Bridal Mask E17

I love how K is getting through to D’s father more than the man’s daughter. Through the father, K is going to get acceptance as one of them and later on his heroic actions will finally open D’s eyes. Something tells me that it’s going to take some time for D to accept that K is not who she thought he was. During all this time, he gave her plenty of reasons to hate him. Not sure if all that hatred can turn into love overnight. One step in the right direction would be if he saves the only parent she has left. Then I bet she will be willing to see K in a whole new light.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her torrents, Sparkskey for written preview translations, and Yanna for video link. :)

Preview for ep18: When Shunji finds out that Mokdan has disappeared from the hotel she was supposed to be in, he finds out from Hongjoo that she almost killed Mokdan but she was saved by Gaksital.

The next day, his suspicions only grow stronger when Kangto fails to turn up for work. Shunji is absolutely sure that Gaksital will appear on Damsari’s public execution and shoots at Gaksital when he appears to save Damsari..

My wish came true -even with everything on his plate saving D, her father, and Koreans, his character Gaksital found the time and got a haircut and a slight wave perm. I have been praying for a trim for I don’t know how long. It’s a miracle I tell you. Shaggy layers really work with this cute face.

Did anyone else notice in this action scene, Jun and H gave Gaksital a moment with D. Gaksital turned his back on them to motion to D to run away and they both just stood there and didnt stab him in the back. That’s pretty polite for ruthless attackers.

at first the guy on the left scared me till I realized that’s Abe.


Starts from the officers getting out of their trucks and gunshots ring out. DS’s guy tells the woman that K is next to DS so she says don’t shoot willy nilly. DS tries to get away from K but K says be still. K shoots an officer before the guy kills the woman and DS sees that.

S and more officers head over and S tells the lackey to go faster.

The woman and the two guys surround K and DS. She says give us the leader so K lets DS go. Just before K is shot, DS tells his guy “don’t.” then the guy gets shot down by S and other officers. Everyone starts to open fire. DS’s group runs off and K stops DS from running away by hitting him (so it looks like K is doing his job). K says to S: there would have been big trouble if you didn’t come. S: what happened. K: suddenly they started shooting at us. I thought we would lose DS. S asks how DS’s men knew to ambush them here so K guesses they have been keeping watch and waited for them here. lackey say DS’s group were too fast and couldnt catch them. S: dont worry they will end up getting caught (S referrred to DS’s group as “mice”). put DS in the car. S tells K to take care of the rest of the things at the site.  K asks if they weren’t going to keep going to their destination the prison but S says we are going back to the capitol. K: did you get permission from the chief (goji)? S: just cuz you love the daughter of a rebel do you not see stuff like your duty? I cant forgive you if you cross the lines of a Japanese officer. K: like you said – you shouldnt cross the lines of a Japanese officer. the chief ordered this transport for DS. K tells Abe and another officer to take care of the site and then come. K tells S: let’s go

S takes DS back to the precinct. K walks into the precinct right away so S watches him. lackey asks S: will it be ok? S tells him not to let K talk to DS. Then S whispers orders about D (to have her moved) and says hurry. so no one can catch on.

K went inside in a hurry to see Goji. K reports to Goji and says how on the way to transport DS to the prison, they were ambushed by DS’s group. thankfully DS didnt escape but 9 officers were killed.  but the truth that we know now is that they still have a lot of ammunition and grenades left. goji asks what that means – how could they have ammunition and bombs. (since Goji still doesnt know this fact) K tells him about the armory being robbed by DS’s group on the night of the event. goji:what? K: knowing this now do you still have to have DS publicly executed. a lot of people will be gathered -what will you do if in order to rescue DS, his group sets off those grenades. Goji doesnt know this and asks: public execution? K: didnt you give permission for that? S brought DS back here. Goji gets angry and calls for S.

*in the previous episode Goji intended to carry out DS’s original death sentence by sending DS to prison but goji never okayed a public execution.

When S goes in he gets hit by Goji for ignoring his orders. Goji: I told you he couldnt be publicly executed. goji removes S’s stripes. goji gives K an order to remove S and arrest him for not following orders. S says I put my life on the line to catch gaksital so you think I will give up just cuz you arrest me. goji orders K to put S behind bars. S tells K to stay out of it. cuz S isnt going to move a step till he gets permission for the public execution. goji motions to K so K handcuffs S. K: let’s go. Just then the governor calls and says execute DS in front of the public. goji argues with the governor saying if they do that then every Korean will know (about the bombing at the event) and the officers wont be taken seriously (cuz they didnt stop the bombing). goji says officers follow the law, but the governor says just do as I tell you. K wonders in his head how S is doing this – how he managed to control goji. since taro was fired, K wonders who the person is in charge that S is following orders from. S tells him to release the handcuffs so K does. S thanks goji for permission to carry out the order to execute DS.

*K totally looked like a little kid who is watching his brother get in trouble with their dad and hoping like crazy he wasnt next to get in trouble.

