Finally got around to making this page for the old and new headers we have been getting lately.


Thundie’s: My mentor and friend for everything. Even though she is busy, she always makes time to hold my hand and give me encouragement. Thank you for being so altruistic with your time and knowledge.

Fanderay’s: These were her gifts to RS before and after she began her own blog. I love going over there to visit daily and chat about her new work or just about anything. My friend has some amazing artistic skills doesn’t she?

Nikesma’s: She is the talent behind all those subbed drama clips. In the blink of an eye, she can make a header faster than anyone I know. :) I realized the other day that she has been with us since RS began back during MSOAN days and hope she will be here all the way till the end. Thanks Nik for your continued support. :)

Iviih’s: Her love for great dramas produced these gems and I hope she falls deeper in love to inspire some more “wink wink hint hint*  I am so grateful :)

Here is hoping missjb never gets tired of her new hobby- Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you Anon for the lovely headers of my fav shots – they are so perfect. :)

So glad Ydoodler loves OB as much as we do -thank you for these :)

Thank you Nonski for showcasing your talent here. :)

nonskinonski3nonski4nonski5nonski6nonski7nonski8nonski9nonski13nonski14nonski15nonski16nonski25nonski2 nonski10 nonski11 nonski12 nonski17 nonski18 nonski19 nonski20 nonski21 nonski22 nonski23 nonski24 nonski26 nonski27 nonski28

Thank you Yanna for sharing your love for our OB couple and these shows. :)


Thank you Ju for these cute headers. :)

Thank you Jomo for sharing your talent here too as well as at Joonni’s blog. :)

Thanks to Haart for the fastest perfect OB header. :)

Thank you Chawanmushi for this adorable OB header. :)

Thank you KimLuvv for sharing your love for this show. :)



My recent 2014 headers


252 comments on “Headers

  1. Hi Softy, my question is How did you cut the edges from the individual images you used on your sample header??
    My head is smoking now from trying to figure out too much how to crop it, coz I couldn’t find the tools in pixlr, only the regular crop :(

    I used Picasa3 to make the headers for you and I use photobucket to get the links so I can post them here.. hehe :)
    Btw, please take you time to answer my question, I definitely can wait, coz I know you’ll be busy on BIG recapping & screencapping..
    Take care and don’t forget to get some rest, dear :)

    • I found one header I made has the size is only 54kb, it’s a lot lesser than 150kb, I don’t know if this one ok with you, Softy..

    • Softy says:

      The first thing I always do is select a few photos and backgrounds I want to use and put them all in one folder and leave it on my desktop for easy access. Usually around less than 7 photos at a time. So after I open pixlr and click on “open photo editor” then I click on “open image from computer.” When the box pops open, I click on desktop then the folder I saved my photos in. I highlight the entire page and click on “open” and all the photos pop up on my edit box at pixlr. I usually already have a plain header sized to 1100×250 (which are my header size) so all I need to do is fill in that space with the photos I “lasso” – it’s that tool that looks like a rope on the left – second row second column. The only tools I need in that box are that lasso one, the eraser (5th one from top to bottom first column), and that band-aid looking one near the bottom 4th from the bottom second column which I use to get rid of stuff like “KBS” tags from a screencap. That wand tool (first column 3rd one) is tricky to use but really great for cleaner lines when you layer or paste photos which lasso only does the basic work for
      How to use Lasso. Select a photo and click on lasso. Above where it says “Feather” move the number to 35 or so. Then move your mouse over the photo and highlight the area around a photo you want to crop. When it’s done it will be all lit up around the highlighted parts. Go up to “edit” and press “copy” then click on the header photo and click “paste.” You should be able to see the pic you just cropped show up. BE SURE to then click on “free transform” which is directly under “paste” on top under “edit” cuz free transform allows you to adjust the size of the photo and move it anywhere in the header box. If you want to clean up the area around the photo more then click on “eraser” on tool box and move your mouse over the area around the photo you want to clean and click. If you accidentally erase too much, just click “undo” under the “edit” box. You can always adjust the size of the eraser cuz there will be a pic of an eraser at the top and next to the word “brush”, you can change that number. If you have more questions let me know and I can help you more tm. :)

  2. Hi Softy dear… It’s me again…
    I want to say thank you so much to you for taking care of me with everything about the header. You used your precious time for giving me the tutorial & the instruction. I really really appreciate it so much. I’m forever grateful to you, dear.

