1N2D S2E3

After three weeks of season two, I am already in love with this new cast. They eased all my concerns about how they will fare in the long run. The tricky part was overcoming the awkward stage which they had for about five seconds. Then they all got into a rhythm and played off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus as we all expected when we first learned CTH would join the cast, he was the game changer. Turns out he is a bit of a scene stealer as well. What really makes this cast mesh so well is that no one is caring about how much airtime they get or if anyone is blocking someone’s shot. There are no egos yet to deal with – just genuine sincerity to make this season work. I love how they keep watching out for each other and making sure everyone gets their time in the spotlight. Apportioning onscreen time was not something the old cast was ever known for so maybe this time around, it will be the binding factor that makes this cast stick together longer than we originally thought. The icing on the cake would be if a certain guy would stop wearing hats so much.

*Thank you semi-fly for all your speedy torrents :)

* JW has the sniffles so I guess we have to overlook these hats for a while till he gets better. :)

Best look he has had out of the last 3 episodes. :)

Season two E3

SG says this is the 1n2d “spring”dance. He introduces JM as an idol from a long time ago so JM comes out and dances. SG urges him to end by making it fun so JM does a high kick. Then TW comes out spazzing cuz you cant call this dancing. He really needs to get some lessons from his older sister. Even his two left feet have no trace of rhythm.

Previously -The cast was told by the PD to dance for the opening like they used to in the old 1n2d and they all worry. PD told them not to feel burdened/pressured but that is all they feel. They all pace and look terrified waiting for their turn.

SG introduces their baby maknae JW so he comes out and dances cute and then like a caterpillar by sitting on the ground and hopping with his butt (bet that scratched his jeans up). JM says how cute he is. (where did all of JW’s background in dancing in musicals go to?) SK’s is next so he says “what to do” cuz he is so nervous. SG introduces the ballad singer SSK. SK comes out with some kind of bizarre version of the chicken dance sidestep. TH practices inside and SW just hops in place. SG calls CTH “Einstein of variety” so TH comes out moonwalking and a bunch of other dance moves. SG says today’s highlight is 1n2d eldest hyung so SW goes out running and does something with his arms like a workout video (like he is doing jumping jacks to music). He is out of breath. TH is tired from dancing along.

SG says SW should buy (them a meal) cuz his wife’s drama brings in 30% ratings and 1n2d ratings is 29% so they are the weekend married couple that brings in 60% so SW argues he shouldnt pay – that KBS should buy me a big meal. SW worries and backtracks: is that not it – did I say something dangerous. TH jokes “we shouldnt easily accept and eat.” JM brings up TW’s drama. SW jokes JM transitioned that well. TW says how he came from (cant hear if he said tageuk or taegu) cuz he was filming. TW: it is totally fun.  JM asks TW to explain the story of the drama. TW: the story is too hard but it’s totally fun. SG tells TW to say something about his drama like the way they yelled out 1n2d call last week. so TW yells “equator man starts 3-21 -it’s really fun so please watch it. equator man fighting.” then he yells out “1 night.” someone mentions JW’s hand (cuz he has a brace on it) so SG asks “what happened to it. did you go bowling?” TW guesses JW hurt it during archery. but JW says while filming his drama bridal mask, he injured his wrist while doing an action scene where he blocks a kick cuz it was timed wrong. SW starts to say after TW’s (drama) ends but JW yells (just the way TW yelled) and says “after equator man ends.” SW asks the PD why they are gathered here cuz it’s so far away.

PD tells them where they are going on 1n2d’s 110th trip. they prepared a special fun race. SW asks him to explain more about the tour. Mission starts at 9am and they have six hours to get to the destination by 3pm. if they pass 3pm one person sleeps outside. if it’s past 3:10 then 2 more people sleep outside so it’s going to be one more person every ten mins they are late. even sleeping indoors they have to sleep in a tent today. TH asks just with sleeping bags. (meaning if you lose no tent just sleeping bag) SG clarifies even if you win you have to sleep in the tent and if you lose, you have to sleep outside of the tent. SK doesnt think that is much of a difference. SG says all this time they never failed when they were given 6hrs. it’s possible for them to get there in 6hrs cuz there is 7 of them. SG: the PD is being kind to us. SK says these says I watched a lot of old 1n2d to study so when I saw Na PD, I wanted to fight him and win and I disliked him so Choi PD is too bungly and too nice. SG says this PD will stab you in the back with a knife -plus he flies (cuz of this PD’s nickname being a bird). First mission – they have to find a coffee vending machine within Najon (this small town) and each person has to drink a cup and all of them come back to Najon station. TH points out there is a mart nearby but SK and others tell him it has to be from a machine and it cant be from a store. PD gives them the change for the coffee.

