You From Another Star E16

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When all you feel in your heart is love, there really isn’t much room for anything else, but leave it to these two to make room for everything – including more happiness, plans for the future, and some petty revenge just to name a few. You would think the safest place in the world would be in his arms, but this picture is only reminding us how much they have to lose.

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You From Another Star E15

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This is what MJ did to her world – he brought light, wonder, enchantment into her lonely existence, but more importantly, he is going to fill it with love – not just the kind you feel in your heart, but that elusive one – the one she waited all her life for- the one that makes you feel alive. Thanks to him, she has grown up quite a bit emotionally so in a way, enlightenment is another gift he was able to give her. Just read what SY told her dad and see the transformation yourself. SY: “This time I thought a lot – even if a person lives a long time -how long is that 100 years? but there are a lot of people who don’t live that long.  During that time how much of it is there that I can do what I really want. time when I can eat what I really like. time to talk with the person I like a lot. time where I can reveal my sincerity. time where I can hold my dad’s hand like this. more than other people, we got our time reduced too much. I want to hold onto my dad’s hand for a long time.  also cuz I like to do it – I am going to do acting for a long time. of course I have to keep track of calories, but while looking for delicious things I am going to taste them all. when I fell from that wire, I’m going to think I already died once and I’m going to spend my remaining time well – even if it’s short.” No matter what happens from here on, their love for each other changed these two so it’s only a matter of whether they are going to stay together to continue to grow and experience more wondrous moments. If what we got tonight was just a taste, I can’t wait to see what else awaits us.

*I love that new OST by SSK-pure perfection. If giving up 1N2D meant we get him back as a singer full time, it was a good trade off.

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You From Another Star E14

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Maybe their dreams of happiness is enough for right now to sustain them till the moment they can turn them into reality. That day is getting closer so I can already imagine all those happy scenes we will be getting in the near future. They are overcoming hurdles most drama couples don’t have to face so I think we need to give them more leeway to work things through. In the meantime, can I just say this show really knows how to give a person a lot of mini heart attacks. It’s not always just the shocking unexpected scenes that surprise me, but the quiet meaningful lines and looks that catch my breath that really slay me. That’s why I feel like for the past few weeks, I’ve earned my right to see some happy moments again between them. Unfortunately for impatient viewers like myself, it seems like it’s taking forever for these two to finally meet on the same ground addressing the same feelings. I feel like this is one of those cases where you have to suffer through a lot of sadness and heartache to rejoice in their reunion and cherish it that much more when it finally arrives. I haven’t seen a drama test the limits of an audience’s patience to this extent, but it looks like no one is going to walk away from this show anytime soon. My feet are firmly planted where they have been and nothing is going to make me budge. Thank goodness we have E15 tm night so I can finally exhale with a bit of relief.

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You From Another Star E13

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Each time MJ denied having feelings for her, SY always came back with a surprising response. Not once has she ever reacted the way he expected and let him down. She takes him by surprise each and every time so that his breath catches, making it so difficult to hold back his elation and relief till she turns around. You couldn’t see it on his face here, but there were fireworks going off in his heart. Just one of these days, I hope it finally becomes SY’s turn to have her heart jump for joy over a confession for a change.

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You From Another Star E12

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By asking SY to leave MJ alone and put her feelings for MJ in order, Lawyer Jang robbed MJ of something precious. Every second MJ has left on earth is a second longer he can spend with her. To make even one more memory with her is something he can store away in his heart for later when he feels her absence so acutely. This is a guy drowning right now – he is sinking faster than anyone can even imagine and SY is the only reason he is struggling to keep coming up for air. She is the reason why he is holding on – cuz if he doesn’t hold onto her, he will be so lost. Even though lately SY seems to be the one who has been clingy, emotionally – it’s been MJ all along. He is clinging despite knowing that the truth will make her think twice about him. SY gets to love him the way she sees him so that is why MJ has been reacting so distant. If she clings to him even after knowing his secret, I bet the reaction we get out of MJ will be a whole different picture. cuz then she will be loving him for who he really is and that kind of face value is something he has never experienced before except with Jang. I think that’s why during this confession scene, Jang hung his head in shame. He realized what he almost robbed MJ of and he couldn’t hold his head up. Jang did it out of loyal friendship to MJ and wanted to protect his safety, but Jang forgot about his friend’s fragile heart. When MJ gets injured, his body recovers. But if MJ’s heart gets broken, it’s connected to his spirit and lifeline. Shatter that and it becomes something far more dangerous – MJ might lose his will to continue living. That’s why Jang should have waited to hear an answer when he asked MJ “you becoming involved in Chun SY shi’s matter – what is the result?  what is there that got better?” If Jang had listened very carefully in that silence, he would have heard MJ’s heart reply definitively: “Me. cuz she taught me about love, I’m a better person now than before. I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel security and stability for the first time when I am around her. She filled that void in my life with laughter and it continues to resonate even when she isn’t in front of me.  Instead of just watching the world go by and biding my time, now I know how to love with all my heart and what it means to hold onto that love. She gave me all that and I realize it’s worth fighting for -even at the risk of losing everything I waited for all these years.”

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You From Another Star E10

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A first kiss led to a first confession. A 15 second seduction backfired and now she is bewitched by him. Then a revelation to protect the life of the one he loves – a sacrifice so great, yet done without a second thought. Jang’s warning fell on deaf ears tonight. Protecting his identity and his own safety is the last thing on MJ’s mind right now cuz he only sees her. We’ve been wondering if he could possibly leave her behind when it’s time to go, but the fact that he is taking so many risks to protect her is his answer.

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