48th Baeksang Art Awards: A night of keen observation

One night’s expectation took on a life of its own and now I have visions of someone else other than the OB couple floating around in my head. I went to report on what Joowon and Uee are really like in real life and ended up with an extra crush by the end of the night. Not sure if it’s directly related to my regret for not seizing an opportunity or if his constant smile cast some sort of spell on me, but now I am officially a Lee Je Hoon fan. Of all the people in the room, I wonder what kind of cosmic destiny placed him right across from me in my direct line of vision. A few months ago, I didn’t even know this guy existed. It’s funny how life always finds a way to surprise you and keep you on your toes when it comes to celebrity crushes cuz if Choi Min Sik from “Oldboy” had sat just one seat over giving me flashbacks from his movie all night, this would have been a whole different experience. :)

UPDATED with more photos and videos:

*I did it – I made a YT account and uploaded the cam videos. I can finally relax now. Last night I was thinking all these videos add up to a total of a few minutes so why am I stressing over them, but then I thought about what they represent. For that day at least, I got to see the people whose work gave us so much joy these past months and years. Just this morning it finally sunk in that on a wish list of stars I wanted to see in person, I can check these names off. :)

Most of these photos were taken by professionals and the occasional blurry ones were either shot by my friend or me. Part of the reason why they came out so fuzzy was cuz trying to capture these celebrities as they sprint by is like trying to take a picture of a squirmy rambunctious puppy. Most of the videos were taken by me, but some were taken by my friend. Obviously neither one of us is all that great with a camera. Sorry for the poor quality, but I wanted to throw those in to prove I was actually there. :)

*some of these videos were corrected by YT to get rid of the shaking and it slowed down the film so sometimes it looks like it went into slow motion – that was not done by me. :)

Only JW could make such a funny looking tux look this good.

I had no idea he had on this outfit till later that night when I saw pics from the news online. During the red carpet, I was lucky just to be able to see him from the neck up. Plus the sunlight in the background sort of made him glow so the only thing I saw was his flawless face. At first glance, it does sort of look tacky to put that extra bit of fabric on, but I have to say on him it doesn’t look half as bad as most people think. Now if you had put that on a less handsome guy, we are talking major fashion “no no.”

When we got there around 4:45pm, we thought we were pretty early until our cab rounded the corner and pulled up to the start of the red carpet. There was a mob of people there already and that’s when we realized we were really late as far as getting great spots to take pics. These fans are pretty hard core – they brought everything they needed to make the most out of this opportunity. High tech camera equipment, portable chairs, step ladders, food and water, and these were just the fans. The real professional photographers had their own personal area right by the red carpet so that when they stood on their mini platforms, the people behind them couldn’t see anything. The rest of the hard core fans stood on step ladders to hold up banners of their stars for over 2 hours. I can’t imagine that kind of dedication. Not sure I would do the same for any star even if I had the stamina or desire to do so. My arms were killing me just from holding up my tiny Sony Cyber Shot camera. What I found the most interesting was that all the screaming and yelling happened even before a single celebrity was spotted. It’s like they were practicing their cheers too. When the chaos began with the first wave of stars who arrived, I noticed that there were people at the start of the red carpet who would yell out the name of the celebrity who just got out of the car. If it was someone not famous, that name was either never yelled out cuz they had no clue who it was or it wasn’t passed around so there was a sudden stillness as the star walked the carpet amidst pretty much close to total silence as you can get in that situation. You would hear a few polite obligatory camera clicking sounds, but that would be all. I felt sorry for those celebrities who had to endure that. (One of them was the skinny girl from WBDJ who wore a black dress) But whenever a really famous star walked by, it was total madness. (Like for Micky, KSH, JW, Uee, Suzy, etc) The crowd reacted physically first cuz they would rush to follow every step and the screams would make you feel like rock concerts were quiet affairs compared to this. I have never heard screams that loud before and I even went to Keanu Reeves movie screening in Yongsan. Through all this chaos, I still noticed something very touching. A young reckless girl got on top of her bike seat to stand with her camera to take pics, but the bike was very unsteady and was about to tip over. An elderly lady who came from Japan for this quickly went over to stable the bike for that girl. I have no idea how long she held that bike for the girl, but the woman’s friend kept telling her to let go and come over to see the stars walk by. But that woman insisted she couldn’t just let the girl fall and kept holding onto the bike to steady it. I fought back the urge to tell the girl in Korean to get down so the elderly woman could let go and enjoy her own time. I thought it was pretty rude and selfish of the girl to take advantage of that woman’s help and not even thank her for it. I hate that Korean mentality where they think since they don’t know how to speak the other person’s language; they assume not saying anything at all is a better option. She should have just thanked the woman in Korean since most foreigners would understand that at least. Even though most of the other people were practically trampling on each other to get a better vantage point, I was still grateful that there were still people like that Japanese woman who cared about common courtesy.