They decide to go together and first machine has been turned off. then they decide to separate. JW is sure there will be one where he is headed. TH and SG think the staff did this on purpose so these on the streets do not work. JM wants to cheat and ask people who live around here. The coffee machine they found is turned off so TW plugs it in but the electricity was turned off so it doesn’t work. JW finds a machine and says “it’s here. I have to call the hyungs first.” he goes back outside calling out “hyung – it’s here-over here” but no one is around. TW asks some people where the coffee machines are. SK finds one too and goes out calling “hyung it’s here. come here – hurry” everyone runs to SK. TH runs to a machine and it’s for soft drinks. JW is calling out “hyung it’s here” and hear the others telling him to come here so JW goes to them.JW: it’s there? there must be one there too.  TH finds one but it’s not working. Everyone gets coffee and calls for TH to come. SK hands him coffee and says it got cold. TH explains he found one but it was too far. SW collects the cups and counts them and tells TH to hurry and drink – one shot it (down it in one gulp). PD counts cup and asks them to pick a finger. they choose forefinger (the index finger). PD gives first hint written on his finger: “moo” so they get the hint description and have to squeeze into a small van. (the PD has Korean characters or numbers written on his fingers and they have to choose a finger and whatever finger they say out loud the PD shows them)

SG says the smallest person has to drive. SK sits up front. SW complains back seat is better cuz camera is on his face and his face looks big. JW adds if your face looks big it comes out looking cute so SW puts his face right up to the camera and it’s not cute – it’s sort of scary cuz his face took up the whole screen. JW makes a cute face at his camera. TH talks about a place nearby and how his sister went there and whatever illness you have, that place cures it. SG points out “what is this – there is a duck on the road that wont move. it’s not a chicken but a duck. it’s Odak. it will fly away.” SG says how pretty the view is.

They find the school that has been turned into a museum that they were supposed to find. They have to separate and memorize stuff in the display cases. they all choose where they are going to study. JW mutters: big trouble.  SK reads his stuff about cute fun things and says: I dont know any of this. JW: what do I do? he tries to memorize stuff by repeating it. TW sees something that he read when he was a kid.  TH says “hyung I cant study this. I like all these magazines cuz it’s sunday seoul.  Everyone comes over and TH says they shouldn’t all come here (it was about actresses who were featured and on the cover so the guys were more interested in that) SW names a bunch of them. so PD announces the test is in 3 mins. SK asks SW: if you were the quizzer what would you ask about in this room. SW says the posters framed on the wall and TH says I would ask to name 3 of the actresses here (on the magazine covers) and SW thinks that is a good idea. TH: I memorized that so study something else. SW: didnt you memorize something too easy? JM reads something backwards. SW thinks he saw stamps like these. that uncles in the countryside played with these. There is a display case with really old school uniforms for a girl and a boy (like from winter sonata days) and JW asks if these arent what SW hyung wore (back in his days) so SW says he wore those old fashioned uniforms as a kid-that he looked good in that. PD says there is 2 mins left.

They pile into the classroom to be quizzed. the guy who had the man crush on JW is quizzing them.  first question is list 3 actresses featured on the cover of Sunday Seoul magazine. SW and everyone gets the names right. some of the actresses he listed were the actress who played the mom in OB and the woman who played seung gi’s mom in brilliant legacy. SW called them sunbaes cuz they are actually older than him. Second question is about the uniform they wore a long time ago. JW is happy and says “I memorized it” What was the name on the male uniform and TH answers it. next is what was the name on the female uniform. no one knew for the girl. JW was the one who memorized that so he gets that answer right so they all hug him. SW: JW memorized it by himself? JW is daebak. JW had read the name of the girl name tag and TH had remarked that he doesnt think they would ask that. someone says JW went around alone and memorized it. If they get the next question right they can go to their next course. the guy talks about the dolls on the display and SG jumps the gun and says there were 4 sets. everyone tells SG not to jump ahead but SG yells out there were 12 dolls-4 sets of 3 so 12 of them. They have to make the pose of the doll that was displayed on the bottom left that was wearing hanbok. SG describes what was on the the bottom right at the end but the guy says make the pose of the doll on the left. the guy gives a hint about getting on top of the desk but SG got it wrong. He almost had it right if he had lifted his legs and placed them by his side (like a mermaid). The guy hit the Xylophone like it was correct so they celebrated and got mad at him for hitting it like that. JW is confused and asks: was it wrong? TH asks what SG did wrong with his legs to be incorrect.

