Technically speaking…

Last week when E30 only showed one scene with TH and J, you could hear silent cursing (maybe some audible ones too) across the world wide web. At first I was pretty disappointed right along with you, but then I stepped back and got some perspective. Even though we never got these scenes yet:

We shouldn’t complain since technically speaking, TH and J did sleep together too. Just not facing each other and one of them wasn’t even aware of it till the next morning so basically it was the rated PG version. Only reason why it’s not rated G is cuz it’s not animated. Was tempted to give her partial credit and count it as rated G cuz she is sucking her thumb. :)

All along, OB’s writer had been giving us plenty of scenes to appreciate between TH and J that most of us wouldn’t trade for anything. To some, none of that matters because all you want to see is a kiss, a hug, or some sort of typical overt affection. You’ve had enough and think 30 episodes is pushing the limit of our patience. Part of me agreed, but like some sort of meditation ritual that is equivalent to “taking a chill pill,” I started to mentally count how many times there was actual physical contact between TH and J and I was surprised to learn just how many there have been. Then instead of working on the remaining five earlier recaps like I was supposed to, I started screencapping every scene between TH and J that qualified as contact. Next thing I know, I had to get all methodical and differentiate between them by classifying and grouping them.

As far as other physical contact, I went back through some screenshots and there have been quite a lot of instances when TH and J were in really close proximity that I had forgotten about. Like this one where TH thought she was a robber and held her in a choke hold. After they recognized each other and TH found out who she was, J made the mistake of wanting to exact revenge and threw his phone against the wall since he had previously cracked her phone by making her drop it. She flippantly said she would pay for the cost of damages with interest, but he swooped her up claiming he doesn’t like owing debts. He spun her around and then tossed her down on some bags. Then the next time he picked her up, it would be under very different circumstances and this time he was being so careful and gentle trying not to drop her. You can even hear him exhaling audibly from the exertion of carrying her in from the rain.

These are all the other times when there were wrist grab scenes. In light of his actions on E31 preview, these screencaps tell a whole different story now. Before I was going to say that even though I am not a fan of wrist grabs in Kdramas, I found these interesting since he held onto her wrist and led her around unnecessarily. It’s not like she was a flight risk, but when he escorted her into the van and out of it, both times he held onto her wrist. Same for the police station scene – he could have just walked behind her and made her walk ahead of him, but he chose this route again. That fourth shot was included just cuz he looked good in that picture.

After all those indifferent callous ones above, their relationship evolved and so did his behavior towards her. Now when he held her arm or wrist, they became these – tinged with instinct to protect, desperation to have her hear him out, deference for her wishes, or one where he doesn’t ever want her to let go.

There were only two scenes I could find where J slapped TH. Once for mistaking her as the counterfeiter and not letting her watch the news about her dad’s accident and the second where he insulted her father. Now that I think about it, in the first scene she used her bag to hit him so it doesn’t really count since I don’t think it hurt at all. But in that same scene, she kicked him when he held her cell phone out of reach so that was an additional contact he could probably have lived without. In that second shot, see how his hair is messy? that’s where she hit him. the slap was too fast to screencap. Something tells me that he has another one coming after what he said and did in E31 preview.

These two contact scenes are my all time favorites. When it was on TV, my mouth fell open cuz I was shocked that TH had the nerve to do that. She isn’t exactly a kid so I had no idea what he was thinking when he decided to tap her on the butt with that rolled up paper to get her to sit up. Most guys would never dare to do that so I wondered where he thought he had to right -maybe cuz he is a cop or at this point he was just fed up with her tantrums. At least it worked since she stood up quickly out of anger. Then even though it’s not your typical contact, just the fact that he dared to thump her forehead so hard to leave red welts all over it cracked me up. I seriously could not get enough of this scene that night it aired. I was tempted to add the necktie scene, but technically all she touched was his tie the whole time.