Everything else on the red carpet went by in a blur. I don’t know what to blame, maybe the stars were nervous about walking the red carpet, maybe some of them were just cold from the chilly breeze, or maybe they had to hurry inside and pee cuz that’s the only thing that makes me haul butt like that, but I have never seen anyone walk so fast in my life. These celebrities practically sprinted all the way down the red carpet. Half the time if you blinked, you missed them. None of them would walk slowly for some reason. (Uee was one of the few who stopped and spoke to reporters) No wonder the award show finished so early. It started here when everyone decided to speed walk the red carpet. As far as celebrity sightings goes, I must say this one was pretty shocking and special. I always see celebrities around the city, but they are never in formal attire. The most noticeable things about female stars are that they are super duper skinny in real life. They look like they have 20 inch waists. I kept thinking “man – don’t these women eat? In a stiff Chicago wind, she would literally blow away.” Even the guys were a lot shorter in real life. Maybe cuz I was wearing heels or something, but they just didn’t seem as tall as they do onscreen. As for the specific reactions for each star, I will start with the main reason why I came here. When the crowd started yelling out Joowon’s name, I swear I stopped breathing and I could literally hear my own heart beating faster. You know that nervous anticipation that floods you the moment you know something very special is headed your way – that moment you dreamed about happening – when it’s right in front of you, it really does a number on your heart. I started filming before he even came into sight. I think my hands shook the most as he passed by as you can tell from the video. He has this way of walking that’s so charming. He keeps bowing periodically as he walks and has a polite and sincere smile. Just by looking at him, you get the feeling he is the real deal. You know what I mean right – like one of those genuine people who will always remain humble no matter how popular he gets over the years. I have no idea why he arrived with UJW and that older actor from YAI’s movie “Punch” since they didn’t even sit with JW, but maybe the chance to ride in that long white stretch limo was part of the reason. I can just picture UTW calling JW up and asking JW to escort his sister so it’s not awkward for her to arrive with that other guy alone. It might also be cuz he seems pretty close to her already so maybe she asked him herself. I love how he stepped off the red carpet to walk so he could let UJH and that other older actor walk side by side on the red carpet. He could have walked ahead or behind and stayed on the red carpet, but he didn’t want to ruin any of her photo shots. That was so considerate of him. There is more cuz he held onto her arm to steady her as she stepped down from the platform so she wouldn’t trip on her dress. Such a gentleman. There is a lot of evidence to support that, but that comes out later inside during the award show.

When Micky walked by, he is the definition of a fast walker. Man it was so hard to even get a good look at him. His brother is even faster.  It was like something was chasing the guy. I only got a shot of the back of him as he went inside. He also didn’t turn around one last time before he goes in like the more seasoned veterans do.  I think one of the Moon actors like KSH actually stopped next to the line of fans cuz the screams I heard from down the line were pretty loud. KSH is also one of those actors that seem taller on screen. He is super sweet looking and kept bowing a lot as he walked. The kid from Moon ( Jin Gu) was also adorable and looked really great.

After the red carpet was over, the guards at the front misinformed us and sent us to the wrong side door. It happened to be the entrance for stars who missed the red carpet cuz they were running late or planned to miss on purpose to avoid the press and crowd like Moon Chae Won, Lee Byung Hun, Top, JGS, Lee Je Hoon, etc. That’s why we ended up seeing some random stars by accident like Top. His blue tips on his hair made him sort of stand out. The small crowd went nuts over him and screamed like crazy and some teenagers starting crying cuz they missed seeing him by like a few seconds. Lee Byung Hun came way at the end so no one saw him arrive or leave. JGS arrived during the intermission and took off right after he got his award. Micky and his brother left super early too after Micky presented and won his award.

As soon as we went inside, my friend didn’t let us sit in our seats. She wanted to sit closer to the edge near the stars, but I didn’t feel easy about that cuz what if the seat owners show up. She says there are always lots of empty chairs cuz no one wants to pay for VIP seats. I didn’t really like the angle where we were sitting cuz I had to look at the back of JW’s head too much and I rather stare at his face so we moved again. Turns out my friend totally underestimated JGS’s popularity cuz that section was filled to the brim and we ended up in our original assigned seats which turned out to be the best for me and my “surveillance mission.” The minute I sat down, I faced my entire body towards Uee and JW. To my credit, I was so devoted, I didn’t even notice where Micky and KSH were sitting until a while later. I was afraid if I looked away from our OB couple, I might miss something important. I debated whether or not to take notes and count how many times they spoke to each other or smiled at one another. After all that constant staring, I decided I needed to be more objective and have some other couples to compare them to so I glanced periodically at the rest of the actors that were sitting with their costars. It turns out my original observation was accurate – these on screen couples in real life really do just sit there and not talk. I would if I was in their situation just to stave off boredom. Based on what I observed, from the first minute I started watching them till the end of the night, these two were the only ones talking. They seemed pretty comfortable around each other. At the beginning they talked a lot – probably catching up on each other’s lives. Then it got more sporadic. Sometimes she would lean over and say something to him. Mostly to ask something about the program cuz she would point to it or he would. Other times they just suddenly started talking during a performance or other random moments. Whatever they said made them laugh or smile each time. I can tell you exactly how many times JW got up cuz the first time was to get info from the woman in charge about when JW and Uee had to go on. He came back and reported to Uee what the woman said. Then later the woman came over to the table and spoke to both of them. Right before intermission she came to get them so I thought they were going to go on soon, but that was to take them backstage to rehearse what they would say on stage later cuz every couple exchanged some kind of banter right before listing the nominees and winners. After the first half was over, the same woman came back again to report how many more minutes till they would go on. The last time the woman came was to take both of them and that’s when I left a comment they would be going on the stage. I could tell from the way JW started to fix his clothes to get ready to go on as he walked backstage with Uee. All those other times he didn’t do that. Can I just say the first time I saw him get up and leave the table, I really noticed his walk. I never knew he had this way of walking that makes him look tall, lean, and graceful. Like his feet barely touch the ground kind of floating walk.  Maybe it’s inaccurate to describe a walk like this, but it’s dreamy. The way his head tilts a little to the side as he walks across the floor, it sort of puts you in a trance. If he happens to be smiling as he walks, then omg watch out – swoon factor skyrockets. Anyway getting back on topic, here comes the highlight of this post cuz this is all about JW and Uee’s mannerisms. They are both true proper clappers. Not just once or twice, but for EVERY speech and performance. Half the room didn’t really bother with the clapping and even when they did, it was barely any sound. These two clapped the right way with attention. They also mimicked each other. When Uee suddenly clapped for something most people didn’t, JW immediately clapped with her for support. They also danced to every song with a beat while they were sitting. You could literally see their upper bodies moving to the music or singing along. You can catch it on video footage during the performances. I guess cuz they are both musically inclined or something, but they would clap and dance along as soon as the music started. I noticed that Suzy did that too, but Lee Je Hoon didn’t move his body – only polite light clapping. Uee looked around the room from time to time, but JW barely moved his head the whole night. Once in a while a loud fan would cause him to look over his shoulder, but mostly he faced the front. He only semi-yawned once. Neither one of them looked sleepy or tired. They must have a lot of patience cuz these two remind me of those people in church who are totally into the sermon and never fidget or nod off. I was surprised she stayed the entire night since I was pretty sure I read she was leaving on a flight and had to leave the show early. Part of the reason why she stayed was cuz the show was going to end a lot sooner than planned and also cuz they would be second to last to present. Since they arrived in separate cars – hers a white van and he came in that white stretch limo, I knew they weren’t headed out the same way. I tried to watch them till they left the room, but the guards made us leave a few minutes after the show was over so I never did see which way they went.