They go back to study and memories info. they are called back in for the quiz. SG says they have to get everything right this time or they lose more time. They have to say what was popular for girls to play with in 1970 that was made of paper so TH says there were paper dolls on the top and bottom so can I say 3 out of any of those. SW yells you did well – we have faith in you. dont disappoint us. TH mutters he almost forgot them and tells the others -you will be shocked.  SW says you have way too much confidence. TH lists them and got it right. they hug him and high five him.  Next question is about what was written by the soldier on the ad poster next to the flag and JM remembers what it is with SG’s help and gets it right.  They have to sing the music from the cartoon  that was on the “thackchee”(those circular cut outs that you hit and make it flip over that they played on YAB) without getting it wrong. Only older guys know it and younger guys are clueless at first. TH remembered the last line about happiness so they sing it and get it right. they choose the middle finger but SK points out it wouldnt be proper for the camera to show it so PD covers his finger and shows them. They read “seo” so they wonder what that is and get the next mission.

They get back in the van and SG jokes he can only think of “anyeonghaseo” (saying hello in a comedic way) which makes SK laugh.  SG remarks we work well. so SW calls JM “Kim sunbae” and asks if they are doing well (getting along as the new cast) and JM says they are really impressive. JM points out this is their second time filming and for everyone to work so well together is something else. SK asks JM: kim sunbae do you think we can all sleep inside. JM: yes at this pace -we more than can – at least one.  they all laugh

They pull up to a stream. someone says it’s a race.  SG fears it might be a game of crossing the water so SW says it’s too cold. SG asks for the next mission. PD says it’s a race and it’s timed. they have to run 100m. they complain it’s too cold.  All the ages come out. JM and SK 34. TH 37. TW 39. SH 38. and SW 44 and only JW is left in color and looking down at the rocks cuz I dont think he wants to go in the water either. SG and SW gather everyone and says “who wants to cross” (deciding to figure it out amongst themselves) so PD says wait a minute. I didnt explain one thing. the baton is chosen by BBB. it’s behind them. so the guys turn around and look down at the ground. they uncover it and #1 is some pink heart flower thing. #2 is a yellow radish. #3 is a delivery tray.  #4 is a pole vault. #5 is a charcter for a person will be the baton. SG thinks then they can end faster if they piggy pack someone and run. PD says this is the BBB and holds up his hand. they have to choose a finger to get a number. they take a vote and 4 votes for thumb and 2 votes for middle finger. they call thumb and PD shows his and it has #5 on it.

Each guy has to carry TH on his back across the water and guys on the other side have to carry TH back till the end of the race, but TH complains it’s hard to be a baton and laughs so the guys cant run as fast from cracking up. First JM has to piggyback TH across the water. SG tells TH to hold on tight. SG tells JM to run. faster. TH tells him to be careful and tells the camera guy to move. TH mutters this is too hard. JW massages SG’s shoulders.  Next SK carries TH. TH says “SK car is good.”  TH complains “being a baton is hard – my back hurts.” SK says you are choking my neck. so TH retorts: the baton is out of breath.  JW carries TH next and drops him just as TH says “I wont fall down” SG tells them to cross over. next TW has to carry TH back. TH keeps muttering : baton is having a really hard time.  At the end, SW says TH has motion sickness cuz TH looks queasy. PD says they have to do the BBB over so SG says let’s talk while eating. SW asks if he has money.