TH and his impulse to lean. I can’t even begin to describe how I felt during these two scenes when I was recapping. I vaguely remember muttering “thank you” to the kdrama gods for letting me accidentally discover this gem of a drama and then another quick “thank you” for knowing enough Korean to be able to understand and translate these scenes. It was quite obvious from J’s expressions what she was thinking and feeling, but TH’s face was not so easy to read and guessing became half the fun. Those two nights had slower translations cuz I kept pressing replay. Just look at these – how could anyone hold that against me. :)

Do you know where I was when I watched this scene for the first time? On public transportation. The absolute worst place to watch something humorous. Do you know how much I laughed out loud and embarrassed myself? So much I contemplated getting out and grabbing a cab to finish watching. To this day I can’t keep a straight face when I watch this scene. There were more shots of TH fanning the air and scrunching up his face cuz of the smell, but I just couldn’t add them in without grinning again. Notice how she grabbed his hand for quite some time. Her legs had totally cramped up from squatting too long so she waited until the pain subsided. I bet anything he wouldn’t have passed her the tissue if he knew she was going to kidnap his hand like that. Then the next day when J recognized his hand, I was sort of annoyed at her for accepting his denial so easily when he brushed it off saying it wasn’t him. I sort of wanted her to insist it was the same hand, but I guess that would have been awkward for both of them. OMG his face still cracks me up.

This may be the first time on a drama where a character breathes on someone’s forehead to warm it up to inflict pain. As soon as J did that, he was so startled and the fact that his hands went straight to her waist to push her away did not escape my notice at all. Plus, he actually listened to her when she told him to hold still and he let her breathe on him again. Man I love that scene so much cuz of that. If you think this doesn’t count as physical contact, keep in mind where his hands went and that her breath was on him so that should qualify as well. That sort of came out sounding gross, but that’s only if she has bad breath. :)

Yes I realize these scenes do not count as any kind of physical contact, but I wanted to highlight the emotional ones as well. These are the scenes that bridged their relationship and brought them closer. Girl asks for coffee, boy ignores her. Then girl checks expectantly to see if he brought coffee, so boy feels guilty and offers bread instead. Girl pouts and gives boy a lecture on borrowing something and coming back empyhanded. Finally, boy’s brain starts to function and girl gets coffee and an apology and their relationship starts to grow.


I swear this post started out to be about listing all the physical contact between TH and J, but then these screencaps of TH started to pile up. And then it became a whole other post. The looks her gives her. Swoon. The ones where he can’t figure her out, but he is starting to want to. When he fights the urge to stare, but can’t suppress it. He just can’t seem to look away…

The smiles he usually keeps reserved, but it comes out cuz its directed at her.

The intensity of growing emotion undetected, especially the ones she can’t see.

You respect her wish even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

You keep your promise even when you know it’s killing you inside to do it.

When I asked myself – how did you manage to hang in there for so long without so much as a decent hand hold between your favorite two leads, the answers were in these screencaps. How can you think of anything else as you watch these two go through all this just to get to this point. Everyone might be frustrated that their love story is on the back burner now as they go through their angst, but look at what we have been given so far. If it’s this good when it’s just starting out, can you just imagine how amazing they will be once they are finally on the same page? All I can say is as long as all they keep going the way they have been with all these memorable moments, I’m not going anywhere.


I think by now it’s no secret where my focus and attention has been when it comes to the OBrothers so I thought I would say a bit about each of the other brothers.

This extra big photo is for Anya who thinks KJ is being overlooked and should have some attention too. :)  Just look at him, he is sort of hard to ignore. I remember hating him in Brilliant Legacy cuz he lied about ES’s brother “Piano” for all those episodes. Then on OB he comes into the picture and causes more trouble by hitting on TH and confusing me. Now that I know he only did all that cuz he was just trying to get closer to his younger step brother, I forgive him. That doesnt mean I want him to fall for J though. [Back off buddy - she is taken.]