H is with the governor. She is feeding him ideas. gov says even though I ordered the public execution like you said but what goji said is 100 percent right. he doesnt like the idea of the public  knowing but she says the public will side with those with power. gov says to be honest that guy that threw the bomb during the event, I wanted to tear his skin and break his bones with my own hands and kill him but of course I cant do that. she says leave it up to the citizens and don’t worry.

K goes to meet S cuz S called for him. S tells him to sit. S asks why K rushed into transferring DS. seeing how DS’s guy tried to kill you a while ago, I know for sure that you are not working with DS but the timing is questionable. you rushed to transport him and then ended up caught in an ambush by DS’s men. I feel uneasy so I am asking you so you will talk. K says I heard the chief giving you orders to take DS to prison. like the chief, I am opposed to what you think. how will you handle it if something goes wrong and there is a mass bombing. S: so that’s the only reason why you rushed. K: I didn’t want D to see that – how could I let her see her father being publicly executed in front of people. S: so you rushed to take him to prison when you obviously knew he would be killed anyway cuz of his death sentence.   K argues: you know too. no matter how much the governor is rushing to execute DS. for what DS did at the event and the bombing he needs to be tried again. after he has gone through a trial then he should get the death sentence -just cuz he would have had a death sentence – have a public execution?  S: I think differently from you and the chief. with DS -not just gaksital and DS’s men but also the rumor that will spread through the independence movement rebels -it’s a shock/terror that can grab hold of all of them at once. wouldnt it be a waste to put that shock/terror behind bars.

K goes to the cell but D isnt there. he is alarmed and looks everywhere

S gets a call from the lackey and says I brought her like you said. S: I will go there now so keep watch over her and don’t move.

K goes to S’s office and he isnt there. K thinks to himself: that S took D away for certain. S already ignored goji’s order now he is doing whatever he wants and taking out someone who was in jail. Since when did S get this strong. K wonders who is backing S. K remembers back to that night of the event and Jun. and how S ordered Jun to step aside. then how K followed Jun. K calls the hotel and asks for suite 501 (the one Jun went inside) but there is no answer so K leaves and the spy officer follows him

S goes to the hotel room and smiles then knocks. Jun watches him from outside.

S sits in front of D. she glares at him. He calls her esther and asks if she is ok. She spits in his face. He wipes and smiles. S: just now I brought your dad back. The governor ordered DS to be executed right away so as soon as he got there he would have been killed. K was hurrying to carry out the order but thankfully I was able to bring your father back. D: even when he knew my father would be executed, you are saying K rushed to take him there.  S: you dont by any chance believe that K loves you do you? D: am I crazy. S: there are a lot of things Goji and K want to know through DS. if you remain in custody then in the end your dad will give in.  when his child is dying before him would he maintain his loyalty/patriotism. you heard too your father’s cries. for your father’s sake, for your sake, the only thing  i can do is delay. please dont think of running away and stay here and dont move. that’s how you can help your dad. I will do my best to stop the execution. please trust me. She says you want me to trust you. after what officers who wore the same uniform as you did to my mom. starting from when I was 7 I was dragged along with my mom to be interrogated. they asked her to reveal where my dad was. all night they beat her. after beating then they burned her. then they put her in the crate. to threaten my mom they said they would drop me and laughed. they were Japanese officers who wore the  same uniform as you. but you want me to trust you? he holds her hand and says -esther for your sake - to protect you to save you I put on the uniform. She pulls away. S:you know too that gaksital killed my hyung. If I catch him I cant take this uniform off right away - I want to take it off. I want to take this uniform off and teach kids. I really want to live like that. Please now I dont want anything from you. after watching you go into the nail crate, I wasnt going to ask you who Gaksital is.  He cries and says I just want you safe and by my side. Cant you just do that? D: my father is in the interrogation chamber and even in this moment he will be attacked by our oppressors -you want be to sit here quietly. am I your play thing? S gets furious. he gets up and slaps her. he orders the officer to put handcuffs on her so she wont get away from this room even one step and guard her carefully. S goes out and orders the lackey to put up more guards.

S walks down the hall angry. Jun is standing there.

H thinks to herself : in this urgent situation he is going around hiding a girl away. S comes in and asks what she wants. She says during DS’s public execution the governor is worried about another bombing so S says that wont happen. H says how all this time S kept losing gaksital so this time you have to do it for certain.  any more mistakes wont be forgiven. S: if I make any more mistakes this time I wont forgive myself. H: ok let’s talk about personal matters. since your plan failed. You have to give me back the fish I caught. He says don’t talk out of turn and say my plan failed. H: in your trap, instead of gaksital, even though it’s unfair didnt lee kangto get caught in it. S says I set that up not to catch gaksital but K. H: so did you get any proof that K is Gaksital? S: even though i learned K is not Gaksital for certain, but I thought there were plenty of possibilities he could be. H: ok but I still need the fish I caught returned to me. S asks why she is after that girl. H says cuz you still love that girl. a member of kishokai and a korean girl. I have to get involved and help you. he steps closer and says “UR –if you touch even a hair on that girl’s body you will die by my hands.” H: what? S: I am warning you but don’t mess with mokdan. she asks if he plans to ruin their takeover strategy over a korean girl. S: you mean that plan to take over other lands. is that what you live for? H: to do that isnt that why you are putting your life on the line?  S: you are a really pitiful woman. He walks away.