I love watching these two on stage together. It’s so cute how they take turns looking at each other. I’m curious if they really didn’t rehearse what they were going to say other than earlier that night. I want to believe they called each other and planned some stuff over the phone, despite the fact that on camera JW asked her what she had been up to since it had been a while since they met since OB ended. Hopefully that was just a fib. :)

*their acceptance speeches and their banter on stage is posted at the bottom :)

The one thing I still can’t figure out was why they didn’t exchange any words of congratulations when JW won. She could have said something and he could have said thanks, but he just went on stage. Maybe they did it backstage or something, but if you watch that footage, they didn’t exchange words right before JW went onstage.  Of course when she won, the other guy congratulated her cuz JW had already won and was still backstage. They also came back to their seats at different times and not together. I’m assuming he went on a bathroom break cuz he never briefly left the room during the show. He was only gone during their rehearsal time with Uee, when he won, and when they went up to present the award together. The way he is around Uee is perfect ease. You can totally tell he does not speak to her formally – he definitely uses banmal. I don’t know for sure what all this info says about their relationship, but from my impression, I get the feeling that they have grown close enough to feel relaxed with one another. He seems to be more considerate of her than the other way around, but maybe  that’s just cuz he is a gentleman. There is a perfect example of that in the final paragraph. Wanted to share that last cuz it’s the memory that will stay with me permanently.

Now onto my second focus for the night. I never meant for this to happen, but my line of vision was directly across from Lee Je Hoon who was sitting at the table next to JW and Uee so the only thing separating us were a few people. So throughout the night, whenever JW or Uee left the table, I stared at LJH the most. Yumi from Rooftop, Micky, and his brother sat clear across the room next to the table with the “MTETS” group KSH, Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Yoo Jung. Even though I was bummed they were sitting so far away, I rather have a better view of JW and Uee. Plus this side of the room had JGS, PSH, LJH, Suzy, and a bunch of other famous older actors who attracted attention from the camera crew like the one from Oldboy and Ahn Sung Ki. I found it interesting that throughout the night, most of these celebrities sitting next to each other never spoke to one another. Like I wrote before, LJH and Suzy only spoke when he congratulated her on her win and again when she asked one short question. He had one brief conversation with the actor from “Oldboy.” The rest of the time, LJH was looking up at the fans on the second floor or the giant screen monitor with a permanent smile on his face. I have no idea how you continually smile like that, but there you have it. The guy is a nonstop smiler. During intermission between the first and second half, he walked out the side exit to go back to the VIP lounge for a bathroom break. That’s when the entire room just suddenly got up and moved around. Fans started milling towards the railings hoping to catch sight of the stars as they came back to their seats. My friend literally called me on the phone and told me to come down a few steps to the railing cuz you can take better pictures of the few celebrities that remained in their seats. That’s how she got a shot of JGS arriving right before he got his award. Since JW and Uee were already out of the room, I went down to see what the fuss was. Just as I reached the railing, LJH walked by. The girl next to me was super quick and alert and asked to shake his hand. Since I was right next to her, he looked at me expecting me to want to shake his hand too, but I was too stunned to move or do anything except grin really big.  CN Blue started singing which was the cue to go back to your seats so he just smiled at me apologetically and went back to sit. I stood there and wished there was a way to invent a device to turn back just a few seconds of time. I’m not joking – the minute it dawned on me that I had  just blown my chance to shake his hand, I literally wondered if it was possible to kick yourself in public and not be noticed.

In the first one, it was taken right after it ended. You can see Uee and JW in the background the whole time, but PSH and others are in front. Next one is when the winners were called on stage. You can clearly see that JW went up first and Uee later. They didnt stand by each other so they did meet up again to walk down together.