They pool their money and have some change-over a dollars worth. they have $1.40 so the PD says they can go eat with all that.  They run to get some food but don’t have enough money. for 3 of the fish cakes it’s $2 so SW tells her not to take them out cuz they dont have enough. JM says just eat two and drink the soup then. they ask around and pretty much everything is $2 for 3. so SG suggests stacking rocks to eliminate people so the rest can eat. they do rock paper scissors to see what order they stack in. the first one made it tough to stack but TH does it. then TH makes it hard so SG asks who is 3rd and TW makes a face and says it’s me. they count down the time he has left and he says dont do that. he loses and hits TH out of frustration cuz he doesnt get to eat now. Second round JW makes it hard for the next person. SG says #2 is dead. it’s TH and they tell him if he takes his hand off he is out. TH pulls a miracle and makes it hard again. JM thinks his rock can cover TH’s but SW says unless you used super glue it wont stick. so JM loses. SK makes it nice and normal so SW and TW call him an angel. SG makes it hard but JW manages to get his rock on top. So it’s SW’s turn. he tells JM not to push him. SW does it and gets his rock to stay. each guy laughs like a kid when his rock stays in place. SW says cuz he is hungry this stands. It’s TH’s turn next and he keeps giggling. TH is out. guys pick and finger and PD shows 2 so SG grabs the yellow radish and they all take bites from it. PD says they took too long to eat it by 6 seconds. SK points out they did the smallest thing out of BBB and it didnt work. SG points out SW cant run anymore. if he does he will collapse. SK says they have to end by 3 and by 3:10 one person has to sleep outside so they will give 10 mins so give them 10 more seconds. so they agree on aiming for 2:50 for 10 more seconds. PD says since that is confusing, they are supposed to end here by 11:50 so he will change it to noon so they can have more time to rest. SG says there is no use dragging this out in a long talk – they can just do their best for the rest. he says let’s go eat. they split some fish cakes by each one taking a bite. JW makes sure someone else gets a bite when he is offered a second bite. as they walk back, SW and TH chat. SW: my legs are running out of energy. TW: hyung even when you are standing still you lose energy. SW: ya we arent that many years apart so stop talking about age.

They tell JW to pick a finger and he counts a while ago #5 and #2 came out so he calls out “pinky” JM and SW think it feels good. It says 1 so everyone hugs JW. The guys stretch and prepare to run. JM goes first. SG tells him to run faster cuz he is too slow. he dropped the top half of the baton but they say it doesnt matter. Next SW goes. Then SK. They are running back and forth across the bridge. Then TW then TH.

This is where I screamed “I take it back – put the hat back on.” :)

Then SG and last is JW. He takes his hat off to run. They say how fast he is. JM calls him “the wind” They were given 11o seconds but they made it with 6 seconds to spare. They hug and cheer. They tell JW to call it again and he calls “pinky” again. They read “na” and get their next clue.

In the car SK thinks since the word so far is seonamoo it could start at the end or the beginning of the name of the place. SG thinks it could be an exhibit. JW is looking out the window and JM is telling JW: you didnt know Korea had places like this did you? (cuz it’s so beautiful). JW asks what it is. JW explains these are villages but since we are always in the city working so when we see this, we say “we had places like this in our country?” every corner we have to feel moved by it. (by what you see) TW asks what JM said so JM laughs and explains he was just telling JW. JM continues and says they have to know what those people feel so we can tell the viewers that. the people who live here we have to know how they feel so we can express that. JW: for when we introduce them. JM: that’s right. SG asks what JM said. *with SG and the old cast, JM was the one who was taught so here he is taking it upon himself to teach JW about doing “a variety show”. Quite the role reversal.

SG says we just have to do quickly here. They go to the next location. Some old folk village. JM pretends to talk to statues. PD says they are going to give something to eat first. There are two kinds of food. They uncover and look and it’s brown noodles on one table. The other one is lots of rice and stew and vegetables. SW says there is too much rice. PD says the mission is to eat everything and not leave any. They get TH to spin the wheel and throw the dart. he claims he can see what it says and misses his chance so he has to do it again. They worry it’s the plain rice (cuz that is too much to finish in the time limit). But it’s the noodles so the guys are happy. They sit and eat. they say eat fast so they can go. JW says it tastes good. So do the others. TW gets the idea of slurping up noodles so TH does it then JM. they say he almost his his forehead with the noodles. PD says two fingers are left so they make TH choose and he picks thumb. it’s “ki” so SG yells out “seonamookicha” (what he guessed earlier in the van)  TH says there is no such thing. With the last clue TW says he knows where they are supposed to go.