I used to despise TP for being so mean and disrespectful all the time to TH, but lately he has been going out of his way to be nicer to TH so now all is forgiven. Also, I love how he is in his element at that store and running it so well. It’s good to see him finally showing off his full potential as a business savvy guy. Lord knows Y needs all the help she can get cuz I have never seen a grown woman be so helpless and scatterbrained as her. I think it’s hilarious that her character is only a year older than SY, but Y is her aunt. That is some age gap between SY’s mom and her younger sister. Try as I might, I had a hard time picturing TP falling for Y, but lately I am starting to get there. Y needs someone like TP – even though he is younger, he behaves more responsibly than Y.

Next to the main couple, I have been rooting for TB and SY the most. A part of me wants to believe TB finally chose to do the right thing and marry SY after his heart to heart with TH. TH confided in him about what it feels like to grow up feeling abandoned by a parent and it seemed to waken TB’s realization that he needs to consider his unborn child. Speaking of which, why isn’t SY showing yet?

It’s pretty clear why I chose to talk about TS last. Also, finding a good screencap of him was no picnic. I’m beginning to think he doesn’t deserve a happy ending, but if he doesn’t get one then it means N won’t either. That poor kid has suffered enough being saddled with such a lousy dad so for N’s sake at least, I hope MS can look beyond the fact that TS is a total butt as a man and father. Maybe he won’t be such a crappy husband or step dad at least since he is super sweet to Hanah. His best scene so far was when MS shoved him into the lake – man that was satisfying to watch.

As a fan of OB, I should spread the love a bit more and distribute main pictures among all the characters so I am ashamed to admit I have been way too unfair and biased up to now. I put sole blame on TH’s dimples and the fact that J and TH have faces that were just meant to be screencapped together. Since there are only 20 more episodes left, I really will try super duper hard not to post anymore J or TH screencaps, but there will be some nights where I just can’t help it. If you think about it, SG and SOAW were 20 episode dramas so we actually have a whole drama series worth left. On the one hand that is great cuz there is a lot more story to uncover, but the flip side is more episodes of conflict. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that OB will give us some respite soon from all the angst and intermingle some more humor and light moments. Highly unlikely that will be this weekend though judging from that preview.


About E31 preview:

I wrote this post Wednesday night before E31 preview came out Thursday night. When I read over it just now, I adjusted some parts now that my emotion is welling up over that preview. I keep saying I have faith in this writer and I really want to believe that she wouldn’t turn TH into the person he is becoming in that preview. It’s not my place to judge why the writer made him so angry, but after watching 30 episodes and rooting for him to finally find some happiness, I think we earned the right to question why she made him feel justified in behaving that roughly towards J.

As for why the grandmother slapped him, this is total speculation, but there is no denying the inevitable outcome of that last scene with KJ. A part of me already senses TH must have learned the truth from KJ that TH’s birth mom never wanted to leave TH behind. The grandmother that TH loves and adores might be behind all this and now it will be TH’s turn to feel the sting of betrayal from a loved one. At 6 yrs old he was never given the choice to choose between his father’s family and his mom, but at the age of 30, he is going to feel like it shouldn’t have been the grandmother’s choice as well. Especially since she lied to him all these years and said his own mother abandoned him. Making him grow up hating his mom is not something the grandmother had a right to lie about. Anyone can understand that she wanted to keep her grandchild close by, but she scarred him in the process and that is not something he can forgive so easily. I really hope I am wrong about my assumptions. What I am also curious about is why the grandmother decided to ask J for help.

As for J and how she might react to TH’s words, I hope she doesn’t let him get away with talking like that to her. It’s bad enough he treated her like a common suspect since there is no need to shove her so hard. There had better be an apology from him as soon as he finishes his sentence and realize he went too far. If by any chance he doesn’t take his words back, I say he is close enough so she should just kick him again.