There is a very good chance I might end up going to more of these award shows in the future now that my friend knows I am a JW fan. All this time she thought I was only a YAI and Hyun Bin fan for life and had no idea my attention had shifted to include others as well. Even though it’s tiring and tedious to sit through an awards show, the highlight for me was spying on how the real JW and Uee interact behind the cameras. I used to think I was an impatient person until I started this blog and doing all these recaps and translations. More than any other fan out there, I bet I’ve watched more footage of JW since I sat through countless hours of pressing rewind to hear the lines over and over again for all the episodes of OB and 1n2d. That is why I thought I was pretty familiar with his habits and mannerisms until I learned there was a lot more to him than just what you observe on camera. I saved one tidbit of info for last cuz this is pretty special. I thought of all the possible reasons why he did it. Maybe cuz he still felt responsible for her as an “oppa” or a fellow former cast mate. Maybe it was cuz he is a professional and knows that since Uee has a concert the next night, she can’t afford any injuries. I stopped wondering about all the plausible excuses why he did it and just settled for the fact that ultimately it just means he still cares about her. It happened at the very end when all the cameras were turned off and people were exiting the building. As the winners for the night gathered on stage to take a commemorative photo, JW was one of the first ones on stage with KSH. I have video footage of that. He didn’t even end up standing next to Uee cuz she went up later. She stood towards the end on the right while he took the pic standing in the middle. Not sure if someone arranged them that way or not, but what is interesting to note is they were nowhere near each other for the actual photo. But as they dispersed after taking the photo, they both ended up walking down together. I bet after the photo, he looked for her and saw her going that way and followed her on purpose. Most of the other celebrities exited through the side exits that lead backstage that winners took after receiving their awards and that should have been his choice too, but I’m guessing since Uee was standing on that right side, she went down the front way and JW followed her to help her. I really don’t think JW was the one who went that way first since he was standing closer to the middle of the stage when he took pics. Remember earlier I told you he took UJH’s arm to steady her as he helped her down the steps, well he didn’t do that for Uee here. He did something even better. He walked down a few steps ahead and shadowed her. He kept his head down and looked over at her feet to make sure she was walking down safely and was ready to grab her if she slipped and fell. Since she had on high heels and a fluffy skirt that obstructed her view, she took slow, gingerly steps so he had to pace his steps to make sure he wasn’t too far down and not once did he stop checking on her till she was safely on the ground.  Anyone would say it would have been easier just to take her hand and help her down. Lord knows I would have appreciated that too so I can snap a mental picture of it, but watching him being so considerate of her without her needing to ask just made me melt.  I’m beginning to think he is never going to give us a shortage of reasons for swooning over him. Let’s face facts, this crush we are all suffering from just might be lifelong. After witnessing this, I know mine is going to be cemented in stone so that it’s perpetual.

Here are some more screencaps from the night:

Here are some more photos of our couple taken from Baidu that SS found and shared with us. :)

The female host describes his character TH on the weekend drama OB and how TH is brusque with others, but sweet in front of the girl he likes so he made a lot of women’s heart thump (race) – (that is one accurate description of what TH did to us) I think that’s why he smiled so big when he heard that last part as he got on stage.

This is what they said when they won:

JW: thank you very much. first – I want to thank God. through OB, I thought how happy I was doing a drama. I really want to thank [he lists everyone by name - the director, scriptwriters] For everyone – all the actors and staff who pulled me along (helping me) since I lacked, thank you very much. my S entertainment family (his agency) and everyone in my fan cafe 1mang1jang and my 1n2d hyungs and staff -thank you very much. also for always cheering me on and loving me, I want to pass on the honor of this award to my family. I will work hard from now on. thank you.

when Uee goes on stage, the guy who is hosting talks about how she is a girl group member but the part when he says “personally, her father is a hyungnim I know well so I am so happy” -that made Uee laugh.

Uee: hello I am Uee. this is my first time coming here so I was really nervous and trembling. to my family who is watching this on tv, everyone in my family at Pledis, OB brothers, (she names the directors and scriptwriters) there are so many people I am grateful to -also to my sunbaes (seniors) (she lists some others) then says for all my fans who cheer me on, thank you very much. my members are in japan now for our first concert there tm so I want to thank them for letting me come here. I want to come again. I will work hard to come again. thank you.

This is what they said on stage when they presented for best actor and best actress in a movie:

JW to Uee: it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve met after OB, how have you been? Uee talks about how she is emcee at a live music program “and like I said a while ago, I’m doing the first after school concert in Japan tm and kept practicing for that. The nervousness from today seems like it will continue till tm. You’ve been very busy these days – filming your drama Bridal Mask and the variety program 1n2d” She goes on and says how much she enjoys watching him doing variety on 1n2d – “How is it going” so he says “from here on I will work hard on 1n2d and BMask will be on after Equator Man ends so please look forward to it a lot. Variety is a lot of fun but what I love a lot are movies so I want to applaud the (senior =sunbaes) nominees for this right now. Uee jokes: you werent by any chance nominated for this right? JW says it’s too far off for him (to get nominated for best acting in a movie) and that he is satisfied with just winning the award from earlier. “Personally I hope UJH senior wins this.” Uee says it doesnt seem right for the announcer to show who he favors so he says “I will just do this today”

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  1. janu says:

    Hi Softy~ I was thrilled when I first read that you would be attending the Baeksang Arts Award Show, partly because it meant that we could sort of experience it vicariously through you (and I knew you’d be devoted to your mission to spy on our OB OTP). But honestly, what thrilled me the most was that you, our beloved Softy, were getting the opportunity to gaze upon Joo Won and Uee (and a bunch of other celebs) in person. No one deserved that opportunity more than you. I don’t see it so much as that you were lucky to get to go, but rather that you were rewarded for working so tirelessly and devotedly (and especially for creating OB Central). We are the lucky ones– our lives are enriched by the countless hours that you’ve put into Cadence and by the countless times that you’ve touched our hearts with your love and passion.

    I can just imagine how frustrated you must have felt by not being able to embed the videos in this post– wanting to give up after struggling with it for several hours, but thinking “This is footage I shot of Joo Won and Uee in person– I CAN’T give up!”. Aigoo! Anyway, Softy~ thanks so much… I’ll be imagining JW’s sweet way of escorting Uee down the steps for the rest of the day. :D Please take good care of yourself because you are precious to us.

