it and not have Maru dying then maybe I could have wanted to watch, but now that his death is looming over the story, I dont want to see how that plays out. I know about that part at least cuz I thought it ended at E16 so I read that recap thinking it was the finale and found out about his medical condition. I had to roll my eyes at the makjang of it all. it’s like they want you to drown in it and they dont bother throwing any lifelines like one part of the plot not being makjang.
          it’s the same for I miss you too. first episode you are waist high in makjang, but you are able to stay in and not resist too much cuz you know help will come along soon (when the kids grow up) so you just enjoy the pretty visuals and bide your time. but if this story continues like this and gets even more makjang – I am out of there. :)

          • nonski says:

            yup, NG is overly makjang but surprisingly i love it not just because of SJK but the story as well and it is not loud. :). SJK and MCW are superb actors that brings a different light to their respective roles. i am very amazed at how expressive SJK’s eyes and conveying all his emotions with just one look.

            haven’t watched I miss you yet. but i kind of dread it since i saw parts of episode 1, snippets of what’s to come and saw micky lying down with blood on his temple. i did not like where the story is headed. you know, watching it when you know he is gonna be dead in the end.

            btw, i was trying to download ILICDD but torrents aren’t seeding anymore. :( i wish i had downloaded it way back. :(

  11. thundie says:

    Hi softy dear,

    Thank you for thinking of me, muah muah!

  12. RosesML says:

    I am getting so emotional right now; I have spent quite some time tonight watching old videos from OB.I miss that drama so badly, and I keep thinking about how last year this time, it was just in the thick of things.
    Never have I watched a drama whose emotions spoke so directly to me; never have I been able to root for a character’s personal growth and development the way I have for the characters in OB. They came so far, on such a beautiful journey, and I have not seen a family or personal journey depicted that way since. I miss ajumma’s family love and nurturance. I miss ajusshi’s loyalty and family pride. I miss Halmoni’s sharpness and wit. I miss all of the blunders of the elder hyungs and the charm and mischief of the maknae. I miss JE’s endearing innocence and earnestness. But most of all, I miss TH’s sensitivity and honor–the traits that allowed him to open up and shed the traumatic blockages of his past. His was the journey that touched me the most, that keeps me coming back for more OB goodies, commentaries, and footage. Thank you so much for the opportunity to revisit.

  13. nonski says:

    yay Softy… me watching KOD too! the drama is really good… funny. :) this is the first time i was able to appreciate Siwon, hahaha. so the lead of ILICDD is the lead lady of Siwon, the actress with the ‘tude? so far the drama is getting better and better and i think it’s for keeps. :) love to hear your thoughts about it.

  14. nonski says:

    okay i just got to read your side widgets and it’s so amazing having to read your thoughts again on these dramas since i am watching them…. lols, rather i am peeking on them. i can’t really afford to watch right now but just browse through the drama. i’d sometimes linger on some scenes like the one you mentioned and more:
    1. about bora’s letter, on earlier episodes
    2. jung woo was on a shower scene (that was so sad)
    3. SY met her mom again (filled a bucket of tears), among otthers

    KOD, well every interaction between Anthony and JRW (did not retain her name) are good scenes. love Anthony smiling and smirking after talking stern to JRW

    1. PSH is nailing it with his comedic scenes
    2. this drama has a heart that could make you laugh
    3. i so hate the other designer for throwing sauce to MGY’s face, i wanna slap him. ugh!
    4. love seeing PSH following MGY like a stalker. can’t wait for these two to fall in love.

    i haven’t started on School yet.

    really glad that you are watching these dramas. you know i always look forward to knowing your thoughts.