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  1. Lily says:

    Softy you are the best! Thank u so much!
    btw can I add you to my fb friends pls? ^_^

    • Softy says:

      You could if I ever used my fb account – in the last two years since I made it, I went on it like twice. And I forgot my password each time. I gave up on it ages ago. sorry Lily, if I ever decide to use it again and get another password to log on, you’ll be the first one I add. :)

  2. eva says:

    i love every scene between TH & J!

  3. rainyrain says:

    softyyyy a GREAAAAAT post as always and the PIX of TH staring at JE are priceless , the guy is so damn Hot <3<3<3<3
    now about the preview and concerning GM-TH , it may happen the way u said softy and TH being separated from his mum is becoz of the GM who wanted to keep her grand-child with her after the death of her son , This will surely hurt TH so so so much becoz the betrale came from the person he loved the most the GM , my poor baby :(
    about how GM knew about JE-TH , I already asked the same question in the 30th epi's update and some of the girls said that it may be TP who told her since he was present when GM slapped TH
    Now coming to TH-JE , why am I not so angry against TH , I know Hitting JE against the wall is considered as violence but please we should not forget that , and according to the preview , JE was cold once again to TH when he was needing her the most and she was keeping hurting him before eventhough he was appologizing so many times so I really wish JE won't be angry and just hug him , I'm sure showing him some tenderness and warmth will just make all his anger and hurt and coldness disappear then he will know by himself that he did wrong by treating her this way , the guy needs a time out , bad things keep hitting him non stop since sometime now and he can't even rely on the person he loves to ease his pain , JE has to comfort my baby and stop being cold to him

  4. Anonymous says:

    great job softy!!!! thanks a lot!!!!

    can you please tell me the link, where i can watch it live? btw i live in germany. thank you soooo much!!!!!!

  5. Sunita says:

    Love this post and all the screenshots. I have been missing this closeness between J and TH for a while now after ep25 aired. So, I have been re-watching all the good times for the past week. I am also having a mini marathon tonight and Friday in anticipation for ep31. I need these good times and physical/emotional connections that I have come to love from TH and J.

    “Everyone might be frustrated that their love story is on the back burner now as they go through their angst, but look at what we have been given so far. If it’s this good when it’s just starting out, can you just imagine how amazing they will be once they are finally on the same page?”
    – Totally agree with this statement, I am no longer anticipating any sort of amazing reunion between these two any time soon, I’ve come to acknowledge that they both have separate issues to overcome in order for them to be together. So, I am just going to enjoy the drama as it comes because no matter what I know that they will be together and when they do its definitely going to be amazing and well worth the wait and anger/hatred at the writer for screwing with my emotions as he/she? been doing lately.

    • Lita says:

      thank you this post so much it was remains me, when they maintain they love progress.. oh missed TH’s smile so much…
      yes.. i am no longer waiting like crazy to their reniuon.. just enjoying wacthed OB every episode, specially all about TH & j moments im very appreciate it…cause i know, they will be together someday somehow..and i am going enjoy the progress of their love in bad or good times, cause compare to another K-drama TH & J is the cutest couple ever….

      • Sunita says:

        I totally agree with you, TH and J are my favorite K-drama couple. Aside from the drama itself, their love is realistic in a way because it wasnt BAM! love at first sight, its was progress and familiarity and getting to know one another that made grew closer together. And we saw that in so many episodes, where their annoyance for one another turned into something different. Can’t wait for progress, its going to be awesome.

        I also miss TH’s smile as well as a real one from J (that’s meant towards TH), can’t wait for those moments in the future….

        • Lita says:

          yes.. their love is realistic, like natural in real life…i love their team-up so much, they really have same interesting chemistry..
          later on when they finished the filming.. imnot suprised if they ( Jo woon & Uee ) develop feeling for each other in real life..