    • Softy says:

      Thank you for saying this – it was really sweet of you. I remembered your name from OB recaps cuz you wrote in much later after the first wave of comments came in. It was so amusing to hear you cried while watching a certain ep and then read my recap to check and I had “tears streaming down my neck” as well. I just finally finished inserting videos and let me tell you this is a huge weight off my shoulders. I can’t believe how long it took to do this cuz I wasnt familiar with YT so I ended up uploading them and finding out that i didnt do it right so I had to re-upload again. It was worth the trouble cuz now I get to breathe easier. :)

  2. Jingle says:

    Softy you are AMAZING!!!! thank you ever ever ever ever ever so much for your post. I’ve been reading your recaps of OB then moon and sun and now rooftop prince :) but this is my first post. you really do have a way of grasping our attention, it was exciting reading your baeksang awards post. i felt as if i was there after reading all this. I’m so proud of JW and uee just being able to be comfy round each other and be so sincere. TAEBAK! do take care softy, esp when you stay up late to post things. and thank you again for all your hard work :)

  3. Renjani says:

    thank softy.you are sooo kind and nice to give us this recap!!i love that
    i,m so proud of our OB couple won the awards for best new comer actor and actress..they were so amazing in OB of course they really deserve it!and it was really nice coz they were the only onscreen couple who won this awards for the same categori, i think they were the prettiest couple in that show
    either they are dating in real life or not..its dont really matter, i,m soo happy they still cares for each other .no need a word from them to describe their relationship,from their body languages i think they have grown very close to feel comfortable around each other and i hope they keep that feelings and if by the times their relationship keep stronger i think they will become an item someday for sure!

  4. ck1Oz says:

    Softy. I am so proud of you :-) You who absolutely completely, always insisted you are not familiar with all these uploading thing… finally did it :-) You go girl.

    We will make a stalker out of you yet. Do you mind me saying this? Because you are using all small phones/camera. Hang on, did you use your camera to record? Anyway. hold your camera like you’re pouring soju for someone. You know your other hand supporting your wrist. Less shaking. Let’s just say my job requires steady arms and no jerky movements. Sometimes for hours. So have learnt no jerking sudden swings. It upsets the balance.

    Thank you for all your hard work. Really enjoyed this post A LOT.

    • ck1Oz says:

      I have visions of you now panning the camera like those in the dramas. Then suddenly sticking out your phone with the voice record on and saying ” Excuse me, you look so good today. Whose dress designs are you wearing?”

      LOL :-) :-)

    • Softy says:

      I know – it’s a miracle isn’t it. :) After I inserted, I bragged to everyone on the phone, but none of my friends cared. LOL. You know how bad I am at tech stuff and learning to screencap was a major deal for me, but now that I inserted video via Youtube like Ginko and everyone suggested, I feel so proud. Yup – I used my teeny tiny Sony cyber shot to film these. Thanks for the tip about how to hold it steady. That’s sounds like a great idea. Even though I love photography, I’m so glad I don’t have to film people for a living cuz it’s stressful when you miss them. I think I would make the worst stalker in the world cuz I rather just walk by and see famous people and not go chasing after them. Ever since I wrote those posts on celebrity sightings for Blue, I realized there have been a lot more since then. Counting Thurs night, that makes like two posts worth again. :)

      • SS says:

        Softy I just watched your videos. Despite the shakiness in some parts, I love them cos it is so different to watch them here other than when they are officially being videoed. I guess this must be the same way a stalker will feel , LOL. Softy the Stalker….I hereby issue you a protection order,(in the future) under no circumstance should you be more than 5 metres away from your target.

  5. Thank you so much for putting up the videos, Softy. You must have spend alot hours and hard work! I am so envious that you get to see our fave couple in person, I dont think I will ever get to see them in person. You definitely deserve this privilege as you have put in so much to create this space for us! Thank you!

  6. SS says:

    sometimes, it’s quite fun to read what chinese fans say. They analyse, speculate, and point out every small details about Joowon and Uee.One group commented that Joowon put on weight which I dont disagree. In this awards night, he certainly looked like it compared to OB days(which I thought he was looking a bit too gaunt and tired). This led to a fan saying that Joowon must be in a relationship. Because he had mentioned that during his last relationship, he love to eat with his girlfriend so much that she put on 8kg(and he probably did put on some too!).

    But that doesnt explain why Uee seems to have lost weight or at least her Honey Thighs didnt become Homey Thighs? Let me make a wild guess, she burns more calories doing her sexy and vigorous dance than he did doing his sexy wave??

    • ck1Oz says:

      :-) Oh my I feel the need to see the sexy wave now HERE!

    • bbblue73 says:

      Agree SS dear, so far Joowon put on weight this time. If he is in relationship right now, well it’s good. But i don’t want to guess whos the lucky girl coz there is only one person whom i dying to be with him, hekhekhek

      Let me guess, japan concert may be the reason why she need to lose more weight in order to look her more sexier. And all her food give to someone, haha.

      hmmmm, i think i will do sexy & vigorous dance to burn my calories as well SS. LOL.

    • bj says:

      SS dear you’re lucky to be able to read Chinese language ….there must be a lot of cool infos about Joo won And Uee…yeah..I think Joo Won just gain some weight now…not so thin…that’s good for him….but seems like our Uee looks so skinny and frailty nowadays…..please Uee don’t become like a stick…sometimes I don’t understand why idols are so obsess with losing weight…

      I hope by the end of their meeting during the award ceremony Joo won would remind her to eat well…

      Aigoo… I’m hungry right now…

      • bj says:

        And Softy dear…congratulation on your videos…I love it…..you’re so lucky to be there…please get some sleeps our devoted OB couple spy….I’m so proud of you….

    • I agree. Comments by them are so entertaining and I love reading them as it would fire up my imagination. Whatever the status our fave couple is now, the most important thing is they care for each other and hopefully in a few years time, we can hear some good news.