    • Softy says:

      hahaha I think you are the only one reading those…I thought about doing brief highlights for these dramas, but I didnt want to make any long term commitments since I am busy working on my year end review and AWC. plus on I miss you, if I have to translate those tiresome lines about why they are crying, how many steps from the streetlamp to her home, and that hand motion for making bad memories disappear, I think I will scream. this writer is not subtle with her words this time cuz she is hammering in her ideas over and over. hard to believe this is the same writer I adored. their love is a trainwreck in the making, but it’s so hard to look away when they look so pretty – all 3 leads. they are like a screencapper’s dream.
      only reason why I even started these 4 dramas was cuz I didnt have that many dramas to review so I thought I should include some current ones. :)

      • nonski says:

        lols… i agree with you, they are really good to screencap and make banners too. been really busy this days. actually i just got back from our year-end assessment, tiring cuz we have to go to an island for it. i had been meaning to make new banners for you, maybe this weekend. yours is the best one to make cuz of the size. :)

        and another lol cuz yeah, the “steps from the streetlamp to her home” is so overdone already.

        january is looking brighter for kdramaland… flower boy next door! hope we get the awesome… again.. this time around.

        and no, i don’t think i am the only one reading the side widget… i remember a lot of us who follow you read them. :)

        • nonski says:

          and joo won’s drama, yay!

          • Softy says:

            I love how good they look in I miss you, but I just cant put up their headers cuz they remind me of all the depressing moments from the drama. I even tried to make some of the kids, but they made me cry again. I recently put up some christmas headers but most of them are JW. cuz of Faith, I also have a lot of LMH as well cuz that was my most recent fav drama.
            I cant wait till Jw’s drama too. the wait has been too long. :)

            *BOF is on cable these days and I watched a few scenes and realized just how good dramas got since then. I think all these great dramas recently are spoiling us so we cant ever go back to shows like BOF no matter how many eye candies there are. Now we need both – the good looking guys and a great story. :)

            • nonski says:

              that’s what competition in the industry gave us now. tho BOF had served it’s purpose but now we have good looking actors who are good actors as well and in a great drama… classic joo won. :)

  15. nonski says:

    read your comment on IMY on the side widget! gah! yeah i am all afraid Micky would follow suit YAI. i already feared that during episode 1, remember that scene when SY and JW are being chased and they run to that run-down warehouse and later JW was on the floor, blood on his temples. agh! please let it not be.

  16. Dramafed1782 says:

    Hi Softy,

    Sorry, I couldn’t reply in time to your reply. How cool is it you have seen SHJ! Wow, I really admire the guy and on his Twitter account apparently he is a deacon in his church. One of the reasons I admire this man :)

    Well, Softy I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask regarding a couple of recurring plotlines in K-dramas and how much of it really translates to your average Korean. I surfed through your blog hoping for some FAQ’s but I couldn’t find any (or maybe posted elsewhere). Hoping you could help me out:

    1) Are all men and women passionate about their first loves such that it thickens the plot of any sageuk, makjang or any korean movie? I have noticed almost all the leads are somehow centred around their first loves.

    2) Does the mother of the boy in love have a strong influence on all the decisions in his life or is it the duty of a filial son or daughter to adhere to the family customs even when they have spouses?

    3) Can a girl ever call a guy “hyung” because I find it confusing to differentiate between “oppa” (sibling) and “oppa” (bf or husband)? The same applies for a guy – he even calls a girl “nuna” even though he fantasises about her.

    4)Is it a set norm among Koreans that a great accomplishment to one would have a top class education, a good job, lots of money, all the luxuries that go with it and a really beautiful wife that outshines beauty pageant contestants? Apparently in majority of the K dramas that I have seen be it a thriller/romance/family the characters of money and beauty always adds a lot of climax.

    5) In a korean drama especially melodrama, there are scenarios where the daughter or son leaves their parents and starts living with a relative either in States or somewhere far off till their parents get back to them or vice versa. Is this really frequent among families to be apart for sometime?

    6) Do people in Korea actually have to carry a name seal to sign off on official documents? Because I guess exah individual have their own personal identification number, doesn’t that serve as a greater proof of identity?

    7) Are all koreans coffee addicts :) ? There is so much of ads on coffee I have seen.

    8) Is there a lot of censorship on TV shows especially variety and performances of K pop idols? Because I have barely ever seen arirangworld show anyone in bad light.