    • Softy says:

      This post took over 9 hours to make cuz of all the screenshots I had to take and sort through. That kind of devotion is not something I normally show for a drama, but it just goes to prove how desperately I needed to see them happy again cuz this dark cloud hanging over their relationship was depressing the crap out of me and making me forget all the good times that brought me here. Consider this post a safety line to hold onto while we wait as they sort through more emotional and personal issues. after what I saw TH do, I am going to have to refer to this page to remind myself – this is who he really is and that scary person in the preview was just reacting from pain, frustration, and anger. The really frightening thought is if TH keeps up that awful behavior, I can now see why It would drive her away and J would want to turn to KJ – probably right into his arms.

      • Sunita says:

        THANK YOU for your devotion! I think most of us forgot what TH and J was like before all hell broke loose. This is a great post as well as a much needed one. I will definitely be referring back here in the future that’s for sure. Especially if TH keeps up with this behavior and drives J towards KJ, which is something I didnt think about but might happen because I’m still wondering how their kiss is going to come into play( which pissing me off cause I don’t want them to kiss). I am too obsessed with this drama yet I know I’m not going anywhere. Again, thank you for your devotion and obession, you are not alone!

      • fathineric says:

        softy, reading your 9 hours’s post give me 24 hours of happiness while waiting for tomorrow’s, THANK YOU

      • Bochra Bsm says:

        “The really frightening thought is if TH keeps up that awful behavior, I can now see why It would drive her away and J would want to turn to KJ – probably right into his arms.”
        now i see that! :’(
        the thing that tempted me to comment and introduce myself was to ask you about the kiss between J and KJ, and i haated him for that (i mean that kiss) :/ (lol am making it personnal)
        if this really does happen, then plz do excuse me if i come nagging!! bcz i will!!!
        and again Softy, what would i do without you!! have a nice day everybody!

      • nonski says:

        thanks softy! for posting this you allow us to see things clearly.

        i feel TH would dwell on said behavior for a certain period but i think J would stand by him, at some point later i believe J would sympathize with TH feelings and i really hope this situation would actually be the one to pull them closer, hopefully!

      • Qua Trang says:

        Hi Softy, THANK YOU for preparing this post, which is a HUGE help in overcoming the thing called OB-crave! And a bigger THANK YOU for your devotion to this OTP! Spending that much time and efforts and loves for this post is just amazing.

        I don’t have even a percent of your writing power or concentration, so I chose to turn our apt upsidedown last night on a “autumn clean-up”, to exhaust myself and to pass the time waiting for the WE. It doesn’t help as all that we have an extended weekend this week, means Friday is off, too, then waiting time just likes forever… So, more cleaning for today, too. But I keep my phone with me at all time to read this post and the OB review at TP from time to time to drool over our OTP and keep a high spirit and a sincere belief that they will come to us this weekend with progress in their relationship. It is clear that TH will suffer in the upcoming episodes (who doesn’t if the one mother you are craving for the last 20-odd years passed away without a chance to talk and the girl you love can’t be yours because your family wronged her?), I keep hope that is now JE turn to support him, even if that means only to walk in parallel roads and keep an eye on him for now. It time for preparing diner now, I will run but I will sure turn in for tomorrow episode and the day after, so Softy, consider that I have reserved my seat here at your home for another excellent viewing experience. Do you require a deposit for the reservation? Cappuccino and cupcakes as collaterals?

        • Softy says:

          Cupcakes work for me – can’t drink coffee. One sip and I am up all night till the next day. :) Your comment reminds me of my SKKS recaps – Thundie would post like an hour earlier and entertain everyone with music videos or pictures the whole time. People used to write they are parked in front of their screens waiting with popcorn, hot choco, soju, chips, cookies, etc. It was funny cuz I actually pictured people doing that – sitting and munching and waiting. It felt like we were all gathered like one big group to enjoy that hour chatting with each other and stuff. It’s really too bad this drama is on so early cuz rushing home by 8 has not been easy lately. It takes like two cabs and 40 mins by subway just to barely walk through my door by 8:15 so I always miss a few minutes and have to watch parts of it in the cab. Thank goodness all cab drivers have GPS so that I can ask them to turn the tv part on to KBS. Some were already watching it anyway. :)

  6. bqmonkna says:

    softy this post is freaking awesome!! thank you for giving me something to think about. i hope the two of them resolve everything or at least something so TH can get comfort from someone.otherwise i think she should kick the daylights out of him.