    • Hopefully he gain some muscles too from Gaksital’s martial art trainings… aaawwwwww :D
      **imagining muscled abs, biceps, triceps.. whoaa smokin’ HOT!!**

  7. Freda says:

    Softy – just like to say a big thank you to you for sharing your obsession of the OB couple with us. I love Joo Won to the max, always want to hug and kiss him whenever i look at his picture, just Iike I would to my son and i do consider JW my korean son! Thanks again Softy, looking forward to Bridal Mask and Don’t Click in May. pyong pyong pyong!

  8. sammi says:

    No 1N2D today so disappointing!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    if he gained weight i think he has to look fitter for his new drama gaksital

  10. Thank you – thank you for JW & Uee arrival videos, Softy dear and the pictures too..
    I hope very soon they both will be paired again in 1n2d show or another drama or even better in a movie (I’m praying really hard).

    • bbblue73 says:

      Yanna dear, this is our another request to let our prayers be granted right? coz the last time we asked was hopefully they will sit together during the awards night & not to mentioned Jw’s hands. (hehe) GRANTED!

      • Yes yes yes.. This is will be our next request and petition, hehe..
        Somehow I’m really glad he stayed with OB and his right decision is paid off with Baeksang Award :D.
        I think from now JW will get lots of CF offers and lots of good dramas & movies contracts.
        BIG AMEN!! ^__^

    • Paring up to star in another drama may not seem possible, at least in the near future. I really hope Uee can be invited on 1N2D to be Joo Won’s guest, but with the strike going on…..Keeping my fingers cross!

  11. Ariel says:

    Jowon and the Uhm siblings share the same agency, maybe that’s why they arrived on the same limo.

  12. ria says:

    i wonder if there is a red carpet-fastest-walker-competition, who’s gonna be the winner? hahaha..
    How happy can see all the stars that close..i really envy you..

  13. Ee says:

    Thanks Softy for this special post.

    Aaa.. Can we bring a binocular inside? Keke.

    I guess Joo Won will be at Baeksang again next year to present the new actor & actress award.. Woo. I love the way you describe his dreamy walk :-) :-) :-).

  14. Lost in Translation says:

    Hi Softy,
    I’ve been a silent reader here for a long time, and i just wanted to comment on this. Thank you for all your recaps and for making my life drama happy!
    You’re so lucky you got to see all these celebrities! But I was wondering if you could answer a question I had…what did you think about PSH and Jung Yong Hwa’s (from CNBLUE) interactions? I’ve seen pictures of him giving her flowers on stage and what not, and was just wondering if you noticed anything between them….I don’t know if I should be asking, but I can’t help myself. So feel free not to answer this if you don’t want to.
    Either ways, thank you for these lovely videos and photos, and for all your recaps:)

    • Softy says:

      To be honest I didnt even know PSH was sitting so close to me till she actually went on stage to accept her award. I also didnt know Moon Chae won even came to this till I downloaded the awards show and saw her. My eyes were sort of glued to JW and Uee all night and then when they werent around, I watched KSH and Micky across the room and then stared at Le Je Hoon to check if he was still smiling (which he was).
      During the Q&A portion, the guy did joke about PSH and JYH’s relationship asking if anything was going on cuz she said she hoped that next time JYH would give her flowers in front of people instead of backstage like he did that night.
      The whole reason why I got free VIP tickets to go to this was cuz of PSH. My friend is best friends with the woman from PSH’s agency so we get invited to a lot of her events. Like I was asked to go to PSH’s movie premiere -the one with Lee Min Jung and UTW, but at the time, I wasnt interested. My friend went to the Baeksang last year too and afterwards spent time with PSH, JYH, and some others at a singing room. She has seen them together in person and can vouch for this, but there is nothing going on between PSH and JYH except for friendship. who knows, somewhere down the line things could change for them, but right now she doesnt think anything is going on. Sorry if you were hoping for some other news. :)

  15. nonski says:

    congrats softy! thank you so much for posting the vids, i know you had so much effort invested in them… nonetheless you made thousand of fans like me happy. you are just so awesome!

  16. rillakm says:

    Waaa.. You really took a whole lot of notee. Your observation skill is beyond amazing, you basically think outside the box- if this was a test you would prob get a straight Excellence oii. Lolll. Btw, I realised how ur english is like soo good, there were numbers of words that I couldn’t understand since they are just too advance. And now, I’m sitting here being so jealous at you for your fluent korean and english +ur english writing skills..

  17. Siera says:

    it’s been a while!! softy
    thank you for this recap..i enjoyed it..gumawo..
    may i ask you something softy??what your opinion about the awards it self? do they really deserve for this awards ..i mean for the winners??
    of course..my opinionJW & uee are really deserve for this awards!!
    and could you please translate what JW & Uee said when they were received their awards?and when they were together presented the awards?..i,m sorry softy for this kind requested..
    coz.i,m dying to know what were they talking about,esp.when these 2 together in the stage?

    • Softy says:

      I’ll translate what they said on stage right now and add it in.
      OK done – they are posted on the bottom of the page after the last photo of Uee. :)

      People are saying that KSH shouldnt have won for Moon over the other actors nominated, but I say those people evidently did not watch Moon. The guy brought that character to life and made Hwon memorable – look at how much ratings his great acting brought in. all that crying alone earned him that award. To me best acting means the whole package – how you made the audience feel – how hard you worked to improve your craft, but when it comes down to it – really great acting is key. In the past few projects KSH worked on, each time he did a great job and finally he got a lead role that proves he is one of the best actors in his age group.

      • ck1Oz says:

        * sigh softy * Nothing to say except * sigh * :-)

      • I agree! It is really obvious they did not see sunmoon. Really KSH is the only actor who could have played Hwon. He brought so much to his character and the only character that stayed with me afterwards and I have watched all the other actors in the dramas and I adore HSK but I would have chosen KSH. I think it is because he is so young that he is being targeted.