She is stunned speechless. but she cries cuz his words sink in and I think she sort of envies S for willing to die for love cuz that’s a way better reason than hers. she probably realizes she wishes she could feel that way about K the way S feels about D.

S leaves the hotel and drives off. K watches and goes in. his spy watches

K goes to the room but hears the door so he hides. H and Jun come out. K sees that. he remembers H kissing him. He says in his head: did Lala approach me on purpose.

The officer is looking in the mirror but D runs and pushes him. She manages to get outside but K comes and stops the officer before he can hit D.

K puts her back in the room and says to the officer- you almost lost her so keep guard. K goes in the room with D and his spy watches. He reports to the lackey and lackey says keep watch. he tells S that K is with D right now. S: what? S leaves

K goes in and sits across from her. D: you said you would help my dad escape. I am the crazy one for counting on those words. believing the words of a traitor and someone who arrests those in the movement -I am the crazy one. You are Korean too so how could you use the heart of someone who wants to live like this. K says: I thought you died. If I knew there was even a little possibility that you were alive, I would have known who you were a little sooner.  don’t you know who I am Boon. That knife -  young ee the one who gave you that knife. don’t you know who I am?

Flashback to young boon and K asking his dad to take her along. Then boon asking about the knife and K saying it’s his. How he got injured and lost his knife so she goes back out to find it in the snow. She comes back in the dark and gives him his knife and faints. How he made a fire to keep her warm. when his brother took him away, how K tried to take her with him but he closed his eyes as she was about to be killed.

K cries looking at her.

S goes down the hallway of the hotel

D cries and says: (you are saying) Lee Kang To - the one who captured my dad and made him get the death sentence- that LKT  is young master? LKT – the one who catches and kills those in the independence movement -the Japanese officer is the young master I was waiting for all this time? To catch Gaksital, LKT – the one who caught me and tortured me- LKT the one who was going to stand me up in the square and kill me –  is the young master who told me to just stay alive and that he would be sure to find me? How? How can you be young master? This is a lie isnt it? Say you are lying! How can young master become a human being like you. I thought young master was Gaksital. I thought he was Gakistal – the one who could save Koreans. But you the traitor who arrests those in the independence movement is young master? He says listen to me but she says get out. get out right now. K: now I know down to my bones how much I lived the wrong way.

S hears her yelling “get out” from outside the door. K keeps saying boon – please believe me - I was really trying to help your father escape. there is no time. please tell me where I need to go to meet his comrades. She says “i said get out.” S comes in. S tells K: didn’t you hear her say to get out? K stands and looks at her then leaves. D wont look at K or S.

K goes out and he still has tears in his eyes.

At Lee’s home, just as he is about to get in the car his wife tells him to change jackets. Lee says something that is truthful so she says how could you say such things. She tells him not to tremble, not to cower, and not get sleepy when he gets there. He tells her not to go anywhere and stay home

Lee goes to a meeting with the governor and other men. Another new character comes out. My eyes are glazing over from all these hard words – lee says something about DS and his comrades. They wait for his order and the governor gives it. Based on Sparkskey’s preview this happened in this scene : Wada orders a parliamentary hearing where they decide “evil criminal Mokdamsari”‘s public execution

K goes to see DS and wakes Abe up. he tells Abe to go out. abe says you are not allowed to come in but K gives him a look so abe says ok I will go out.

K goes and releases DS from his restraints. He catches DS before he falls and helps him sit on the chair. K sits across from him and DS remembers how K shot that officer to save that woman. DS says on the road to Hyunmoso I saw risk your life to save my comrade’s life. even though you try to be Japanese you are still Korean. K tells him how DS will be executed. I promised Boon that I would help you escape but I cant do it alone. Tell me where your comrades are. DS says even you go there will they trust you. K: leave that up to me. to rescue you, at that time a person died (the one who tried to kill K) so that death is not in vain (or a waste) I want to make sure you escape. please tell me where the comrades are. DS says don’t plan anything futile. to save me, I cant watch young people die anymore.  K: It wont be for nothing. like you told me, the egg is breaking the rock right now.  Since K repeated DS’s words about eggs (Koreans) and the rock (Japanese empire)- DS believes him.

K dresses as gaksital and goes to meet DS’s comrades. The guy hugs K. the woman smiles at K

H asks taro: are you saying you did not know that S still loves that girl. Taro says that’s not possible these days S is working harder than his hyung kenji. H: how could you not know this much. H says that S has no interest in anything else and just loves that girl still. Taro: does that mean you want me to kill that girl. H: no I will kill that girl.  So you just take care of your son after he hears that girl is dead.  Taro says ok and is about to leave but she says sit there. you have to watch that girl die here for yourself before you go

Jun knocks out the officers and carries D out of the hotel. (did Jun kill them cuz that’s a lot of officers this drama is killing off every week). Jun puts D in the backseat of his car. K drives up just in time and watches Jun.  then K sees D in the backseat of the car. K scrunches up his face in the cutest angry look ever and follows the car.