  7. My2Girls says:

    Dear Softy,

    Thank you for putting together this thoughtful post. It is just the balm the soul needs while waiting for saturday to arrive. I have to say the scene with J blowing on TH’s forehead and his reaction is my favorite. He really is taken off guard in that moment and I agree that it is VERY telling that his hands went right for her waist – reminds me of a scene in the film “Some Kind of Wonderful” (and yes! I know I am dating myself by using this example) when the lead “practice” kisses with his best friend. If you have never seen the film I recommend it for that scene alone. But back to OB – I have never really been impressed with any of the trailers – so often they are cut to make things appear worse than the scene actually is and I would like to think that somehow the scene with J and TH will not be as awful as appears. But then again I have often been accused to being a “Pollyanna.” I also wanted to say that I think you should never be self-conscious about laughing while on public transport – after all the world needs more laughter and what’s the worst thing that will happen? People will think you are crazy and give you wide berth – which only means more room for you – SCORE!


    • Softy says:

      Oohhh you are right – it does remind me of that scene too. If TH and J ever did that like in Some kind of wonderful, I would have passed out. :) Also there are worse things than being accused of having a Pollyanna attitude – as a mother of two, I would think that would be a good influence on your daughters. I never learned to be and was more the “glass half empty” type so now I am trying very hard to find the silver lining in things. Sometimes like in that preview – no matter how much you want to believe the best, actions like that just speak louder and drown out your little voice of optimism.

  8. Connie says:

    I am so glad I found your website and enjoy every episode with you describing the action. Thank you and I hope TH and J do get together soon!

  9. Flo says:

    Both of them were hurt from the one they love and trust. both of them were motherless. So whoelse can understand TH the most? JE. In that they are similar. The difference lay in how they manage to forgive. JE could forgive more easily if she is seeing a little care of that person. she is more sensitive. TH is more impulsive. But everytime he sees JE, he automatically calm down. He feels the warness in JE. he looks more gentle and appease. He won’t hurt her but he really need time to heal.

    I tried to pu myself in his shoes and i think that s how I will react until someone hit me straigh to somewhere it hurts. like curing poison by poison!

  10. Bochra Bsm says:

    you’re the best Softy!!
    this made it up for us, as it’s obvious in the past comments!
    i was working on my project without concentration and now i can get back to it with a fresh mind;
    so let it come as it’s!! :) thanks again!!

  11. nonski says:

    thanks softy for this post! love it <3 <3 <3

    i was actually tempted to write another comment last night, but held back and here i am, opened your blog as soon as i woke up.

    th shoving j with enough force is what's bothering me, but i don't have enough confidence with the preview to deliver exactly what it is trying to convey. tho,, if i were in TH place, i would be skeptical of J, i mean, how many times did TH reach out to J? and when he was so down and went to her, he received a cold treatment. But i think after this shoving scene, J will now let herself be an anchor for TH, just like what she did before, trying to reach out to TH and making him open up.

    i believe in your idea that GM took away TH from his mom and lied to him. TH will be too hurt coz of that, i can remember in episode 1 that they have this very sweet relationship and i was afraid it would come crumbling down. as to GM coming to J, i think GM is keen enough and knew TH very well to know that J has a special place on TH's heart.

    Two of my favorite screenshots are when she was doing his tie and the forehead blowing. I find those two very intimate even without the usual kissing and stuff.