They are in the van. TH say it’s hard (tiring) but let’s hurry and go. they talk about other possibilities of variations of the name of the place and SK says the place came out on the map a while ago. JM guesses the place and yells it out. SK says that was on the map. TH has no idea what that place is. JM says go there. SW says whatever happens it wont be easy to get to their destination on time. SK says when they arrive it will be 1:30 so 3 or 4 people have to sleep outside so we should decide who. TW and SW says at that time we should handle it and have their own BBB to determine how many sleep outside. TW: I will for sure get caught again then. TH: me too (cuz they have unlucky streaks)

They reach a place with creepy caves with something hanging down. PD says the mission here is introduce this place on camera. They go inside the cave and there is ice cuz it’s so cold. They go deeper into the cave and then go up. There is a spring in the middle. SW says it feels like a place where you film movies. They climb up even more. they say how beautiful it is. SG talks about the name of the place. Something waterfall. they talk about the name of the formation which is something about buddha cuz it’s in the same shape. SG wonders if this place was trimmed but SW says it’s natural.  SW says how when he was young he went somewhere and asks if they guys never been.  JW’s age pops up as 26 cuz he says it’s the first time he ever heard of it so SW explains it to him. how there was even a cartoon about it. JW asks if it was done by machine so SW gets close to JM and flicks his forehead. They flick TW’s forehead so he asks who did that last one cuz it hurt a lot. they flick SW’s foreheads but JW didnt flick anyone. SK says something about 1,000 years. PD talks about the time so SG says let’s just say we failed and all sleep outdoors. they gather together and say we are brothers. PD says if they guess correctly on a quiz he will give 10 mins. they are asked about what it’s called when the stuff on top comes down.  SK gets the answer right. SG tells SK to introduce this place for people to come here and visit even though this isnt the closing.  like what is impressive about this place. SW says SK is dressed the part to do that today. SG says SK is the only one who can do this. So they film SK and he tells people that he is suggesting this place for them to visit with his name on the line. They ask JM to do it too. Everyone coaches JM on what to say.  He says “hah” a lot and says “the left it really impressive” and the “the right is really impressive” and he points out the ceiling a lot and tells everyone to come here. the guys laugh at him and says he did well – there is no way people wont come (cuz JM did a good job)

PD says there is one left. They get the last hint. PD says if they got the right place they will see the 1n2d flag there. they run back to the van. they say it’s yukeeseonamoo. TH says even JM guessed it and brags they already guessed in the car

SG says there is 50 mins left. SG jokes around that he is speeding up and everyone overreacts and pretends he really is. 40km left. SG pretends again they are speeding and JW says it’s totally slow. SK says there are 33 mins left. they wonder where base camp is. SK says there are 3 mins left till one person is sleeping outside. Cuz almost 10mins passed. TH looks outside and says “now that I am here” so JM asks do you remember it but TH says it all looks the same. SG says it’s up ahead cuz people are there. they have 3 mins left (till it’s 2 people that have to sleep outside) so one person has to get out and run fast. SG chooses SK. run up there somewhere. SG points out the flag. SW says we are something else for finding this place. SG parks and tells SK to run and tells everyone else to run with him

They all run up the stairs and SK reaches the flag first. it’s 3:29. SK asks if it means only 2 people have to sleep outside and is told yes. (that means they almost had 3 people sleeping outside if they had been a one minute later) TH and JW follow closely behind. TH walks off by himself and says it’s been 12 yrs since he has been here. there are a lot of new things. if someone moves me even a little, I might cry right away.


Now that I’ve seen the 3rd episode, I don’t think what the netizens said about JW being quiet and dull is accurate. He is always laughing and joining in the conversation, but I think it’s cuz he is being overshadowed by others like TH who is constantly doing stuff or saying something funny and SW who is like a “take charge” kind of guy. If anything, there is no difference between SK or JW so instead of calling them the quiet ones, they should say “the ones who don’t get to talk as much, but are improving in leaps and bounds” In the preview, everyone is hugging each other and poor JW was left alone with no one around him to hug.