    I’ve been refining the headers and made for you with 2 options, 1 with your blog’s name (Cadence) and the other 1 are with the drama’s name (Bridal Mask) and I made some miscellaneous stuffs too about our coffee couple, hehe..
    O ya.. haha.. don’t worry, I won’t forget to post the BM’s video tonight & tm night, coz I’ve been waiting for tonight & tm night episodes, so I won’t miss it for sure, haha :P
    And you are too sweet and too nice for them to get mad at, Softy dear… :)

  3. Here’s some more :)
    Gong Yoo BIG (the original):
    Gong Yoo BIG (with effect):
    KangTo cried:

    On these headers, you can still add your blog’s name :)
    O dear.. I hope I didn’t make you dizzy with all I posted here…

  4. Softy dear, thank you for choosing one of my headers. Me so happy :D
    That one is my first header I made with the right size, hehe.. the very simple one. Btw, I’m sorry, I should know you only like the simple type of header, but I made most of them with too many images.. sorry :(
    I will try to make the simple and pretty one for you next time, dear… :)

  5. KimLuvv says:

    Hi! I’m new to this website but I’ve been on here ever since Bridal Mask started! I love your headers and so I tried to make one for you but I’m new to making headers so its not that great but its my way of thanking you for always updating the recent Joo Wonnie news (he’s my first and only love <3) Hope you like it :) http://i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg486/kimluvvee/gaksital.jpg?t=1341509090

  6. Ju says:

    After the episode 13, I was practically obliged to do it. Hope you like it :)

  7. jomo says:

    Hello there! I posted that header so long ago, I never expected a special thank you!
    You are welcome……I wish I had known you liked it, I would have baked more.

    Your larger header format is extremely tempting. So much more room to tell the story…ooohhh….hmmmmm…as Arnold says, “I’ll be back.”
    I have a feeling To the Beautiful You will have plenty of header worthy scenes, not to mention all the other new trendies.

    Would you post a Wife’s Credentials one here? I started and stopped at 5 when the recaps stopped.

    Keep up the excellent work here. I have such a warm and nice feelings associated with your blog.
    It’s like the happiest place on earth. Well, when we are not sobbing together, that is.

    Glad you liked the tomato one for joonni. All the quotes were real, and I had to twist her arm to post it.

  8. Ju says:

    hé hé again ^^

  9. KimLuvv says:

    Here’s my 2nd one for Gaksital. This scene was just heartbreaking… </3 =( http://i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg486/kimluvvee/GAKSITAL2.jpg?t=1344703752

  10. Hi Softy dear, I’m back to your header page again, hehee..
    This time I made a “cuddling” version of Joowon & Uee. I hope you like it :D
    Anyway, the right edge is a bit blank :(. I didn’t see that before I saved it :(

  11. jomo143 says:

    Here is a TTBY ep 2

    I know, I know! We need more Minho. I’ll be doing some of those, too!
    love xoxo

  12. Ju says:

    I came up with other dramas, I noticed that I only use Big to thank you (oh ho, did I like it this much?) Well, I kind of dive back right into Smile you because of Big but I also start watching to the beautiful you and Arang so… hope you like it

    • Softy says:

      Thank you for making these for me Ju -they are lovely. sorry for replying so late but I have been recapping on another blog so this page’s comments got away from me. I promise to be more diligent. :)

  13. KimLuvv says:

    I feel like I’ve betrayed Joo Won…. =( I’ve been in love with 2 shows recently- one is obviously Gaksital but I seem to love Faith as much as I love Gaksital… =( So I decided to make a header for Faith instead of Gaksital… I hope I’m not betraying him =)

    • Softy says:

      I doubt anyone would think you are betraying him – Faith is a great drama. I love it too. thank you for this gorgeous header. Love this couple so much now. :)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hello Softy :) it feel like long time for me not coming here, I just got my computer back.
    But it still not work well as before so I can’t make any the video now.
    I want to thank you for all the hard work you do,recap,screencap,translations , and share it with us :) thank you so much^^
    This is my first time try to make the header, I’m just beginner so I have a lot of thing to learn^^



  15. jomo143 says:

    I ran home so I could post this to you!

    Thanks for alllllll your work on Faith. I love it!