      • Siera says:

        OMG..softy i dont know how describe my words to say thanks to you..thank you so much!
        i watched Moon-Sun and i love KSH’s acting,so he definitely deserve for this award!
        and thanks you for the translations..our OB couple seemed a little awkwards when they presented the awards in the stage..but still they were soo cute!in their conversations,JW said : it’s been a long time since they’ve meet after OB? but judging from their interactions in those pictures above and the way they mimicked to each other during the show..it’s look like they already met a couple days ago…hmmm it’s very interesting!!!!!

  18. Ann J says:

    I noticed during the award ceremony, Big sis Uhm Jung-hwa gave Joowon a hug., OK..coz he’s closed with her brother UTW. Then she gave a loving hug to UEE too,!!! Is it becoz she’s also closed with her family.. Coz Joowon is like another little brother to her…. Hmmm????????

    • sammi says:

      I wonder why? I kept thinking he must have introduced UEE to his close ones already you know wht I mean coz there is no way you would hug someone you don’t even know about!! And did you notice how UEE was grinning when UJH hugged JW!!

      • Ann J says:

        Ya… Definitely UEE is very close to them and they are still in contact. Also, before JW was reading out the best actress result, he was grinning ear to ear coz he saw Big Sis UJH won!!!!!

  19. charlene says:

    To be honest , i haven’t watched OB ( too many episodes to contemplate), But with all the description you mentioned about JW, you make me interested. i might ended up becaome a fan and doing the same as you softy…. who knows. ( and i’ll let you know)
    Thanks again.

    • ZhafR says:

      If you ended up becoming a fan. Please visit the others at OBsessions, OBsessions 2 and OBsessions 3 :-)

      Owh.. Hi Softy! Thanks for the recap :-) Yeay to OB couples!

    • Softy says:

      hey charlene
      keep me posted if you become a fan – chances are pretty high that you will be. we were all daunted by the 50 ep drama when we first started – I was more nervous than anyone cuz it was the longest drama I ever recapped, but when it ended at E58, we all wanted more. so if you end up loving it, you are going to complain it wasn’t longer and start praying for a second season. :)

    • chokichoki says:

      Yup, charlene! You should definitely watch this. I, who rarely watches any k-drama fell in love with OB to the point that I couldn’t give it up!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You should totally watch it! And I’ll bet you’ll end up having an entire series marathon. Too bad you missed the craziness of waiting for the next week’s episode. Not to mention preview translations!!!

      • chokichoki says:

        Oh yes! I remember that very well. How I wished to relive those moments again! All OB fans should have a gathering or something. Haha

        • SS says:

          dear chokichoki, it will be lovely to have a real physical gathering of OB fans but at the moment, we can only share the OB craze at the OBsessions page which Softy has so kindly created for us.

          By now, most have recovered and moved on perhaps to other dramas. Some of us, in particular those infected with I1JW virus and Taeja shippers are still camping there. I have seen you before but cannot remember if it was OB page or OBsessions. In any case, we are now at Stage 3, not think we gonna recover from this drama any time soon

          • chokichoki says:

            Yeah, I only leave comments once in a while. Most of the times I’d just read others’ comments (mostly yours…hehe) when I took a break from work. It’s like a whole new family here and it feels great tho we don’t know each other. So it should be nice if we all get to meet, yeah?

            And just like you, I don’t want this OBsession to end. I WILL wait till the day JW and Uee get married. Haha. It’s like a drug, makes us feel good.

    • SS says:

      dearest charlene, I have seen many here urging you to watch this show. However I feel that I need to warn you. For the following reasons, you should reconsider your decision. If you start this show, you might
      1) develop eyebags from marathoning the series.
      2) exhibit bipolar behavior alternating between sobbing and gigglng.
      3) Feel the urge to call your boyfriend Ajussi or make him run up the stairs while you take the elevator
      4) realize resistance to dimples is futile
      5) find it harder to watch another drama without measuring it against OB
      And I could go on and on but just take it from me that I was once very sane, heart rarely moved by romcoms and definitely underestimated the effect dimples had on me.

      • chokichoki says:

        LOL! You forgot one thing. Checking Softy’s blog especially to read comments on OBsessions every once in a while or life won’t be complete without it.

        And I dunno bout you guys but these days I can only associate these letters O,B, J, W, T, H to our fave drama and fave couple. It feels like my vocabulary has been limited to OB related stuff. Crayzeh

        • SS says:

          I have become quite good at adjectives though..like Hot, handsome, sexy, smokin, intense, cute, adorable, sweet, amazing, talented, irresistible…

          and verbs like squeal,hug, giggle, cry, swoon and faint.

  20. thom says:

    thanks you so much for fancam. and translated joowon and Uee speech on stage.
    I just to knows joowon love movies a lot so i will support your movies from now on if i could^^.

  21. SS says:

    Softy, your videos are on Baidu!


  22. Enz says:

    Softy, thanks for translating what joo won and uee says. Sorry if this sounds dumb but ummm… Where can I find the videos? I will check out the baidu one that ss mentions.

    • SS says:

      sorry Enz for causing confusion here. I just posted the message to let Softy know that Baidu put up her videos on their page. It’s not so much that you should go there to check it out cos its all here on this page.

      I think some fans on baidu have been checking Softy’s blog here cuz before these videos were posted, they were telling each other that a fan who was at the event said that Joowon and Uee spoke to each other a lot.

  23. Enz says:

    Ooh.. I saw the videos.. Just 2 right? Am not missing any, am I?