    9) In describing any role or like the start up of 1n2d, I have noticed that many times it sounds very poetic, eg. CDWXY a beautiful place made by beautiful air and land together; my role would have the energy to bring out the sustainance of the story……I hope I could clearly highlight what I wanna tell you.

    I hope this is not too much for you but I liked your unprejudiced description compared to other blogs :)

    • Softy says:

      Hey dramafed – cute name btw.These are some interesting questions and to be honest i dont know if i’m even qualified to answer some with my very limited viewing of kdramas over the years. here goes.
      1- most def. From what I hear and see in real life and my own personal views as a Korean American, we tend to make a way bigger deal about our first loves. Maybe cuz we idealized it into something so perfect partially cuz we know we will never have it again anyway. I could go on about this for ages so yup – it’s true. But I wouldn’t say all Koreans – just the ones who had great ones. The rest would rather forget their first loves cuz all they remember is the pain and would rather move past them.
      2- you have to keep in mind that these things you watch on screen are generated to cause plot movement so in real life if a husband sided with his wife over his mother it would have to depend on his relationship with his mom before he got married. If he was a momma’s boy or one of those who adhere to the rule of always showing deference to his parents, his wife shouldn’t even bother cuz she isn’t going to win. You can always tell who the sticklers for siding with elders are cuz those guys grow up speaking formally to their parents.
      3- in real life I don’t usually hear a girl calling a guy hyung. The reason why so many married or single women call their husbands or guys they know or date oppa is simply cuz there is a significant age gap -normally over 3 yrs. So if it was just a one year gap, doubt they would keep up the oppa act unless the guy liked it that way. After marriage they just keep calling them that cuz they still have that age gap. Same thing for guys. SJK called his costar on nice guy the sexiest married woman he knows on the award show recently. On the set he called her noona, but most other actors his age like LSG wouldn’t have.
      4-this one seems to be too unrealistic to apply in real life. It was just in dramas. Esp the part about the trophy wife. How would you explain so many of the married couples I see on the streets of cheongdamdong cuz they have it all – minus the looks.
      5- In real life I heard it’s more common to split the family up for 3 yrs or longer cuz the father has to work and the mother has to take care of the kids abroad. There is even a term for this. Other than boarding school situation, I don’t get why another relative would even take in another kid not their own.
      In YSY’s real life situation his parents had to work in the city and he was an only child so they had his grandmother raise him in the countryside ever since he was a baby till middle school/junior high so he thinks of her has his second mom.
      6- those seals are to prove indentity only when signing official documents. Otherwise most just show their ID.
      7- I lost count of how many coffee shops were within walking distance from me so yes I would say so. One thing you never run out of in Seoul are coffee shops or cafes.
      8- too much censorship for the dumb stuff and not enough for when it counts if you ask me.
      9- are you asking if that is what they say? Cuz yes on 1n2d they do describe the locale and all its great attributes, but half the time I can’t even spell the location so I just skip over the details about the local stuff.

      I feel like I just took a survey or something. If you need me to clarify anything else let me know. :)

  17. Dramafed1782 says:

    Thanks a lot Softy ( I’ve been watching K-dramas since 2008 but not frequently. You could say Joo Won’s acting brought me back to watching OB for sometime now :) ).
    I had gone through Dramabeans and Thundie’s prattle regarding the terms and common Korean etiquettes, but these were some thoughts I had in my mind. I’m not really a romance addict more on the thriller and comedy side, so I really can’t watch a lot of emotional dramas. But since romcoms also have these scenarios, I thought I could get your objective answer on them.

    Oh just a couple more questions ( if you don’t mind):

    10) Almost all the Korean celebrities who start young never forget the aspect of getting a college education and somehow finish it later on. But there are those who attend college even at the height of their fame. How frequent is it to see them on the roads in the city travelling like a normal person? Apparently so many shots of them come on online forums. Because where I come from celebrities in my country sought for the best and if they don’t get the education after the age of 25 some of them just leave it or some may pursue them. And you would never see them on roads like the regular bystander – surrounded by lots of bodyguards (unless they started off before stepping into the entertainment industry).