Jun carries D over his shoulder and takes her into the room with H and taro. K watches him.

Jun drops D on the floor and she opens her eyes and sees H sitting there. D sits up. H: I told you we would meet again. Kimura (Taro)-relay this to your son well. what you need to put your life on the line for is not love that can change at any time. She orders Jun to kill her. taro looks over at D. Jun takes out his sword. D closes her eyes.

Suddenly a dagger comes through the partition and gaksital comes in and knocks out Jun. he is about to take D away but taro draws his sword and gaksital fights him. Taro gets knocked down but H attacks gaksital with her sword. Gaksital and D run away but H chases after them.

The fight continues outside. Jun gets up and goes down one side and H on the other side. Gaksital fights Jun and H joins him. Gaksital and Jun fight in the pond while G tries to kill D. D is avoiding H’s sword by doing acrobatics. H kicks her down. During all this, gaksital fights Jun and still keeps an eye out for D. he gets back up and protects D. gaksital gets stabbed by jun. he pushes D away to run but D just stands there. H and Jun step closer to gakistal and he fights them off again. He knocks out H. Jun is about to kill gaksital so D throws her knife at Jun but he deflects the blade with his sword and the knife hits the tree nearby. gaksital tells D to hurry and run away. This time D obeys and runs off. But that knife is stuck on the tree. After gaksital knocks out Jun he goes and retrieves the knife. Then he runs off

H comes to and sees gaksital running away.

D is running in the woods. She stops. then she prays for Gaksital’s safety while holding tightly to the sheath for her knife.

The horse comes with gaksital slumped over on it. she steps closer and reaches for the mask. She takes it off and sees that it’s K. he opens his eyes and blinks and looks at her.


no preview

But we dont really need one do we? We can just use our imaginations. It’s pretty obvious the horse is going to take them to Baek’s home in the woods. D will nurse K back to health somewhat so he can stand upright and put his uniform back on cuz he needs to report back to work before S gets more suspicious. I wonder what that spy is going to do. so far he hasnt been doing that great a job trailing K. did he follow K and watch him change into Gakistal and then watch K fighting Jun and H. or maybe the spy lost K and will get hit again by the lackey. the most important thing is for a whole week we can imagine K being taken care of by D and for the first time since this drama started, maybe she will finally give him a smile. or better yet, she could give K a reason to smile. KBS was smart to have this love story percolating in the back burner for another week and drive viewers insane with anticipation.

I am curious if this is JW or his stunt double. cuz you can see they used a rope cuz it’s visible on his back. From far away this scene just looked like they were having fun playing in the water.

Am I the only one that noticed this is the same exact spot from King 2 Hearts when JH asked S to wait over to the side. then JH went over and stood next to the man who kidnapped his family. JH asked the crazy guy for info about where the lunatic took his mother and fiance but the nut job claimed not to know. granted it was filmed during the day and it was pretty and serene, but it’s still the same location. I noticed from the first time I saw Bridal Mask but kept forgetting to point this out.

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  1. Hi SS dear, I found the screencap you asked for of JW’s angry pout on previous page :)


  2. SS says:

    you know what happens when I get bored. There’s only so much excitement in seeing muscular men hurling themselves on the pommel horse. My mind wanders to a lone figure, bloodied, slumped onto his horse. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh………….see what a pre-emption does to my mind:

    Dedicated to all Kangto-Mok Dan shippers:

    He could feel the warm blood trickling down his leg. His body has stopped trembling. All he feels now is extreme fatigue, his consciousness ebbing. Images flashed before his eyes, he wonders if he is hallucinating, maybe this is the moment a man experiences before he dies.

    The sticks beat relentlessly down his scrawny back, blows after blows rain on his arms and legs as he curled into a ball, his rickshaw turned on its side. Yet he pleads: “Please don’t take all my money. My mother is sick and I need to buy medicine and proper food for her.” But his cries are ignored as they tried to wrestle the cash from him.

    Blood trickles down his forehead as the world spins around him. Vegetables, shoes came hurling straight at him “Die! You Japanese Mutt! Traitor, Die!” His mother slaps him: “How am I to face your father and tell him I have raised a son like you?”

    His mother lying lifeless on the bedding. “Um-ma, can you wake up? I have changed, you can be proud of me now. Can you open your eyes?”

    Hyung jumping up and down in excitement: “Kangto-ah, come and play with me” “Hyung? You are alive? This is all a bad dream, right? I dreamt that you were Gaksital, I dreamt that I…..I shot you. It was just a nightmare. You are still an idiot but it’s ok, you are alive, that’s more important than anything else in this world. What are you doing? Why are you putting on that mask? Nooooo!”

    “It was you, Kang To. You are Gaksital, you killed my hyung.” Shunji snarled as he pointed his gun at him.

    Boon Yi, with tears streaming down her face, the tremor in her voice, the anger, the hatred, the disappointment: “The one who caught and tortured me, the one who tried to kill me, is Young Master, that Lee Kang To?”