  16. Iviih :) says:

    Hello Softy! I did Arang header for you :) hope you like it^^ !

    I wanted to make one for BM too but I was afraid you would be sad because you would remember the end of it…. I was going to make one of KT and MD. If you want just says so and I’ll make it^^




    • Softy says:

      goodness these are stunning – thank you so much for making these for me. I love how you always give me so many choices. I would love one of KT and MD too – like their wedding, but you are right – it still feels pretty raw. the other thing is the wedding one you made for our OB couple has to be the best wedding header ever in history so it would be hard to top that one. :)

      • Iviih :) says:

        Thank you Softy! I’m happy you like them! <3

        I always make many choices because while making it I always think

        '' this looks better… but what about this one? hm, I can't choose which one… '' lol

  17. bird says:

    Hello Softy ^^ It’s me again :) I just realized that the links the i posted above aren’t the right size… hehe(silly me)
    so I try to re-upload again hope this time it’ll be ok .
    Thank you for recap Arang and 1n2d. Even I couldn’t watch it live as before,because of the time. But I will catch it up later :)


    • Softy says:

      Thank you Bird for reuploading – will move these up to the top this weekend when I have more time and switch out all my headers for all these new ones I have been getting lately. It feels like christmas around here. :)

  18. KimLuvv says:

    Faith episode 10 : http://i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg486/kimluvvee/TimeFaith.jpg
    I tried doing a Bridal Mask one but I just ended up breaking out in tears and so I decided not to do one…. =( I miss it too much….

    • Softy says:

      This is sooooo cool – thank you very much for making these faith headers. It’s only been a week since BM ended so you will need some time -try watching something new like me. :)

      • KimLuvv says:

        I’m currently watching Faith, RIch Man Poor Woman and To The Beautiful You so I’m happy and enjoying but I miss not being able to see my Joo Wonnie in Gaksital every Wed/Thurs =(

    • Softy says:

      Thank you so much for these Bird – totally love them. I am missing Arang like crazy so these are perfect. Sorry for the late reply – haven’t been on this page in a while. Will update the top this weekend so everyone can see all these latest headers. :)

    • Softy says:

      Welcome back nonski – sorry for the late reply. Thanks for these Arang headers and the ones below of JW – they are gorgeous! will update my header page soon. :)

      • nonski says:

        welcome and thanks softy… after i came back at the office, i got flooded with work. wasn’t able to check on faith scaps anymore, tho i still go here often. btw are you watching NG? it’s great. i am following the recaps at koala’s. i was wishing you’d like it too so we can hear your thoughts about it. the weekend drama, rascal sons, they say is like OB, i beg to disagree. it is nowhere near our fave OB. just that it’s about brothers and RSY is in it. it’s good but i feel it’s kinda getting slow. i’m feeling tired of it already.

  19. ydoodler says:

    Haven’t dropped by in a while but I suddenly had the urge to make a header again :)

    • Softy says:

      Please have more “urges” anytime you want cuz they are more than welcome. Thank you so much for this – love that pic of him. Missed seeing you around – hope all is well. :)

    • Softy says:

      Hey Iviih, You really outdid yourself this time. the JW header is already getting compliments. Thanks so much for all the Arang choices as well- they were tough to choose among so I can see why you had a hard time too. So curious what your tricks are to make them. Do you have a special editing software cuz the only time I can get the edges “soft” looking is by accident. Actually most of my headers were made like that – by unintentionally clicking on tools I don’t know. :)

      • Iviih says:

        I also click on a lot of tools I don’t know to create something new but I always end up using the same later. The software I use is adobe photoshop elements 7 (but has already new updates). I’m so sad right now because my brother in law put windows 8 in my computer and now the software is gone! T__T I’m so glad you like my headers ^^ I don’t know the tool name to make the edges ”soft”… I’ll try to find its name and tell you. Kisses!

  20. sm16 says:

    Hi Softy, just a little header to show my appreciation of your awesome BM recaps. :)


    • Softy says:

      hey nonski
      thanks for these headers and for taking care of that girl at soompi for me. so glad she took it down. feel so much better about it and now i can visit those threads again. :)

      • nonski says:

        you’re welcome and it’s a pleasure to make you headers.

        it’s no bother and i was glad she was easy to talk to. she took it down right after i sent the message.

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