    11) Are koreans fond of eating a lot (not gluttony but more like savouring food) since I see food like a form of reward bringing down even the biggest stars – but it is fun to watch :)

    12) There was a podcast on Dramabeans on Bridal Mask where the situation arose of Koreans would boycott anything/anyone Japanese and wouldn’t address the issue and just gulp it – more like it is fatal to utter Japanese. How are the sentiments of Koreans towards Japanese these days since Japan is the biggest market of the Hallyu Wave?

    I do not know how much I can contribute to your blog with pics/videos since this is really the first time I am blogging :) And I am not from the Chinese/Japanese/S’porean descent hence for me to understand something filial and really adhere to the norms of the society is a little strange but I am getting the hang of it.

    Don’t wanna make this a long post but again thank you for your time :)

    • Softy says:

      10-Korean celebs are not like American ones so you can’t even compare. There is a vast difference in pay, special attention from their agencies, lifestyle, attitude, etc. I can walk into the galleria basement floor where the food court and mart is and run smack into a handful of actors you see on dramas and neither one of us will react and just go about our business. If I ran across a major star in LA, there would be chaos. That’s why younger actors here can go to school in peace. Sometimes when their popularity disrupts a lecture they feel majorly guilty towards their classmates so most schools try to keep reporters off campus.
      11- not sure how to respond to this one – don’t most ppl in general love to savor food. It seems more necessity based than cultural. :)
      12-have no clue about this stuff. I can’t read Korean at all so don’t know what the papers say here in Korea. Sorry. All I know is I never saw a Korean being rude to Japanese tourists at all. In fact Koreans are super friendly and helpful. It was the same in Japan for me. I might be an American citizen, but my face is still Korean so unless I speak, they normally think I am just Korean. On all my numerous trips to japan, I can’t say I was mistreated even once. Well except for that one flasher in the subway, but I don’t think that was cuz I was Korean – it was more my gender and bad timing than anything else.
      There is no need to feel like you have to contribute. Just keep enjoying what you read. :)

  18. Dramafed1782 says:

    Hi Softy again,
    Thank you so much on the translations on the MBC interview of 7LCS. It did shed some light on how JW characterises the priorities of his role and at the same time reviews it to a certain extent from the perspective of the viewer. What to say – the guy practically started working in the production department of theatre from the time he joined college, so he does know the mechanics of how an entire drama or play propels forward.
    Pardon me if this might sound a little blunt. [I am actually an Asian, to be precise an Indian.] For me K dramas have always been an outlet to escape from the frustrations of real life for sometime. So even though I did watch them in the beginning it was just a stress buster. But I do have some favourite stars like Shin Hyun Joon, Yoon Eun Hye, Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo etc.
    However, after watching OB (I started off ‘cos I liked UEE seeing her in You’re Beautiful; but liking her made me like Joo Won) I truly started respecting JW and at the same time was miffed by his sincerity and generosity.
    So what I am trying to say is I am not really a crazy obsessive fan who could write a lot on an actor but I really do enjoy JW’s acting. I am not trying to say you are a crazy obsessive fan but I do feel bad at times that once reality steps in I might forget my interest in K dramas and somewhere down I might truly criticise them for a fluffy universe (which I hope I don’t become).
    It’s just maybe I am not as wacky (I’m really sorry for using this word!!!!) as the other bloggers since I might have drawn a line between reality and fantasy. I do not know why am I posting this on your blog; I guess I hope I do not forget Joo Won in another two years time. A real gift to the current generation of Korean acting industry :)

    P.S: You could delete this post if you want to or just ignore it. Thanks for reading it :)

  19. Dramafed1782 says:

    I re read your posts to my queries and just got flabbergasted – u met a flasher in a subway in japan? Woah! some timing I must say….. did you just let it go by or did you report it? I would have got embarrassed or maybe raced through the roads like Forrest Gump. Phew!