For the first time in a long while during 1n2d, I actually laughed out loud during the scene where CTH was being carried as the human baton. He cracked me up so much I couldn’t catch my breath. The way the others dismissed how hard it was on him to be carried back and forth like an object cuz to them carrying him and running was way harder made me feel sorry for him. His comments were so funny to begin with, but when they were said while bouncing along on someone’s back just made it funnier. The way JW just left him there and even as TH picked him up and carried him again, TH was still laughing and kept muttering about baton. With this guy around, I have a feeling next week is going to be even better.

This is their base camp for next week.

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    • SS says:

      Bird, you are the greatest! Thanks so much.

      Yeaaaahhhh……i have been waiting for this. Missed the first part where jw danced and didnt download the torrent earlier.

      When I see him dance, I want to run over and hug him………………wait, where my traffic junction?

      • HAHAHAAAA…. did you get lost on your way home?? LOL!! :D :D
        Joo Won really is dangerous to you my dear ;)

        • SS says:

          Yanna, I think i lost my marbles and dont make sense anymore. I am still living in OB world. I meant the scene reminds me of Jaeun running across the traffic junction to hug TH when he did the tadpole dance.

          • flo says:

            oh my godness………SS dear..na do….when you mention about the traffic junction..i already know what you means dear..coz our heart still living in OB world like always…..
            BTW when our cutie pie answered the question about the name on the female uniform..he is so much looks like our smart detective TH..coz JW is the one who was memorized that..my baby i really proud of you!! good job dear…….

          • Ooww… I thought you were watching his cut while driving on your way home, darling :)
            I’m glad you were watching him at home this time, hehe.. :D.
            Yeaah, you’re right that scene really reminded to the Tadpole dance… ;)
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        Hello SS and Yanna, :) how can we survive from falling to this guy ?
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          Bird, you know I am so happy to see you and others like flo, Yanna here. I haven’t seen all of you much in OBsessions 2 so I thought maybe you have been “discharged” and I am one of the few left. I should know better, who can stop falling in love with his guy just like that, right? Especially when he keeps getting cuter everyday, like you said.

    • bbblue73 says:

      Oh Bird you’re awesome. U know i didn’t able to sleep yet coz i need to wait to watch for this.Thank you.
      And in addition with that i found this article about our SAMORA/ TRACY,,hahaha whatever.!!!

      “1 Night 2 Days’ Samora, woong perfect learning singing rage ‘to promote the best drama”


      • Bird says:

        Hello Bbblue73 ^^ hope I don’t make you wait so long ,my internet signal is very slow and I have problem with the file so I have to download it again :)
        thank you for the new that you sharing ,it’s Korean so I don’t know what it say,but I guess it’s about JW yell like TW yell to promote his drama?

    • yoonshinli says:

      Thank you so much Bird, you’re so awesome

      OMG,when he came out and dance like that, I laughed like crazy, I think I almost fell down from my chair, especially when he sat on the ground and hop with his butt, I can’t believe he did that, still laugh till now when I think about that

      He just so cute :))

      • Bird says:

        Hello Yoonshinli :) That is the choreography of this song ,it’ call “candy” from H.O.T .
        and it’s so cute when he did it ^^

  1. Jenni says:

    i almost fall from my chair when i see the second picture..our JW so sweetttttttttt, handsome., cuuuuute
    i love the look of his eyes…………ooo my baby..i can’t stop to thinking of U

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        na do Yanna dear, just i thought i’m ready to sleep after watching the 1st vdcut but JW ahjussi totally wake up my soul as i watch this 2nd vd cut, OMI.!!!
        Bird, thank you again & again.*HUG*
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        Well JW isn’t just cute, handsome, adorable but he’s totally smart as well.
        How lucky is____..i mean, we are,,,hehe.

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          na do bbblue..in fact i,m totally can’t sleep now………..
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          BTW..thank you sooo much dear bird for your kindness….love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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        • Yes dear. Finally I passed out after being tired of “giggling” myself out imagining got a piggy back ride & a message too from our cutie pie last night, LOL!! :D:D

  2. hiroko78 says:

    Softy, Thanks a lot. I can’t wait to watch the actual episode. JW seem very cute. I am sure he will get a lot of love from ahjumma that watch this show.