    He cries as these passes through his mind. With each wretched sob, pain shoots up his leg throughout his entire body. “Lee Kangto, you Imperial Japanese mutt, you Joseon’s traitor, you broke your mother’s heart, you killed your hyung, you killed your best friend’s brother, you almost killed the love of your life. Die, Lee Kangto, die, no one will cry for you.”

    The horse leaps over a fallen tree in the forest. One hand instinctively grips the rein and the other tightens its hold on the knife. “Boon Yi……………..” his consciousness surges back as thoughts raced through his mind: “Boon Yi… she safe? Did they pursue her? Was she injured?” “Gaksital must not die. I still have make good my promise to Boon Yi, to save her father, to the comrades. My promise to protect her till my last breath.” “Goodbye, Boon Yi. Lee Young, your young master is dead. Erase the memory, the disappointment. Just promise me you will stay alive.” His energy fully spent his face slumps forward but the grip on that knife remains.

    Mok Dan sits on the tree stump, heart laden with worry. She clasped her hands together into a prayer “Please dear Father in Heaven, let Gaksital live. Please do not let him die. He is my only hope, my savior.” She looked down at the knife sheath which was clasped in her hands. Savior- the boy who sacrificed his life for hers, the one who gave her this knife, the one whom she waited all this while. Lee Kangto’s face appears in her mind. How could her sweet brave young master turned into this monster? Perhaps this is all a setup by Lee Kangto. But how does he know all about their past? Maybe he knew the Young Master? Even as she tries to convince herself that it’s all falsehood, she finally knows why Kangto’s face looks so familiar. She has seen it before but couldn’t put her finger to it. In the past, those eyes were spewing hatred and anger. Now, they were full of passion and sadness, the same ones she looked into that fateful day when he besieged her to run and stay alive. And that mouth….yes, yes….she has seen it before…..” More confusion and bewilderment comes rushing back. Mok Dan holds her head and shakes in denial “No, why must Lee Kangto be Young Master?” She looks at the sheath and tears roll down her cheeks. “Goodbye, Young Master. I will always love you. But my love isn’t enough and I’ll have to let you go.”

    Just then, she hears the sound of horse neighing and the unmistaken clip clops. Her heart beats rapidly as she leaps to her feet. Sure enough, the horse comes into sight, trudging towards her with its rider slumped on its back. She gasped at the sight and walks over. Her tears flowed as she looks at the bloodied, unconscious man, his lips a ghastly grey. That mouth…….she has seen it many times but it looked strange to her now. No, it looked too familiar, it can’t be….. She didn’t want to but she couldn’t control herself as her hand move forth to take off the mask.

    Kangto opens his eyes with great difficulty and sees Mok Dan’s face. “Thank goodness, you are safe. Are you hurt?” He wanted to ask but could not muster the strength to speak. He felt himself drifting into the dark again. But there was something strange about the way she looked. He has seen that look before. Kangto musters all his strength to open his eyes one more time before he sinks back into the darkness. Her face. That look. The same one he saw when he told her he is Young Master.

    • Anonymous says:

      My heart was actually racing while reading this. The images formed so vividly in my mind. Thanks SS…

    • SS dear… this is really GOOD!!!
      I love how you phrasing Kang To’s unconsciousness hallucination, very touching & funny (Kang San’s).
      Thank you for sharing you brilliant thoughts, dear :)

      • SS says:

        Anonymous and Yanna, glad you liked this piece I wrote. I just put up part 2 of the fanfic on soompi. I think a lot of people are upset with the kiss or they don’t like JW kissing JSY, LOL. Well, can’t blame them. For me, somehow deep down inside me, JSY is no threat at all. I actually heave a sigh of relief watching her interactions with JW in all the BTS. If one day, Joo Won has a onscreen actress with whom I detect some spark, then I will bawl my eyes out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    text preview :(

  4. flo says:

    PREVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • flo says:

      OMG..the kissing scene…^____________________^’s just like that? i was hoping to see their love will be blossom first and D will open her heart little by little to K..but it’s a kissssss….he..he..can’t wait for wed!!
      i just right a way to post the link..without i watch the video excited!!!!

    • bbblue73 says:

      ahaaaa!!!! kissing scene? hope no one will ruin this scene or else Gaksital will not forgive you, LOL
      Thanks my dear flo for sharing.

    • WAAAAAAA…. OMG..OMG..OMG!!!!! Kissing scene!!!!!!!!! **faint**

    • Softy says:

      S: where is mokdan? I warned you – everyone has one thing they want to protect
      Leader Jo asks – are you really going to publicly execute leader DS
      S promises to keep DS safe for life
      S – where is sato hiroshi- he didn’t come?
      Lee Kangto was in charge when mokdan disappeared
      If two days pass I can catch Gakistal – just two days
      D- how did a Japanese officer end up wearing the mask
      K: I don’t think I can ever take this mask off – there are too many people who are being persecuted
      D: I will never ever let you go alone

    • umi says:

      omg….thank you flo dear, I screamed when I saw the last scene…joo won ah..please don’t…lol :)

    • Iprefernottosayit says:

      OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!! Someone here mentioned that the kiss was going to happen in episode 18, and she was right!!!!!!