  20. Dramafed1782 says:

    Hoping you are keeping well Softy and the previous incident has been erased from your memory. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Lunar Year. May this be a good one and keep you bountiful. We always love you, your work work and for the dedication you have put into it.
    I started with OB on Joo Won because I actually wanted to see UEE after You’re Beautiful. And whenever I searched for OB, the World Wide Web always lead me to your blog.
    Everything and anything on JW on this blog is precious….Not many people can do what you did and in the most respectful way what a fan can do for an actor :)
    Please forget everything what has happened and have a great Lunar Year :)

  21. Apple Box says:

    I want to thank you, Softy, because you will do the recap for LSG’s upcoming drama. Exciting. Excited!

  22. chokichoki says:

    Oh wow! I’ve been visiting your blog for close to two years and only today did I actually stumble across this page! And then I scrolled down and there’s Kim Woo Bin!!! In a sexy pose at that! Hehe..

    Anyways, since I’m writing here, might as well say something about TWTWB! I read the recaps on dramabeans and I kept on thinking how nice it’d be if Softy recaps this too. But I know you won’t sacrifice JW for another drama. And I came to your blog and saw your random thoughts of ep 5! Haha… Got some nice surprises today. Thanks!

    • Softy says:

      Glad you got lost then. Sometimes I forget about this page as well. :)

      Trust me I would love to recap TWTWB, but my loyalty lies with JW. I could however translate previews and some key lines for TWTWB though like I did for School 2013 on the side widgets on nights Level 7 is not so time consuming. :)

      • chokichoki says:

        The moment I saw your post on TWTWB I knew I had to say something to you. Guess it’s fated! Haha. I know you won’t part ways with JW and I’m not complaining! But I’d definitely love to read your takes on the characters especially why OS and OY are so touchy-feely. And of course there are so many good points to talk about. Better stop now.

        On a side note: I agree with what you say about Woo Bin. Did you see his magazine spreads with Lee Jong Seok? He can really pull off many different expressions, even when he’s not trying. That man’s really something.

  23. fruitplus says:


    I am looking forward for your views on TWTWB. =)

  24. Softy says:

    TWTWB E6
    soo tells young she cant have the pill cuz it’s his. he tells her to turn and it’s 3 steps to the door
    she asks to sleep together. I cant sleep well but when I slept with you yesterday I slept very comfortably so cant we go to my room and sleep together? he yells I told you – (brother sister) siblings shouldn’t sleep together. oppa is a guy too. also you have to be careful with men. starting from where and how much do I need to teach you. young: all – you have to teach me all of it if you are my oppa. hearing it from you – it was the first time I knew that an oppa is a man too. I thought an oppa was an oppa. I stopped after we parted when I was 6. the truth that if you grew up you became a man – I still don’t understand. I’m sorry. I wasn’t normally like this but after not being able to see I got selfish.

    the wind chime makes soo go to her room to close her window. young says if you aren’t going to sleep together with me open the window. I have to listen to the chime for sleep to come. soo: you will catch cold – just sleep. young: more than sleep not being able to sleep is scarier. go so I can sleep. she opens the window again so he shuts it and says let’s sleep together. young smiles and says: I won. she pats the spot next to her so he gets in bed and says I cant let you sleep on my arm (as a pillow). she shares how she is thinking of marriage. since I slept next to you and was able to sleep -maybe I miss a person. what do you think of myung ho? Soo: since he is someone your dad – I mean father chose, he must be ok. young: don’t think of what dad thought – what do you think. soo: he doesn’t seem like much fun. young: like you? he is good to me – yells at me – is warm – is cold. long time ago lawyer jang said I shouldn’t meet a man like you no matter what. soo: if you know be careful. I am not a man. I am your oppa. be thankful to the heaven. she laughs then asks what happens if you eat that medicine from a while ago. soo: I told you it will make you comfortable. young: couldn’t you really give me that medicine? she offers up the new will in exchange. he remembers her offering that before for the promise that he would kill her. young: let’s do this. you keep that medicine and give it to me when I need it. he tells her to sleep. she takes that as an agreement and makes him pinky swear. young: now you made me 2 promises. if I ask you to stay you stay by my side and the medicine. he agrees and she snuggles against him. do you know there is a really good scent going from you? it’s not a scent from soap or facial products. I don’t know what it is but it smells really good. he tells her to sleep.