    • Softy says:

      Which video? The video of the entire show, you can download torrent from semi-fly’s box. There are two parts to it. If you mean the videos I took, there are 6 total posted – they can be found under the photos during red carpet – one of Uee, JW, and KSH, then under JGS’s pic of him arriving – and the last two are stacked on top of each other. Hope that helps. :)

  24. MJShinshi says:

    WoW softy uploading YT videos! congrats girl you’re moving up in the blogging tech world :D :D

    thank you bunches softy for this post! totally forgot about your upcoming awards show report :) what a great surprise visiting your blog today and seeing it. Love the videos and all the report on our OB coffee couple :) can I just swoon like crazy reading your description of JW and his caring considerate self?!! thank you again for sharing your celebrity photo ops/shots and I’m with you on how fast they walked the red carpet! Realy, no one wanted to talk about their dress designer or shoes and jewels like the golden globe or sag awards here in the states?? oh well you did get to see them and captured em on your Sony so I’m super glad for that and check it out you’re even famous that baidu is posting your videos!! see you soon on RTP :)

  25. mizweng says:

    OMG Sweet Softy… I was crying like crazy while reading this post…this is better than any novel I’ve read…you just made my dream come true…it’s as if I was there myself!!! thank you for vividly sharing us your experience… I just love how you describe JW and UEE and all the their interactions… reading about them makes me miss OB so much… I can never thank you enough for spoiling us… as I’ve said time and again you are an angel… love you dearest….. muwahhhhh :) :) :)

  26. DP says:

    Hi, softy, i hardly visit since OB finished sorry. But it must have been great exp for U to have been there experiencing it first hand. Can i share yr article with my friends in China OBsession, it’s such a great review piece.

    DP :)

    Gaksital poster filming :


    • Softy says:

      Hey DP,
      How have you been. It’s been a while since you’ve visited. Miss the old OB days when you shared your music videos and left comments. :)
      Of course you can share my fan account. Remember how I didnt even know how to embed YT videos before and now I can turn my cam videos into YT all by myself. It was so strange watching these stars on the small screen after seeing them in real life. I never felt this giddy after seeing YAI, LMH, and all those other celebrities over the years, but I still feel light headed when I think about how I got to watch Uee and JW that night at the awards. Maybe more time has to go by for my memory to fade, but it still feels like yesterday. :)

      • DP says:

        My mates has translated the article and they express admiration that you could attend the event and are just buzzing over the article last few days. And they hope you will be attending next years event. LOL

    • SS says:

      Thank you DP! I love this video, way more Joowon than the earlier one I saw. And he is killing me further with those poses especially the gun. I am not a gun lobbist but somehow whenever I see Joowon with one, I go weak in my knees. And that look in the final screenshot with him looking down after he put down his gun, omy omy, that’s a Fatal one.

      • Softy says:

        Plus JW shared something new about himself, he said “I like to run. ever since I was young, I ran fast. when I was young, I didnt walk and always ran. the sound I liked the most was, while I was running – when I passed someone I didnt know and they say “wow he is really fast.” I really liked hearing that so ever since, I liked to run. Even now I have confidence in running so I run vigorously.
        the narrator says how JW’s first drama got 50% rating and second one (OB) got 40% so JW says he thinks Bridal mask will get 50% ratings cuz he likes to “dream big.” LOL
        JW says how on 1n2d the hyungs express their affection by calling him “our loveable dongsang” so I’m starting to love the hyungs. the guy says JW has aegyo that melts the hyungs.
        *if you ask me, it aint just the hyungs. :)

        What the *&^% – who is he playing the pepero game with cuz it looks like he was kissing her. Their faces were like inches away I bet. How can she even breathe being that close to him. what a lucky fan. never saw a celebrity play that game with a fan before. dang…all I got to do was just sit and stare for a few hours – no fair.That’s the kind of event I wanna go to next time. :)

      • DP says:

        tks and it’s great someone notices my piece. There will be more good pieces coming too. This video isnt clear when i get a clearer version or clearer image of him with a bigger gun i will send one your way. LOL

        • SS says:

          I had to stuff my hand into my mouth to stop myself from screaming out loud at this time of the night. ROFL, Bigger gun, I like. Thanks DP

  27. furelise says:

    Hi Softy and fellow OBnians,
    Sorry for being absence for so long. :-(

    I’ve been missing our OB couples (yeap, the whole lot!), and wasn’t feeling up to following any new dramas since OB ended. Followed 2D1N but didn’t have much to comment. Enjoyed it tremendously though.. the new cast camaraderie are really heartwarming.. but kinda miss Hodong, Seungi and Jowon. Wish Hodong will come back.. he’s a real gem..

    Oppss.. I digress. Softy, thanks a million, no trillions.. for this post!!!! Love it and seeing our TaeJa couple together again is just pure bliss… :-) I kinda forgot about the Baeksang Award and was rewatching OB cuts when I chanced upon your post. Imagine my happiness reading your recaps and seeing the YT videos which you took! (You go girl!!! Your patience and endurance is amazing!!) I love seeing how their body naturally inclined towards each other in these photos, and how their gestures mimic each other’s. They’re definitely close, both able to relax and be themselves. Their off-camera interactions are just so natural. Looking at them together again makes me giddy with happiness. (OMG! Look at what this couple has done to this ahjumma!)

    Anyway, thanks again Softy! You’re a true gem! Really glad I discovered your blog!

    Oh, just wanna say that I love the Japanese ahjumma who held the bike for the girl. I think her motherly instinct overode her initial objective for being there. I would like to think that I would have done the same if I was in her shoe. I wouldn’t be able to live with my conscience if I saw an unsafe act and people got hurt with my non-action. Wished you had taken her photo so that we can send her thanks and warm wishes thru internet.

  28. DP says:

    Joowon’s latest noodle cf

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