    • Iprefernottosayit says:

      But it looks like his hair is gonna block the kiss again.

    • Siera says:

      wow..thank for the link and the translations
      arghhh..did she fall in love that quick? they were about to kiss when K is still in the bloody gaksital outpit..i just think it’s too early to have a kiss between these two.
      i’m a little bit disappointed for the loveline in this drama..i great the first love is? K was falling in love with D automatically when he knows about D’s true identity..and now..D ..
      where were all the hates she felt for K..those were disappear because K is Gakital?*sigh*
      i know..K & D are deserve to be together and i love to see their kissing scenes, but i feel like i lost something “the Heart” in their love..any way let’s see what ep18 will bring us!!!

      • Softy says:

        thank you for writing what was running through my mind too Siera – totally agree. I was like – you are bleeding and injured and can hardly stand upright, but this is the time you choose to make your move? where are your priorities man? get treated first -go back to work before you blow your cover.
        and D – two seconds ago before she removed the mask, she still hated him but now she lets him kiss her? just cuz he is gaksital? in the story, she has been in that same outfit for days. hasnt washed or brushed for that long too. shouldnt a shower and a clothes change come first? then she can stare out the window and collect her thoughts. after that she can kiss him.
        I think the writers realized this love story is REALLY behind and lagging compared to others cuz all we had was one forehead kiss and lots of hatred. there are ten episodes left so they thought 18 eps is long enough to make the audience wait so let’s stick in a kiss scene. like right now. in the middle of everything. forget that it doesnt make any sense story wise.
        then someone hand wrote into the script -insert kiss scene in the wood right after D removes the mask. I bet even the two actors were going – isnt it too random to do this scene now. where is the sudden urgency. i feel bad for the girl -her character has to suddenly let go all of her hatred and feel love towards this guy. love for JW I get, but love for K I am having a hard time wrapping my head around. the guy beat and tortured her in the past.almost had her father executed the first time around. how do you just overlook that so easily.
        doesnt she get this gaksital is not the original one who rescued her more than 3 times? so in a way the love she feels for gaksital is actually meant for his dead brother and K is collecting on that. now I am dying to know how D reacts when she learns she has been crushing on his brother the whole time.

        • SS says:

          SS’s Logic:
          Kangto- My flesh has almost been shredded into ribbons and before I die, I must kiss my One True Love.
          Mok Dan-Eww…is he zooming in for a kiss. Well, he did save my life and I don’t want to go to the purgatory. I shall pretend it’s like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
          Kangto-Oh, sweet lips of my love, the girl whom I have been waiting for 13 years. I’d better kiss her before she slaps me.
          Mok Dan-W*^# Lee Kangto. I still can’t forgive you but those lips….. Kiddin who?

        • Marie67 says:

          Just as I wrote down somewhere else considering the kiss:

          I think the kiss scene is properly done and it was sure about time. The guy has just saved her again from death, and Mokdan was curious to the person behind the mask, not with the mask! It makes a huge difference because that means she is ready to accept/face the man behind it. She no longer wants to see Gaksital as a mysterious man but a man instead. Also with that confession Kangto made and the promise he did to her, and him being her youn master, and him saving other people, him saving her dad its all overflowing and she accepts that above him torturing her, when he didnt know who she was. I am actually glad the writer put it this way because otherwise it would be so kdrama-like, where the female would reject him and the romance part would be stretched and wasted.

          Mokdan was never gonna believe Kangto and even when she was about, creepy bstard Shunji manipulated her. So this is the only way. Besides, I think noone want to see the romance beginning in ep 26 or so. I think its fair enough to be ep 18 .

          Her last words: ‘I will never let you go alone’ are WONDERFUL. Often, when someone in a drama says ‘never’ , it happens 100% otherwise. But the way Mokdan said it, makes me believe she will never let him go alone anymore. She will stay with him during life and death. I think this way the writer convinces us that they will either stay alive together or die together, which is also what I want. I dont want one of them death and the other alive, it would be a repeat of their childhood.

      • Anonymous says:

        I just hope that D will at least break the kiss to show that she hasn’t really accepted him yet…

  5. depz says:

    Finally!!! The kissing scene is here guys!!!
    Looking by the wardrobe they wear, I think it will happen early in ep 18. But I don’t know… If I was her, I would still be shock by the fact that Lee Kang To actually Gaksital and would probably reject his kiss.
    Buttttt…. If he was Joo Won, I’ll be gladly pull him into my arms. Hahaha…..

  6. Iprefernottosayit says:

    This is an amazing video made by a Bridal Mask fan, and it contains highlights from episode 1-17! :D

  7. SS says:

    *waves to everyone* Thanks Softy for the translation and that preview, OMiiiiiiiiii I am speechless. All these and so much more news and updates and speculation rife all over.