    a great scene between sec wang and soo. she asks what he did with young who doesnt know anything – who doesnt even know about men -what did you do sleeping on the same bed in one room. soo: I held her and slept – so what. did you know she had insomnia. while you and everyone in this home were were sleeping comfortably – young was alone unable to sleep and up all night. did you know that? that young doesnt know anything? why did you make it so she didnt know anything? you said you were her mother. then you should have taught her. that she shouldnt sleep in the same room with her oppa if she is all grown. you should have made sure she already knew that, but she doesnt know that. she doesnt know anything. in front of me young is 6 yrs old like when we parted and i am 8 yrs old to her. when she couldnt sleep – why did she need me – even though I am her oppa – a stranger who showed up after 21 yrs instead of you who is like a mother to her. even though she was suffering from insomnia why didnt she ask for help from you who is like her mother – why couldnt she tell you that truth – why couldnt she trust you – what the hell is that reason I wonder. sec wang’s idea is to get young married off if she needs someone to sleep by her side. since young doesnt want wang and soo is leaving then myoung ho can solve the problem. so she wants to move up the wedding so soo can attend before he leaves.

    hee sun really does like soo as a guy and not just cuz of what he did to her sister. hee sun tells young the truth about soo – how he is here for money and is deceiving young. soo got there too late and said hee sun lied, but the damamge was done and young cries and walks off.

    hee sun cried and said she told young everything so he could get the money and live. all she cared about was him living.

    young went on that date only cuz soo wanted her to she thought.

    during her date with myung ho, young senses he isnt paying attention to her. he was texting the whole time. soo later finds out it’s cuz myung ho already has some woman on the side.

    on the car ride home after her date with myung ho, young says: while we are going like this – bam – the two of us get into a car accident? it’s a good idea. but you have to drive well seeing how you need money to the extent you would deceive your sister –it seems there is a clear reason you need to live. if things go awry, you cant go too (as in die with her). soo: if you drank alcohol just sleep quietly and don’t speak nonsense. young: I am saying this just in case – don’t feel guilty (like you committed a crime). as you know I wanted to die. just think you granted my wish and it will make you comfortable. what I enjoyed with you – had fun with –thought I was happy – everything I remember –that you did all that as a show to get money from me – as a human being I cant help but feel betrayed but….he tells her to be quiet. she continues with tears in her eyes: should I undo my seatbelt? that’s how if the car gets into even a little accident (my body) can go really really far out. while the nice oppa was taking home his drunk sister there was a car accident –cuz the sister was drunk she took off her seatbelt with her own hands and in that moment her alarmed brother… he suddenly pulls over. young: after that we should have crashed into the car in front of us. she takes off her seatbelt and says do it over. it’s now. soo: it was a misunderstanding. everything hee sun said was a lie. it’s a misunderstanding. she cant stand it anymore and cries more as she gets out of the car.
    soo goes after her. she says to let go. he says I could kill you now if I wanted to kill you –if I needed money and came to you. I had a lot of chances. at the subway station the moment the train was coming –the other day at the river. at the beach. and now here. you who cant see – you who is asking for me to kill you – if I made up my mind – anytime…he cries and touches her face saying she is making it so easy. young: can I trust you? she sits on the ground crying and asking: can I trust you? I cant trust anyone around me please oppa at least you – can I trust you? he gets down and cradles her in his arms. soo: you can trust me. you can trust me young.
    *omg I am bawling all over the place.