    I want to see SK chicken dance. :)

  3. Ginko says:

    This was a really good episode, the games, the bromance and Joo Won. I love the cast, and I think the new PD is getting on track, I enjoyed it very much.

    Softy, don’t you like the scene when JW took off his hat? For me that was the winning moment of this episode, like everyone here, I almost fainted when I see his handsome face again


    Joo Won dances candy

  4. Selina says:

    Joowon looks too sweet. Im worried for him being in 1n2d. I’ve been a fan of 1n2d season 1′ and the vibe of course was very different. I think if Hodong steps in, it will be much brighter. Besides those netizens are rude, lee seung gi was very familiar with variety shows before he joined 1n2d. Thats why he was funny, witty and talked so much, he knew what to do. Joowon is a rookie in variety shows, thats why im worried for sweet pinky/baby Joowon!

  5. K says:

    i’m happy that our JW talked more in this ep..
    keep making us proud oppa!

  6. [...] 1N2D S2E3 Recap by Softy at soulsrebel/CADENCE Rate this: Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. from → 1N2D Season 2, Softy, soulsrebel/CADENCE ← [Dramabeans] 1 Night 2 Days: Episode 376 (Season 2 E2) No comments yet [...]

  7. enz says:

    i think we are so lucky to get to see him every weekend :) he is just starting out in his film and drama career and we, as fans already get to enjoy him. we get to see the real him, unlike so many other fans out there.

    i think its great he gets to do this – as he said in an interview, when else does he get to see places unless on this kind of platform . and as he gets busier with his work, a lot of travel is just for work or promoting his work and not time for leisure at all. its nice with this 1d2n that he gets to destress, even if its physically taxing.

    jsut my thoughts

    • Zayyan says:

      I love it. Thanks Softy and Bird for the fastest recap and videos.

      I totally agree with you dear enz. This is my favourite variety programme for years, and now Joo Won in it.. It is becoming my ultimate one.

      Bird PD seems to gain my confidence now, thanks to his supporting PDs too. I guess for the following weeks the 7 members will stick together to strengthening their bromance before go into separate team and do all those wacky mission ala 1d2n.

      Can wait to see what kind of reaction our cutie Joo Won will receive if he go to open market… Will there be a screaming girls and ahjumma :-)

  8. Ooo… I feel sorry for Joo Won being left out & nobody hug with him on the preview picture (second from the last pic).
    Come here my darling cutie pie, I’ll give a big warm hug, I’ll hug tightly and never let you go… Pardon my nonsense :p. I think I need stronger medicine for now. Aigooo… >,<

  9. Ann J says:

    LSG n KJM were topless in the tent….??? Ehem..oooooh.. Is there a topless JOO WON somewhere..???????

  10. Anonymous says:

    LOL.. What a fun episode. Thanks Softy, Bird and Ginko.

    The second picture of Joo Won is killing me.

    The preview for next week where Joo Won has no one to hug, seems like he lost the BBB…maybe he’s the one sleeping outside :-P

  11. yoonshinli says:

    there is a article talk about he hurts his wrist wwhen shooting action scene


    Poor guy, hoping he’ll get well soon,and be more be careful when shooting action scenes :((

  12. kimchi says:

    hi! Is there anyone here who knows where I can watch (or torrent download) the full episode? thanks ^_^

  13. sammi says:

    Here it is http://www.youtube.com/user/KBSEntertain/videos
    I think this is KBS official page!!

  14. nonski says:

    Hi Softy, just able to read your comment on 1n2d at the side bar… I think it is unfair for the netizens to criticize JW for being quiet. He had been outstanding and doing great in the games. Although he is not as comic as TH but he sure is not a wallflower and I believe the hyungs are rather impressed of his abilities. I hope those who criticize him should take note of that. :(

  15. SS says:

    Joo Won has the brains. Looking beyond his gorgeous physical attributes, I think this guy has quite a bit of grey matter, definitely more than he lets on. Intellect is one of the things I find attractive in a guy especially when it is not flaunted but comes with humility.

    I have no clue how Joo Won did in school or did he by chance like Taehee, find studying a breeze? He has proven to be smart so far in 1N2D. I dunno if this counts but he was like the only one out of the group of newbies who appears to have anticipated when the pickup would be. He was also sharp to guess where they were going and was prepared for possibly difficult journeys as evidenced by that motion sickness patch. And in the latest episode, he did great in the classroom museum quiz. I place my bet that he will demonstrate more mental prowess in upcoming episodes.