    I know quite a number of people expressed disappointment that K & D kiss happened so quickly as in D has no time to digest what has happened. I have no answer. Maybe when you almost died, just escaped narrowly from the jaws of death and not sure how much longer you will live, you won’t be planning to celebrate your 100th days as a couple. So K just zoomed in for a kiss. You Go! Lee Kangto!

    maybe I should write part 2 of my fanfic. But no one seems to enjoy it much, LOL. Anyway, I write very much because it’s too difficult to hold up all this emotions inside me, it has become an outlet. Sorry if I bore you all with my ramblings.

  8. sparkskey says:

    Preview for ep18
    When Shunji finds out that Mokdan has disappeared from the hotel she was supposed to be in, he finds out from Hongjoo that she almost killed Mokdan but she was saved by Gaksital. 

    The next day, his suspicions only grow stronger when Kangto fails to turn up for work. Shunji is absolutely sure that Gaksital will appear on Damsari’s public execution and shoots at Gaksital when he appears to save Damsari..

    And the injured seems like he’s gna get even more injured

    • bbblue73 says:

      Thanks for the written preview translations sparkskey dear.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’ll be boss Jo who will show up as Gaksital instead. Or there may be 2 of them! I think Boss Jo does want to reprimand his wrongdoings and he will do whatever he can to help Damsari.

  9. SS says:

    I was having a hard time juggling with the multiple names Kangto and Mok Dan have, when I was writing the fanfic. Thinking to myself: “at this juncture, should he be calling her Mok Dan or Boon Yi. Now, should she be calling her Young Master or Lee Kangto” LOL. I had such a major headache that I empathise with Mok Dan grappling with the truth that Young Master, Gaksital and Lee Kangto are one and the same person. You know the best thing to do in such situation is to go by your natural instinct, reasoning be damned. So when you have this gorgeous, bloodied, hot man standing in front of you, brain & logic are totally unnecessary.

    As for Kangto, either
    -he thinks he is going to hell so he might as well sneak in the last earthly pleasure of a kiss before he descends into the pit.
    -he thinks he has gone to heaven since Mok Dan is standing there without a snarl on her face or a spit landing on his face. Since all is forgiven, what has he got to wait for?

  10. SS says:

    I was hesitating to put this here. I wrote this in part to the response a lot of viewers have to the kiss in the preview. TBH, I too had a hard time accepting that Mok Dan can love Kangto just like that. However, she may not have reached this stage of love at all. By accepting his kiss, she may just be opening her heart to him for the first time. After all, he nearly died from saving her. The writer has not disappoint so far, so I am hoping they will write this part well.Cuz knowing Mok Dan, once she believes in something or someone, she will go all out even at the expense of her own life.

    part 2

    Mok Dan’s hands tremble as she takes off the mask. No, it cannot be, No! She gasped as she stares at the face of Lee Kangto. Lee Kangto is Young Master? Gaksital is Young Master? Lee Kangto is Gaksital? Mok Dan shakes her head and she shivers uncontrollably as she tries to digest. She remembers Lee Kangto shooting at Gaksital, Lee Kangto fighting with Gaksital in the courtroom, Lee Kangto asking her who is Gaksital. Lee Kangto is Gaksital? She cannot understand, the world she knows crumbles around her. Lee Kangto who tried to kill her was the boy, her savior, her love to whom she gave her heart and waited all these years. Gaksital who saved her so many times, is Lee Kangto? The masked hero, fighter for Joseon is that traitor who tramples on his own people?

    “Boon……” barely audible, a groan came from the barely conscious man. She stares at him and lowers her gaze to his hand. The knife, the one Young Master gave her. Hot tears welled up in her eyes again as she beholds the sight in front of her. Her heart feels as if it has been ripped apart. She looks at the man, the love of her life whom she waited all these years, the boy who pleaded with his father to take her in, the boy who shared his food with her, the boy who shielded her body as they tumbled down the snowy slopes, the boy who wrapped his body round her to give her warmth, the boy who gave his precious possession for her to keep, the boy who sacrifice his life for her, the boy became the man who risked his life to save her once more. He looked so innocent, so vulnerable, so sad, so lonely, is this the real Lee Kangto? Just as she peels off the numerous masks in her ‘face changing’ performance, the real Mok Dan is revealed in the final act. So underneath the Japanese uniform, behind the Gaksital mask, this is the real….. “Lee Kangto” Mok Dan says aloud, trying to convince herself. At this moment, Kangto stirs, he hears his name. Someone is calling him, reminds him of his mother. So soft, so gentle. He opens his eyes and sees Mok Dan’s face, covered in tears. He struggles to get up, he must tell her to go to a safe place and hide so that they won’t find her. “Lee Kangto……” Mok Dan says his name again. Kangto jolts up, what did she call him? Then he sees the mask in her hands and his hand shot up to his face. No….the mask! He must explain to her, he must. He climbs down the horse and his knees buckle as he touched the ground, sending a sharp pain up his thigh. He almost blacked out from the agony and drops into Mok Dan’s arms. He wills himself to stand straight, mustering every ounce of his strength and say: “I am sorry, Mok Dan, I really am. But there is no time. Run now, go. Leave this place. Don’t worry, I will save your father, I promise you. Just stay alive. Please” He places the knife in her hands, tears streaming down his face as he looks at her.