    soo carries her to her bed. he tells sec wang to leave. after young is asleep I will go to my room so leave. sec wang obeys. when he is alone with young, he holds her hand. when she calls out oppa he takes his hand away. young still has her eyes closed as she says: I had my first kiss today. soo: did you like it? young: it wasn’t as great as I expected. soo: but your first kiss is me. (in the video she kissed soo after their bath when they were kids) she asks for his hand. young: what you said a while ago – that I can trust you – that’s for real right? he nods yes. young: I am sleepy. he calls out her name and touches her face. his voice narrates: why do I want to live (so much) like this – when I don’t have a clear reason why I need to live. this kid who cant see – going to the extent to lie to her. why do I want (so much) to live? he remembers all their past happy moments looking at her face. his voice narrates as he leans in closer and closer to kiss her: life is no big deal. I said if you just disappear it’s life – everything I said – where those perhaps all lies. while living –without me knowing – just once – was I crazily expecting/anticipating this kind of moment -what am I doing right now? crazy guy. he pulls himself away and leaves her room.
    *this is what I love so much about this drama – you actually feel like you are right there experiencing this – you don’t feel like a viewer – you feel like a participant somehow. cuz you get to sense everything that is going on so acutely.

    E7 preview
    sec wang tells soo – I heard you need 78 uk- I can give you that money now
    young says in the video: sec wang i know you planned it
    – i am not alone – i have an oppa
    soo asks the doctors to get another test (for young’s tumor)
    young: are you going to leave?
    young: if you are sorry
    soo finishes her sentence: should we go play?
    moo chul tells Soo that sora is going now to meet young’s fiance myung ho cuz sora found out soo is pretending to be the son of PL group
    soo gets a call that his sister is really sick now

    • Anon says:

      Thank you, Softy, I appreciate it.

    • h0ns_niech says:

      Thank you so much softy…. Really really appreciate it… Big huuuug for you

    • chokichoki says:

      Yay! This is awesome. Thank you Softy for your hard work.I didnt expect you would write this much. The talk young had with soo makes me wonder how she’s been living life all these while. Was it mention exactly when she lost her eyesight? I’m curious to know more about her since we only get to hear soo’s p.o.v.

  25. Marie67 says:

    Thank you so much Softy. I was wondering whether you were watching this or not, and then I saw the little message at the right side of this page and so came to this page :).

    This drama is so beautiful it makes you want to have these two marry for real ;)

  26. Apple Box says:

    Softy, thank you for the recap & the ep7 preview.

    • Apple Box says:

      This Hee Sun character is beginning to show she is one big mistake in this drama. I’ve never liked any scene with her character on it. Sorry, I didn’t want to be so negative…But I am looking forward to eventually “getting it”, I mean, I’d be glad to know why such a (non-essential)character should be in this wonderful drama.

  27. conjie008 says:

    I really think this drama needs your exquisite touch of re-caps …no kidding around!!!
    To me ..it defines your greatest strength …your well begin .

    Thank you

    • Softy says:

      your wish has been granted. also I need to save my poor eyesight cuz typing with this tiny font in the comment box was too frustrating.
      The recaps have been moved to a post everyone. sorry for making you move. :)

  28. nonski says:

    hi Softy. it’s been a long time i visited this page. i wanted to ask your opinion of this show. i’m feeling good vibes with this one and i am going to check on this.

    The Best Lee Soon Shin

    • Softy says:

      hmmmm interesting cuz from the description I read I thought she was the 3rd daughter but her mother said and I quote “more than the kids who I had with my tummy swollen (meaning her pregnancies) Soon Shin seems more like my daughter. so Soon Shin has a different mother but I dont think she knows that.

      I don’t know why, but this drama is just not grabbing my attention that much. I love that lead guy from King2 hearts though so I might check it out for him, but I have zero interest in recapping this for sure. :)

      • nonski says:

        thanks Softy. i’ve been wondering what’s wrong with my wordpress account cuz i didn’t get the notification when you replied on my post here. i just saw this cuz i wanted to post something about L7. yup, that’s what i get from this too that she might be someone’s else’s daughter. anyways, what do you know, just in time when you decided to not recap L7, DB received a DMCA takedown notice to removed all screencaps of L7. it was due to Dramafever claiming the rights on the vid, but screencaps?!… is just stupid. *sighs* i hope you’re not going to get one too, since their’s covered all recaps.

      • Iviih says:

        I’m watching this show Softy and Nonski, and so far I like it but the drama is nothing special or different…

        I’m watching for the cast, but I’m starting to like the future couples that will form. Can’t wait ^^~~

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