    Not only does he come across to me as smart, he also has the EQ-emotional intelligence quotient. His EQ stands out even more than his intellect. I think he has come thus far not just because he is talented and good-looking, but also excellent in relating to people. His interpersonal skills must be great for him to do well in the entertainment industry where good looks and talent abound. He gets along with his co-stars whether young or old, and with production staff as well. In fact, he often seems to have people eating out of his hands.

    So far he has also demonstrated that he knows how to use social media to his advantage. His twits keep interest high on his upcoming drama, update us with little tidbits and even promoting his MV like he just did for 2BiC. Who wouldn’t want him in another MV?

    In a recent post of his interview in Japan, he said he hears a lot that he seems older and more mature than his actual age. Despite his cute looks and aegyo ways, I think he is someone who gives a lot of thought for what he does, is sensible for his age, well grounded, has a clear vision of what he wants and has to do.

    To top it all, he is a thinking actor. I always feel that he puts a lot of thought into his acting and scenes. I remembered him saying in a Hancinema interview that when he acted the part of Melchoir in the play Spring Awakening, he cried like a boy who lost one hundred things instead of three. No wonder one critic said he, the understudy, was better than the main actor. That’s why it is such a joy to see him act. I can literally replay his scenes over and over again, marveling at his little gestures, subtle movements, facial expressions, change in tone of voice and body language, all of which may not be possible to catch in one viewing.

    Most of you already know all these about him, right? I hesitated posting this because first I didn’t want to be the type of fan who always puts their idol on a pedestal. And I also had to convince myself that I am being objective here. It’s getting increasing harder to be, considering how this cutie has been driving me to new levels of insanity.

    • Ann J says:

      Totally agreed with yr comments.. Never been fanscinated or intrigued by any kdrama star until bumping into Joowon.. With these fine traits he has, a whole world has open-up to him.. Now is the time to carve a name for himself… More dramas, movies, MVs, CFss…etc .Rooting for you…. Fighting Joowon!!!!!!

    • sammi says:

      I thought I was the only one who is sooo much into JW. I mean there are a lot of fans but I always thought theres no one who is into JW as much as I am. Like I would notice even a little thing he does whether its be in his acting or during interviews. I even wondered why I didn’t notice him before but then again he has only been in two dramas. I have nothing but admiration for this guy. Good looking and tall actors can make you admire them for a while but with personality like JW you can’t help but admire him forever!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Once you become famous, people will digging up your past :-)

      So far, we’ve never seen his graduation picture. But, we’re lucky because in OB they used his actual photos.

      I guess the brainy in this show is none other than SSK. But, Joo Won is a smart boy.

  16. Anonymous says:

    hellooooooo i miss everbody and tae hee-ja eun

    thank you so much for cilp 1N2D

    ps. bird from thailand ? i from thailand (คุณนกรู้จักเว็บพันทิพหรือเปล่าคะ เราไม่ค่อยเก่งอังกฤษเท่าไร)

    • Anonymous says:

      Sawaddee ka ,yes I’m from Thailand .Nice to meet you :) my English is not well ,too. but everybody here is so nice so don’t be afraid to use it ^^
      (ขอตอบเป็นภาษาอังกฤษนะคะ เกรงใจเจ้าของบลอคค่ะ)

  17. Arhazivory says:

    Where’d this site come from? :O

    Anyway, thanks for the 1N2D recap. I was a little apprehensive about Season 2 but I’m definitely loving it. :D

  18. loverz says:

    wanna know about third episode’s rating…

  19. noona_nom says:

    hello everyone, i’m fan of OB since ep1, but this is the 1st time i post a comment. I love Joowon ssi.. i love OB and I love 2d1n since season 1 especially HD. But now love it even more bcoz of JW. i also love all the hyungs that care of their maknae. They are so hilirious..

  20. chayada_lek says:

    [Cut] 120321 UEE – Star Evolution Scoop

  21. bbblue73 says:

    Han Ga “1 Night 2 Days ‘why’ starring distanced himself ..”
    Is she will appear in 1N2D?
    Need help, lol.


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