    • Softy says:

      Yeah I agree – those two scenes were very intimate for a couple like this- I bet it’s the closest they’ve been with the other gender. That’s why I thought it was so cute that she felt at ease with him enough to breathe on him while he felt comfortable enough to let her.
      Now that I think about that scene with GM and J, I wonder why J came to the farm cuz it looked like they met up by the front gate. And right after she heard what the GM asked, it looked like J went over to where TH was later that night. SO curious what J will say to TH’s question “should I play with you once”

      • nonski says:

        i think that when on their unguarded moments, they just naturally feel at ease with each other. TH and J are just meant for each other.

        I was wondering about that too, as i understand GM is dressed up and supposed to met her but they were talking at the front gate. Seems like where in for a lot this weekend. The waiting is killing me. And to top that i can’t stream :( :( :(

        Curious too on how J will deal with TH’s question, come on Saturday!

      • Anonymous says:

        Could it be that J came to the farm cause she wanted to take a last look around since she knows the farm has already been sold? Just mere speculation on my part though!!

  12. bella says:

    I started watching Ojakgyo, although I rarely ever watch 50 episode dramas, when I read one of your transcaps on it.. tried it out.. and is still LOVING & FOLLOWING it. Thanks a bunch Softy & Fanderay! I discovered a gem because of your site

  13. Jomo says:

    Very nice! Thanks for putting all of that up there for us to revisit and re-experience.

    Another thing I did was go through to see all the times TH looks at J when neither of them are the center of the action.
    There are a few group scenes where they are bystanders, or bysitters at the table.
    The director made sure he was sneaking glances at her whenever they did a wide shot, or she was looking at him, all shy.

    • Softy says:

      Yeah I noticed those too. The camera never forgets to pan to TH’s face or J’s. That’s why I try to add those shots into the recap when they show up, but there are too many of them. :)

  14. nik says:

    “That fourth shot was included just cuz he looked good in that picture.”

    And, really, you should include the jealous stare as well!!!

  15. nik says:

    I was clueless until you talk something different about the preview and I just came back after reading your translations and video (in mute cuz Im in office now)

    and what a shock! I watched the video first, and look at him pushing her! And it sure looks hurt and hard. I knew he’s such a bad temper… but this?!

    Well, it’s true as someone said, he has lots going on. He’s probably feeling very betrayed after all this year and for J to come to him after all she said, he probably feel like he couldnt trust anyone. Why not? He revealed how he felt all along with his current family, (reserved a lot), dumped by J, met his not so blood related brother and bought his farm… and to learn the truth about his mom and she already passed away. There are too much going on for him.

    It’s just that I hope there’s a mercy somewhere in this week’s episode for TH and that the prev is misleading us. I hope it wont happen as it seems.

    But I sure look forward to TB and SY scenes!

    (PS: I started watching Smile, you last night! I was surprised to see the PM in City Hunter as the dad LMAO, and the SeGa ebil mother (how can she’s in in my most fav drama? SGand OB and now Smile you?) and SY with longer hair :D )

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dear Softy, can you please tell me how i can watch ojakgyo brothers live on internet?? please!!!!!!!! i live in germany. i´m soooo glad, that i found your site, otherwise i would have gone crazy without subs. thank you so much for your hard work!!! keep it up!!!

  17. jadoore says:

    Am I the only one not freaked out over the preview. They finally showing him with emotions. He usually reserved and he has been reserved since childhood, after liking J he began to feel emotions a little. This is good news because impulsive emotions lead to impulsive kisses. He just needs to get rid of the Rage. I hope he won’t hate his family. They did not betray him, they raised him well. Grandma could not give away he favorite son’s child. I for one is looking forward to tomorrow episode with OPTIMISM

    • Softy says:

      I applaud your optimism and would join in – but every time I watch that preview again, I worry about his rage. we already saw how TH punched that glass frame out of anger when he left the chief’s office a while back, then how he beat the crap out of one of the loan sharks when he was rescuing J, and so many other times when he flew off the handle. I just never thought he would ever direct that kind of anger at J…and he did it. Not just with actions by shoving, but also with his hurtful words. But who knows – maybe there was more to this scene than we saw, let’s just hope your optimism pays off. :)