    Mok Dan stands rooted to the ground, her heart aches so much that she could hardly breathe. She looks at this man, barely standing, his clothes shredded to ribbons, the white stained red, his lips trembling and those tear filled eyes, the same ones which she had found strange of late, now she understands why. There are many questions in her head, many things she cannot comprehend but she knows one thing – this man, this Lee Kangto, who has kept his promise to her, whose feelings never change, who is willing to put his life down for her again and again. This is Lee Kangto, who loves her.

    She steps forward and embrace him. Kangto is startled and starts to pull away from her. “Mok Dan, I…..” Mok Dan pulls him back into her arms, “Sssh….Kangto, say no more” Kangto convulses into deep sobs as he hugs her back this time. Finally, they pull apart, eyes affixed on each other, as if they are seeing each other for the very first time, seeing each other in a new light. Then, he steps in and kisses her like he always has in his dreams this past 13 years.

  11. flo says:

    new BTS..awww uri JW is soooo caring towards JSY…!!!

    • bbblue73 says:

      Poor JSY. Joowon accidentally pokes JSY’s eyes with his metal flute. I can feel that pain though. For sure i will hug JSY as well. Anyway, i salute Joowon’s amazing stunts.
      Thanks my dear for sharing.

      • SS says:

        dear flo and bbblue, hopefully i can do the fanfic by 6th August to commemorate the anniversary. Not as an entry for the giveaway but as something I hope all can enjoy. Just scared I can’t write something beautiful enough for our couple.

        • bbblue73 says:

          SS my dearest, it doesn’t matter how short but lovely, simple but elegant, lol, as long as i can read it again about our couple fanfic from your brilliant mind. You know it how i love to read it right? So be it.

    • SS says:

      thanks flo. I saw this video and promptly went out and run, screaming my lungs out. Ok, not really coz you can’t do that for 5km. Now, I am back and i still feel like screaming.

      *Sign* Joowon, you are really a ‘killer’ I wonder how his co-stars feel. He is just so so caring. The way he hug her and cradle her head reminds me of the scene after he shot her and then unmask her. JOOOOOWON!

      I also realised this fight scene was actually done by him? I had thought the stunt double was involved. OMG i am so proud of him.

      anyway, while running, I just started a fanfic in my head for my dearest OTP. It’s the only way to calm myself down.

      • Marie67 says:

        I know right :D My shipping mode just went up to 105%. I so like these two together. Their chemistry is beyond words.

    • Iprefernottosayit says:

      Owww….poor JSY! D: That must hurt!

    • Softy says:

      in that bts, JW felt really sorry for poking her eye so he even made sure to keep that flute away from her so she wont get poked again. he said it happened cuz he was trying to hold her and the flute at the same time so this time he kept it away from her. I love how he hugged her first as soon as he poked her eye cuz he knew that poke hurt a lot. I wonder why the girl held his hand like that though. JW also checked her hand if she got hurt. then he kept checking her eye over and over after each take saying “it must hurt.” the hilarious part was he didnt pay any attention when it came to rehearsing with H so H says in an annoyed tone “I got hit” cuz he lightly hit her head cuz he was distracted by that other girl. it’s like H was jealous of all of JW’s attention on that girl or it hurt cuz H’s voice was annoyed. that was soooo funny. JW didnt even seem sorry about that one though. :)

      • SS says:

        thanks Softy. They seem to be playing their roles even between cuts. I have felt that HCA is always vying for JW’s attention and he doesn’t reciprocate. So this will serve her well when she plays the jealous Rie.

        Joowon ah Joowon, you always kill us, you know

      • Iprefernottosayit says:

        Oooohhhhhh I wonder if she’s still Rie off camera, I mean, considering how jealous she must be. XD

  12. Anonymous says:

    if it’s just caring he can check her eyes without hug her so tightly but i think there is something else, OMG my heart beat so fast watching them

    • Anonymous says:

      if the actor not JW..i feel the same with u.

      • Anonymous says:

        Then why he doesn’t take care of other actress as well as jin se yeon!

        • Anonymous says:

          because jsy is his love interest in gaksital and she hurt alot more than H..maybe you must watch the other BTS’s in OB,he was so caring to his costar ( forgot her name ) too…nonethless that’s jw.. he is such a true gentlemen

    • Marie67 says:

      I feel the same ;). The way they are so touchy and comfortable with each others show that they like each others companion. And I am now hoping for them to become a real life couple (married as well :P, I know its a long road before that but still ^^)

  13. SS says:

    for K&D shippers, prelude to scream fest tonight

    • Anonymous says:

      Huhu. That’s one uncomfortable position to kiss. The height differences. Hehe.

      • Softy says:

        trust me – I bet no girl would complain about the discomfort. she wont even be aware of it. it will be a wonder if she can even remember her next line. :)

        I just feel bad for JW cuz his neck must hurt from stooping down so much.

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