    • layali05 says:

      but exactly did TH say to J..that made evryone so jerky here on the forum?.all i saw is TH pushing J hard on the wall after being slapped by GM….what did he say/

  18. ida says:

    about the ep 31 preview. what did he do to J? ur making me so curious!! did u tell us already? did i miss it? im gonna go and read all ur recent posts to see if u said anything about it :) thanks for the recaps btw~ i loooooooooove this drama soo so so so much, and waiting for the subbed videos is so draining D: im usually a silent reader but i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate what you do. :)

    • Softy says:

      every thurs the video preview is released so normally they are posted on the most recent recap -which would be E30 (this week). Just look for the youtube videos that say “E31 preview” and my translations are on the same page somewhere. Trust me if you know what his words really meant, that is the last thing you want to say to someone you care about. That’s why it was so “over-the-top” harsh. Plus the shoving wasn’t so easy to watch either.

  19. shirubang says:

    that was some slap by granny. is everyone on episode 31 getting physical? lol. secrets are starting to come out! all i want is for a little (A LOT) th & je action and i’ll be satisfied. just don’t be too rough th, that’s not cute~ hopefully that forceful push will lead to a hug and if we’re lucky maybe a kiss!?~ teehee. just trying to think positive here. can’t wait! <3

  20. Ruth says:

    wow! I was sooooo taken aback by how intense that push was! I can’t understand the dialogue, but all I know is that it really was over the top wasn’t it? However, I love the fact that TH is finally showing his vulnerability and maybe that’s the stepping stone where J and TH finally really connect with each other considering so much has happened in both of their lives in the show! This really is an incredible show :D wooooohoo!

  21. Fanderay says:

    Laughing on public transportation is definitely worse, but I just got busted by my family for grinning like an idiot while reading this in the living room (I didn’t even bother trying to explain).

    I’m not going join the discussion yet because there’s too much to say and too little time, but I do love that you’re making little extra posts by this (and by “little” I mean lengthy and thorough). I can tell that waiting for the new episodes every week is killing you!

  22. tya says:

    I wish in ep 31 TH start to drink soju and make him drunk and goes to JE huge her and kiss her, LOL………But I think it’s not hapen, becoz from I read in the Preview. Owww……… I am disappointed with the writer.

  23. rainyrain says:

    Galz , I saw this article on soompi , seems our JW will may have another drama coming on MBC in january , he was proposed a role in a new sageuk drama which will be telecasted in january and he is studiying the offer now ^ ^

  24. dp says:

    the latest OST, it matches well with your post.

    • Softy says:

      Thanks dp :) the video is beautiful, but the lyrics are so sad. Man does that mean we will be hearing this song more on the show as TH goes through his sad scenes. So worried about tonight. Less than 4 hrs to go.

  25. Anonymous says:

    countdown, yeah in our hour i´ll be watching ojakgyo brothers:D

  26. ck1Oz says:

    Ep 31 live streaming

    Oh dear, this is sadder than I thought seeing the child TH. Poor boy abandoned twice by the women in his life.

    JE did at least sense something was wrong and asked him if by chance something happened. However he looked so broken when he apologised and walked away. My heart is aching for him.
    Softy is going to break her heart for him again before she smacks him when the scene comes on.

    • nonski says:

      hahaha you’re here, i watched too, thanks to softy’s linky, was able to… but only later part of the drama, where TB and G are doing arm wrestling… was able to watch too the most controversial part and seems like instead of J walking out it was TH who walked out. even tho i don’t understand what i am watching i could feel TH’s pain and he looks like a broken man. during this times, i really wished that i knew korean so i will be able to appreciate what i am watching. :(

      • nonski says:

        i can sense that the episode is not as bad as what we saw in the preview but more like another painful episode for TH. poor, poor guy~~~

        desperately waiting for Softy :)

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